Souness: loan was for work, makes interesting dates claim


Graeme Souness today told a Daily Record reporter that he received his EBT LOAN from Rangers because:

“I was doing work for Rangers.

“I was in between jobs. I was going to scout for Glasgow Rangers at that time”.

Payment in return for “doing work” is what this whole business is all about. Payment for “doing work” is taxable. It cannot be remunerated via a non-repayable loan.

Mr Souness was manager of Blackburn Rovers from 14 March 2000 until 6 September 2004.

As Blackburn manager, he signed Tugay from Rangers on 17 May 2001. He requested £30,000 from the Rangers EBT scheme five weeks later.

“In between jobs” Really? These dates make that an interesting claim.

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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ” I don’t, at this stage, believe there is any credibility in the ‘stories’ that circulate on this blog, which implicate Celtic in any conspiracy.”



    I am surprised that a poster, MrPastry, who believes the above, receives so much stick on this site.




  2. Good Evening.



    Great stuff Paul. It was a remarkable ‘intervention’ by Souness. I wonder what the consequences of it will be? Here is my (freshly published!) take on it:





    And “in case people missed them” (and care…) here are yesterday’s offerings, which congratulate Sevco on Petrofac glory (no really…)




    …and laugh very loudly at an ocean’s worth of pish in yesterday’s Sunday Mail




    Have a great evening!

  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I WAS looking forward to making plans for our final three Home games but I should have realised that such a demanding task would have been beyond the administrative capabilities of our Authorities. Maybe they think we don`t need to play any more games as their season is already over with the winning of the second tier title and the Petrified Cup.


    Incidentally, I heard some commentator feeling desperately sorry for Dundee United having to face up to the prospect of playing in the Championship next season. I thought that was a great division. What has changed?


    Cheerio for now,



  4. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Giggsy on 11th April 2016 2:19 pm (from last thread)



    No, sorry didn’t see your post from the other night about Rennes.


    What’s it about?

  5. Canamalar.



    I’ve sent you a copy of email containing my signature for Resolution 12. Also included is my name, address and telephone number.

  6. Home early tonight and watching The Chase.


    New Warburton’s advert comes on.



    We now know their team for Sunday. …..The Muppets.

  7. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    So the record prints a confession from souness that he was paid 30k in an ebt after he left but for scouting work . ….




    Yet no other media including the BBC pick this up .



    The blatant corruption and cheating is beyond belief and we just have to sit and take it on the chin



    Today I was offered a full hospitality seat for Sunday- FOC. Is it any wonder I refused it

  8. Mr. Pastry @ 5.08



    “SFTB@4:51 – Short answer No.


    If it is established, via hard evidence, that Peter Lawwell and/or the Celtic board have been wifully complicit in any underhand dealings with the SFA and Rangers FC, I will be the first to post my condemnation on this site.


    I don’t, at this stage, believe there is any credibility in the ‘stories’ that circulate on this blog, which implicate Celtic in any conspiracy.”





    It is a short answer and a coherent explanation.



    Unfortunately, it is not an answer to any question I posed. I did not ask you if there was any foundation or proven element to the “agenda” charges being laid,



    I asked why it was seen as “having an agenda” to believe the Board has a case to answer but it is “not having an agenda” to believe the opposite.



    If, as you say, that the case has not yet been proved, then the case has also not yet been disproved and therefore both points of view are legitimate and have as much of an agenda as each other. No?

  9. I mostly lurk and don’t post often, but I have recently been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and I have a pre assessment tomorrow morning for chemotherapy with chemotherapy starting Wednesday 10am God willing. I would be grateful if you could remember me in your prayers to help me beat this horrible disease

  10. Tbj


    Yep ably ignored by those waiting to be told what to print


    Een home and listening to Radio scotland


    Souness tax story ignored with him suggesting shoorly now clubs (not cheats) will realise it was an error ‘pitndoondemoting’ the team he used to cheat with!!


    On later afternoon he was saying it is closer tie .no big difference.


    Get the cheat out



  11. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 11TH APRIL 2016 5:17 PM






    You know some interesting folks in some interesting industries. Do these arrangements fall within the scope of the December 2010 legislation, with APNs issued after the expiry of the settlement opportunity?




    The guys I know are day rate contractors mostly working in IT. These schemes were sold to them as “umbrella companies” meaning they didn’t need to set up their own Ltd. company and avoid the hassle of the associated administration. I’d say almost all of them would have had no idea what they were getting into and simply trusted the advice they were given. Though I applied the ole “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is” rule and avoided.



    HMRC are able to go back a certain number of years but I can’t remember the detail of how many etc. Ones I know about related Tax Year 2007-08. I think the point you make re: the issue not yet being legally settled is absolutely correct. What I can’t remember is, if it is eventually decided in court that HMRC are wrong (for those schemes where no side letters were issued), whether they then need to pay the individuals back with interest. Lotta vodka to pass under the bridge before then. A lawyers paradise.

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I hope everything goes well for you and I’ll keep you in my prayers

  13. Eireann



    Will do mate.stay positive.candle tomorrow.


    Take it easy and pop on lots




  14. An Teach Solais on



    Prayers offered for you and your loved ones that you may be restored to full health.


    I shall be thinking and praying for you in the battle that lies in front of you. Puts a lot of trivia into perspective.


    Adh mor agus siochain na Thiarna leat.

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    EIREANN. I am sorry to hear about your illness you will be in my thoughts and prayers. H.H.

  16. Mr Pastry @ 5:14 pm



    “SFTB@4:59 – No individual is mentioned – if we cannot criticize organisations and employ satire in making our points, then free speech is dead.



    My my- there’s a spurious claim. Free speech is dead when you cannot criticise organisations (BTW – who ever claimed that you could not?) but you specify that no individual was mentioned (am I to assume that you do not believe you have equal free speech to criticise individuals?).



    The satire defence was an after the fact defence. You stated “I have heard…” to give your original post an appearance of reality and veracity. You do not have a proven track record of satire on this blog and I’d have to say, if that was your first attempt, it qualifies more as an unfunny insult than satire. Me? I’m old fashioned enough to expect a modicum of humour with my satire otherwise it can just come across as sarky.




    If you disagree with me,that’s OK – but using faux offence as a retort, really is ‘scraping the barrel’



    I was not offended in the least. Most of us can really only be hurt or offended by a pointed criticism from a respected source. I was suggesting that whether you criticise someone by use of a noun, an adjectival description or even an adverb or idiom, it remains as a criticism. You cannot then claim that you never insult anybody. Kojo used to employ a very similar rhetorical style. It was see-through then and it is see-through now.



    And I don’t like what I am seeing :-)



    See, that is closer to satire but it is still a wee bit too sarky to truly qualify.

  17. G’devening



    If any of you are on Facebook please check out the last few posts on



    Over the last 3 weeks I have been involved in preparing, briefing and sending two lads over to Idomeni in Greece at the Macedonian Border.



    Around Idomeni there are official and unofficial refugee camps. Stefan, one of the lads (big Dons fan), was out last month on a reccy. He said it was difficult to see the children there with nothing to do, living in squalor, parents or carers stressed beyond words.



    We came up with a relatively simple plan. Get some basic games and sports stuff together and organise some fun. A few sessions a day, in different camps/waste ground. Involve other volunteers, just a wee bit of structure.



    On Thursday we sent the guys off from London (with a huge thanks to a CQN contributor, Morton FC and Glasgow Warriors for some kit) and they got to work., Stock up in Thessalonika (basketball gear, footballs etc) and on Friday they did all the safety briefings with the UNHCR, Medicins sans frontier and on Saturday laid out the plan. Basketball first, they were thrilled (there’s a picture on the facebook page). The simplest of things bringing relief and a smile.



    Then came the 5 a sides yesterday. The UN guys were really enthused. a Bit like the Glasgow night leagues it is hoped this might relieve a bit of tension, provide a bit of work for idle hands and feet.



    As they sat up things became chaotic. Tear gas, rubber bullets, terrified and injured kids with the assault across the border from the Macedonian side. Five a sides abandoned, Stefan and Andy were carrying injured kids and adults to safety. This was not at the border in some conflict – the impact reached hundreds of yards over to the camps. As is their training, the UN guys and MSF retreated. The refugees left alone other than the unofficial volunteers and independent agencies, like our lads.



    Make no mistake, rubber bullets and tear gas fired through a fence across a border should be an international incident and subject to rebuke. But refugees were the recipients. They are no one’s. In fact some news agencies seek to blame them. That is not the testimony of Andy and Stefan. Today they are restoring the project and pressing on, I look forward to reading of the progress. God help these people.



    Stefan says he has spoken to hundreds of refugees in his two stints there. None of them, none, want to go to Europe forever, they want to go home to Syria. They had lives, families, homes, iphones, iPads. This is no invasion, these people need refuge.



    So anyway, loads of people on here do loads of things for charities and it’s fantastic, home and abroad, cancer, illness, tragedy, chaos. This one happens to be my passion at the minute and hopefully this wee act if compassion will restore a bit of faith in humanity in these poor bloody sods.



    One thing that would inspire a bit of hope in the lads out there is to visit the page, read and like the updates so they know it’s not unnoticed.




  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    As things stand the employees are in the clear. But…



    The current government plans to legislate to allow tax to be collected from employees on loans made prior to 2011, which remain unrepaid by 2019.



    The gist seems to be that, if it was a loan, you haven’t paid any interest on it, and you haven’t paid it back more than 10 years later, it wasn’t really a loan, was it.



    But, to do so, they need to legislate, following which, doubtless, there will be a court case to test it and set precedent.



    So, legislation next year I believe is the plan, with an effective date of April 2019, following which assessments will be issued, and folk will either pay up or contest.



    In order to avoid the tax, the employee needs to repay the loan to his subtrust. But when s/he subsequently draws down another loan, it’ll be caught by the 2011 legislation, and they’ll be taxed at that point.



    I think Natknows’ chums have been caught by the 2011 legislation, while the old EBTs from the previous decade need a result at the Supreme Court in the first instance to go after the Employers, and the new legislation following that to get those employees of deidcos.



    Lots of hurdles to pass before the employees are signing cheques and/or selling medals and properties.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on 11th April 2016 5:13 pm





    Imagine a scenario where an employer deducted Tax and NI in ordinary course, but didn’t remit it. The Employer is het.



    *hmmm, many years ago, 40+, so I may be a bit vague here, I received a letter from the then called Inland Revenue. My tax code was being changed to reflect that I owed them money from the previous year.



    My mother had at one point worked in the tax office in Dumbarton so up I went tae see her with said letter.



    Following evening she called me to say that I should contact Centre 1 in EK. I did and was told that I was short on tax remittal for the previous year.



    Now I was a construction worker back then and had worked, legally I hasten to add, with 3 different companies the year in question. It seems that 1 of the companies had submitted less than the other 2 and did I still have my pay stubs.



    Who keeps pay stubs was my response; I have since then BTW, so I couldn’t prove how much had been deducted from my pay. So TFB I was in hock for their money and they wanted it.



    Shortly after I bumped intae this massive Tim I had went right through school with, he also worked with the company I had concerns over. Related my story and suggested he look into it. Smart big guy incidentally who managed tae get 100% on Maths and Algebra and 85% on Geometry exams while attending Parkheid the night before for a hun game, while we were all hitting the books studying.



    Few weeks passed and I bumped intae him again, guess what he had been shafted tae and like me he had tae pay the money which was not collected as PAYE, he also found out that the Inland Revenue were now investigating this company as there had been numerous complaints.



    I left the country shortly after but found out through my Civil Service connections that the “timekeeper” had been led away in handcuffs.



    Moving on, over here there is a is a type of Canadian account for holding savings and investment assets called a Registered Retirement Savings Programme ( RRSP), it has various tax advantages compared to investing outside of tax-preferred accounts, it was introduced in 1957 to promote savings for retirement by employees and self-employed people.



    I have had a couple and when submitting your tax returns at the end of the financial year there is a pretty good tax break. However, should it be lifted prior to retirement this must be disclosed and the money is treated as an earnings.



    One year I was asked by a family member for an emergency “loan”, not having the money at hand I withdrew it from my RRSP with the intent of puting it back when the “loan” was repaid. 11 months later when filing my tax return I forgot all about it especially since the “loan” had still not been repaid.



    Shorty after I received a letter from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) indicating that I had failed to report the RRSP as an income and requested, not demanded, payment to cover this, which I did.



    Again I’m asked, a couple of years later, for an emergency “loan” from another “family member”, same situation and again 9 months or so later I erred in reporting this income on my tax returns.



    This time as well as a request for payment I’m also being fined. So I call the CRA up, plead my case and told quite nicely that they can understand my concerns but since I am now a repeat offender TFB and not only am I being financially punished my tax returns will now be audited for the next 7 years.



    Looking back I would rather deal with the CRA, who showed a bit of compassion, than HMRC who really show no mercy and God forbid it was the IRS or I might have ended up doing time.




    I wish you all the strength you need to fight your battle. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.




    What is the orcs put money into partners accounts or purchased many homes in their name or family members and gifted them ?



    Can they go bankrupt whilst not being forced to pay tax or sell property if it’s in someone else’s name?




    This is a personal tax liability as far as HMRC are concerned. It should have been declared as Income on a self-assessment. Whatever the recipients have spent it on really doesn’t matter to HMRC. If you’d received disbursements from an EBT scheme for (say) for £100k then HMRC will make a PAYE calculation for your total Income (including the £100k) for the particular tax year in question and issue an APN for payment.



    If you can’t pay up within 90 days then they will hand your account to their Debt Management & Banking (DMB) department who will pursue payment in the usual manner – including court action etc. Interest and penalties will accrue while the debt remains.

  22. EIREANN on 11TH APRIL 2016 6:05 PM



    I’ll light a candle tomorrow morning in St Mary’s, Calton. Good luck!






    Horrible to read that, good on you for highlighting it though.



    Best of.








    Much obliged.


    So the reality is that they have plenty of time to offload their assets in the meantime.


    They won’t be paying anything.



  24. Eireann, Extremely sorry to hear your news and of course I will pray for a swift & full recovery.


    God Bless You & the best of luck.


    Keep posting you are with friends here.



  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Thoughts and prayers offered for a full recovery

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