Shved here until 2023


Maryan Shved (21) will return to Karpaty Lviv on loan for the next six months before joining up with Celtic, where he today signed a contract that will keep him at the club until 2023.  The winger spent three years with the Sevilla youth setup before re-joining Karpaty in 2017.

In total, he has played 38 senior football games, another indication that Celtic need to harvest them early, before they hit the radar of those with less-agile scouting systems.

Welcome to Celtic, Maryan.

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  1. hi bhoys ,so we get these three young guys and then loan them out to their parent clubs, what happens if they get injured, also the Toljan lad we had four separate posters the other night saying he was shite, who to believe .hh.

  2. I think we are definitely stronger coming out this window (even with the three buy/loan backs)


    But the problem was coming out the summer window weaker or definitely not stronger anyway.


    Which means any half decent signings this window would obviously make us stronger!?


    Obviously ??


    Probably too many ‘windows ‘ ?

  3. I’m a malcontent only where defense is concerned – our defense collapses under pressure – see Europe , see rangers game , see many away games – see facts!!

  4. BIG PACKY 1 on 31ST JANUARY 2019 8:53 PM



    Who to believe – Brendan Rodgers and the scouts (as well as the German national coaches at Under 17, 19, 20 and 21) or the 4 posters (who probably have never seen him on a regular basis)?



    I know who I believe.








    Firstly I’m glad you believe Brendan is preparing for the future. It strengthens my hope and belief that he will stay for the long term.



    I would wager you were in agreement that we had enough projects, we needed players to hit the park running. Do these signings meet that criteria? No in my opinion.



    We cannot sustain a squad of over 40 players and we don’t intend to. This is a commercial decision. What sort of message does it send out to our own youth players hoping to break into the team ?



    Let’s wait and see if these players will figure in our Euro qualifiers and resume this conversation.




  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well the board in my opinion have backed Brendan in this transfer window..We are signing youngsters who we can bring on and they will eventualy be sold on providing income for the clubs longer term future.H.H.

  7. STEBHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:01 PM



    So we have a right back who (on the face of it) looks like a significant upgrade and 5 centre half’s. Do you think we could get a centre half in this window who would be an upgrade on Boyata, Benkovic or Ajer? Or Jozo when he is fit? McKenna would apparently cost close to £10M. Is he any better than we have? I like him and have him in the summer (he’s not fit yet) but I don’t think he’s an upgrade on Boyata or Benkovic so would he get a game in the team at the moment?





  8. Big Packy 1



    Let’s hope it’s not the same people who thought Compper was the answer to our problems.




  9. What is the Stars on

    Martin O’Neill signs Pele on loan.


    How did miss out on him !!!.


    Getting on bit though..


    Still could score plenty in the SPL


    Look at Defoe !!!

  10. GREENPINATA-tend to agree with you regarding the commercial side to this,but why not,all the big teams seem to be doing this (stock pilling) admittedly on a smaller scale.It opens us up even more to a wider audience,which is probably the goal ?

  11. Jobo at 8:18



    In addition to your list it looks that Toljan has also joined.



    However we should also take into account that during this window we signed Karamoko Dembele, Ewan Henderson and Scott Brown to the long-term payroll. Imagine the delight of the moaners on here if Celtic had not managed to keep these three which at one point had looked likely.



    A good window ……. although I want Paddy Roberts to come home and be our 1,000,001 winger.

  12. VFR


    t I don’t think he’s an upgrade on Boyata or Benkovic so would he get a game in the team at the moment?



    He would definitely have a chance as neither of the above are fit at the minute.


    And it’s rumored we won’t see much of Bdenkovic before he returns to Leicester at the end of season.

  13. Let’s type really quickly, to hide the fact we need 2 CBs for the CLQs,hopefully, so get 2 strangers ,close our eyes,and pray,after all it’s only worth £40 mil…

  14. Any truth in the rumour that the Dortmund RB has been loaned back to Dortmund for the rest of the season?

  15. There are 7 centre backs for 2 spots, Boyatta (gone in summer) Benny (gone in summer) Ajer, Simo, Henry, Lustig (can play there) Bitton (can play there). so if we sign an 8th today where does he play and who do we drop? I haven’t even mentioned the injured man.




  16. GREENPINATA on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:02 PM



    Burke, Weah, Bayo and Toljan are 4 additions who can hit the ground running. Perez, Gutman and Shved will come into the squad in the summer (Shved maybe before the end of the season). Morgan will come back with more experience; Ralston is getting better and will get more game time when he is fit and, IMHO, will fit the bill long term; Arzani will be back for next season. So the summer “rebuild” will need to concentrate and bringing a new centre half in (McKenna IMHO) and maybe another forward if both Burke and Weah don’t extend. Another possibility is an understudy to Tierney. All in all we have a stronger squad with 7 additions (albeit 3 loans to the summer).



    I agree we need to get rid of squad players (Hayes, Gamboa, Commper, De Vries, Allan, Mulumbu). The jury is still out on Miller, Hendry, Benyu and Kouassi. So the squad trimming will take place but more likely in the summer.




  17. BADA BING-I honestly think the two CB’s last night if kept injury free are good enough for any qualifiers ?

  18. Fairhill Bhoy,



    Anything which can enhance our global exposure is to be welcomed. Imo the greatest single thing we can do to enhance and expand our exposure is a great European run.



    Obviously we need fit, tried and tested players to achieve this aspiration.



    Cheers and HH.

  19. FAN-A-TIC on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:12 PM



    McKenna is out with a hamstring injury and is probably a month away so Boyata will be back and Benkovic will be back or close to it so he wouldn’t get a game at the moment. I imagine Boyata will partner Ajer till March which will be even more experience for him. I can see him coming (to partner Ajer) but in the summer.





  20. What is the Stars on

    God bless Peter Lawwell keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents begrudgers and naysayers

  21. Sftb-BP might be wrong in numbers but I’m sure there were a few saying they had seen a video of the boy playing and weren’t impressed

  22. FAIRHILL BHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:15 PM


    I think Pele might fail the drug test on that one.


    Also very impressive up front was the girl in the Goddard Advert that was blocking my sign on page!



  23. Who’d win a game between a bloated squad stuffed with undiscovered gems and hot prospects, or a trimmed squad manned by highly competitive pros motivated to fight for a realistic starting slot?



    In summary, our transfer window is surely a bit like a fart – better out than in.

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Alright – who is the wee motor bike guy ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :-))








  25. Do you not find it strange that nobody has signed or tried to sign Boyata up on a pre-contract? I suppose Celtic can re-sign him inside or outside of the window










    The myth that Bitton can play centre half is just that.


    He was a defensive liability as a centre mid so why would we expect him to shore up a defense?


    He can’t tackle!


    Ajer and Simo can be a pairing but both seem injury prone.


    Hendry has confidence issues so playing him in pressure situations is a risk.


    Benkovic is injured for a length of time it seems.


    Who knows whats going on with Boyata?

  27. On pages 1 and 2 we were doing so well with 3 signings in the space of an hour or so.


    Then came the always difficult 3rd album, I mean page – nada, zilch, what’s Peter playing at here??


    Page 4 can’t come along quick enough for me. I’m away back to finish my ironing!!



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