Spineless, unacceptable attack on Celtic fans


Your reputation was dragged into the mud by Social Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP,on Twitter this morning.  He wrote:

“On upcoming Celtic Vs Rangers match, we need clear messaging from everyone that fans must stay at home. If Police intelligence tells us, despite clear messaging, that groups of fans are going to gather to square off with each other, we need to consider if game should be postponed.”

“If Police intelligence tells us groups of fans are going to square off with each other” is his technique of throwing the blanket of blame over Celtic fans to prevent him addressing the threat of further social unrest head on.  He feels safe saying adding “Celtic” instead of calling out the true problem.  It is as spineless as it is unacceptable.

Be clear: there are absolutely no plans to postpone this game and there is no police intelligence that fans will square off.  None.  What there is, is a significant threat that the problems of last weekend are repeated on 21 March.  As far as this SNP government is concerned, we dare not speak that problem’s name.

This has nothing to do with Celtic and nothing to do with Celtic fans but your government is happy to trash the reputation of both.  He is toying with the reputation of the innocent and the occasionally vulnerable young.  If a Celtic lad turned up wearing lipstick Yousaf’s head would explode.

A lead in the polls does not permit you a free kick at Celtic fans.  Social Justice Minister, give me strength, you are contemptible.


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    What a magnificent evocative photograph of the corner of London Road and Abercrombie Street!


    Here’s what it looks like today with the intersection enlarged, the smaller buildings demolished, and the tenements surviving.






  2. The SNP need the catholic/celtic vote because they don’t have the extremist protestant/sevco vote. They are 100% unionist. At the same time they don’t want to offend the mob. Bombs and bullets in the post and all that. The SNP have a difficult balancing act.

  3. Humza in reality is probably thinking to himself re Sevco fans is the old Ollie to Stan routine “Another fine mess you’ve got me into” re the upcoming fixture.

  4. Rolling_Stone on

    WESTCRAIGS on 12TH MARCH 2021 5:02 PM



    They will drop the Catholic vote the minute independence is secured.

  5. Rolling_stone.




    If scotland becomes independent then it will be the catholic vote that gets them over the line.


    How perverse.

  6. INIQUITOUSIV on 12TH MARCH 2021 4:55 PM








    Ta, I know the area reasonably well now, more than Celtic connections I got a wee bit fascinated by the stroy of Glengarry Catholics bound for North America but diverted from Greenock to Glasgow by the Priest.


    There is a cemetary on Abercrombie street with some of the Calton Weavers that were shot.



    Also the road had several diffeent names on old maps.

  7. Father MacDonnell, what a brave man






    a wee diversion, if someone wants to take some time out worrying about us losing our schools, places of worship, football team, lifestyle, language, dance, songs, heritage, voting power, intelligence, jobs, homes, skills the wearing of the green, and forced to change our names in future Prodland.




  8. SAINT STIVS on 12TH MARCH 2021 3:10



    I for one want league titles before European advancement, give up next years league for a last 16 in either european competition, no thanks.




    It doesn’t have to be either/or. Sevco won the league in the first week of March and have one foot in the last 8 of a European competition.



    European runs will improve our standing in the game, our finances and will contribute to who we can attract, sign and keep.



    You make a solid point about Lawwell and the finances but how much have we missed out on by not getting into the CL for most of those years plus recent player value depreciation? I wonder how different (worse?) things would be over at Ibrox without the European runs the last two or three years.

  9. That we did not qualify all the time for the bigger competition and usually with better resources is ofcourse a failure, I agree with that. With the only caveat we appear in a sate of flux every summer with the vagries of transfers,



    With 2nd Rangers having the Champions path, lets see if their record continues,



    We have the harder path for sure this time, maybe the new manager will suprise us.

  10. squire danaher on

    Some people on here need to have a look at what they’re posting.



    The statement from Celtic clearly says



    The Scottish Government has already made clear to Celtic that it does not in any way associate the scenes last weekend with Celtic or our supporters. Although Celtic and our supporters are desperate to get back to Celtic Park to support the team, the Club and our supporters are of course mindful of the risks associated with public gatherings at this important time.

  11. SAINT STIVS on 12TH MARCH 2021 5:41 PM



    Our path will be almost impossible when you consider the rebuild needed.



    I just hope the fans give the new guy time, accept that CL failure next season shouldn’t be laid at his door and there’s a bigger picture to worry about.

  12. squire danaher on

    “When idiot Celtic fans vote to get Scoddland independence, the Big Bad Proddys are gonny make us change our names, sack us, and put us out wur hooses and shut doon the schools. “



    And there are some on here telling us to vote Green who are the only political party who have on the record advocated closing Catholic schools.



    Have a look at yourselves.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SD- there has been no public statement from the government……..a big difference HH

  14. I have no Idea where it All went wrong.



    George wis a playboy, incredible skill.



    Dads favorite is JJ.




    Henke is mega, The Maestro 2.



    Jinky I never witnessed. Dad lost his Father early.



    Celtic is Good. Forever and Ever.

  15. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 12TH MARCH 2021 3:29 PM


    It’s funny how Neil Lennon continues to haunt some posters even after he’s gone…




    indeed wbc. :-)




  16. Thursday 12th March 1981




    Fr Toner was in tonight, and brought me in some religious magazines.


    My weight is 58.75 kgs. They did not take a blood sample because they want to incorporate other tests with it. So the doctor says they’ll do it next week.



    Physically I have felt very tired today, between dinner time and later afternoon. I know I’m getting physically weaker. It is only to be expected. But I’m okay. I’m still getting the papers all right, but there’s nothing heartening in them. But again I expect that also and therefore I must depend entirely upon my own heart and resolve, which I will do.



    I received three notes from the comrades in Armagh, God bless them again.



    I heard of today’s announcement that Frank Hughes will be joining me on hunger-strike on Sunday. I have the greatest respect, admiration and confidence in Frank and I know that I am not alone. How could I ever be with comrades like those around me, in Armagh and outside.



    I’ve been thinking of the comrades in Portlaoise, the visiting facilities there are inhuman. No doubt that hell-hole will also eventually explode in due time. I hope not, but Haughey’s compassion for the prisoners down there is no different from that of the Brits towards prisoners in the North and in English gaols.



    I have come to understand, and with each passing day I understand increasingly more and in the most sad way, that awful fate and torture endured to the very bitter end by Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan. Perhaps, — indeed yes! — I am more fortunate because those poor comrades were without comrades or a friendly face. They had not even the final consolation of dying in their own land. Irishmen alone and at the unmerciful ugly hands of a vindictive heartless enemy. Dear God, but I am so lucky in comparison.



    I have poems in my mind, mediocre no doubt, poems of hunger strike and MacSwiney, and everything that this hunger-strike has stirred up in my heart and in my mind, but the weariness is slowly creeping in, and my heart is willing but my body wants to be lazy, so I have decided to mass all my energy and thoughts into consolidating my resistance.



    That is most important. Nothing else seems to matter except that lingering constant reminding thought, ‘Never give up’. No matter how bad, how black, how painful, how heart-breaking, ‘Never give up’, ‘Never despair’, ‘Never lose hope’. Let them bastards laugh at you all they want, let them grin and jibe, allow them to persist in their humiliation, brutality, deprivations, vindictiveness, petty harassments, let them laugh now, because all of that is no longer important or worth a response.



    I am making my last response to the whole vicious inhuman atrocity they call H-Block. But, unlike their laughs and jibes, our laughter will be the joy of victory and the joy of the people, our revenge will be the liberation of all and the final defeat of the oppressors of our aged nation.

  17. I read that Shamrock piece every now and again, just because it is so vibrant and honest, and accurate, it is brilliant.

  18. SAINT STIVS at 5:27


    You’ve excelled yourself, mate. Fascinating reads. Many Thanks.

  19. Jackiemac,



    Thanks for the stars recently, I’ve really enjoyed them.






    Re the new manager & possible DoF,



    Could it be that McKay has been given the job, or insisted he was given the job, of finding the new man/men?



    It may then be that the work is already done and he wants to reveal them himself (to an adoring crowd…)



    Here’s hoping 🤞🏼

  20. Saint Stivs on 12th March 2021 7:45 pm



    not just the finish but the space Henrik creates, and how he heads the ball, it is world class








    Brilliant! I had the privilege of being there that night. Thank you.

  21. You could hear the hoof beats pound as they raced across the ground,


    And the clatter of the wheels as they spun ’round and ’round.


    And he galloped into market street, his badge upon his chest,


    His name was Ernie, and he drove the fastest milk cart in the west.


    Now Ernie loved a widow, a lady known as Sue,


    She lived all alone in Liddley Lane at number 22.


    They said she was too good for him, she was haughty, proud and chic,


    But Ernie got his cocoa there three times every week.


    They called him Ernie, (Ernieeeeeeeeeee)


    And he drove the fastest milk cart in the west.


    She said she’d like to bathe in milk, he said, “All right, sweetheart, ”


    And when he’d finished work one night he loaded up his cart.


    He said, “D’you want it pasturize? ‘Cause pasturize is…

  22. Saint Stivs,



    Many thanks for posting that item about the Sacred Heart. One of my grannies was born and raised there and on getting married moved to St Michael’s. My other granny lived almost all her life in St Michael’s. I’m sure both were beneficaries of those Dinners.

  23. Anyone who says Celtic fans would have done the same as the sevs last week do NOT know their history.

  24. fourstonecoppi 'Still standing for NFL' and Scottish Independence on

    Saint Stivs on 12th March 2021 7:45 pm



    Aye great night and a great team to watch

  25. SAINT STIVS on 12TH MARCH 2021 5:27 PM


    Father MacDonnell, what a brave man






    a wee diversion, if someone wants to take some time out worrying about us losing our schools, places of worship, football team, lifestyle, language, dance, songs, heritage, voting power, intelligence, jobs, homes, skills the wearing of the green, and forced to change our names in future Prodland.



    *about 35 year ago I was driving a young Miss TT along with one of her younger sisters tae a well know Uni town over here about 45-50 mile away in what was once known as orange Ontario



    Never been in the place so I had no knowledge of it, as we approached the town a huge church became visible, my first response when asked what it was “proddy”.



    So after dropping the older one off me and her sister went looking for something tae eat and on the way took in the church, totally stunned when I saw the name Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.



    After that morning I made it my mission tae find out how a Catholic basilica held such a prominent position in a purple and orange area.



    The town it’s located in is called Guelph and was founded in by Irvine born and Greenock raised John Galt who was appointed to populate that part of Upper Canada.



    While there the staunch presbie John befriended the then Father Alexander Macdonnell. Seemingly John allocated the highest point in the centre of the newly founded town to Roman Catholics as a compliment to his friend, Alexander who had given him advice in the formation of the Canada Company.



    A road was also later cleared leading up to the hill and named after the Bishop, called Macdonell Street and according to the Guelph Public Library archives, Galt wrote the following statement in the deed transferring the land on which the Church of Our Lady would one day stand: “On this hill would one day rise a church to rival St. Peter’s in Rome.”



    Alexander Macdonnell was a remarkable character; and the Shamrock very very eloquently covers his career fae the Highlands tae Upper Canada via Ireland and brigton so makes no sense for me to reiterate it.



    However I’ll offer this for a wee bit further to the indication of his efforts at the likes of Boolavogue where he unfortunately was in the opposing side to “brave Father Murphy from old Kilcormack”.



    An American bishop gave testimony to the chaplain’s services: “The memory of Father Macdonell is as green in those regions as the fields they cultivate. That holy, chivalrous priest saved the lives of many innocent Irishmen and restored the chapels to their original purpose.”



    As a result of his dedication to the one, true, holy and apostolic church he was elevated to the position of first Bishop of Upper Canada with his see being in Kingston, Ontario.



    As I was born in Alexandria in the Vale of Leven I was always curious to find out why a town with the same name existed over here, the answer is it was named after this very fine mhan.

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