Torch passing moment between Carl and Gus


There are moments when the torch passes from one player to another in football.  Carl Starfelt (28) played for Celta Vigo on Saturday but did not make the bench for Sweden against Moldova last night.  Instead, Gustaf Lagerbielke made his second appearance at the back for Sweden and scored his first goal for his country.  Just as the players swapped in and out of Celtic in the summer, the international careers of Gus and Carl are heading in different directions.

A few weeks ago, Celtic called on Tomoki Iwata to fill-in in central defence, but soon we will have a glut of options there.  Cameron Carter-Vickers will be first choice when fit, while Gustaf, Liam Scales and Maik Nawrocki will compete for the other spot.  Nat Phillips, on loan until January, and Yuki Kobayashi are also in the picture.

Brendan Rodgers will genuinely not know what his central defensive pairing will be by the midway point of the season.  Early season expectations were that Maik was mostly likely to grab the opportunity.  The £4.5m signing has now been out with a hamstring injury for eight weeks, with no sign of an imminent return.  It will be a long way back to fitness for the Poland Under-21 international, but he is so highly thought of, he will get his chance.

Until then, Gus and Liam will be able to stake their claims.

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  1. The temporary stand.



    My cousin had two seats there when it opened. He lived in EK at the time and rest of his family in Blackpool.


    He took up one seat, and the other for his dad or brother when ever they could come up.



    There were 4 of us in 144, loved that corner, 3 halfway up together, ad one single seat down near the front.



    If the Temp stand seat was available, we used to argue over going to sit there with our Brian, it felt like a roofless jungle.



    Noisy, open, full of rebels, and song, I got soaked sometimes, but the days it was sunny were memorable.



    Because t was the celtic end as well , and we originally stood between 2 and 3, it felt somehow like realer and authentic, with the big imposing stands over us, a special place for a short time.



  2. Interesting landscape for CH that should make for an interesting January window.



    CCV a shoe-in. What to do around him as, with CS in mind, the need to build a settled partnership there is key.



    Philips will go back to LIverpool.


    Kobayashi needs a change of scenery. Back to Japan or loaned out?


    Iwata? Never a CH and I question his utility role if we can’t ever do without Callum.



    Scales has been a revelation but how many more levels can he go up with pace a problem? Optimum time to get a decent fee for him, before he takes a back seat ? Don’t come at me but we need to be ruthless.



    Straight fight between Rocky and Gus? And of course, there’s Mr Welsh. 4 needed ultimately and a succession plan for the summer of 24 when CCV could leave ?




  3. From Previous Thread…



    BIG JIMMY on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 12:14 PM


    THE_HUDDLE on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 11:46 AM












    I watched the Spain V Scotland game last night. As soon as I saw the FIRST REPLAY of McTominays ” Goal”, I feared the worst….. as in my opinion it looked like Hendry MAY have been OFFSIDE, and IF so the QUESTION would be for the VAR Room would be…” Was Hendry INTERFERING with Play” ?







    I quickly realised that this was gonna be a matter of ” INTERPRETATION”….Depending on the opinions of the VAR Room ?





    I was shocked when it was deemed to be a ” FOUL” by Hendry on the Goalie, as Hendry hardly touched the Goalie ( and there was NO PROTEST from the Spanish Goalie ) for any so called ” FOUL” ?







    The decision then changed some minutes later, that Hendry was deemed to be OFFSIDE, which much more SENSE to me, as I thought he WAS OFFSIDE when McTominay fired the ball into the Penalty Area.







    IF that ” Goal” had been awarded AGAINST Celtic, I would NOT be happy, as any opposition player WOULD have been ” Interfering with Play” in my honest opinion ?







    The Spanish Goalie SHOULD have been Red Carded for his ASSAULT on John McGinn in the 1st half.








  4. Didn’t see any of the game last night, only heard of the furore over the disallowed goal this morning. The Celtic Star have a video up of the incident and near the end do a three-time re-run of the incoming ball, showing that Hendry clearly pushes the keeper into the goals. Why he felt the need to touch him, instead of just standing his ground, I have no idea, but the ref and VAR do seem to have got that one right.

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    We didn’t get long to judge Maik Nawrocki, what about Marko Tilio ( mind him? ) slow recovery to an injury he had, when he signed for Celtic.



    Nawrocki, Lagerbielke, Phillips and Iwata, all behind CCV with Liam Scales, the latest not surprisingly to be touted for a new deal.



    CB’s are like buses you wait ages then ……

  6. From Previous Thread..



    BIG JIMMY on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 11:54 AM


    AN TEARMANN on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 11:09 AM



















    The temporary stand












    I had a Season Book for the TEMPORARY STAND back in the 1990’s. It was a ” Gateway” to a Season Book to any of the other Stands that were already built.





    The Temporary Stand was GREAT for atmosphere, DESPITE the 3,000 Volunteers getting soaked most weeks.







    I first met Paul MacStay whilst I had my Season Book for the Temporary Stand, and Paul said to me…” Oh….Your are one of the 3,000 volunteers” ?





    Paul then asked me ” How do you make SO MUCH NOISE from that Stand, the Players LOVE it” ?







    I explained that the Temporary Stand ” FLOORING” was probably made from STAINLESS STEEL ( I Think ? ), and when sitting in your seat….whenever Celtic got a Corner and/or a Throw In…or a dangerous Free Kick etc when sitting down ( or Standing ), when the 3,000 STAMP their Feet, it creates a great noise.





    I was very happy when Paul told me that the Players LOVED the NOISE we used to make.





    It was great FUN…..Despite being soaked most games.











  7. From Previous Thread…



    BIG JIMMY on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 9:02 AM







    Just TYPE in…







    YOUTUBE….The Dean Martin Show with FOSTER BROOKS the drunk Pilot.





    Its just under 5 minutes long, buts hilarious.



    Can someone FIND the LINK and Post it ?










  8. Who said this in March 2019?



    “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,”



    Answers on a postcard to ‘Let’s Blame Iran To Cover Our Backs’

  9. CCV and Scales for me


    That said, I really like the look of Lagerbielke. Seems a great ‘fit’ for Celtic.


    Early days, so i won’t make Ajer comparisons – though I just have!

  10. Not surprised Starfelt is no longer the first choice centre back for Sweden.



    How this fella made it as a professional footballer is anyone’s guess. The white version of Efe Ambrose.

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    i think we have just stumbled across the solution to our away ticket woes –



    take our own temporary stand with us



    we could stick a 10000 seater stand on top of the home teams existing stands and take it down after the game



    im not a structural engineer but i would think it could be thrown up the day before the game no problem






    right, thats me dealt with one major problem, i will check if there are any other situations in the world at the moment that need my help.

  12. RIN TIN TIN on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 12:33 PM


    Not surprised Starfelt is no longer the first choice centre back for Sweden.







    How this fella made it as a professional footballer is anyone’s guess. The white version of Efe Ambrose.





    I STRONGLY DISAGREE about CARL….However you are entitled to your opinion I suppose.


    VERY HARSH on Carl.

  13. RIN TIN TIN on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 12:33 PM


    Not surprised Starfelt is no longer the first choice centre back for Sweden.







    How this fella made it as a professional footballer is anyone’s guess. The white version of Efe Ambrose.





    Are you a HUN ?

  14. Starfelt is a really good, modern day footballer.



    Him and CCV together didnt lose a domestic match.



    He got 5 trophies and a premiership team of the year.



    how did he manage that if he is crap.

  15. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 13TH OCTOBER 2023 12:35 PM



    Steady on fella.



    Look what happened the last time some of our supporters made a stand !!!!



    Boom, tish




  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    I thought Carl was a stalwart in our defence over his time here.



    Got the Keevins treatment at the beginning of his career over the first game at Tynecastle and an unfortunate og and his nonsense being spouted over a sustained period led to Carl being labelled a “Bon scare” by some.


    Totally unjustified in my opinion.

  17. CORRECTION from my earlier Post….


    The Spanish Goalie ASSAULTED Andy Robertson…NOT John McGinn.



    Sometimes Im a CHUMP !





  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    On the turning away and jumping , a bit of mouldmaster training is what is needed

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