Toure’s ocean, The Pink Pound


The capture of Kolo Toure (35) on a free transfer following his release by Liverpool, goes a long way to addressing one of my key concerns for the coming season. In the last 12 months we’ve spent £6.5m on three central defenders: Dedryck Boyata, Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko. They joined Efe Ambrose and Charlie Mulgrew, but the mix was far from right.

Dedryck and Jozo are both long-term injured. Jozo may yet establish himself as a top defender, but Dedryck has already caused performance concerns. Charlie is now out of contract, and with the arrival of Kolo, I don’t expect he’ll re-sign.

Efe put in an excellent performance against Leicester on Saturday (aside from his first 30 seconds) but his consistency and susceptibility to make crucial mistakes in important games, makes him unsuitable for anything more than a backup.

The manager needs someone he knows he can rely upon and who can bring an ocean of experience to help develop what is otherwise a young central defence.  Kolo will do that and more, just as soon as he’s match fit.

The Pink Pound.

I’m unfamiliar with fashion blogs but if the debate on the pink shirt is a guide, maybe I’m missing out.  Third strips are fashion items, the football strip equivalent of bling.  They’ve been so since someone invented the need to invent a third strip every season.  It was never in case your first two strips clashed with an opponent.

I remember a similar reaction when we released a third strip with tartan shorts a few years back.  Despite some heavy weather on release, the shorts sold out.  In it’s online coverage the pink shirt already has a higher profile than most of its predecessors.  Bet it sells well.

I had a brief chat with some people at New Balance last year and the colours we use at Celtic cropped up.  There’s green, white, yellow, black and silver/grey.  Before the 1970s it was pretty much green and white only, then the palette boundaries were pushed.  The New Balance people were all from England, so the nuances of orange, which was used as trim on a well-received black away strip, were lost on them.

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    Seriously,I despair.



    What fuels such mindless hatred?







    Seriously,I despair.




    What fuels such mindless hatred?


    Not safe at Mass, on a plane, shopping mall, beach, supermarket……… mindless hatred can strike anywhere



    A 92 yr old Priest ?


    A woman who works at a local beauty parlour, Eulalie Garcia, said she had known the 92-year-old priest since her childhood.


    “My family has lived here for 35 years and we have always known him,” she said.


    “He was someone who was treasured by the community. He was very discreet and didn’t like to draw attention to himself.”



    Cant add anything more than below


    Justin Welby ن ‏@JustinWelby


    Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth & love, is defeated through Jesus Christ. Pray for France, for victims, for their communities.





    One soul destined for salvation,two to eternal damnation. The logic is beyond me.

  4. Mats


    U worry about american politics.


    This is a celtic blog


    Ill worry about my team being short for another cl qualifier because of PL trying to run the football side.


    Paint it up how u like. I know whats happening.


    Dont be so condescending with your remarks to me next time please.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    On Wednesday night the team we face has a good home record and our away record is poor so that does not auger well they have lost there top scorer of 6 goals to injury but the goals for them are well spread through out there team.We are defensively frail but despite that I always feel Celtic tend to do better when we are up against it.To qualify for the CL group stage this early in Brendans reign would in my opinion be much more than I expect even the group stage of the Europa league would be good going it is going to take time to build a new team. H.H.

  6. Something shared by my Antipodean Cousin on FB…



    Puts the mad Australian Monomania in perspective…



    “Since the 1978 Hilton Hotel bombing in Sydney, there have been 113 Australian victims of terrorism. That includes Australians killed overseas in terrorist attacks as well as non-Australians killed here, such as the Turkish consul-general murdered in Sydney in 1980.






    Hail Hail

  7. Starry Plough



    We lack height lack aerial power in the centre half and centre forward positions.










    Our centre forward scored 40 goals last season…



    Our new centre forward is 6 foot…



    No like you to run down Celtic though is it:))



    Erik is good in the air I find…





    I know JF’s best bud. His explanation of events that night explain why no court case happened.



    His explanation of events afterwards-complaint not made for days,etc-is disturbing.



    A lot of people were “convinced” that they should make statements based on being on the premises that night. Few were accurate but strangely they were consistent.




    I’m sure it affected James in more ways than we know, I always got the impression he was quite a shy Bhoy..



    Sometimes I forget to walk a mile in another mans shoes before I open my big gob!

  11. Tiny Tim


    Height is not a prerequisite to be good in the air. None of the LL forwards or midfielders were over 6′. I do accept that our defence is suspect but we have not been able to field a settled defence since we lost VVD and Jason.


    Neither is it fair to simply blame PL for not looking ahead, if it is indeed he who decides who we buy. We have 5 centre backs injured. They are not “sick notes.” Injuries happen in football. We just seem to get injuries to our centre backs which disrupts the whole team. S**t happens and we have to deal with it.


    I have no idea how we’ll do against Astana, but I’m confident that if the team performs, we’ll come away with a result.



  12. Starry Plough



    What part of without Griffiths, did you not take into consideration.



    What bit did you miss about Sviachenccko not being able to to play.



    Dembele is not know for being good in the air.




  13. Starry Plough



    Our manager wants 2 centre halves.


    I think you will find that he agrees with me.



    He is also still looking for another CF .



    I’m glad that he agrees with me .




  14. Team for tomorrow:





    Janko Lustig O’Connell Tierney


    Roberts Brown Bitton McGregor


    Griffiths Dembele



    I reckon we should expect at least a 1-1 draw against a team failed to win a single CL group game (home or away) last season, which struggles to score many goals in UEFA competitions, and which has played just two prior European campaigns.



    I expect a comfortable 2-0 win or better for Celtic in the return leg.

  15. As I stated a couple of months ago, the malcontents would be turning the guns at CFC , and here they go circling the wagons on res 12, easy and cowardly to turn the guns on your own when the other clubs supporters turn they’r backs on you and ignore res 12, ah wtf, let’s blame the board no ones listening to us, let’s face it the Gang of Four are not on the same page with res 12 it’s a cock up, they made an arse of it, a blind man can see this, you will get the odd blogger in time now and again exhausting it like this guy but it’s dead and is now running on fumes, he/they post there opinions I post mine, once again I’ll repeat myself, I’m not saying that the SFA where fair game oh no they where at it and always have been, I’m saying from day one IMO, the Gang of Four had a couple of dodgy players in the team same as the SFA had, only the SFA wear long trousers and Brogues In this playground and are good at being deceitful, where as short trousers knee high white socks and a pair of sandals out of Marks is a dead give away for a right good rogering IMO.





  16. KevJungle



    That Celtic should grow a set is the observation made by myself and Mark McGee’s Eyeliner at an Open Meeting in St Mary’s in 2011.



    However I thought it politically impossible for them not to attend that Set Up of a Government meeting after the so called Shame Game.



    I still think so but when I see the unwillingness of the football industry in Scotland to tackle their self harming behavior – see







    Where in spite of evidence of skullduggery being put on a plate, nothing is said or done (and it’s supporters of all clubs who are being Rogered TD67, but you are too stupid to take that on board) then I can understand Celtic’s reluctance to take on the establishment especially when they are a component part of it even if unwillingly.



    That is not a defense of Celtic it is an observation borne of experience of how things are.



    It’s frustrating for sure but when Res12 rolls to a close and the shareholder reps have discharged their responsibility to the signatories of Res12, the guys TD67 derides for wanting fair play, I’ll not be appearing every day with the same mantra.



    I’ll hope Celtic flourish but I’ll be under no illusions about the true nature of the game in Scotland and that Celtic are part of it.

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