Support and paradoxical intent


I suppose it is inevitable, this far into a period of domination, that draws and defeats attract disproportionate criticism.  We are not used to defeats, recently we have not even been used to a season without a treble, so reactions to dropping five points in a week have few reference points.

In the social media era, players are not immune to what is being said about them, some of them no doubt reflecting on years of successful service behind them, who perhaps feel deserted when the call was made.

I know what you’re thinking, this is classic paradoxical intent.  We react to that which makes us anxious in a way that can only increase our anxiety.

Neil Lennon is dealing with the absence of Forrest, Edouard, Johnston, Jullien, Bitton, Elhamed and Barkas, and easing the return to fitness of Ajeti, Christie and Griffiths, while hurting at some painful results.

We travel to France tomorrow then back in the early hours of Friday before it all goes on the line, again, at Hampden on Sunday.  All while Aberdeen rest and prepare.  In these circumstances, this is a tough ask.  Tougher still without support, and I don’t mean supporters, I mean actual support.  This is a no-brainer time, circle the wagons and get back to doing what we always do.

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  1. St Tams


    The Mormons’ Ancestry site is also very good for finding a lot about our families past history.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Yes, agree. I’ve vented about the quite dire fare we’ve seen this season, above all the abject surrender against Sevco.



    But I’ve come to the same view – nothing gained from slaughtering Lenny or the players.



    I just want some evidence they too still believe and are still up for it. On that basis I was pleased to see Lenny’s comments yesterday. We need the real Lenny back.

  3. I think it is fair to say that our team is struggling just now. In part I ascribe that to the lack of support at each match. Celtic more than most teams in Scotland are used to playing in front of a large, boisterous crowd who provide vocal backing and emotional support that helps drive the team (and management) on. The support demands standards and attention from all, and celebrates and praises players achievements in real time.



    That is useful to the team (and management) because it allows them the luxury of being able to correct failings and try harder in game, rather than make sorrowful promises after the match is over.



    At present it does not look like we will be back anytime soon.



    So I had a dream.



    A dream where Celtic, equipped as it is with big TV’s wi fi sound systems and flashing lights, organised what in effect is a big Zoom meeting on match days.



    Season ticket holders would watch the match on their computer/TV and zoom on their phone/ipad/other electronic device.



    They would have logins that would put their images and sounds on a screen geographically near to their seat at Parkhead (Say 6 or 8 screens around the ground?) , so that their songs, support, happy faces and enthusiasm was electronically transmitted to the players.



    Big screens can show lots of audience (a la Britains Got Talent), The fabulous sound system can broadcast the sound, crowd reaction would be back.



    That would provide season ticket holders with some way of interacting with their team, allow Celtic TV or similar to broadcast real reaction to the match as it happens, and grant the players the pleasure of our company, hopefully to allow them to reap the benefit of the support that they are missing just now.



    Is that just a dream or is it possible?

  4. Connaire 12



    A lot of the ancestry info comes from the Mormons in Utah.


    Scotland’s people is about £1.5 per document.


    The problem with ancestry is that apart from census type records you don’t see the actual source document – therefore miss some important info – they like to charge £22 for a copy of birth, death and marriage certificates. They’re £11 from gov.uk.


    The thing is you don’t need a certified copy to do a family tree

  5. ST TAMS on 28TH OCTOBER 2020 11:54 AM


    Could anyone give me some advice on research of family trees. I’ve managed to do a bit online back to late 1800’s, but was told that you needed to go to a library to get further back.




    The Mitchell Library in Glasgow is excellent.

  6. Bankiebhoy1


    I don`t know what you are blaming him for but I blame him for it,as well.Clearly his fault.

  7. A lot of debate recently (mostly good imo) about the position of our club in a historical season. I fully back the players and Neil Lennon to turn this around, others don’t which is their prerogative.



    Here is a quote from our manager un regards to some recent criticism…



    But Lennon insisted he does not feel under “major pressure” as he called for patience from supporters.



    “They can’t all be constantly criticising the team, the manager. It’s not productive,” he said.



    “We should be enjoying this season but nobody seems to be enjoying it. Our players have earned the right to go for 10 and should be respected and supported for that.



    “But very quickly people are turning on them and me. That’s unfair.”




  8. When our local library over here went on shutdown they allowed via your library card limited access to Ancestry.com.



    All you need is names, places of birth which were usually Parishes back then and an estimated date of birth, names obviously but they can differ from what we now know them.



    It is assumed that our DNA goes through the maternal side, now my da was first generation Scottish so on both sides of the family we are back in the land beyond the sea, God bless them, for generations, and Dumbarton is not like the rest of the country with a Donegal connection but Galway, mainly Clifden, is where most of the diaspora, including my granny, hail hails from.



    Now as anyone who knows me I’m from the Vale of Leven, that includes the Renton and the main industry for many years was printing and dye works which employed a huge amount of women, men were only in management or in maintenance



    The diaspora in the Vale is Donegal and that is allegedly because one of the factory owners had a holiday home there and noted an abundance of young single women so he approached a local Parish Priest and asked for his assistance in bringing the lassies tae the Vale. Lots of Gallagher’s, Sweeney’s and O’Donnells


    there now.



    Some nights I would sit on here and listen to conversations about the mines, even heard Rita McNeil singing “I won’t go underground anymore”.



    Anyway, I always knew that my great grampa was a miner and due tae some mishap in the family they ended up through where I still call hame.



    So with the help of Ancestry and censuses in the late 19th century I found myself back in Bothwell, Cambusmethan, Old Monkland etc. My youngest Canadian born daughter then took over and we were back in Dublin in the late 18th century.



    It’s great tae find out who you really are so really worth pursuing.



    I don’t want tae bore you but I also knew my paternal great grampa and his brother landed in the Vale from the Antrim coast in the late 1870s, what I found out though was the family originated in the Hebrides, Barra actually, kicked off there due tae the Clearances so made their way down tae Argyll, lack of prospects had them crossing that short distance tae the Antrim coast and then several years later back again tae Bonhill.



    I now class myself as a Jacobite Fenian.

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    NL comments



    “Our players have earned the right to go for 10 and should be respected and supported for that.”



    i would agree with that – though it doesnt look like they are going for anything at the moment



    “They can’t all be constantly criticising the team, the manager. It’s not productive,”



    We arent all constantly doing those things so not sure what his point was



    “But very quickly people are turning on them and me. That’s unfair.”



    wrong – fans have given criticism because of virtually every one of our performances since the season started which was a while ago – so thats not ‘quickly’ –


    and yet again we got papped out the CL and got pumped by our nearest rivals, and also paid hundreds of pounds each for season tickets which helps pay the manager and players substantial wages which quite frankly they havent be earning so to say the criricism is unfair is again just plain wrong



    had we just been going through a sticky spell the last week or 2 then he would have a point



    but we havent, so he doesnt

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    and i also we have been disproportionately affected by having no fans – its a bigger thing to us than most teams but that cant keep being used as an excuse



    the players dont train with a crowd so they must get used to it sometime

  11. Lennon’s comments were fair enough but disagree when he said “we should be enjoying this season”.



    There really has been very little to enjoy so far.

  12. HUDDLE,


    Dont know why you bother with writing the same negative stuff every day.Just copy and paste.Excellent and truthful conference from Lenny yesterday,but you still come on and criticize.As he said,its people like you writing on blogs constant negatives that the SMSM feed off.It is nothing short of hysterical nonsense and most of it is agenda driven.


    If you think what you,and a few others do,in anyway helps the team,you are sadly mistaken.Filling the media with ammunition,and giving the scum a right good belly laugh,is not my idea of a Celtic Fan.You know this but you don’t really care.Just keep coming on pouring out the same guff every day.Does it make you feel good.

  13. onenightinlisbon on




    Spot on.



    Glad not everyone on here burying their heads in the sand.

  14. Hysterical man posts opinion and rages against people with alternative opinion.



    “People like you…” How Trumpian.



    Advocates blind faith against those who are not his idea of a Celtic fan and believes they don’t care.



    He’ll be back tomorrow with the same abuse and the same incredibly high opinion of himself.



    And the needle returns to the start of the song……




  15. onenightinlisbon on

    The the old adage “if you are not for us, you are against us” is employed by a few posters on here.



    I love celtic, have done for as long as I can remember, over 50 years anyway.



    I want nothing more than Celtic to win everything they enter, I assume like everyone else on here.



    Calling for change is not disloyal, sleekit or any other word used on here to attack guys like me.



    I fully respect everyone’s right to an opinion on here, name calling and labeling? Leave that to the huns.

  16. I’ve heard Neil saying ‘ we were passive’ too many times this season, is that because he has become too passive? Sitting in the dugout arms folded etc,he showed more passion at the press conference yesterday, than he has for a while. I much prefer Neil Lennon Mark 1,even more so with no atmosphere at the games,get out on that touchline and get them playing again, is what I say.

  17. My cousin did a family search through Edinburgh House (i think).



    It went back to when they landed in Scotland about 1850s from Ireland but no records before.



    Possibly burnt, not much of a tree.

  18. just watched the Lennon interview. Wow , I’d expect that level of deflecting from a young inexperienced manager. Had hints of Kevin Keegan about it.



    Neil spent too much time talking about Duffy , supporters , media etc. he is adding fuel to the fire.



    He knows the pressure of the job. He knows the media do what they do , especially during covid when their audience is greater.



    All he needs to do is talk facts. Poor run of form, disruption in the team, players on way back, indicators have been positive, dressing room is united and up for the challenges.



    He should have dismissed the media soup takers and kept it for dressing room motivation – the ONLY way to respond is on the pitch.



    Now unfortunately, the media has more fuel to burn and continue the negativity!

  19. Julien to stay in Germany for another couple of weeks to get treatment on his back.


    Forrest to see another specialist about his ankle problem.


    Eddy and Biton back for Thursday’s game.


    El Hamed back for the weekend.

  20. Stebhoy – the ONLY way to respond is on the pitch.






    Spot on fella. Everything else is just a bit of a circus. I thought the questions were intentionally provocative and Neil being drawn into it meant he overdone the praise when we can see with our eyes things aren’t tickety boo on the pitch.



    Let’s start getting performances right and positive results again will be our best and the only response that matters.




  21. onenightinlisbon on

    STEBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2020 2:39 PM



    Absolutely. No need to give any comment on what Twitter etc saying. Talk about players/game coming up. End of. But that’s him. Expected.

  22. Bada



    That’s a blow with Chris and James but good to have the other 3 in contention this week.



    I’d set up with a containing 4-5-1 tomorrow and a draw woild be a good outcome. The 2 games against Lille could be what allows us to qualify or not if Milan run away with the group.




  23. onenightinlisbon on

    JAMES FORREST on 28TH OCTOBER 2020 2:54 PM


    We are all one Family, and in spite of our disagreements there are no “enemies of Celtic” within these walls.



    Tell that to the name callers/clique on here James…

  24. Only Neil, his staff & the players can turn things round.


    Neil Lennon’s media interview from yesterday was timely & welcome.


    He was defiant & resolute towards crap from the media & spoke directly to Celtic supporters.



    To hear him say publicly about some that supporters’ comments that…


    “They need to show a bit of patience…it’s not helping the players…and I think it’s unbalanced.”


    was important for me.



    Regardless of my own personal wish to express an opinion about something I care about, I do not want my words or any other fans’ words to undermine attempts by the players and the coaching staff to turn things round.


    Only Neil, his staff & the players can turn things round.