The precious Celtic brand


Some clarity………. This morning’s report on football brands, issued by brand management company, Brand Finance, has been hugely misreported.  It’s not a list of the world’s richest clubs, but an assessment of the value of their brands.  Although this sounds like boring business-speak, your brand is important, it’s how you define your club, what it means to you and to others.  It’s something you will never put a price on, but others do.

Celtic are listed 34th most valuable, an improvement on the previous year, despite the lack of Champions League football last season.  The usual suspects from England, Spain and Germany dominate the top of the list.

Celtic have been busy redefining their brand in recent seasons.  Hosting the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony positioned Celtic Park in a different way, while the on-going improvements around the stadium have lifted the environment enormously.

For a century Celtic were largely defined as part of the ‘Old Firm’, and in some places it still is, but with memories fading of that particular definition, Celtic are increasingly viewed in isolation.  A decade ago sponsors were fearful of engaging with one part of the Glasgow divide in case they alienated the other.  This is not the case anymore.

Every football club needs a stage, and without regular Champions League football Celtic will struggle to maintain brand value, no matter how good it performs elsewhere.

We have a distinct, positive, heritage, which football fans and other brands alike are keen to associate with, while the Celtic Park match day reputation remains high.  And although we take it for granted too often, the legacy benefits Celtic continue to reap from the Lisbon Lions is astonishing.  The brand benefits of the club being honoured by Uefa president Michel Platini on Friday, and the whole of Europe reporting Celtic as the first team to do the European Cup, domestic league and cup treble since Barcelona emulated them on Saturday, continue to position Celtic way ahead of where they would otherwise reach.

Try to avoid The Scotsman’s reporting of this story, they’ve horribly confused dollars with pounds, car crash of an article.  This item is an interesting backdrop to an article here last week.  Protect your brand above all else.  Don’t allow an aggrieved third party take control of it.

I strongly predict you’ll hear this sentiment later today:  ‘It’s not my money that’s going to be used, it’s the fans’ who will cough up’.

It’s early June.  You have four months to prepare yourself for the Great Scottish Run.  I know there are literally hundreds of you who have ran a 10k, and more who are capable of running/walking one.

Here’s what to do: Sign up for the 10k or half marathon, register with the Celtic Foundation and raise £125.  You’ll love it and give yourself lots of motivation over the summer months.

Register here then email the Foundation here cfcfoundation@celticfc.co.uk to tell them you would like to run for them.  Let’s get 100 people running for Celtic.

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  1. Celtic have been placed in the Top 40 Football Brands in the World by a leading brand finance company.



    A list of the most valuable football clubs has been compiled and Celtic have moved up 3 places since last year and currently sit as the 34th top footballing brand with a value of around £100 Million.



    Celtic have a worldwide presence and to be so high up on the list while working within the financial realities of Scottish football is a top achievement.



    Manchester United top the brand list with Bayern Munich, Madrid and Barcelona also in the top 10.



    Celtic continue to grow their brand and recently announced a brand new partnership with New Balance. Their presence in the Champions League if they get there this year will only see their presence grow.



    Check out the full list.




  2. antipodean red on

    Mountblow Tim,



    My wife is in Mountblow at this very moment visiting her mother, I’ll be heading North on Friday night, Chandlers on Saturday with my auld Da.


    Last nightshift tonight here in Oz.




  3. Burgas Hoops on




    The Hoops are Instantly recognisable anywhere in the world, not a lot of clubs can say that.

  4. Greeninbingley on

    Crystal Palace, Swansea City, Fenerbahce and Stoke City all have stronger brands than us???



    Ummmm….. naw……

  5. Delaneys Dunky on

    Mountblow Tim



    Had great time on Friday thanks. Hope you and Mrs MT are keeping well.






    What time you in Chandlers on Saturday?


    Would love to meet you.


    Hail Hail

  6. The Battered Bunnet on




    By the by, the CQN brand is being diminished by the use of redirecting adverts.



    Been plenty of comment on the topic in recent weeks. The redirects to betting sites on the home page and link to comments are causing some problems with server security for some users, while readers of CQN Magazine wade through umpteen pop up ads on every page.



    We appreciate that the blog doesn’t exist in a cost-vacuum, but there’s a better balance to strike.




  7. The Pantaloon Duck on

    John Guidetti sure knows his brands.



    I’m sure Stoke is lovely in the autumn.

  8. I agree with Greeninbingley; I wouldn’t cross the road to see some of the clubs above us in the brand list, and I suspect that is true of many football fans throughout the world. How many people would go and see Stoke or West Brom in preference to Benfica, Valencia, or Olympique Lyonnais? I suspect that this measures the brand value in Stoke and West Brom, not internationally. No disrespect to these clubs, but most football fans in other countries will have barely heard of these teams.



    In terms or real brand value, Celtic are several places higher on the list, at least.

  9. Paul make a great point – the Celtic brand is strong and internationally known and respected, even although we play in a pub league with the majority of teams and stadia a joke.



    Whilst we celebrate our Irish roots, it is now time to move on and drop the Irish rebel refrain, it’s embarrassing at times.



    Also we must eradicate the love affair that some of number seem to be having with all things Scottish and the SNP – Scotland is a country which was/is always ill at ease with our ‘kind’, we will always be the underdog – the SNP were, in partnership with the Church of Scotland, right at the forefront of the original ‘Irish go home’ campaign in the 1920’s – their outlook and philosophy has NEVER changed; it is merely hidden beneath the surface as they con some of our dimmest to vote for them – their ONLY policy is independence and God help us, our kind, if they ever get it.



    You may think Scotland is bigoted, bitter and unfair to us at present, well in an independent Scotland the 83% majority will be in an unchallenged position to ‘turn the screw’ – even now the promoting of shared campuses on ‘cost’ grounds, is only the forerunner of to the SNP desired aim of snuffing out Catholic Education – in England there is a new embracing of ‘faith schools’ and their number is increasing – in Scotland, the SNP want us all in the ‘Tuechtar pot’, speaking Gaelic and our indoctrinated kids, from ten years old as they have already piloted in St Georges Penilee, reading only their version of Scottish history and marching for their causes.


    mr pastry



    12:27 on 8 June, 2015


    Why don’t those who come on here with gossip and family ‘chit chat’, do the decent thing and swap e-mail addresses, or text numbers, to save the rest of us from having to read this inconsequential drivel?



    OK you can scroll past, but you have to read a little first – so boring!!!





    You don’t really get the concept of social media,do you?

  11. Chandlers, at corner of Kilbowie road and Glasgow/Dumbarton roads. On site of the old Seven Seas pub and opposite side of Kilbowie road from the old Clydebank Bar if my old memory serves me right.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Sad to say, Paul, but I fear we are fighting a losing battle versus brand EPL.


    Hopefully this can be reversed to an extent if we can start getting back into the CL group stage directly. Would allow us to get some glamour pre-season friendlies.

  13. charles kickham on

    The Battered Bunnet



    12:41 on 8 June, 2015



    I totally agree – that’s why I only ever browse this place on my phone now – there are no issues on the phone

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Any links to t shirts etc, need to get a couple for going away next week

  15. Mountblow tim on

    antipodean red



    Have a great time in Chandlers on Saturday have a few for me


    I have to look after the good lady these days



    It would have been nice to catch up with you and your Da


    For a beer




    Hope your wife is enjoying her visit to Mountblow




    Hail Hail




  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Hope you are progressing with everything for your good lady



    Take care bud

  17. coolmore mafia on

    I think we are a good striker – say a Pierre van Hooijdonk – away from group stages of champions league (if VVD stays).



    Wonder what Ronnie could do with a heid the baw like Lee Erwin

  18. Captain Beefheart on

    Mr Pastry,



    Some fair points. Get rid of the old songs because they are antiquated and irrelevant. Celtic have made some fine decisions but more must be done. Decent coffee and food to start with.More efforts to get to the CL



    Your Scottish scaremongering is laughable though.

  19. MoonbeamsWD:



    He likes to speak for the masses, at the masses, there have been a few like him on here before, bleats his prejudice to the majority in a delusional vanity that anybody actually attributes any credence or value to his agendas….



    That ilk are easily scrolled past.

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Thanks for posting that link. Interesting to see Barcelona as low as sixth…

  21. In terms of worldwide branding I’d say the EPL is by far the most important factor, followed by the CL. Then probably club history.



    Stoke may be a small city club with no history but 10 times a season they play one of the current big 5 names and they’ll probably be televised round the world. So it stands to reason that they’ve got a better brand recognition than Benfica et al.

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