Standing in, or walking to, the right place


I watched Moussa Dembele’s goal on Saturday again. Danny Wilson left his post which gave the Celtic striker the opportunity. The weight of his mistake was immediately apparent to the Newco player, who swung his fist into the turf three times.

Wilson made a mistake which will damage his reputation, but in violently punching the pitch, he was acknowledging the error, and its consequences. You’ll seldom see a player displaying this level of dissonance getting grief from a team-mate.

Compare that to the reaction to Scott Sinclair’s goal. Newco had two central defenders on Dembele. As the move developed, Tavernier was on Sinclair, but the Celtic midfielder jogged 10 yards clear of his marker.

Just as Stuart Armstrong played the ball to Patrick Roberts, Tavernier looked around, but not in the direction of Sinclair, who was already free. When Sinclair converted Kiernan yelled at Tavernier

Part of the game is just standing in, or walking to, the right place. Failure to do this isn’t an indication of lack of talent, more, Newco have not done the basics on the training ground.

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  1. Thunder Road



    You are right that the attendances will drop, with next season’s season ticket sales taking a hit.



    This has me pondering some more, particularly after reading John McGarry’s piece in the Daily Mail (sorry), where he tries to allay fears of Sevco not getting a UEFA licences…



    Now, if it is apparent that attendances will drop, and this is a club that relies heavily on attendances for income, how will the application for special dispensation from UEFA on FFP rules be pitched? To get the dispensation a business plan for the next two seasons needs to be provided to UEFA which show that the financial position will improve drastically and that they will not post deficits in the two future seasons. Glibby has already stated – at the Club AGM no less – that they will need to run at a deficit for the next few seasons to get to where they want to be, and now we will begin to see dwindling attendances which will see their main revenue stream, how can a credible application to UEFA be put together?




    It can’t.

  2. Celtic Champs Elect on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 3RD JANUARY 2017 10:43 AM


    Greetings from a cloudy and cold London .




    A 2 day stopover on the way home . Busy day ahead . Two Exhibitions and a musical to fit in –




    You Say You Want A Revolution – Records and Rebels 1966 -1970




    Undressed -A Brief History of Underwear .




    Both at the V & A Brompton .




    Then The Adelphi Theatre for Kinky Boots – The Musical..




    Much art and drama in store but today’s best performance might prove to be Mrs S of T’s earlier reaction to an espresso she got in a trendy coffee bar in Marylebone Rd.. Hissy Fit !!!!.




    White Hart Lane tomorrow night for Spurs v Chelsea . Me , my Chelsea supporting mate and my Arsenal season ticket , PTFC supporting son . .. £ 30 a ticket for away supporters . I like White Hart Lane . Hope to have a Balti pie at half time




    We hicks from the sticks have to cram in culture when we can .!!!!




    Love your posts SOT health and happiness to you and TGLOP for 2016.



    If you have not tried San Lorenzo in beachamp place for lunch or dinner give it a go I am sure TGLOP will like it due it’s Italian food and cafe especially espresso:-))) not cheap mind :-)

  3. Fritsong


    Tobacco Barons of Glasgow floated on slavery. At the time it was not looked upon as a bad thing. In fact an independent enquiry led by ‘ye Olde Lord Nimmo Smith’ found that these obscenely rich folk had gained ‘no financial’ advantage. Folk were actually compensated for giving up their slaves!

  4. South Of Tunis on

    History .



    Virginia Street / Jamaica Street etc etc .



    Check out the records re the Slave Emancipation Act of 1833 .. @ 15 % of the compensation money paid out for the financial loss of slave labour went to businessmen resident in Glasgow . Compare the population of Glasgow in 1833 with the population of the UK in 1833 and you get an idea of the size of the triangular trade business . Visit Slavery museums in Jamaica and learn that @ 33% of Jamaican sugar plantations were Scoittish owned.

  5. Marrakesh Express on

    Had to listen back to ssb last night for expert post match analysis. It didn’t disappoint. Cheerleader bfdj seems to have finally rumbled the convicted criminal and has been tipped the wink that Red Bull are looking to swoop. Negotiations perhaps taking place at the neo nazifest in Leipzig next week.


    Cock and Bull more like. Anyway his sidekick Keevins, who tipped Sevco for the league, now firmly entrenched back in camp he was born into, for the time being.


    All half decent comedy.




    You Say You Want A Revolution.


    Noticeable by its absence, any mention of the North of Ireland in that exhibition

  7. There were also a lot of Scottish and Irish slaves, Africans didn’t have the monopoly – oh and check out the amount of red hair in the Caribbean!

  8. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Are Kenny Hun Sheils comparison of MacKay to Forrest etc…



    Clearly an element of wishful thinking going on but I’d say Wee Barry share more than just positive attributes with Forrest and many other wingers…



    He lacks consistency of performance. He got talent and ability but I don’t think he turns out decent performances week in week out. That’s the difference between good wingers and great wingers.

  9. South Of Tunis on




    Happy New Year to you and yours .



    Haven’t been there but have been in their place in Wimbledon . . Next to an Argos Store . The espresso produced one more coffee related hissy fit which saw the poor waiter being subjected to a tirade re her assumption that the coffee and the machine which had made it had obviously been bought in a sale at Argos . Red haired , green eyed and Italian . The woman is a volcano .

  10. Davidopoulos



    The SFA can be very creative when they need to be so who knows what they will come up with.


    One things for sure……they will come up with something!

  11. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    McKay …beat a fairly slow Lustig a couple of times in the first half




    A decent performance ….can’t recall him doing much of note beyond that …Paddy was on for twenty mins and was more influential is providing the pass to Armstrong for Sinclairs goal



    The Huns had a wee winger .. Lewis McLeod ???… Whom they sold a couple of seasons ago ….hyped up beyond his ability .. bombed



    Also …see Danny Wilson

  12. Snake Plissken on

    Regarding Barrie McKay –



    Watch the game again and then tell us how many chances he made for himself or others in 90 minutes.



    He passed the ball to Halliday who squared it for Miller’s miss.



    He ran beyond Celtic players 4 times and it went nowhere.



    He had one shot right at Gordon from distance.



    World beater.



    I’m sure Man City will pay out double what they paid for Patrick Roberts thanks to Shiels’ ”analysis”.

  13. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Sheils…a bit part manager at Killie …unheard of beyond that …why is he asked for comment



    Is it his compliance they seek ?

  14. Barrie MacKay is a decent winger. Like most wingers he plays on confidence. Currently his confidence is high but like GMS and JF dips in performance are aligned to dips in confidence.



    I believe Patrick Roberts is more consistent and has done it at a higher level. I hope we can find a way to keep Paddy if not then we will see what magic Brendan can work on GMS who I feel is more skilful than JF and their Bazza.



    I remember GMS tearing Inter Milan apart in the San Siro until we went down to ten men and he was sacrificed. He has the ability. BR will bring it out of him.





    Big Cup Winners Hillfoot Street is in Dennistoun,






    So it is. There used to be a big toy shop at the bottom of it, Sutherlands ? And a Fine Fare at the top. One of the first supermarkets in the city I believe. I remember when they introduced yellow label – no thrills products – rotten so they were.



    Strange place Dennistoun, in as much it’s a right Rangers area. Always found it weird that Paradise is adjacent to such: Bridgeton, Dennistoun and Parkhead.



    Always remember trouble in Duke st. One of them stopped playing a flute to spit on my Celtic scarf when I was about 10. First time I’d encountered them.



    As a kid I sometimes went on the Dennistoun No.1, from Sword st. That’s just resurrected a memory of the guy who used to run the bus a memory from 40 years ago. He’ll be long gone, but a kind wee Celtic man with dark hair and skin.



    My abiding memory of Dennistoun though, was watching the following scene from the top of a 46 en-route home to Cranhill. I’m sure we had been at Hampden. Anyway, there was a walk, proceeding down the street. One of the band had ran into the Crown (it was just a bar back then) and did something, therein. Presumably, he’d assaulted someone as what followed couldn’t have been the result of just a shout or insult.



    Now, the next bit is so clear in my mind. I Can still see it.



    A guy ran out in angry pursuit. On rejoining his bond following buddies the uniformed guy turned.



    His pursuer caught him with this massive, right handed punch, was like something out of a western and I swear it lifted him up, backwards, up and over the bonnet of a car, I mean right over it, without touching it.




    Timbhoy3, strange place, Dennistoun, Google PUL and Glasgow.

  16. I still think the right wing back for Hapoel Beer Sheva and the Nigerian centre mid John Ogu would be two excellent additions to our team. The centre mid could play the holding role as his passing range from deep was excellent.



    The right wing back was one of the fastest things on two legs I have ever seen in football.

  17. Glasgow’s involvement in the Slave trade is without question. It is part of our past which we can not easily ignore although we have tried.



    Scots were also part of the plantation management in the new world as well as the Raj in India.

  18. Let’s be honest, Shiels is a hun clown well known for saying stupid things to generate himself a headline.


    Sevco are desperate to sell someone and are also desperate to deflect at how poor they are. Remember when we pumped them 5.1 it was all about Windass and how great he was. It’s really the MSM deflection away from Sevco losing to us again.


    BMCUW. Seriously, your pal is either deluded or taking the piss out of you.


    Hail Hail

  19. A festive pub highlight was when wee Tam came up with “Looks like that Doncaster Nagbe fella’s no coming then”. The mirth eventually subsided before he was heard grumbling “I was never any good at geology”. Happy days.

  20. Big _Cup _Winners, thanks for sharing that,I remember when I was very young, working in Arrols steel works,by the way ,it was full of Sevco, supporters,as was a lot of factory’s in Brigton, Dalmarnock,back then,but back to Arrols,there was a father and son who worked there,a couple of tims,they drank in the Alexandria pub in Dennistoun,was that a Tim’s pub.

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