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  1. SS-is that us now 20/21/23 points behind.


    He DOESNT know what he’s doing.


    At last we agree on something.


    18 points apparently

  2. Ian Crocker in mathematics shocker,


    If celtic hadn’t of scored 3 goals in latter part of game they might not of scored 4 in total.





  3. boo. boo, 4-0 away from home, how long must we suffer this torture, to the senate steps I say,



    anyone got a spare bison heid, its bliddy cold oot there,

  4. Well done Celtic ☘️ Couple of cracking goals by Rogic and Christie. Still not at our best but a good win.



    Tom Rogic my MOTM

  5. Great performance shocking refereeing. Boy Durmus had at least 5 fouls and not booked


    Battering ram thug has probably broken Welsh’s leg. Should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Can’t see cmcg getting away with that tackle , the scouser will get the stage tomorrow’s from his puppets to press the only happens to thems button . That wee lassie on sky is starting to be a pain in the arse too .

  7. I dont for a moment think we will win this league, but I will not give up on Neil Lennon the man, a legend.



    I wont disrespect him at all.



    When he moves on he will always be a hero of the modern Celtcs, the last 21 years , huge part of “our history”



    suck it up, man up, get through the grief, and go again,



    keep it lit/

  8. 4-0….well done Celtic. Strange game but some lovely goals, clean sheet but sadly looks like Welsh may be out for a while, which is a huge blow for the kid.



    Sometimes the chaos does deliver…..



    HH & stay safe

  9. Well done bhoys.



    Taylor again for me played very well



    Broonie sauntered through it.



    Tom Rogics class shone again.



    Got to say a special mention to Jonjo kenny, slipped in there seemlessly and gives us stability at the back, no too shabby going forward.



    A good night. 😀👍

  10. Great result and some cracking goal.



    I do like it when we play 2 touch football and the ball moves forward.



    Hail hail

  11. DAVID66 on 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:42 PM



    What a tactition.



    A master of tactics.



    Lenny must stay



    D :)




    sssh Davie.lol it might be taken seriously hh

  12. 3 points in the bag. 4 goals great.



    If people think the actual performance was good enough then I fear for their sanity.



    We move on.



    Next people will be wanting Neil to stay.



    D :)

  13. Taylor great game, again.



    The look on Christie’s face when his goal went in. He couldn’t believe it never went over the bar.

  14. Lubo we need you on



    My top 3 tonight



    Brown … by a country mile







  15. MM


    I must admit you did bring a smile to my face when I got my own personal abbreviations.




    Well played

  16. Hands up



    Before kick off I said I’d have preferred








    Rather than









    Fair play….they all did well tonight


    But my reasoning was previous performances this season. Had they played like that in previous games we’d be in with a chance of the ten?


    Question now is….where has that play been all season?

  17. Kenny and Duffy just till the end of the season,still don’t rate Taylor,Punt Griffith’s and Klimala ,had high hopes for him ,but he isn’t progressing,so whoever gets the Managers job in the summer has got a lot of sorting to do,as for Calum McGregor he needs to move on,a good player but been to long at the club.

  18. We made it harder than we should have — some good play but too many were not at the races.



    SB is on his farewell tour of the SPL — worse than a man down when we have the ball.


    CMcG improved in the second half — but given his first half he could not have got any worse.


    DT had a quiet game — TR stole his position / energy / thunder.


    However he took his goal well — must have been M/well muscle memory.



    NL and his substitutions — absolutely horrible / playing the madam in plain sight.



    AA — he had a good game and he got little from the MF regarding support and passing options.


    RC — why was he brought on to replace a forward?


    LG — why are we bothering at all now?


    ME — surely he was worth more time on the park.


    PK — another who needs time and support.



    Good result but very / very patchy performance.


    Finally — AW and his so called analysis.


    Erse of a man talking SMSM / SKY / TFOD2 tripe.


    Man on a mission — a mission to keep himeself in a job by spouting anti CFC tripe.