SFA ready to attempt a cover-up to protect cronies


Yesterday, the SFA’s Professional Game Board met to discuss the SPFL’s request that they hold an inquiry into the goings-on in Scottish football, following The Supreme Court’s ruling last month on the legality of Rangers EBT use. The League, which represents all 42 senior clubs in the game, wants the national association to investigate the most serious governance events in the sport’s history.

You would think the SFA would be obliged to investigate, right?

Instead, the SFA are getting the band back together.  They will sit down with Darryl Broadfoot, now the Association’s external PR, to calculate whether they can carry enough media support to get away with doing nothing at all.

Apparently, the SFA would rather solicit backing for inaction than carry out the wishes of their professional league. This is Scottish football in 2017. It is actually happening, right now.

Governance standards are non-negotiable. No national association can ignore the will of its professional clubs, on an issue as serious as governance, without major repercussions. If the acute situation we have witnessed in recent years is not bad enough, this lack of action puts the SFA on the verge of complicity and cover-up.

Some of the recent most senior office-holders of the Association itself are implicated in the scandal, both as administrators and financial beneficiaries. The question before members of the Professional Game Board isn’t just, ‘Do we do the right thing?’, it’s ‘Do we expose some of our friends and colleges to scrutiny?  And if so, how far does the contamination spread?’  Those watching from within the game know, once Pandora’s Box is open, the actions of many others could be open to scrutiny.  Don’t think evidence presented to Lord Nimmo Smith was not thoroughly rehearsed and approved by ‘the band’ before being put to the SPL Commission.

The SFA will instruct a cover-up in the coming days to protect their cronies, and in doing so will become complicit in the subversion of the level playing field in Scottish football.

The stink goes as high as the recent past-president of the SFA, Campbell Ogilvie, who worked with those on the Professional Game Board, and had administrative responsibility for contracts and licensing at Rangers during their EBT period. He was also a financial beneficiary of an EBT. The SFA will refuse the request of the SPFL to investigate these matters and attempt a cover-up.

When you have prima facie evidence of a governance issue, presented by your own league, involving your own past-president, you are obliged to open up to independent analysis.  Failure to “promote and protect ethical standards and good governance” put the Scottish Football Association in breach of their duty as a member association of Uefa.

Fans will not accept anything less; clubs will not accept anything less. The matter will go to Uefa.  It will go to government.  It will go to media in England and beyond. It will go to court; those turning their heads today will be called to account.  It cannot and will not be accepted.  It will not go away.

There will be no cover-up to protect the guilty.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    STARRY PLOUGH on 11TH AUGUST 2017 1:48 PM


    Does Level 5 have a secret trumpet division do you think??



    I think they’ve got a whole brass section headed by a big daft tuba.

  2. Dear Mr.The Hut,



    Does your company employ a brass section other than your necks?



    Yours Timcerely


    A Tim




  3. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 11TH AUGUST 2017 1:04 PM


    45 ………..must be some sort of record




    I said that myself, back in 78, when I was 33

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shocking, although not in the least bit surprising.


    Why do the clubs keep voting in idiots like McRae and his “strong Rangers” cronies?


    These people would rather spend every penny generated by the game on legal fees and on PR halfwits to cover their own ar$es than on improving the game.


    Get rid of every single one of them and get in proper people who know how to develop the game.

  5. TRAD




    If ye demonstrate ootside the park….


    the PLC billionaires, will get their, cosy cop pals, tae put ye in the jile.


    Ye see, the formula, is simple…….don’t go !!!


    I’d rather have ma money in ma pocket…..


    than let, sleekitry snaffle it aff me.


    When MO’N chucked it, so I’d ah .


    That’s it………oot.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 11th August 2017 2:09 pm



    Bit of a cop out, Kev.



    Lazy indifference won’t get anything done.

  7. “When MO’N chucked it, so I’d ah .”



    If I recall there was a theory that some of the “supporters” who turned up in the MO’N years were in fact glory hunters…

  8. glendalystonsils on

    STARRY PLOUGH on 11TH AUGUST 2017 2:10 PM



    Aye, there’s one or two blawin’ oot their bell-ends.

  9. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

     Listed below are the sponsors of the SFA and SPFL.



    I would encourage everyone to show these sponsors how much we value their association with these bastions of Scottish Football




    Together they include:




    – Vauxhall




    – William Hill




    – Specsavers




    – McDonalds




    – Tesco Bank




    – Bank of Scotland




    – G4S




    – JD Sports




    – Mars




    – IMG




    – Avia Signs




    – Adidas




    – Park’s Motor Group




    – Sky Sports




    – Irn Bru




    – Betfred




    – Sega




    – EA Sports




    – BT Sport




    – Ladbrokes




    – Impact Signs



  10. What is the Stars on

    have they not suffered enough



    cant we all just move along






    Or is it just me !!!!!!

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Whatever happened to thon wee 16 year old Norwegian boy that Ronny wanted to bring over but who opted for Real Madrid? Anyone know?

  12. Hi CQNers,



    Does anyone know where would be a good pub for the game in Barcelona tonight? (asking for a friend)



    A pal mentioned that there are good spots near the harbour and also the locals are very friendly towards Celts around the Ramblas area?



    Thanks amigos

  13. One mans cop out…


    is another mans refusal to take it on the chin.


    I know you’ll keep rabbitting…..


    guid for you.



  14. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    BILLYBEAR on 11TH AUGUST 2017 2:07 PM



    I said that myself, back in 78, when I was 33



    Thanks for keeping me up to speed

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Try O’Sullivan’s social club


    Chamberlain Rd


    Tel 01482 327667

  16. I’m surprised that Darryl having “moved -on” from his…..previous currant employers..


    … hasn’t sunk to his natural






  17. Traditionalist88



    Don’t you realise for some jungle folk who gave up, or couldn’t afford to support celtic many years ago it is far easier to boycott something they already boycotted and hate to see others actually enjoying.



    Coming on here repeating the same unsubstantiated garbage each day to gain attention is much more fun.



    Meanwhile celtic goes from strength to strength.



    Sad and bitter jilted of Ayrshire CSC.

  18. Starry


    “I’d like to buy the Queen a rope


    And hang her from a tree


    I’d hang john Knox up there as well


    Just to keep her company”



    Used to love the ole New seekers songs in the Jungle.


    TAL :-)

  19. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 11th August 2017 2:18 pm



    You copped out in 2005 ffs, you had all the info then I suppose??



    Why didnt you share it with us?



    Get to the front door or give us peace and let those who are actually doing something the respect they deserve.

  20. Whatever happened to that garrulous,………………………. *cough*….. Nevada / Nitshill – based “group” of poster(s) with the “funny” Noo Yoik accent and multiple personas?



    Began with a K………

  21. traditionalist88 on

    Burnley78 on 11th August 2017 2:28 pm



    Yes, its the ones who don’t/can’t go anyway that seem to shout the loudest about why others also shouldn’t go!




  22. weebobbycollins on

    If ever there was a sleekit, hypocritical gob-shite, it’s Darryl Stinkfoot…and George Peat…and Gordon Smith…and Andy Mitchell…and Rob Shorthouse…and…etc. etc. etc. etc……….

  23. mullet and co 2 on

    We are operating in a vacuum on this due to the appeal of Scottish Football outside of our football border.



    The parallel would be something similar in Danish football.



    The media always excused any accusations or conspiracy theories as they could due to their small number and the general premise that they couldn’t see past the end of their blue or brown noses.



    The courageous journalists of the past that did call Rangers out have been replaced with corner boys. Gone are the guys that took pride in their art and literature itself to be replaced by neds with pens.



    There are a few exceptions- Spiers and eh that’s about it.


    Grant at STV tends to report the facts he has been told though I sense he feels constrained by the STV machine. Forensic reporting is no use unless you dig a bit further.


    Tom English is glad to see himself as broadsheet but can’t see a parallel in Russian doping to this. His attitude is one facet of the vacuum. What is this Tom if it isn’t state sponsored cheating?



    Speaking of Sponsors – has anyone compiled a list of SPL SPFfL and SFA sponsors and correlated the companies directors to Directors of football clubs?


    Banks, betting companies. There’s more if you look deeep enough.


    Directors of companies who are part of parent companies whose Directors are Directors and major shareholders of football clubs.


    You can’t influence two football clubs like Ashley with Rangers and Newcastle but you can be a sponsor and a Director of a football club,? You can be a major sponsor of one club, be a director at another and have Directors of your parent company as Directors of another club? You can also employ referees as part of the company that sponsor clubs!


    Any possibility of anyone having an influence on the outcome of a match in these circumstances? Any record of folk declaring a conflict of interest?


    The thing about old boys clubs is that they hate being told the guy or girl they are excluding is human too.



    Nobody ever questions this stuff – nice chaps in blazers according to the obsequious media.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Weebobbycollins 2.17pm



    By all accounts on loan to Herenveen the Norwegian winderkid Mattin Odengard ???

  25. So Thistle midfielder Adam Barton thinks it’s unfair that Celtic can spend more money than the other clubs.


    Are all Barton’s no the full shilling?

  26. bobby murdoch’s…



    I’ve been to Mull and back


    I’ve been to Hell and back


    But I’ve never been to Hull, and back

  27. As far as I’m aware once Sevco were refused entry to the SPL in 2012, neither Celtic or any other SPL club had any say in what league – if any – they started in the SFL. That was entirely up to the SFL clubs.

  28. Cosy corner……much earlier






    I’d think if you find a Walkabout pub they have so many TVs they’d be happy to put at least one onto the Celtic!




  29. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    No more Dick Barton special agents



    They just live by their first name now

  30. MIT: He is working since the beginning of the second week after he arrived and has continued work until December so he’s happy enough with that. He’s also investigating how to convert his Irish qualifications to suit the Canadian legal system. He’s our youngest so he’s not used to doing things for himself but has certainly grown up over the last six months:-)



    Will email you in the next couple of days.