Standing in, or walking to, the right place


I watched Moussa Dembele’s goal on Saturday again. Danny Wilson left his post which gave the Celtic striker the opportunity. The weight of his mistake was immediately apparent to the Newco player, who swung his fist into the turf three times.

Wilson made a mistake which will damage his reputation, but in violently punching the pitch, he was acknowledging the error, and its consequences. You’ll seldom see a player displaying this level of dissonance getting grief from a team-mate.

Compare that to the reaction to Scott Sinclair’s goal. Newco had two central defenders on Dembele. As the move developed, Tavernier was on Sinclair, but the Celtic midfielder jogged 10 yards clear of his marker.

Just as Stuart Armstrong played the ball to Patrick Roberts, Tavernier looked around, but not in the direction of Sinclair, who was already free. When Sinclair converted Kiernan yelled at Tavernier

Part of the game is just standing in, or walking to, the right place. Failure to do this isn’t an indication of lack of talent, more, Newco have not done the basics on the training ground.

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  1. Paul



    Watch Arnstrong meander from the half way line to the edge of the box to make the killer cross for the second without so much as a glance from the opposition defence.

  2. Gerryfaethebrig.


    I’ve been reading your posts. I’m glad you’ve had a blast. Yes indeed Rosie Webster CSC.


    South of Tunis.


    Again Yes indeed. My son,Paddy Bhoy at the age of 25 finally seen us win at the bigot dome on Sat. 5th time lucky.


    He always gives me a hard time, saying I stole his ticket when we won 3.0 when Lubo and the king of kings scored. Technically he is correct, his name came out the ballot on the bus, mines didn’t, HOWEVER he was only 9. I couldn’t let him go his self could I????


    Any music choices today???


    Hail Hail

  3. mike in toronto on




    I really rated Denayer when he was at Celtic, and also saw him as the solution to our defensive midfielder problem. Was disappointed when he left. but I saw him play in Turkey and at the Euros and was shocked as he didn’t look near the same player (and looked like he had put on a fair bit of weight).



    But I saw Sunderland playing recently. Although lining up as a CB, he seemed to play more like a defensive mid. He was looking much better, which, unfortunately would probably make him too expensive now.





    Like everyone else,you have a standing invitation to every Hoot.



    That yer ashamed to show up and identify yourself because of your previous for ripping off fellow Tims speaks volumes.



    FYI,plenty of good lads with differing views turn up and enjoy themselves in unsurprisingly good company. We don’t judge by posts on here,we judge by the person.



    Feel free to turn up for the next one. Or even Lisbon in May.





    I think I was 9 when I first got to see us play the huns.



    I think I was 15 when I first got to go on my own.



    21-5-79. Not a bad way to break yer duck!

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good to see the MSM in a flap. What do “Rangers” need to do to close the gap? Spend money! Errr – where does the money come from???


    Why do they never ask what Partick need to do to close the gap to Celtic?


    When will the penny drop?


    When will they realise that the gap between Celtic and the old club was closed by £250m of other people’s money?





    Yeah, I’ve seen him, just on highlights, think he has played both FB, CB and as you mention midfield.



    As mentioned in posts about Armstrong, what a difference confidence and a man-manager can make to a footballer. Also think Denayer would be better settling for a permanent club, for his own sake.

  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (What will happen till 25th January….)




    desiderate /dɪˈzɪdəˌreɪt/






    1. (transitive) to feel the lack of or need for; long for; miss




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    desideration, noun




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    C17: from Latin dēsīderāre, from de- + sīdus star; see desire






  9. mike in toronto on

    BCW .. good point about JD and confidence. At that level, even where a millisecond of indecision can be fatal, confidence can make all the difference for a player

  10. BMCUW



    Shame has nothing to do with it and I am quite sure that there are enough in here that are able to visibly identify me at any home game to satisfy your curiosity. As for your personal invitation to Lisbon in May I’ll kindly decline your offer , likelihood is I’ll need the money for away games in the Champions League come September

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Definitely had a great wee break, was back at work last Wednesday so no fear going back this week :-)



    By the way I was 9 at my first Celtic v Rangers game 1980 1-0 George McCluskey back heel, after that, every other game against that mob has been relatively quiet

  12. Some arithmetic from the back of a cigarette packet:



    £12 million (roughly) for stadium repairs.



    £15 million (that we know of) for loan repayments



    £xxx unknown for legal costs



    £30 million approx basic operating costs per season.



    £20 – £30 million to acquire a squad to compete with Celtic with no guarantees of success.



    Anyone know any mugs who might want to invest?



    Nah, me neither.



    If they were prepared to surrender the millstone that is Ibrox and rent hampden they would indeed be solid second to Celtic.



    Hopefully they’ll die again before that happens.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    MSM lurkers – Celtic and “Rangers” (as you guys like to call them) have nothing in common, other than being based in the same city. No matter how often you say “old firm” this will not change.


    Forget “old firm”, forget “the gap”, forget “challenging Celtic”.


    Your new club is as busted a flush as the old one. Deal with it!

  14. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Jimmy not Paul and Gerry frae the brigg



    Can I just add that Rosie’s dad ,Kevin,played at the jungles last stand



    I had a certificate numbered and everything .dont know where I’ve put it



    Anyway off to Celtic park now to view my christmas press from my two boys Fuentes and bogata



    Another brick in the wall



    Hail hail





    Like so much at their club, it’s all a charade to strip the gullibilly’s of their dosh.



    For the present incumbent TGSL, read Whyte, Green et-al, only the central characters change. The supporting cast from the Lap-top-loyal, ex-players all continue their part in stripping the carcass.



    Great so it is.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Robert Tressell 1:27


    Yep – sums it up.


    “£20 – £30 million to acquire a squad to compete with Celtic with no guarantees of success.”




    Bear in mind to get a £30m team you will probably have to spend £40m-£50m as many transfers simply don’t work out. Even Ferguson and Mourinho have bought a few duffers.


    The old club survived (until it didn’t!) with other people’s money and CL money when there was automatic qualification.


    It’s simply an unsustainable business.

  17. BMCUP.


    What a game. When we meet, we can exchange stories about that game. Mines involves bus strikes and gangsters. I still can’t make up my mind,between that game and 5.0 at Love St, as my favs. 3.0 v Hibs for treble, very important too as Paddy Bhoy was,with me at that one. I’m same age as you as I was 15 when 4.2 game was played.


    Mild Mannered Pedro Delgado.


    Thanks for info and enjoy your Christmas present.


    Gerryfaethebrig. I was in last week but off this week as schools don’t go back until Jan 9th. Another great result beating them in a cup final. Doesn’t get much better than that, we’ll except beating them to win the league, especially as if we had lost, they would have won the league.


    Just booked some cheap flights to the Algarve, any recommendations for an apartment, restaurants, in or around Tavira ?

  19. Buddy Morrisey on

    In 5-1 game the BBC stats have us with


    57% possession, with 20 shots of which 9 were on target , we had 3 corners and committed 12 fouls



    Rangers 43% possession, 6 shots, 2 on target 1 corner and 13 fouls.



    1-0 game


    Celtic 58% possession 24 shots, 8 on target 8 corners 18 fouls



    Rangers 42% possession 8 shots, 3 on target 1 corner 6 fouls




    2-1 win


    Celtic 50% possession 23 shots, 10 on target 11 corners 15 fouls



    Rangers 50% possession 10 shots, 6 on target 4 corners 14 fouls



    No very close at all!

  20. Glass two thirds – as I say, back of the fag packet stuff. Being kind to them. I forgot to include the additional running costs from assembling a decent squad. It ain’t happening. Their pride has killed the newco as a serious player.



    Basket case of assets FC

  21. 100% record at record at Ibrox so it’s no really that difficult to get a result there

  22. I also never factored in the loss of supporters when they move to hampden, the lack of retail revenue and any realistic access to European money. All while Celtic go from strength to strength. Other clubs built on solid foundations may well do the same.

  23. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    I was born in Dalmarnock but ive lived in Bankhead, Blantyre, Nairn, Ayr, Aberdeen Stonehaven and now Cults…



    One thing I’m acutely aware of is the central belt bias in many aspects of life, politics, media etc. An external dion of this myopic mindset is the Glasgow media preoccupation with Celtic and Rangers.



    There’s something of the famous Marslow quote to their approach. (‘if the the only tool you have is a hammer – you start to treat everything as if it were a nail’)



    The only solution to failing Scottish football is a successful Rangers being the parallel.



    Why not Aberdeen or Hearts?



    Aberdeen although on an economic downer is still a wealthy city, New facilities are planned and has the massive advantage of being a one team city.



    Hearts have great senior leadership and a big population potential… Same can be said of Hibs in terms of support potential.



    The media dinosaurs (Kevin’s, Young.. Etc), as well as the aging pundits (BFDJ etc), who dominate central belt media have grown up conditioned in to a mentality that does not allow them to take the bigger view. However a new breed of media savvy influencers are emerging with the ability to challenge these established paradigms.


    Celtic have the chance to shake off old links and position themselves as the leading progressive force in Scottish football. Hunco look increasingly traditional and are ripe for marginalisation….and Third Lanark type obscurity.



    We need forward thinking brave leadership at Board level.. Do we have that or do we have a group who are thoroughed to past traditions?

  24. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    I watched the game in full again last night. They were on top for the first 20 minutes and Erik and Mikael contrived to gift them the first gaol – Erik gave the ball away and Mikael did a Tav in letting kenny Miller run by him!



    Down then took a booking and contested a drop ball. We were on top from there on in! A real Captain’s role to change the game.



    First 15 minutes of the second half we should have scored another 3 to kill the game but didn’t.



    Armstrong’s pass, run (meander) for the second goal was fantastic, assisted by a sublime pass from Roberts and a great run and finish from Sinclair. Almost a carbon copy of their goal.



    Miller could have scored, Forrester should have squared it but if we’d taken our chances it would have been 7-3.



    Dembele absolutely battered them in the second half. The last 7 or 8 minutes when he took responsibility to hold the ball in the corner and kill the game were awesome. He had 2 of them booked in that time!



    We were as far ahead as we were in the 5-1 game or the semi-final. Just because they played as well as they could for 20 minutes doesn’t make it close!



    The gap is, IMHO, getting bigger!





  25. Twice a week an avenue opens for the Huns to clear their debts, maintain their stadium and inverst in a team strong enough to chalelnge us, but they have failed at every opporunity to grasp it so I wish they’d stop feckin’ greetin’.



    It’s called ‘Euromillions’.

  26. We have to stop deluding ourselves about the huge gap between us and sevco.


    We both have rich fans on our board so no difference there.


    Both have the luxury of world class stadiums.


    Sevco have to deal with the adversity of journalists grassing their player while we get an easy ride.


    They have have champions league quality players like Kiernan and MacKay and we have Dembele and Sinclair so evens out.


    On Sturday if the huns had taken their chances we would have got a doing says MacKay.


    If Forrester had passed to Dodo he would have scored so a draw was a fair result.


    If the post had not blocked Millers gdalbound shot they could have gone on to win.


    We got lucky just as wed did in the semi and 5-1 game as in both sevco dominated and were the victims of misfortune.

  27. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mild mannered Pedro Delgado 1.30



    You are correct , Corrie has A Celtic contingent, Curly, Kevin & Tyrone have all been spotted at Celtic park at games



    Enjoy your Christmas present at The home of the champions

  28. Met a young sevvie at the new year family gathering part of the extended family now



    Il P – nice to meet you aye your team played a lot better in this one, could even have scored 2


    s – cheers yeah we showed we’re back we’re not too far away now from being on top


    Il P – and how long will it be do you give it before your on top?


    s – next season hopefully


    Il P – aye anyway aw the best wee man



    Wee shame