Shameless attempt to exploit corona and manipulate media


The Press Association yesterday reported an unnamed Scottish Premiership club sought to exploit the coronavirus with a call to have the season declared void, the same club contacted several other media outlets.

PA report the club spokesman saying, “We don’t see how titles, promotion or relegation can be agreed on any basis of sporting fairness.”  But in a move that surely caused acute cognitive dissonance, added, “Perhaps prize money can be split on the basis of the current table.”

It was not Hearts, or Hamilton Accies, neither of them would campaign for the prize money due for the 11th or 12th placed team, it was a PR man at a club high up the table, but not high enough to have a reasonable chance of winning anything.

This is naked attempt to exploit the distress, illness and mortal danger people find themselves in due to the coronavirus, all to provide cover for their colossal failure.  It is deplorable and shameless.

In this unprecedented time, all we can ask is that Scottish football works in the same way as most leagues across Europe and is not subject to desperate and bitter media manipulation.

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  1. fourstonecoppi on

    “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist,”

  2. Park rd.


    I read bout you having to stay on


    I hope you get a flight back asap


    You should deal direct with uk consulate as Ryanair will look after themselves only


    Maybe an idea to inform that chemist of your medicinal needs in case your stay is extended



    I wish you well my friend and hope all works out



  3. Got my centuries mixed up there.


    Battles of Inverlochy and Kilsyth. 1645.


    Battle of Bothwell Bridge 1679


    Battle of Killiekrankie 1689.


    Davey Graham, from the 1950s onward.

  4. Chin up OldTim, take some solace in the knowledge that the support workers responded to your alarm so quickly. That is good to know.


    Cue panic buying of bevvy next with the suggestion that pubs should be avoided. Will the Scottish government temporarily suspend minimum pricing per unit of alcohol to encourage people to stay away from pubs?


    My cynical side makes me think that the COVID-19 virus was created by the supermarkets. 😉

  5. I’m interrupting my viewing of Celtic games on YouTube to watch a couple of videos on traveling the Applecross Pass on the NC500.


    Nail biting.

  6. Gene



    Re not admitting it…



    I would think they’re trying not to panic folk but they’re making a complete erse of it.



    There doesn’t seem to be any decisive leadership or coherent strategy in UK or OZ. The quote I posted sums up the Australian PM’s grasp on it. He could’ve said a number of things ‘It’s unclear at this time’ or ‘ it’s something we’re working on’ etc instead of that waffle he served up.





  7. if you were asked to pay good money for a League game that could yield no points, what would you say?



    GTF i would imagine. If null and void we have paid good money for friendlies…



    Claim every penny back for every league game attended.



    Hail Hail.

  8. No lockdowns in OZ yet. Sun is about to make an appearance in Perth, out for a cycle down by the Indian Ocean whilst I’m still able to.




  9. If we had a poll facility on here we could conduct a poll on the season’s outcome.


    1 Award us the title, prize money and CL qualification


    2 Declare the season over with all decisions based on current positions.


    3 Award the remaining points based on average gained to date.


    4 Award the title based on cash in the bank.


    5 Relegate the Zombies and share the prize money equally among the remaining 11 sides.


    Number 5 is mighty tempting.

  10. 6, award the title to gods chosen we are the people, most succesful club in the world.

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Fourstonecoppi @9.26


    Ian Archer on the huns rioting in Birmingham at Aston villa.Remember they did same v spurs,wolves,Leicester,chesterfield and Manchester.To some it was high jinks to others it was letting off steam…but not hooliganism!!

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    i partially agree with the Hun on the league situation



    i think it should be played to the finish, so 38 games need to get played



    and if that takes months to finish then im cool with that



    where i dont agree with the Hun is about playing behind closed doors



    if each team only has 8 games to go, and it becomes convenient in june for example for each to play 2 games a week behind closed doors then charge on



    everyone in the same boat

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    everyone in the same boat





    though current government advice states that everyone should NOT be in the same boat




  14. My solution is simple, bordering on the simplistic.



    Whenever football returns in 3, 6 or 9 months. Finish the season 2019/10 first. Delay all European ties until those 10 or so games are complete over all the European Leagues. Play the final CL and EL ties as a one-off game at a neutral venue



    Begin the 2020/21 season sometime after September or December when the all clear is given. Make the leagues shorter by randomly allocating home and away ties, by a genuine neutral, so that you will play each team just once, home or away in the bigger leagues. The SPFL might still be able to squeeze in a 24 game season.



    Scrap the 2020/21 CL and EL league formats and do knock out ties for that one season to speed up completion. Scrap the League cup or make it reserve teams only.



    Gives you a fightin chance of fairness, though it is all dependant upon how long this bassa disease lasts.

  15. AN TEARMANN 9-32PM


    We’re not due to fly back till the 24th and have been informed by Ryanair that they will notify us of any changes. There’s a flight due back to Prestwick on Saturday but it’s £700 to change ! Brought enough meds for a month anyway , we might get back sooner who knows ? HH !

  16. South Of Tunis on

    23.30 news featured film of Americans panic buying guns and ammunition../ film of Dutch people panic buying hash and marijuana / film of people in London panic buying toilet roll -and to conclude – A nice wee item re the top 3 most popular power ballads (an Italian speciality ) on Italian balconies today .


    Interesting times !

  17. What seems to be obvious is that there is no chance of playing football until at the very earliest September. It would be foolish for anyone to try and forecast restarting anything just now. It would be sensible to just say lets just wait and see for another month or so.



    What makes it interesting is that there are a number of Scottish Clubs clearly desperate to get their hands on the League prize money which totals £25m. We will need to see what comes out of the UEFA discussion tomorrow. But for that money to be paid out the League must be completed. I wonder if the SPFL are waiting for the UEFA verdict to act as some form of shield before they announce something themselves.



    Peter Lawwell is on the executive board of the ECA who are heavily involved in the discussion tomorrow. Based on what Paul67 said on Saturday and what others are saying, it would seem that all Leagues will be brought to a conclusion as they stand.



    If Paul and others know this, then so must Newco Rangers and Hearts. Budge spoke to SKY today and either is daft or played daft by giving the impression that the matter is still up for debate. If i had to guess, i reckon her comment about ‘legal action’ is leverage towards some form of reconstruction which would allow Hearts to stay up.



    As for Newco, it looks like the new PR guy wanted to get off to a flyer. It seems like a clear attempt to get out in front of the narrative. A narrative which they believe will diminish our 9 in a row and deflect from their enormous failure. It was an incoherent rambling but it was ever thus.




    They are panic buying guns over here indeed. Quotes like “we need to protect ourselves and our families.” on the news.

  19. DAVID17



    A solid, well made point. Thanks for that.



    Anyone wondering what I am up to right now (nobody) should know I am chasing a mouse. Well, the dog and I are as the cat isn’t getting involved in this one, dog took drivers seat. Mild winter so why is it in my house? All this virus nonsense and I’m stuck stalking a mouse trap (humane) avoiding beastie.



    Mouse must be a tough guy (I’ve seen him, he’s eating well) to keep on hanging out.



    They say there is never just one though. If there are ten of him I might be a goner.

  20. Developing South of TUNIS observations on the recent news coverage.



    Yesterday we saw film of Dutch people panic buying hash and marijuana ( orderly queue down the street..I suppose you would expect dope smokers to be chilled.😀



    Recent days we see people here panic buying toilet roll and fighting in the aisles ….Maslow’s hierarchy of needs if you gotta go , you gotta go, if you haven’t any bog roll things are going to get a bit heated.👹





    Tonight news featured Americans panic buying guns and ammunition ( to be fair they were queueing in an orderly fashion down the street…I suppose you don’t start arguments with guys who are more than likely already armed. 🤔



    Different countries different approaches.



    The Onlooker

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Some context needed.



    Sevco statement nothing more than playing to the world’s dumbest gallery.



    Newport of PA Scotland is a rabid Sevcoite. Puppet.



    Jabba then guided a Sevco puppet at BBC Sport Scotland.



    That’s the extent of the “influence”.



    The earlier “league table” from Bella Caledonia is instructive.



    The ENTIRE PLANET is isolating but these loonies (don’t forget they beat us 5-1 on Sunday) with empty pockets need 97% occupancy for 5 more home games in the next 7 weeks to SURVIVE.



    Let them howl at the moon.



    No downside for us.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  22. So big Moussa is coming home.🤓



    What a brilliant number 9.



    When we had the 3 French lads together in the team they were as exciting as anything to watch.



    Moussa is going from strength to strength. I hope he gets to the top of the game.



    They pass through Parhead gates…..🎵🎶🎵🎶

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Oh and talk of governments “bailing out” sport is fanciful.



    The economy is going to shrink massively while the UK and Scottish governments will likely shovel cash into Health and Law and Order.



    Clubs with (much criticised) reserves are well placed.



    Clubs with no reserves are on the brink.



    If this includes some smaller clubs with whom Celtic enjoy a good relationship, the board would be within the bounds of Corporate Responsibility (to preserve competitive football) to help out e.g. by suggesting equal shares of SPFL prize money.



    Sevco and Aberdeen might object but others would bite our hand off.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Final part of my rant tonight.



    Administration comes with a 15 point penalty.



    Have a look at the table. Only one club has a 15+ points gap to the team immediately below them.



    Ergo, by current rules (which admittedly could be relaxed in a crisis) this team could enter administration and still not lose their current (final) league position or the prize money that comes with it.




  25. There are approx 5 million people in Scotland, circa 60 million people in GB/UK/whatever you want to call it.



    Assuming 80% of population catch this wee nasty disease, that’s 4 million in Scotland and 48million in UK/GB etc.



    If mortality estimates of 1% to 3% of those who catch the virus are correct, then that’s between 40,000 and 120,000 in Scotland, and 600,000 and 1,800,000 across the islands.



    I do hope the scientists/epidemiologists/statisticians are wrong.



    As for how the Scottish Football League positions are sorted….I don’t give a toss, as long as you (and all other teams fans) are all here after the decision to support it, decry it, mock, praise or even totally ignore it.



    Hail hail



    Wishing you all well




  26. 480,000 and 1,440,000 for the UK/GB etc



    Hope the official statisticians aren’t on the Australian merlot like me.!



    Hail Hail




  27. Local supermarket chain is setting aside a time slot for seniors only shopping.


    6am till 7:30am to allow seniors shop in safety.


    How many seniors are up at this time of the morning?

  28. Good morning CQN from a dry but cold Garngad



    It will be an interesting day, I think the fix is in regarding Celtic not getting crowned Champions. The SFA are cheating bassas.


    If anyone thinks Football will resume in July, they are having a laugh, I would say not until next year.


    Probably next league season. Although no one knows.



    I have seen some people on the news saying it will be next April before we get some normality. So no chance of completing football this year.



    Anyway although I want the league, there are some worrying times ahead for society. We have not even scratched the surface of this horrible virus.



    Stay safe






    D. :)

  29. THANK YOU to all on here for their offers of help for me to get shopping etc. A mate of mine is doing some shopping for me today with his car, so that I have enough food etc until I get my Tesco home delivery next Tuesday.


    Once again, I am very grateful for the offers of help.





    Thoughts are with you and others like you, stay safe and healthy.


    God Bless.



  30. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Thoughts on Jabba, could it be the Sky translation coming home to roost, either him or Dickson and with Dickson being more useful Jabba falls on his sword, also allows for the suspected money laundering team to have a placeman inside monitoring

  31. Good morning, friends from a bright and dry East KIlbride on this, St Patrick’s Day. Not much else to say, really and basically just participating in this morning’s roll call. Off to work now in an office building that houses some 1,600 staff and really not sure what sort of day lies ahead on that score…

  32. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    On the huns wanting games played, I’m all for it, the darwin awards will be chockablock, let them fill their stadium if they can, anyone that wants to go knowing the risk deserves all they get. 🤔