TV money and English football bubble


The FA in England made upbeat noises yesterday after concluding a two-year TV rights deal with ITV for coverage of the FA Cup and England internationals, despite the £90m contract being a third less than the prevailing annual rate.  This is the latest in a deflationary trend after the Football League in England secured a deal from BSkyB from next season at a rate 26% below the current deal.

TV money is still flooding into our nearest neighbours at a rate that would allow all Scottish clubs to pay their tax bills but the downward trend is welcome for those here trying to build and retain football squads.  Although English football is awash with cash it is also heavily indebted with a compulsion to spend every penny earned.  Downsizing, if necessary, will be a challenge.

The FA Premier League remains a durable TV property but you’ll find it harder to find analysts projecting income growth for the next deal, irrespective of the successful legal challenge to price fixing based on EU areas.

A weak pound has meant earnings from overseas rights have remained high compared to pre-crash times but with euro-area and other world economies so volatile neither exchange rates nor foreign demand can be regarded as stable.  Economically speaking, English football has all the facets of a bubble, so far, one that just keeps on inflating…..

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  1. philvisreturns says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:02


    greenjedi – I was just rubbishing the idea that if its not in a manifesto you can’t do it!



    If it’s unlawful you shouldn’t do it, which is why the Prime Minister has kindly offered to facilitate the holding of a lawful referendum.



    You’d think the SNP would be thanking him. (thumbsup)






    Aye, Governments NEVER do anything unlawful!



    I think the SNP are thanking him for sticking their Thatcherite noses in and getting Michael Forsyth totell us its a bad idea!!!! I mean they might as well go about encouraging everybody to vote yes than get him to campaign against it!

  2. Ten Men Won The League on

    Well that was a signing completely from left field. Even better that the LL didn’t have a clue it was happening



    How stupid do they look?



    Our new signing is apparently nicknamed ‘The Butcher’ due to his no nonsense style of play



    Welcome Jaroslaw to the greatest football club in the world

  3. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Breaking News



    The captain of the Costa Concordia has been released and summoned to Ibrox to explain how best to cope with a sinking ship.

  4. A new Polish centre half? Could be a nice piece of business though the early years of the CV are maybe a bit patchy, to move to the EPL at such a young age is normally a good indicator of ability.




    Not being an officionado of Polish football! I know nothing of this young fella. Does anyone have the low down? Left or right footed? Footballer or warrior etc.



    If we don’t get him in Jan, we won’t get anyone else in I would guess.



    Is this a John Park signing/ spot?



    Business done quietly and effectively. Well done Celtic for that.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well looks like we may not offer big Dan or Loovens a new contract or maybe both of them as we have Rogne,K.Wilson,Mulgrew, big Victor,Lustig and the new guy for Centre back which you would think would be ample to cover two places..Still no news of another striker being signed but Lennie might pull a rabbit out of the hat and sign a striker who has not been mentioned.H.H.

  6. TET



    Good enough for me mate!



    Wonder how he got his nickname!!



    The Scottish refs will be sharpening their pencils already. The hacks have their headlines. The boy will have a bit to cope with!

  7. Fojut joined Bolton Wanderers in 2004. The defender made his first senior appearance for Bolton as a substitute (to replace Khalilou Fadiga), during the FA Cup Third Round 3–0 victory against Watford at Vicarage Road in 2006. His Premier League debut came in the 1–1 draw against Portsmouth at Fratton Park. He made a total of four appearances for the first team, as well as becoming captain of the reserve team.[1]



    On 31 August 2007, he joined League One side Luton Town on loan until 1 January 2008.[2] He made his debut for Luton in the Football League Trophy match against Northampton Town on 4 September. He scored his first goal on 27 November in a 2–0 away win against Brentford in the FA Cup[3] and followed that up a week later with his first league goal in a 1–1 tie away to Oldham Athletic.[4] He scored his third and final goal for Luton


    in a 2-1 win over Port Vale on 29 December 2007.[5]



    Fojut garnered much praise during his loan spell, Luton manager Kevin Blackwell describing the young defender’s performances as “colossal”,


    however, his stay could not be extended, with all loan players being required to return to their parent clubs when Luton was placed in administration.[6]



    He returned to Bolton and over the summer underwent an operation to resolve a long-standing hernia problem.[1] On 9 October 2008, Fojut began a


    one month loan spell at Stockport County in League One,[7] where he managed just three games due to a hamstring problem.[1]





    On 11 February 2009, he signed a three-and-a-half year contract with Śląsk Wrocław in the Polish top division.

  8. Welcome Jaroslaw



    Please make yourself at home. Breakfast is at 8, you get 6 weeks off in the summer and we hunskelp at least 4 times a year. Let me know once you’re settled and I’ll take you down to Jinty’s.




  9. Rangers chase Spanish super star Sancho Panza


    but will settle for little Donkey


    Hee Haw

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:16



    I would guess Lenny and co have a lot of names that the redtops know nowt about mate.


    I’ve been monitoring all media sources for the list and Jarolaw Fojut has never been mentioned.



    Love it when the club catch all the media mince munchers out!





    /Bishop B

  11. Gordon_J



    Jarosław is in use for official documents etc.


    Deminutive is Jarek which sounds like Yarek (Yareck).


    Fojut soungs like Foyoot.

  12. With the arrival of the Polish Centre Half we should consider recovering some money on Kelvin Wilson who was a panic buy and to date has looked no better than the much maligned Loovens and Dan.



    Good luck to young Thompson,never a favourite of mine as far too slow,and despite comments he never got a chance under Lennon suggest you have a check back.

  13. What is the Stars on






    What if it had been a Marian shrine he was pictured beside ?


    Would his employers be entitled to sack him?”




    For fooks sake lads will yis stop putting words in my mouth



    He works for poxy rangers and he gets pictured smiling at an IRA memorial



    What the fook do you expect his employers to do



    Why was the clown working for such a bunch in the first place.



    He works for Rangers so we all hate him


    He’s sacked by Rangers so we all love him



    Give me a fooking break

  14. greenjedi – Aye, Governments NEVER do anything unlawful!



    That’s why we have courts, interdicts, injunctions, judicial reviews, and whatnot. You know, the whole rule of law thing… The government isn’t above the law even when it claims to have a political mandate to do something.



    I think the SNP are thanking him for sticking their Thatcherite noses in and getting Michael Forsyth totell us its a bad idea!!!! I mean they might as well go about encouraging everybody to vote yes than get him to campaign against it!



    If Alex Salmond thought he could win a referendum he’d be looking to have one tomorrow. They’re upset that their bluff is being called, hence all the dog whistle stuff abut “Thatcheresque interference”. (thumbsup)

  15. James Forrest is Lennon on




    What’s he like Ziggy? You’ve watched him, obviously … is he the Real Deal?

  16. Fraser Forrrster



    Jaroslaw Fojut




    Big Dan




    Thomson J


    Cha Mul Grew




    Wilson K












    Craig Levein would love it.




  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Len Brennan I hundred percent agree with you fella and its great when the media havnt a clue about a signing.It would be great to do similar with a striker. H.H.

  18. Snake Plissken on




    Is he a good centre half? Is he near Polish International team.



    Slask Wroclaw are top of Polish league? Come on Poznan.



    By the way Wroclaw is my least favourite Polish city after Katowice. The Slask region is not that nice if I am honest – Piekary is a nice little town though.



    Very pleased we have another Pole at Celtic. Now if we can just get one decent Slovak it would make my life easier.

  19. What is the Stars says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:25



    ‘He works for poxy rangers and he gets pictured smiling at an IRA memorial’



    He isn’t employed by the huns. He works for a sub contractor.



    ‘What the fook do you expect his employers to do’



    I expect he’ll be shifted to another site. At the moment he’s been suspended. I’m not sure if that’s with or without pay.

  20. James Forrest



    That deal is surprise for me, but not very big surprise. Fojut is solid, fast Centre Back. Will go for more info soon.


    I heard that Slask were trying to extend the contract but Fojut had something else on radar. Now we know what it was. I think you will get him now after talks with Slask.



    Here you have young man speaking. Sounds like very intelligent man.