Throw your tat in the sea! Cost of that penalty miss


I couldn’t watch.  Instead, I caught up on Ozark.  Later, convinced things were not working out as expected, I called it a night and was brushing my teeth when the first text arrived, “Beautiful”.  Did it mean what I hoped it did?

All the downstairs lights were out but within seconds there was a loud and determined hammering on the front door.  I knew what news that house-shaking noise heralded, someone was here to share a moment.  And what a moment.  What was at stake last night was nothing short of bragging rights for the rest of your life.  The. Rest. Of. Your. Life!

An avalanche of red, white and blue tat was a mouse click away from being launched last night.  An ocean of novelty items, neckties, mugs, watches and so many clothing lines, forever claiming the year 2022, were about to flood online shopping baskets and would forever catch your eye on the streets of Glasgow and towns thousands of miles away.

Throw them all in the sea!  Nobody wants them.

An entire industry was stopped in its tracks when Eintracht Frankfurt completed that most German of achievements and won the penalty shootout in Seville.  Had Newco won, their players would be celebrated for the remainder of their lives – and at their passing.  You would never escape references to this game, it would follow you without end.

In reaching the final, Newco’s achievement, just 10 years after the liquidation of Oldco, was impressive.  Well done to a manager and squad that surely reached a peak even their dads would never have through possible.  To lose 5-4 on penalties, is especially cruel.  Fans who endured so much and have yet to see their team lift a trophy in person (do we count the Petrofac Cup win over Peterhead?), were denied a lifelong affirmative memory.  They know that was their chance, it will never come again.

The cost of Aaron Ramsey’s penalty miss excluding commercial and broadcast revenues?  €4m additional prize money for the winners and a minimum of €5.2m for participating in the Uefa Super Cup game.  Automatic Champions League qualification would bring in revenue, some of which will displace income from group stage games in either the Europa or Conference Leagues, one of which Newco will qualify for.  This will be in the region of €15m to €20m.

If Newco successfully earn one of the two Champions League non-champion group stage places, the damage is limited to €9.2m, if they fail to reach the CL group stage, the cost will be in the €25m – €30m region.  Aaron should have practised more.

Ramsay’s penalty also saved Celtic from having to share (for the time being) Scotland’s CL TV pool money – so a budget spreadsheet at Celtic Park received an extra £3m last night.  Which is nice.

The £100m losses gambled on getting a Champions League breakthrough almost paid off last night.  But it didn’t, which is how gambling works!

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  1. Vinniethedog



    Surely they did not have 27k out of 38k in the actual stadium for the final. That’s crazy.



    That would suggest allowing for approx 2000 neutrals and vips there was only 9000 Frankfurt.

  2. I flew over Murray Park on wednesday.



    Their world class breakfasting facility does not have an indoor pitch.


    grasspitch being relaid, another seeded and two 4g surfances.



    big wowwee.

  3. JHB @ 9:33 AM,



    Apologies for my unfortunate syntax.



    I was not saying YOU were gloating, the opposite in fact.



    I thanked you for your comment on my posts and felt you, like me, had found the animosity against The Rangers over the top.



    Twas going to say as you seem to be so defensive you need to review your blog time – but actually it’s me who does.



    So best wishes to all and I’m aff oot for a while.



    Hail Hail

  4. Yeti @ the madam



    TFOD2.1 Training Complex does have a large indoor practice area / facility.


    Old school building very much of its time — design is 25 years old.



    Not sure about its size — might be half pitch scale or pretty similar.


    Consequently you have to ask why you are in a large North African river about this.


    For the record we have an even smaller indoor training area at L/town.


    Which if the scuttlebut is correct needs new astroturf.



    They seem to have spent money on the facility over the past few years.


    Seemingly a small stand — 300 seats — has been added to a youth pitch.



    That is good going for a 10 year old team with an expertise in buses.


    We on the other hand — with a property bean counter at the helm — seem to have done even less to move things forward over the last 15 years.



    L/town — to me — was a a mistake as a first team training ground.


    We should have invested money into B/field.


    L/town is a great location for an academy.


    So all is not lost.



    Just a case we made the wrong decision 15 years ago and have been very slow to correct it.

  5. What is the Starz on



    Gavin Bazunu. Break the bank for him




    Will be a superstar

  6. Tom McLaughlin on

    Joe Hart has a couple of seasons left at the top level. Maybe even more. Why are we even discussing replacing him after the season he has just had?



    If you’re talking about his backup, we already have great cover in Scott Bain. What decent goalkeeper is going to come to Celtic to sit on the bench?

  7. Timbhoy 163,



    FFS,have you ever anything positive to say about Celtic.Any praise is always with a caveat.


    Rebuild ?.We need a few additions,not a rebuild,which will come.


    But excuse me if I am wrong,we do not have an exemption.We have to wait until the transfer window opens,so cool your beans.We will be bring players in.

  8. vinniethedog on

    Burnley….thought it a 42k capacity?….must still have been 25k huns going by empty seats at the end……but pictures of beam back stadium looks about 15k in there ..Still think 45 to 50 tops

  9. Yeti @ your leisure



    L/town has an indoor facility of 1200m2 — 40m x 30m


    Which might explain why we are so poor at corners.


    There is no space to leave a man beyond the far post to pick up poor clearances.



    TFOD2.1 and its indoor facility would appear to be 3000m2 — 50m x 60m approx.


    Very strange size given that the pitch in Govan is 68m wide.


    Might be a case that TFOD1.0 paid top dollar for any steel MIM supplied.


    TFOD 1.0 paid top dollar for just about everything with a Murray name on the invoice.



    Very old school as the later Rubb built indoor pitches were structurally simpler but much bigger.



    Seemingly Rubb’s largest creation was in the news two weeks ago — 6 county vote count was held in an athletics facility they built up country.



    Up country = outside of Belfast.


    Huge facility that has a 300M running track inside it.



    Consequently we came up short regarding indoor facilities.


    No matter — PL still got his bonus.

  10. CHAIRBHOY @ 11:04




    Apology readily accepted but of course not needed as it was only a slip.



    I like the balance in your posts and enjoy reading them.



    Agree!!! -hating everything about Rangers is not, and never was, a prerogative of being a Celtic supporter. Beating them on the field of play at every turn should be our passion.



    After the events leading up to the administration in 2012, a keen eye on any future ‘dodgy-dealings’ will always be on our agenda.



    Best wishes to you also – HH.

  11. Just seen on the BBC News an announcement on new city status. It lists Milton Keynes and several other towns in England that have become cities. It lists Bangor as a new City in the statelet, and then the headline is New Cities in Scotland which they claim are Dunfermline and Douglas in the Isle of Man- who knew?

  12. Tom M



    Our big Dutch born goalkeeper seems happy to sit on the fringes at Parkhead. Remember he had a decent reputation and we paid circa £5m for him.



    Hopefully Joe Hart will be our number 1 for at least another two seasons, but as we all know Scott Bain will never be our number 1, subsequently it would be prudent to identify a replacement up front.




  13. quadrophenian on



    Post truth Orwellian times.


    So don’t expect honesty, accuracy and integrity from the media.


    They’re there to make money…






    Whattabout the state-funded channels like Auntie Beeb? No-one’s afraid of the licence detector van anymore (did that fekkir even work ??)



    Now, they lie for fun and for their pals and their quasi-political manoeuvres; what they fleece is the public’s ability to see things as they actually are.



    And to think I used to believe in BBC impartiality and integrity.



    BTW, Ko Itakura is under 6ft and 76kgs soaking wet.

  14. WBC @ 11.35



    Link to the Rubb site.



    They seem to be the UK market leaders regarding indoor training pitches.


    Looking like they can go out to 80m clearspan using their mainstream tech.



    Fabric roof is a must because it is light.


    They can do fabric walls or something more substantial.


    All down to the budget on the table.





    Apologies in advance — the link does not look dynamic.


    Might need to copy and paste.

  15. fieldofdrams on

    Markiebhoy at 8.05am,



    I agree with you about Benjamin Siegrist but I’m told that at this stage of his career he’ll only go somewhere to be a number one choice, with international ambitions he needs to play. Pity, he’d be a big success at Celtic and I know he likes playing at Celtic Park…

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