Shved here until 2023


Maryan Shved (21) will return to Karpaty Lviv on loan for the next six months before joining up with Celtic, where he today signed a contract that will keep him at the club until 2023.  The winger spent three years with the Sevilla youth setup before re-joining Karpaty in 2017.

In total, he has played 38 senior football games, another indication that Celtic need to harvest them early, before they hit the radar of those with less-agile scouting systems.

Welcome to Celtic, Maryan.

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  1. Happy with the transfer window. A CB would have been nice, but hey ho.




    The RB loaner/Mika to play till young Tony is up and running, then bench both of them, and give Tony all the game time, in order to make the position his own to bed him in for the CL qualifiers.

  2. Didn’t I see somewhere that he’s returning to Ukraine until their season ends in April? So more like 3 months rather than 6?

  3. MAH


    Very Hooopy Birthday ????



    Still in our thoughts and prayers Stephen



    Hail Hail

  4. With the Dortmund full back having played no football, how long before we see him starting?







    Surely Bayo must be close to at least a place on the bench.







    Having said that, fairly contented now that we have strengthened the right back position, hopefully injuries will clear which should leave us with a strong squad to get the league won.




    Glad to see big Eddie back last night, im a fan.

  5. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    “Less-agile scouting systems”?



    Anyhoo, welcome to Celtic, Maryan. Looking forward to seeing you in the hoops, you look like a player.


    Hail Hail!

  6. mike in toronto on

    Congratulations Ciaran’s dad … give us a lap of honour!



    What is the status with Bayo’s work permit? Was one granted? Given his youth (and the fact that he obviously hasn’t played the required number of games to qualify), I assumed that we would be going the usual appeal route, but, I haven’t actually seen that anywhere. Can anyone let me know if that is, in fact, the case,and if so, when the appeal hearing is.

  7. Surely would make sense to let Scott Alan and Commper go in this window even if it means buying out contracts?


    Cant be good for morale to have two guys who were never given a chance/run around the squad.

  8. Nice timing paul67




    Looking for a bit of help…







    A week or so ago ( maybe longer ) someone posted a link to a charity skydive for a bereavement room for the royal hospital for sick children , would be grateful for any pointers to the appeal…







    Thanks in advance .

  9. Paul67



    Very nice bit of business by Celts no mention of the fee involved, given his pedigree and signing on a 4 year contract I’d imagine Karpaty got well paid.




    Thank you .


    Hope you had a great birthday and your doing well






    Thanks to you also



    Please don’t think I’m jumping out of an airyplane


    I’m not that mental …just want to make a wee donation



  11. FRANNYB67 – that got me thinking.


    Why don’t we draw up a list of say 6 players that are on our books but, ahem, surplus. Tell Aberdeen and Kilmarnock that they can have 3 each, but that they can’t play against us. And if this results in a double of us winning the league and Sevco missing out on Europe then they can keep said players for good!

  12. Brendan has lots of options in the middle and up top so its up to the formation and tactics to go on a run away from home.







  13. Boyata, Benkovic and Tierney being injured leaves us dangerously weak at the back. Poor form if Celtic don’t reinforce the backline today.

  14. Jobo has a plan …very devious….that would have them slevering even more than normal…



    smiley if wishes were fishes thing













    Very nice bit of business by Celts no mention of the fee involved, given his pedigree and signing on a 4 year contract I’d imagine Karpaty got well paid.



    No,we are Karpaty baggers…




  16. Tom O”Connor used to work as a warm up act for TV shows in his early career.



    He’d come on stage with a guitar and sing the first few lines of popular songs and then put in joke endings.



    I remember him doing “Hello Darkness My Old Friend….. I’ve walked into the wall again” and then he followed it up with a tribute song to our new signing – “All Day. All Night. Mary Ann….. She must think I’m Superman”



    You really had to NOT be there :-)

  17. Birthday Best to M,A & H



    Alles Gute as they say in these parts Stephen..



    Welcome Mar-yan bust the net often son!



    Welcome Jeremy (let’s hope you can play a bit as the CQN massive have already written you off:))))




  18. An Dun, we can’t keep signing players every time someone gets injured, what do we do when they are all fit? then because they havn’t been playing, we lose money or they sit out their contracts and bleed us.




  19. I am certain that if any other Club in Scotland had Ajer and Simunovic as their central defenders, there would be a clammer on here to sign them . Just because some people say, often, that we need central defenders does not make it so.


    Happy Birthday , MAaH


    Mark was telling me last night about your concern re Benkovic !!! You are made of the right stuff .


    All the best,



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