Throw your tat in the sea! Cost of that penalty miss


I couldn’t watch.  Instead, I caught up on Ozark.  Later, convinced things were not working out as expected, I called it a night and was brushing my teeth when the first text arrived, “Beautiful”.  Did it mean what I hoped it did?

All the downstairs lights were out but within seconds there was a loud and determined hammering on the front door.  I knew what news that house-shaking noise heralded, someone was here to share a moment.  And what a moment.  What was at stake last night was nothing short of bragging rights for the rest of your life.  The. Rest. Of. Your. Life!

An avalanche of red, white and blue tat was a mouse click away from being launched last night.  An ocean of novelty items, neckties, mugs, watches and so many clothing lines, forever claiming the year 2022, were about to flood online shopping baskets and would forever catch your eye on the streets of Glasgow and towns thousands of miles away.

Throw them all in the sea!  Nobody wants them.

An entire industry was stopped in its tracks when Eintracht Frankfurt completed that most German of achievements and won the penalty shootout in Seville.  Had Newco won, their players would be celebrated for the remainder of their lives – and at their passing.  You would never escape references to this game, it would follow you without end.

In reaching the final, Newco’s achievement, just 10 years after the liquidation of Oldco, was impressive.  Well done to a manager and squad that surely reached a peak even their dads would never have through possible.  To lose 5-4 on penalties, is especially cruel.  Fans who endured so much and have yet to see their team lift a trophy in person (do we count the Petrofac Cup win over Peterhead?), were denied a lifelong affirmative memory.  They know that was their chance, it will never come again.

The cost of Aaron Ramsey’s penalty miss excluding commercial and broadcast revenues?  €4m additional prize money for the winners and a minimum of €5.2m for participating in the Uefa Super Cup game.  Automatic Champions League qualification would bring in revenue, some of which will displace income from group stage games in either the Europa or Conference Leagues, one of which Newco will qualify for.  This will be in the region of €15m to €20m.

If Newco successfully earn one of the two Champions League non-champion group stage places, the damage is limited to €9.2m, if they fail to reach the CL group stage, the cost will be in the €25m – €30m region.  Aaron should have practised more.

Ramsay’s penalty also saved Celtic from having to share (for the time being) Scotland’s CL TV pool money – so a budget spreadsheet at Celtic Park received an extra £3m last night.  Which is nice.

The £100m losses gambled on getting a Champions League breakthrough almost paid off last night.  But it didn’t, which is how gambling works!

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  1. Oh, and the huns will gamble.



    They always do.



    Until all the chips are gone.



    Then they die.




  2. What a wonderful occasion last night was. The only thing missing was a picture of Dallas’ bonce. Just think of all those symposia, conferences, off shoot meetings, ref think pods he’s been to. The years of drip drip game management, reffing different cultures, the referee as play facilitator, rule interpretation in post industrialised Britain; all up in smoke because of one simple poxy penalty. Hard luck Hugh. This was to be your year of fruition. That squad will break up now, a life’s work shot to shi*

  3. IniquitousIV on




    “Kent’s “goal” would – or at the very least should have been chalked off –“




    Correctimundo! I noticed that as well- Roofe touched the ball out of bounds. But as someone else posted, ( and not for the first time in the Orcs run ) the VAR official was a Dutch national. Funny that. The Goldson trip was a stonewaller, and I have no confidence that if Kent had scored, that it would indeed have been chalked off. We’ll never know, but justice has been served!

  4. the long wait is over on

    PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 19TH MAY 2022 4:06 PM


    The Long Wait



    Good photo there, however the way VAR was operated yesterday I wouldn’t be 100% sure it would be called. Last night’s VAR was strange to say the least.







  5. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 19TH MAY 2022 3:37 PM


    Alan MacGregor has lost In a Euro final with Rainjurz and Sevco.




    Think it was Steven Davis. McGregor crocked for the 2008 final (plus the Naka howitzer at CP)

  6. If they had won last night it would have been a massive reward for their recklessness and profligacy.



    There’s a reason we were all on edge about it. The outcome was always going to have a massive impact on us. Directly.



    I think they know the damage that has been inflicted in not winning last night.



    The qualifiers are not necessarily beyond them but they have a pre season of uncertainty adding to the difficulties those games bring. We know all about that.



    Davis, Goldson, mcgregor and others are likely to leave. I think there’s a few more in situations of uncertainty. So do they double down and keep morelos and Kent with the risk that they lose whatever value they now have or let them go amd make the rebuild bigger? Does Balogun stay? Can helander stay fit? In other words who is partering souttar? Is souttar up to it? Whatever happens its now them that go into their biggest games without a first choice settled CB pairing.



    What a pickle. And all on the kick of a ball by an A list player from the ‘Big leagues’.




  7. BIG WAVY on 19TH MAY 2022 4:10 PM



    Oh, and the huns will gamble.



    They always do.




    Until all the chips are gone.



    Then they die.









    Reminds me of sevco pontoon or blackjack from years ago.



    Sevco :Card



    Dealer : 9 clubs



    Sevco : Card



    Dealer : 10 of hearts



    Sevco : twist



    Dealer : 5 of spades, bust.



    Sevco : f*ck you, twist.



    Sevco: twist



    Sevco: twist



    Sevco :twist




  8. Weebobbycollins on

    If they can keep him, I think Bassey will partner Souttar…although the big jambo is an injury concern for the huns. Troublesome achilles…to be fair, Goldson is not great but he has been consistent for them. They’ll miss him.

  9. Yesterday I made a complaint to the BBC regarding the Scottish bulletin on Breakfast which had a news items saying benches were removed from George Square by Glasgow City Council due to damaged caused by football fans previously, my complaint was this was misleading as it wasnt football fans as an umbrella term but specifically Rangers Fans.



    Im not going to post all of their reply however they said they wont be investigating in more detail but we value your feed back and have shared it with the right people at the BBC, what does that mean? They set out to mislead people wont investigate it but will share it with very likely the same people who misled the public.Very likely having a good laugh as job done.

  10. TB @ 3.08



    You are a bad man — I should be doing real work rather than adding to your 2003 finance comments.



    DD bought into the club for a bit of arbitrage.


    Buy at SPL prices / Sell at EPL money.


    That was / is his plan.



    Wee FMcC left the club in a very healthy financial state.



    DD / KD + JB in 1999 splurged on players — debt went up.


    DD / MON in 2000 splurged on players — debt went up.


    DD and his pals had to support a rights issue to get things back under control.


    DD / MON in 2001 splurged on players — debt went up.


    DD fell out with MON in June 2002 — MON had flashed his knicker elastic at LU and DD took the huff.



    MON started 2002 / 03 badly but we managed to get ourselves to Seville.


    The club generated £2mill in cash and despite the fall at the last hurdle we seemed to be in good place.



    MON was not allowed to build on this success.


    JMcF @ Well was available for £1mill but the chequebook was taken off him.


    We found the rare talent that was LM hiding down the back of the couch.


    We played some good football in the CL group stages but again fell at the last hurdle.


    MON was on a very short leash — we had to sell SC to buy SP from Well.


    VR cut short any thoughts of a Seville Mk2 / Barca was not enough.


    Debt goes up by £2mill and HL takes his leave.



    MON and the board are by this time not speaking to each other.


    MON has to take his share of the blame as the squad stagnates.



    2004/05 the finances fall off a cliff / merchandising tanks and we are down to loans.


    DD takes the huff with the support / MON leaves to spend more time with his family.


    WGS comes in to take £10mill out of the wage bill and DD finally agrees to a rights issue as the bank won’t give him a choice.



    We had a chance after Seville to kick on but we didn’t get to take it.



    However the board had fallen out with MON and keeping him in check was worth more to them than trying to build a better team. With DD in charge the board always want to be bigger than the football team — not good.



    BM dancing on the pitch at P/head because they had managed to get a draw was probably bigger than Seville and then there was the 20 pass goal for LM — but it would be downhill from then on. We got close but that was not what the board wanted.



    The problem is that the support have learned quicker than DD / the board.


    If that can change we might get somewhere.


    AP has got things moving.



    Growth agenda — £200mill T/O by 2030.


    We can do it if the board up their game.


    If DD can’t handle it then get on the Fridge Phone.

  11. The Huddle 🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤝🇺🇦








    Is Sevco losing the Europa League final last night, a bigger achievement than Inter Milan losing the 1967 European Cup Final?

  12. Thanks TET, I didn’t realise the shoot out was in front of the hun end. Nearly makes getting through the biggest cheat in sporting history worthwhile.

  13. the long wait is over on

    BOGNORBHOY on 19TH MAY 2022 4:49 PM


    The Huddle 🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤝🇺🇦









    Is Sevco losing the Europa League final last night, a bigger achievement than Inter Milan losing the 1967 European Cup Final?






    Brilliant – I’m nicking that..!

  14. member when we came back from seville, and the tales you could tell about it all, ……………….







    The union bears display was not allowed due to the use of bamboo canes the Frankfurt canes were plastic , Spanish cops decided they were not allowing it in despite uefa giving the ok. 2 lads had brought it over in a van drove for 27 hrs in doing so







    that is set up in itself for a Green Brigade Tifo and a commemarative song ..

  15. INIQUITOUSIV on 19TH MAY 2022 3:15 PM



    Finally, as Auldheid points out on Sentinel Celts, they were a Kent bawhair from having their £100M gamble pay off. That’s how close they got.



    INQUITOUSIV correct and that makes it all the sweeter. A once in a lifetime chance and they BLEW it!



    (Thank feck!)



    Ave Ave

  16. Palmanova has been quiet today , not seen an orange or blue topped old firm fan , but you can still spot them , hey there you with the sad face 😭😭 come up to my place and live it up😁😁 Seville can be glad that not many true Huns got tickets .

  17. Two lads had a van


    and did all that they can


    They had a Tifo to drive;


    from Glasgow to Spain


    Twenty seven hours, oh what a pain


    Turned away at the gate


    Bamboo poles aint so great


    You Bears Unions over


    Why dont you go home.

  18. ‘Allan McGregor: What now for veteran Rangers keeper after Seville heartbreak?’ BBC Sport



    prostate exam?

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sorry, can’t help it:




  20. Nevertheless, Sevco will make a tidy sum for their run to the final. They also will be able to sell season tickets.



    They should be stronger financially. We need to be aware of the challenge



    We need good signings and a Good pre season

  21. In a crowded field, surely the funniest story is the Sevconians purchasing Beer in large quantities at the stadium without realising SIN Alcohol wasn’t going to help them



    “Jack Van Bronckhorst 🇨🇴🇳🇱





    8 pints of beer €90 only to find out they were non alcoholic. No signs anywhere saying they were non alcoholic.”




    Hope all’s good…



    Well, firstly a reward for being profligate is not the way I’d see it.



    If you are prudent but incompetent you will not get the rewards



    If you are profligate and incompetent you will not get your rewards.



    The Rangers were competent enough to get to the final and were narrowly beaten by the team that put out Barca and the Hammers.



    They have been profligate and incompetent for most of their short life.



    However as I argued t’uther day – must say it didn’t land on fertile ground – since Mr Park took over The Rangers have been neither profligate or incompetent, we are dealing with a different beast.



    Whether they win lose or draw should have no baring on us – unless you follow the old firm jv business model and believe if one cheek makes more success, the other must make less.



    It seems a nonsense to me and big Pedro was correct in his assessment that the old firm financially can be better than the sum of their parts.



    To maximise easy income they need us and we need them but that does not nessitate your stance that their gain is our loss and vice versa.



    For instance we wouldn’t even be going into the Champions league proper, if it wasn’t for their good form in Europe boosting the Country co-eff.



    In fact the torturous route you paint for The Rangers we know only too well, it has been our life for most of the last decade.



    They’d a bit your hand off to be in that position three years ago – a measure of how far they have come is their disappointment at being here.



    Yes, sure, if they get into the UCL proper we loose 3 million, if they had won the league we would have lost 10 million, but in the scheme of things the old firm factor is a nett plus for both Clubs.



    Bragging rights and who gets the biggest windfall is significant but not as significant as the old firm being larger than the sum of its parts.



    Remember outside outlying seasons, mainly the BR boost, we have trundled along at the 60-70 million pound turnover mark since 2004.



    We should be in and around the 100 million pound mark and The Rangers the 90 million pound mark for the foreseeable future.



    When BR was around we turned over 100million and was three times the size of The Rangers.



    We could have stayed on that path and dominated domestically and improved in Europe but only if we were prepared to have



    A first rate manager and backroom set up



    Keep our best players for longer



    Invest our profits back into team recruitment



    And focus on beating our European peers.



    The old firm jv is the much easier model and in some ways the more stable route – sure there maybe 10 million pound prize money that is either/or but as the fortunes ebb and flow that evens itself out and can anyway be negated by player sales.



    Can’t see any of The Rangers players you mention going being hugely damaging to the squad, the ones that are any good will bring money in and GVB will have a plethora of quality players he has his eye on.



    Just like Ange is prepared to see stalwarts go to be replaced by his own versions, so will GVB.



    Hail Hail

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Shipbank. Me and Big Jimmy are still laughing at the huns. Petty but very hilarious for two elderly Tims.😂😂

  24. The selection of Ramsay as a penalty taker was a strange decision. A lad who hadn’t played serious pressure football in years and a European final is serious pressure.

  25. ROBERTTRESSELL on 19TH MAY 2022 4:21 PM



    The Sevvies are heavily dependent on Goldson for his passing to beat a press. He hits long accurate diagonals to Tavernier or Kent, against us at Parkhead he played balls for Sakala to run in to.



    It misses out the midfield, turns players and keeps full backs at home. And it works against better teams, like us and last night.



    As last night showed he’s not a top quality defender but I don’t see them replacing what he offers. It’s a pretty unique skill.

  26. If you are a reporter on the game last night, you have to mention the cup final at the weekend.



    Though must comfort sevconians….pr p*sh