Time for our other two international strikers


10 September 2016.  Five years ago today you were almost certainly worried about the absence of Leigh Griffiths ahead of Newco visiting Celtic Park that day.  In the previous season, Leigh scored 31 league goals in 32 starts and two substitute appearances, he was on fire and the indisputable top striker in the country.  No one in Scottish football has scored at this rate since.

When he was next available for selection four games later, there was a new sheriff in town.  Moussa Dembele used those games to make sure he became indispensable to Brendan Rodger’s Celtic.  From then on, Leigh, still only 26, would be used as filler.

The prospect of a month without Kyogo Furuhashi is not the news Ange Postecoglou wanted.  Pittodrie, where we visit at the start of next month, will be testing, as will the game in Seville against Real Betis and the home tie against Bayer Leverkusen this month.  We have two other international strikers at the club, it is time for one of them to step up.

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  1. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:04 PM




    registering using the RECOVER option is very unforgiving


    one letter or number out of place from the records the NHS



    have about you and it will come up INVALID




    How do they know you’re an invalid if they can’t find your records?





  2. BIG JIMMY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:09 PM







    Sorry to read of your problem with Vaccine Online etc…but I cant see how you will be able to access the documents IF you do NOT have either date of your Jabs ?





    I was lucky as I found the appointment letter for my 2nd Jab.





    I should add that on that letter it advises that no one should contact their GP…as GPs can NOT provide info about Vaccine appointments ?





    I wish you every success mate.






  3. Park Road 67 on 10th September 2021 12:09 pm



    Nice hat trick hope Giorgos gets the same tomorrow !






    10/1 – wtf is that all about.






    A debut hattrick whenever?



    It’s the Ange effect.

  4. It could have been much worse with Kyogo’s knee injury, hopefully we don’t need to rush him back.



    The Europa games are free hits for me and we should see off Raith Rovers regardless. So missing him for these games is not a detrimental blow.



    The league games away to Livi and Aberdeen are must wins. They’re the games we could miss him. We must take maximum points from the league games during this round of games.



    Ajeti hasn’t been given a sniff as yet so I’m guessing Georgios will get an early start.

  5. Sadly…NOTHING in Ajeti’s game impress’s me, I think hes hopeless…and I dont like saying that about any Celtic player.


    West Ham sold us a PUP.


    So with Kyotos absence…I hope and pray that Big GIO and JOTA…will hit the ground running with Celtic having no need to call on Ajeti starting Tomorrow ?







    I’d tried the “recover” method a couple of times but it bliddy didny work.



    Worked the third time so sorted.



    Thanks for your help!

  7. Maybe give Georgio y Albian 45 mins each at the weekend and see how they get on. They are going to get plenty of chances.

  8. Despite any doubts about Ajeti, all based on previous matches, mibbe Ange can get more out of him than Lennon did.



    After all Ajeti wasn’t always a dud.



    New chance for everyone please!

  9. Philbhoy on 10th September 2021 12:23 pm



    Despite any doubts about Ajeti, all based on previous matches, mibbe Ange can get more out of him than Lennon did.



    After all Ajeti wasn’t always a dud.



    New chance for everyone please!






    In a pre season game Ange gave Albian the Capitanos armband, there is no more trust than that.



    I don’t think he is suited to ange’s style of play.

  10. It was always going to be a case of when rather than if regarding Kyogo’s injury. It might be a bit early for Giorgos but I’m sure he’ll do fine. Apparently he thrives on chaos and if not chaotic his start tomorrow will have been unexpected. Time for Calmac to get back to scoring goals and of course Abadi is already familiar with the concept. Jota hopefully will walk the talk he’s already talked. The Ajeti situation is still incomprehensible to me. Is he another Pukki, introverted and intimidated by the dressing room? – I don’t think so.

  11. Personally, I would be happy if no Celtic player ever pulled on an international jersey again, ever. Just not nationalistic at all. Scotland win, Scotland lose, Scotland draw, doesn’t matter and doesn’t change my mood at all.


    Kyogo out for more than a couple of weeks, that’s a mood changer. Same happened to Rogic a while back, never the same player again.



    Maybe GG will do a Dembele and announce himself in style. Ajeti ? Nah, we have seen enough.




  12. PETEC



    Due to Kyogo’s injury we may well find out soon enough.



    However, I hope Ange plays Giorgi.

  13. Big GIO is only 9/1 to score a Hat Trick or more with Bet365.


    I wont be taking that particular bet…although any 9/1 winner is always good.


    Does GIO take Penalties…I know that ABADA WANTS to take Penalties ?


    Im taking GIO to score at anytime and Celtic to win 5-0 or 6-0…hopefully ?



  14. I present here a view from a VERY top medic that I was playing golf with the last two days. Friend from school and uni.



    I’m absolutely a 100% pro-vaccination. Been double jabbed.



    So take this however you like.



    The virus doesn’t want to kill us all. If it did, it would also die. So these type of viruses mutate to be less deadly over time. Hence the reduction in positive cases ending up hospital or dying are not necessarily the result of vaccine but of natural evolution.



    I happen to think the vaccine is the major factor, but certainly food for thought.



    Oh, and double vaccination does reduce the chance of spreading. I don’t understand the science behind that statement, but there it is.

  15. Back to football.



    I am extremely excited to see the team tomorrow. But a notch down knowing that Kyogo won’t be playing. Which says a lot about how highly I rate him. And others do too.

  16. I just hope, even if I’m excluded, that Ange can emulate Big Jocks (that night in Cardiff was difficult to watch) achievements.



    Celtic is a Blessed Club.



    Thanks Jock Stein.

  17. SUPERSUTTON on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:46 PM



    I hope something has been lost in translation otherwise we are in more trouble than we realise if top medics think that viruses ‘want’ anything.



    Evolution isn’t a rational, conscious thing (at least not on the part of the organisms involved, beyond that it’s a theological issue). It’s just how the rules that govern the system work. A virus that is too infectious and too deadly for its host dies out, like an intense forest fire it runs out of fuel. Ebola seems to fall into that category, thankfully.



    Not good news. Not good news at all.







    “Events, dear boy, events”.








    Though a footballer being out because of injury isn’t really an ‘event’ in that sense is it? It’s an entirely expected and predictable occurrence that could and should have been anticipated and mitigated.

  19. Given the treatment the wee man has taken by the hammer throwers home and abroad that one was in the post.



    Like Paul67, I lead with more hope than expectation. We lost our most talented (although disengaged) and our top scoring (through his own self-harm) and so, we are where we are. No better time for some Ajeti redemption and GG instant hero status but it’s a risk.



    Like a lot of things this season, we just don’t what we’re gonna get week to week with Ange and the squad.



    Saying all that, hope we run out 10-0 winners again….




  20. I nil and 3 points please for the foreseeable……………






    Just steady, relentless, determined progress in the League…………………….




  21. BANKIEBHOY1 on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 1:24 PM


    Thon ” Glasgow Live ” sites…………..are they part of the Rectum stable???





  22. Thanks Coney………….



    I thought as much, thats them deleted…………..


    Inside A Football ….is too.



    Hun clickbait.

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