SFA: officials and administrators out of their depth


Don’t mention John Beaton’s name, apparently.  Referees and VARs are not open to scrutiny.  Brendan Rodgers did not say Beaton was corrupt, he did not say Sunday’s VAR was fond of celebrating at hostelries hostile to Celtic, he simply called out what he saw was “poor officiating”.

As a consequence, Brendan faces an SFA disciplinary hearing.  The difference between calling out poor performances – which we are all capable of, including Brendan – and asking for specific referees to be barred from your games is stark.

The SFA has reacted like this because it is weak.  It has weak officials who make mistakes and it has weak administrators who are out of their depth.  This is the environment Celtic have to do business in and whether you think it corrupt of just plain “poor”, it drags us down.

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  1. big jimmy



    my dad told me not to back loose women or ride horses, or something like that



    I’ve an ‘Irish interview’ and a Pixies gig tomorrow, could be a good day. Better swat up for both, the gig is all round Trompe de Monde album which i never listened to



    ‘irish interview’ means ‘meeting for coffee’ and you don’t know if it is a proper interview, getting to know who you know or just to find out who i am. i never know what to wear

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well, like a bit of buttered toast, old firmery falls on the same predictable side it always has and always will. Just a pity that in spite of our absolute best efforts to break free from this handicapping dead-weight and flourish in the wider world we still seem stuck to it! Can only be down to incredibly bad luck I guess…..

  3. If they are weak, then let’s take them to the cleaners. An open goal awaits, surely.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Handy little Get Out of Jail Free card for the recruitment backers mind you……..

  5. CONEYBHOY on 7TH MARCH 2024 12:03 PM




    I may have an ” Irish Interview” with some Pints of Guinness very soon to celebrate St Paddys Day.



    HH Mate.

  6. Time to bring in the Legals, get the lawyer along with Brendan to the hearing. Bring a dossier of previous decisions, e.g. the Motherwell High boot with both feet off the ground, Goldsons Karate assault where the same Beaton did NOT deem it worthy of even a free kick and other incidents. Make it clear that Celtic will pursue, through the courts if necessary that the application of SFA rules by their officials is unfairly affecting the business model of the club…

  7. Come on, let’s call a spade a spade. Scottish football IS CORRUPT, end of story.


    Stop making excuses. Just do everything possible to get us out of this narrow minded, bigotted shit hole Celtic.


    It CAN be done, is there a heart for it is the question




  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We won’t get a better chance to put a marker down,we have more than enough evidence to expose and bury a few here.

  9. JohnJames gives the SFA, Crawford Allan and John Beaton both barrels…..


    Paul67 does not even hit the target




  10. In season 2004-05 the title went down to the wire. Rangers won it by a single point. Late goals against us at Motherwell resulted in a slightly unlikely championship for the foe malign. Most of us focus on Black Sunday as the day the league was lost. But a few weeks earlier a very suspect linesman had drawn referee Dallas’s attention to a hand ball offence in Hearts’ penalty area. This offence could not be detected by human eyes. But it still secured 3 points for the Ibrox outfit. They won the league by one of those three points.


    Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    From the aforementioned John James….



    “John Beaton has wrapped the €60m league title in red, white and blue ribbons. The spineless amoeba on the Celtic board have taken their seats at the back of the bus. Colour me surprised.



    A more enterprising board would hire a KC to run a forensic eye over Beaton’s decision making. A case for bias would be a slam dunk”.



    Hard to argue with any of that.



    Nicholson assured shareholders at the 2022 AGM that the club would be monitoring closely the implementation and use of VAR….



    The board has stood back amidst overwhelming evidence since the inception of VAR that only one club is reaping the benefits.

  12. Saturday 7th



    I received a most welcome note tonight from Bernie, my sister. old Bernie. I love her and think she’s the greatest.



    I am now convinced that the authorities intend to implement strict isolation soon, as I am having trouble in seeing my solicitor. I hope I’m wrong about the isolation, but we’ll see.



    It’s only that I’d like to remain with the boys for as long as possible for many reasons. If I’m isolated, I will simply conquer it.



    A priest was in today, somewhat pleasant, and told me about Brendan O Cathaoir’s article in The Irish Times during the week, which I saw. We had a bit of discussion on certain points, which, of course, were to him contentious. He was cordial in his own practised way, purely tactical, of course, and at the same time he was most likely boiling over inside, thinking of the reference to this week’s AP/RN (February 28th issue) calling him a collaborating middle-class nationalist, or appropriate words to that effect.



    He is too, says I, and I sympathise with those unfortunate sons of God who find themselves battling against the poverty, disease, corruption, death and inhumanities of the missions…



    I am 61 kgs today, going down. I’m not troubled by hunger pangs, nor paranoiac about anything pertaining to food, but, by God, the food has improved here. I thought I noticed that during the last hunger-strike. Well, there is a lot at stake here.



    I got the Irish News today, but there’s nothing in it, that’s why I got it.



    I’m looking forward to seeing the comrades at Mass tomorrow, all the younger looking faces, minus the beards, moustaches, long rambling untamed hair matted in thick clumps.



    One thing is sure, that awful stage, of the piercing or glazed eyes, the tell-tale sign of the rigours of torture, won’t be gone – if it is ever removed. I wonder is it even conceivable that it could be erased from the mind?



    We got a new comrade during the week. Isn’t it inspiring the comrades who keep joining us? I read what Jennifer said in court. (On being sentenced, Jennifer McCann said: ‘I am a Republican prisoner of war and at the moment my comrade Bobby Sands is on hunger-strike to defend my rights as a political prisoner.’) I was touched and proud, she is my comrade.



    I’ve been thinking of Mary Doyle and Ellen McGuigan and all the rest of the girls in Armagh. How can I forget them?



    The Screws are staring at me perplexed. Many of them hope (if their eyes tell the truth) that I will die. If need be, I’ll oblige them, but my God they are fools. Oscar Wilde did not do justice to them for I believe they are lower than even he thought. And I may add there is only one thing lower than a Screw and that is a Governor. And in my experience the higher one goes up that disgusting ladder they call rank, or position, the lower one gets…



    It’s raining. I’m not cold, my spirits are well, and I’m still getting some smokes — decadence, well sort of, but who’s perfect. Bad for your health. Mar dheas anois, Oíche Mhaith.

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon the Punters Bar in sunny Dundalk, County Louth. Baltic here. 🥶

  14. Rodger’s knew exactly what he was doing and as SFA law stands is guilty as charged.



    I suspect Celtic know the league is lost and are now building a case against the SFA as the culprits .



    It’s deflection .



    We shot ourselves in the foot nobody else to blame .

  15. the long wait is over on

    No doubt in my mind that Celtic need to see this as a showdown with the SFA.



    As others have said , instruct Senior Counsel from the outset, not least of all to get the hearing brought forward.



    Their disdain for us is obvious to all but themselves.



    Where are Crawford Allan’s comments on the decision’s?



    Open to correction but as I recall he has only ever once publicly commented on a referees decisions saying the decisions in favour of a particular team were wrong and should have gone the other way.



    Can you guess what team that was ?

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 7TH MARCH 2024 1:39 PM


    ONIL- More platitudes, no action, we pay Nicholson 2 grand a day for what?




    One of many highly paid wasters on the board who should be chased out as soon as possible.



    Don’t forget, both him and his big pal Pedro made light of concerns raised at the last AGM with the “penalty to Rangers” joke…



    Their day of reconning will come.

  17. Wake up smell the coffee !!!



    Rangers will get a helping hand in every game till the end of the season and only need to draw one of our fixtures.



    They couldn’t do anything while we had points in hand which we threw away.



    As for being in Lisbon , I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1960 so keep your cheap jibes to yerself !!!!



    Good afternoon the Punters Bar in sunny Dundalk, County Louth. Baltic here. 🥶




    BIG Fields for tomorrows racing at Dundalk.



    Text me any TIPS that you may get….Please. If you get a chance ?



    HH mate.

  19. Dessybhoy,sip your coffee cool as ever mate



    Andrea is Darwin is Cloud9 is jhb is a troll



    Ol beetlejuice twirly heid.




  20. In order to show how we are pissed off with the ref/VAR position, I’d rather we disrupted games similar to what has happened quite regularly in Germany and a few times in England with tennis balls or something else (beach balls for those of a certain vintage). Shines a light on this to the broadcasters and viewers tuning in from further afield.



    The board ain’t going to do anything here, fans need to lead this by doing something more than just venting spleen via banners and phone-ins.



    Mind you am in 443, if I throw on a tennis ball, it could feel like an exocet missile if my aim is a bit off and takes out someone on the field.

  21. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy


    Yokkell and War Correspondent in the last race. From my cousin in Roscommon which means we’re doomed.

  22. An tearmann



    A troll …based on what ????



    It canny be your dazzling intellect you canny even get my name right !!!!



    Misogynistic , dismissive , I could go on …a female having an opinion that you don’t agree with , how very dare she …..

  23. garygillespieshamstring on



    If Celtic win all the league games apart from one draw with the Huns, we will win the league by a point, even if the hun wins all their other games.

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