SFA error in law


The SFA have made an error in interpreting their laws.  They refuse to discipline Calum Butcher as the rules do not allow them to switch a punishment retrospectively.  This is correct, but the rules do allow retrospective action which the referee has not seen.

Craig Thomson saw the Butcher-van Dijk incident inasmuch as he was looking at the players, but didn’t see it well enough to call an infringement.  SFA rules permit retrospective action under these circumstances.

The matter becomes theoretically more complicated by the involvement of the assistant referee, Graham Chambers.  Chambers also saw the incident inasmuch as he was also looking at the players, but he didn’t have a clear understanding of what happened either.  He couldn’t even identify the Dundee United player involved.
The rules on retrospective action do not require a referee to be looking in the opposite direction before the Disciplinary Panel become involved.  A ref can see the incident but not see if sufficiently well to correctly report what happened.  This is the basis under which Nadir Ciftci has been asked to attend the Panel.

Both referees on Sunday saw the incident.  Neither saw it well enough to bear witness to the actions of the two Dundee United players involved.  SFA laws allow both to be examined retrospectively.

Aiden Connolly, at the very least, has a case to answer for diving in the box.  Should the SFA ban Virgil van Dijk while turning a blind eye to Connolly and incorrectly interpreting their own rules on Butcher, and almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.

Delighted for Stefan Johansen, who is February’s Player of the Month.  His goal in Perth was a joy and a fitting mark to the development he has achieved this season.

Before Friday’s CQN 11 St Patrick’s Dinner you can win a Celtic jersey signed by the 2008 squad, who won one of the most remarkable titles in our history.  All proceeds go towards building a fourth CQN school kitchen in Malawi, for Mary’s Meals.

Tickets cost £5 each, you know how valuable this is to those kids and families in Malawi.  Buy your ticket here, or click the link at the bottom of that page to buy a book of tickets.

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  1. viewfaethewindae on

    googybhoy ♥ celtic



    Congratulations, my nephew is there studying Music Production, good lad but a Man U fan, hopefully your boy is better educated in football matters.

  2. Ennisbhoy



    NOT always a happy path leading him on way to


    Paradise. I missed stopping 10 in a row game because at


    Hibs 0-0 in run in a few weeks earlier I reassured him(8)


    that we would win before last game of the season and I


    would be at his first communion…



    : > ( kept promise and gave away my season tkt

  3. tim malone will tell-could be a set up, to chase any other fans getting on the board.Seemingly a lot of his own kind hate him,hope he rots in hell.HH

  4. stpatricksbhoy on

    Delaneys Dunky


    22:43 on


    11 March, 2015





    Why these name changes to our schools?


    Saint Columba of Iona was changed to Saint Peter the Apostle in Clydebank.



    St Columba and St Andrews amalgamated in new school St Peter the Apostle.


    Hail Hail

  5. tim malone will tell



    22:39 on 11 March, 2015


    Who broke the story about Graham?





    Himself when he typed it…let’s see if anymore tweets are in the smsm?

  6. jude2005-Jamie C said Porto time wasted,dived and cheated from first whistle in Seville

  7. Evening all.


    Bladdered in Birmingham after a top day@ Cheltenham.


    Glad 2 c from the previous page that Chelsea are out.


    Had a short chat 2 dat with Alan Brazil.


    A good Tim , who however is completely out of touch.


    Had a chat with a guy who loves Dundee United through family connections.


    Being ill informed doesn’t come close.


    Ah despair that so many nice folk glean their information from the main stream media. Especially in Scotland.


    Changing world views ain’t easy.


    Unaware is the best description.


    We need to somehow get the message out that the game in Scotland


    is goosed until change happens.


    There lies the failure of our custodians.


    Silence is complicit.

  8. viewfaethewindae



    22:50 on 11 March, 2015


    googybhoy ♥ celtic



    Congratulations, my nephew is there studying Music Production, good lad but a Man U fan, hopefully your boy is better educated in football matters.



    Afraid my son is a Manc too but he loves Celtic. Tell him to meet up for a pint.

  9. I was watching the STV News yesterday at 6pm.



    There was a story about St John Ogilvie. I’m sorry I cannot remember what the story was about, but there was an interview with the family of the man who claims Ogilvie cured his cancer.



    What shocked me was the words of the newsreader who said, “John Ogilvie was executed in Glasgow in 1615 at a time when a lot of Catholics and Protestants were put to death for their faith.”



    Absolute rubbish. There were no Protestants executed in Glasgow. Typical that they can’t even tell the historical truth without feeling the need to balance it up, even with blatant lies.

  10. Top Man Jamie Carragher a pundit that doesn’t miss his targets. Let’s see if Sky can stomach him long term

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Choon alert .



    Highly recommend this LP( just out )



    Various Artists – Bunny Striker Lee Presents Harry Robinson ( Reggae Retro 180 gram vinyl )



    14 early reggae choons from 68 /69.Everyone a killah !.All thrillers no fillers.

  12. skyisalandfill on




    Congrats to your son Michael. Bet your deservedly proud.



    A couple of sevcovian FB a friends of mine have shared this website that flogs brown brougues with a blue tinted sole. man they are hideous.


    Only £39.99 though to any lurking Huns.



  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    Sorry, forgot about Saint Andrew’s. Being a Saint Thomas Aquinas FP. ;)

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    T Mc L



    The mans name was Fagan and St Johns body was buried somewhere never to be found again.



    We were just talking abt it today.

  15. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    googybhoy ♥ celtic



    22:40 on 11 March, 2015


    So proud tonight.


    My son Michael has just been elected President of Huddersfield University Union tonight.


    Well done to ma Bhoy.



    Good on ye Micheal




  16. Mourinho was quoted in recent times saying he could not understand why Celtic Football Club was not playing in the EPL.

  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, when I worked in Clydebank, one of the wummin in the office was the wife of former St Columba’s heidie, Leo Duffy.



    On holidays of Obligation, Leo would let staff from our work attend mass at the school. He’s a very good man & teacher according to former St Columba’s pupils I worked beside. No one had a bad word to say about him.



    Nice to see someone working in the English media finally acknowledge the poor behaviour of Porto in Seville.



    Over the course of time my resentment towards that Porto team, not Mourinho though, has eased. I take it as a reverse compliment that they resorted to the gamesmanship to beat us.



    When we got back to our hotel, we found a Potugese channel showing the Porto players arriving at Seville airport. They were all dead on their feet, absolutely cream crackered. They could hardly speak to the guy trying to interview them,

  18. South Of Tunis on

    European fitba managers .



    Blanc speaking perfect Italian with a lovely nasal French accent.



    Mourinho speaking perfect Italian with a Portuguese accent.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    blantyretim – gig in the Dolphin this Saturday (I might have told you that before, but am in the midst of a lovely Rioja, so memory not good) – recall I have to say hello to Stephen behind the bar, though.






  20. South Of Tunis on

    !! bada bing !!



    Not at his best but beautiful feet and fabulous vision..My kind of player.

  21. Wonder if SFA will consider Chris Graham to be a fit and proper person to be director of a football club?