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  1. Take-away from last night.



    We don’t half make it hard for ourselves.


    Tough 80 minutes followed by 5 minutes of hope then 10 minutes of laziness.



    DT — struggled to lift his game in the presence of TR.


    TR — played a lot of good stuff / class act / put in a shift but was a bit sloppy 50% of the time.


    RC — showed his experience / better able to support TR.


    JJK — good defensively needs help going forward / work his angles.


    GT — getting better but too often well out of position after going forward / slow to get back.


    CMcG @ LB / SB @ RB — No wonder we struggled in the MF when they were continually drawn out wide / plus two horrible tackles that provide cover for the assault on SW. The lack of response to that tackle was shocking.



    Consequently good win with some positives.


    However our base weaknesses were on show far too often.


    Main thing is we can get better.



    Finally StM bloke who “over extended his clavicle” / aka hurt his arm.


    Worth a punt to keep CMcG honest and trying?


    Looked a reasonable player.



    Should not be a starter for us but standards have dropped this season — so why not?

  2. Finally — MIB performance ……



    Some of the fouls he gave against us were laughable.


    Probably — over time — this has played a part in the decline of some players.



    They take a long time to work out that we are referee’d differently to other teams.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    to be fair to the MIB he could easily have booked brown and mcgregor in the first half for 2 stupid tackles



    and could have waived away the penalty as it wasnt a stonewall vicious number



    rogic brown ajer top 3 for me probably in whatever order

  4. Shocker of a tackle on Welsh, so late and looks to have done serious damage to his ankle ligaments at least , hope I’m wrong.

  5. B78 @ football



    We played 80 minutes of stodge.


    The second half was better but it was still stodge.



    Your comments last night suggested that you are RC of RB fame — All you need is dedication.


    In this case instead of dedication we just need a little confidence.


    No mention of coaching / conditioning / focus.



    Consequently I have to disagree.

  6. Covid deniers.


    Trump was cheated conspiracy theorists.


    Big bad proddie root of all evil conspiracy fans.



    Place is getting stranger by the day.



    Turns out Celtic were not rubbish in 20/21 it was due to Covid/Political Conspiracy/big bad proddies and referees . All of course implemented and manipulated by the Scottish government.



    QAnon hasn’t got a look in.

  7. Havent read any Trump was cheated posts – must have missed them



    But happy to concur that the MSM, SFA, the Refs & Scottish Gov have all been even handed where the TIc are concerned.



    Right, where’s ma swimmin trunks – looks roastin out there

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Why is it…………….


    Last night 2 mins added at end of the first half – at 47 mins on the clock we are 1 up


    St Mirren have a free kick – ref allows them to put the ball in our box we clear they put it back in a bit of a scramble we get it away he then blows for half time a second short of 48 mins



    Do we ever get that luxury



    The other week I think it was Motherwell against the Huns had a similar situation Ref blew the whistle before Motherwell could take the free kick



    Am i just paranoid




  9. B78 @ Conspiracy Central



    You really are having a laugh.



    We are currently up to our necks in a global pandemic and you think we have choices?


    The issue is that choices got us into this mess and choice will keep us in it until the population of the over 75’s halves in front of our very eyes.



    Good luck trying to explain to the weans where all their grand-parents went.



    Bojo and St Nic have both made a complete erse of our response to CoViD19.


    However as things stand all we have left is the time honoured strategy of vaccination.


    Consequently to get high and mighty about personal choice when we need a unified response is just self centred petty Thatcherism and self indulgence / ego tripping taken to an extreme that will cause others to die so that you can make a statement.



    The OU/AZ vaccine is undercooked and half baked but it is all we have.


    To refuse it just to show your contempt for BoJo is just you cutting off someone else’s nose to spite his face.



    Get real and get ready to roll your sleve up.

  10. 67 ECW @ 9.34



    What you are seeing is the perfect example of a fully networked organisation.


    They don’t need central direction to tell them what to do.



    They just understand what their common goal is and then they react accordingly.


    No step by step instruction sheet — just hobble us and our efforts by any means available.

  11. Did NL call out the referee last night re. Welsh tackle.


    This is when we should be doing it. When we win.



    Agree with Andy Walker on one thing .


    Can’t wait for season to end.

  12. Well done The Celts last night. I missed the Late tackle/Challenge/Assault on young Welsh due to going to the Loo. when I came back, Duffy was already on the pitch, and I managed to also miss the apparent mistake that he made ?


    My top Three were….Ajer, Welsh and Big Tam.



    Sadly, ( NOT just based on last night), but I dont see Ajeti and Kilmala as ever being good enough…they are not Predators…


    Neither of them look to have any Killer instinct in front of goal, but I will be very happy if One or BOTH of them prove me wrong before the end of this Season ?




  13. Goood Morning CQN



    Can I ask again


    With Stephen Welsh and Nir Bitton both looking to be out injured ??


    Who now backs up Kris Ajer and Shane Duffy ??


    We let young Hjiede join Ross County on loan



    Madra Rua







    They are quite common







    I think Hearts Motherwell and st Johnstone all have them




    There was also an AD for Scottish Labour a few rows back and along from the SNP AD/Poster.



  15. Some volks are never happy………………







    We were never, ever paranoid enough.




  16. Rushing blindly to be vaccinated . Completely believe the media and government .


    Even before the “virus” had spread to more than a couple of countries Bill Gates was gleefully proclaiming “now we will have to jab the whole world.” So mass(worldwide) vaccinations were always the plan. These have been rushed through without anything like the normal safety tests .Te two US one are highly experimental and have already damaged and killed people. This can all be checked out on official sites.


    Gates ,Johnston and many others are avowed eugenists . Maybe the vaccinations have another purpose because this virus in its self does not warrant these extreme measures.


    Governments and media have always lied but this past year they have surpassed themselves. I am astounded that anyone can believe in them or trust anything they say. Other countries have popular movements against the currant madness but sadly Scotland is lagging far behind even in England theres more awareness.

  17. BAMBOO on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:08 AM


    ‘Rushing blindly to be vaccinated . Completely believe the media and government .’








    Yeah well, we can’t all be as smart and as well informed as you.



    ’18 points behind. Reasons to be cheerful part 3…’







    18 points behind but playing better football and getting better results.



    Maybe for you the latter part is reason to be miserable part 1.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    The guys spouting anti-vaccination material are disinclined to seek out empirical data, and in any event, are too emotionally invested in their belief to countenance evidence of an alternative. There’s little point in arguing with them.



    For everyone else, look out today for the report on new infections in care home residents recorded in Scotland last week. It’ll be on the ScotGov website from 2pm.



    Should the number of infections be fewer than 140, this will be very positive news.

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    18 points in the most important season in years. Very hard to be cheerful about anything if you actually look at the facts.

  21. TBB



    “The guys spouting anti-vaccination material ….. are too emotionally invested in their belief ”



    That is what surprises me re Burnley 78. He has always come over as a rational, controlled sort of guy and even his views on this matter are expressed in a fairly calm and polite way. Strange ( his viewpoint, not his manner!).

  22. TFOD2 — final 10 games with the elastic about to snap …


    Interesting — very interesting — as the first twang is heard.



    What are the chances they will drop 15 points over 10 games?


    Not very likely but it would make a huge difference if they crawl over the line blowing oot their erse.



    Consequently we need to give it all we have got over our last 12 games.


    We might have a stretched squad but we have more than enough talent to play some good football.



    I know it is a dream but you can but hope.


    Would the bookies be very happy if their was a TFOD2 implosion?


    Do our friends in Govan have a lot of funds tied up in a betting frenzy?

  23. bamboo on 11th February 2021 10:08 am



    So your going to stay at home forever right?



    Keep your poison, in every sense, in your own wee conspiracy world.

  24. Bb @ 10.08



    Total facebook / frontier gibberish — you really are scraping quite a few barrels if you think BG is behind this.



    I mean is total global domination by shonky / low rent software not enough for the guy?



    The issue I have with all this nonsense is that people get upset by gossip / speculation / wind ups / anxiety driven tin foil hat mentalism and they let useless wallopers destroy society in plain sight as they gut the poor / the sick / the different / the under-employed.



    Strange set of priorities.

  25. MADMITCH on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:43 AM



    I found that a good read. See what happens when the only initials you used were the acceptable TFOD2?