SPFL need eyes on EPL Project Restart


The progress of ‘Project Restart’ in the Premier League in England will be watched closely by the SPFL.  Three clubs there have opened training facilities for players, with plans for full training to take place from 18 May three weeks ahead of the first closed doors fixture.

I suspect these plans will be aborted by subsequent government advice, but if England play out their season and Scotland don’t, there will be an outcry, legitimately so.  We want to play the season to its completion, win the title on the field, shut the faces of the perennial losers.  It would also allow us to dispense with any thoughts of league reconstruction to save Hearts from relegation.

A hard deadline has been set by Uefa of 25 May for leagues to submit plans to restart or end their seasons.  That gives the SPFL four weeks to establish their own Project Restart, with government clearance, or call the season.  We should take as much time as is available – move with the herd, as we suggested earlier.

The Dutch, who moved early by awarding Uefa places for next season based on current league positions, but declined to award the title, relegate or promote, are now in a legal quagmire, as they have used sporting merit to determine some outcomes but not all.  This crisis will not reward pioneers.

The goings-on in England will be more pertinent to what the SPFL does than the 12 May EGM.  I suspect the League’s board already know they have the 11 required votes in the bag, but they will want to win the popular vote as well.

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  1. German infection rate creeping up again since they started to ease restrictions, That is not good news,


    I think we are looking at a series of lockdowns which could easily spill into next year.


    My football worry now is next season


    This season is over. The Huns are delusional & irresponsible,

  2. In other matters.


    I have recently learned that the chariot race scene from Ben Hur was filmed at the David Livingstone memorial park in blantyre.


    There you go.

  3. CORKCELT on 28TH APRIL 2020 9:20 PM




    ‘My football worry now is next season’






    Your concerns are justified.



    There should be contingency plans drawn up for a truncated season with an open ended closing date, because I can’t see how football is going to be played in August or anywhere near it.



    Maybe scrap the split, and have one game home and away as and when conditions allow, and have no cup competitions for a year.

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Any bets that Islam Feruz (aka wonder kid) cancels his retirement and turns up at Tinkcastle next season. If they are still afloat of course.

  5. got sent this



    FYI, from Dons hospitality contact at Ibrox, he said Greg received official notice from SPFL today to start preseason training campain on 11th May and be ready for 1st game on 10th June. 9 games and 2 cup games to be played in 3weeks. Season done. He says the rumour for England is 1st June and complete by June 30th. Everyone then has a 2week off preseason and the new season starts again. This seasons games all behind closed doors but football on bt, sky and bbc 7days a week. Tv football for a month.

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I was down there on Sunday , didn’t


    See any horseshit 🤷‍♂️

  7. There has been a spike in Germany after they relaxed some of the lockdown measures. Reports now that they will revisit lockdown options and bring under control. Bundesliga restart is now in serious doubt. It is difficult to understate how badly our Government is handling this pandemic. It is a national disgrace. We are now on course for the 2nd worst number of deaths in the world behind the USA. We are woefully underprepared in all aspects, i just cannot see how football can resume amongst this. Note also that many of our players are abroad and will need to self isolate for 14 days when they return.

  8. I don’t see any football played this side of the year & we will be announced 9 in a row champs shortly after the meeting on 12th may

  9. Intriguing suggestion on Etims that Sevco’s endgame here might b to release enuff damaging info (re the 5/6 way agreement) to undermine the SPFL…paving the way for their friends in the FTSFA to take total control of scottish fitbaw…thoughts?

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.





    You could be correct, whatever their raison detre it wont be


    to the betterment of our game.


    Hope you are all well over the big ditch, Don’t think there were


    any new cases of the virus reported here in Vic, this morn.


    Shouts to get the restrictions lifted gathering momentum.


    But state premier holding firm with 85% of the population say


    he’s doing the right thing.


    I agree, and with Germany having a small spike after easing


    the rules a bit, another coupla weeks lockdown here will help prepare


    for any second wave.


    H.H . Mick

  11. MM



    any decline in the curve is due to lockdown…any lifting of restrictions will no doubt see another spike and another lockdown…ad infinitum…till a vaccince is produced…fitbaw is over for the forseeable…

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    I believe a lab in Perth OZ have high hopes of a vaccine they


    are working on and are preparing for trials within coming weeks


    and administering it to volunteers.


    Fingers crossed, and life including the fitty can get back to normal


    Unless of course the hun virus wrecks it all for ever.


    H.H . Mick

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Morning POG couldn’t open that, how are you and the good


    lady, well i hope?


    Was talking to my big tim mhate in Inverness the other day and


    some great times we had in The Beastie ( Red Lion ) in Forres.


    Ah memories.


    H.H . Mick

  14. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    MELBOURNE MICK on 29TH APRIL 2020 1:17 AM



    I’m a Forres loon, born & bred. The Beastie was my regular haunt from about 1969 ~ underage then so always watching out for my old man to appear, but looking back, he knew and said nothing about it. In those days, it was basically men only. Anxious/angry wives would stand outside and ask folk going in to “tell that husband of mine his dinner is in the dog” or such like! Best memory is when the mighty Cans (Forres Mechanics) won the Highland League by beating fierce rivals Elgin City at Mosset Park. The game was played on a balmy Friday evening, after which we retired to the Beastie to celebrate. When the entire Cans team entered the pub, the place went mental.



    Imagine if Celtic had just won the league and the whole team came into your favourite bar to celebrate and you will get the picture!



  15. Good morning CQN from a grey skied and damp under foot Garngad



    I cannot see any football being played this side of Christmas, it will be down to Governments and ours is idiots who could not run a raffle. (UK Government) even the Scottish Government has not in my view gave clear guidelines on things like lockdown allowances, who is key workers and is it just key workers who are allowed out of lockdown?


    I started back work from furlough on Monday with a quarter of our staff and I notice quite a few other places are open yet this horrible virus is still amongst us. I realise we need to kick start the economy at some point but surely we need rules, testing and some sort of certificate or phone app to say you are safe and allowed out of lockdown to work etc.



    It’s just a worry that we have a second spike/wave.



    Hail Hail and stay safe



    D. :)

  16. Big Jimmy – Although I am back at work if you need anything just mail or text, we are still able to help pal. Probably Sunday this week for our shopping though.



    Hail Hail pal and stay safe



    D. :)

  17. David 66,



    While the UK government has a lot to answer for it should be remembered that NHS Scotland is a fully devolved entity.



    I have praised NS on here a few times but her stated target of 10,000 tests by the end of the month looks more hollow than Hancocks.



    However recriminations must surely wait until the other side.



    Cheers and HH.

  18. Apologise as this is taken from Daily record this morn…IF True…the Huns/Hertz/Stranraer hopes for EGM could be scuppered ?




    The Rangers proxy vote twist that threatens to blow apart independent investigation EGM bid


    The Ibrox club are desperate to hold the SPFL’s feet to the fire but they may yet be thwarted.




    Rangers’ plan to put Scottish football’s top brass on trial by independent investigation could be shot down before the next month’s ballot box D-day, it was revealed tonight.



    The Ibrox club have teamed up with Hearts and Stranraer to force an extraordinary general meeting of all 42 SPFL clubs – and promised to share a damning dossier of evidence against the suits on Hampden’s sixth floor in advance of the May 12 showdown.



    But Record Sport has learned the plan to stage an explosive EGM could now collapse if enough clubs opt to reject it by posting proxy votes in advance of the scheduled date.



    Also, we can reveal the SPFL’s controversial emergency measures to bring an early end the top flight season by crowning Celtic champions could still be legally and technically implemented before then – regardless of the call for an inquiry into its surrounding circumstances.






    SPFL warn Rangers over probe push


    Although a source told us: “The two issues are entirely unrelated. On that legal basis, It is entirely feasible that a decision could be made to end the season before the EGM on May 12.



    “But, given all the furore over this it would seem unlikely the SPFL would want to go down that road. The first objective here will be to gather the votes either on May 12 or those that are sent in early by proxy.”




    Those votes could start dropping into the SPFL’s inbox from Wednesday morning and the Rangers requisition – which demands a wide ranging probe into the conduct of the league’s board during the coronavirus crisis – needs the support of 75 per cent of Scotland’s clubs in order for it to be rubber-stamped and driven through.


    SPFL warn Rangers probe push could result in ‘incalculable cost’ to our game


    But that means the need for an EGM could be effectively null and voided if as few as just four top flight clubs send in proxy votes in advance which don’t back the Ibrox proposal.




    Similarly, the demands could be defeated by a block of only three Championship clubs – or a group of six from across League One and League Two.



    A source said: “The SPFL board has approved the requisition for an EGM on May 12 but that does not prevent clubs from voting by proxy.




    IF the above is true and enough Clubs vote against the Huns etc by PROXY, and therefore any EGM is scuppered…what would the huns do next ?


    IF the above is true, the Huns might hold off from producing their so called Evidence, and wait and see how many Clubs vote against them by Proxy, which could meybe mean that the huns will NEVER produce any Evidence as the proposed EGM is pointless ?


    I also wonder about the Huns so called “Evidence” as Hertz and Stranraer have jumped on board with the Huns…did Hertz and Stranraer REQUEST to see the so called Evidence that the huns claim that they have, or did the Huns freely provide Hertz and Stranraer with copies of the so called “Evidence”…but NO other Club or The SPFL etc ?



  19. MELBOURNE MICK on 29TH APRIL 2020 1:17 AM


    Morning POG couldn’t open that, how are you and the good


    lady, well i hope?


    Was talking to my big tim mhate in Inverness the other day and


    some great times we had in The Beastie ( Red Lion ) in Forres.


    Ah memories.


    H.H . Mick




    Morning Mick,


    Sorry for the late reply as I had fallen asleep, albeit a restless one.


    We are fine at the moment thanks and I hope all is well with you and the family.


    Unfortunately, the Beastie is closed like every other bar on this island and being one who prefers to drink in pubs as opposed to at home then I find that a tad frustrating.


    Regarding the article link I posted it basically says that the virus was helped along its way by 3 events:


    Cheltenham Festival


    Liverpool v Atletico Madrid in the CL


    The Manchester Derby in the EPL

  20. DAVID66 on 29TH APRIL 2020 7:09 AM




    Thanks again David, but I got a Tesco Home Delivery again yesterday due to being on their Vulnerable/Priority List


    I hope that you and the good lady and the family are all okay.


    This is now my 42nd Day of Self Isolation…its only a matter of time before I go crackers !





  21. Big Jimmy – That’s good about the shopping. Hang in there, it will soon be 9IAR and before you know it we can get that pint and talk all things Celtic.



    D. :)

  22. Greenpinata



    Less of your nhs devolved tosh.


    We are thousands of ventilators short


    We are hundreds of I c u beds short.





    1.Because of Tory privatisation


    2.Because of noooLabour ‘marketization”


    Basic asset stripping of our mgs



    Culturally shameful but not unexpected in betrayal from the liar



    Not even mentioning the lead noose generations to come have been left with with private finance initiative.



    Hope your well and keeping safe my friend




  23. The cat may be in among the pigeons now.:



    “The Premier League is facing a rebellion from clubs over its plan to restart the season due to fears over player safety and opposition to the prospect of matches at neutral grounds.



    The clubs are meeting on Friday with pressure building around the plan, named Project Restart, to resume matches behind closed doors on June 8.



    The Times has learnt that several top-flight teams will argue that it is wrong to play at all while the country is in the grip of the coronavirus crisis, and that the sporting integrity of the competition could be undermined by teams losing home advantage. Clubs were told explicitly at a league meeting last Friday that some clubs may not be able to use their home grounds.”

  24. Also, IF the SPFL Rules clearly state that in the event of any EGM, All Clubs can vote by PROXY…Does that mean that NO ONE from Ipox has spotted THAT Rule prior to stamping their feet etc ?


    Did hertz ans Stranraer also just “Jump In” with the Huns….WITHOUT any one from their Clubs also reading and taking heed of possible voting by Proxy prior to any EGM and/or WITHOUT actually seeing and considering the so called “Evidence” that the Huns say they have….but still decided to leap into bed with the Huns in any event ?



    Have the Huns/Hertz/Stranraer FAILED to do their homework ?



    I hope that its not just a matter of the Huns and the others being defeated in the EGM or by Proxy…I also hope that they get a rather large Bill from the SPFL for legal expenses and time committed to setting up a EGM etc ?



  25. POG – you could add:



    Sevco v Leverkusen at the bigot dome to that list



    Various concerts in Glasgow and Manchester the week before lockdown



    D. :)

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