Uefa, CAS, Brazil FA, Mitdjylland, Here we go again


We do love discovering an illegible player in a team that has ‘eliminated’ us from Europe.  Before we get too carried away, the rules were clear on Sion and on Legia Warsaw, but both matters came down to legal arguments carrying the room.  Uefa and CAS had the ability to find in favour of both of our opponents.

Mitdjylland’s fielding of Juninho, who still has a suspension to serve from his time in Brazil, is different in two respects.  Most importantly, it appears curious that a ban from a national association (Brazil) is applicable for games controlled by the regional union (in this case, Uefa).

The ban is referred to as “global” but that term is not particularly clear.  If the SFA ban a player, the ban is global in the respect that he cannot move territory and play without consequence.  Under normal circumstances, however, he can play in the next Uefa game despite still being subject to a global ban on playing in national tournaments.

It is more than possible that the message communicated by Uefa to Mitdjylland prior to their game against PSV last night was incorrect.  Mitdjylland and Uefa will doubtlessly be in touch with the Brazilian FA when they open this morning.  If, however, the ban extended to all games, Celtic were not eliminated from the Champions League.  That is our position.  Uefa, and if necessary CAS, will be asked to confirm this and make whatever arrangements necessary.  The awkwardness of Mitdjylland now having played one more round has no legal standing.

Delighted we signed a goalkeeper and a central midfielder.  James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.  This was a spectacular oversight.  James has played very little football for five years.  He is an undoubted talent, if he remains fit, he will have a significant impact on our season.

Joe Hart is experienced enough to resolve many of the defensive problems we experienced last season and this.  He has something to prove; winning the league with Celtic is the perfect challenge.

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  1. SFTB @ 3.21



    Stop digging / Please stop digging.



    Your comments regarding projects are well of the generally accepted mark as quite a few people have been telling you.



    Learn and move on.

  2. CaddingtonCommon on

    Re the Scotsman article.


    “ a small majority of fans “



    Try telling that to the citizens of Manchester in general and the Manchester police in particular.


    The article hopefully will sound the death knelt for this rag .


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  3. I see in the low level Scottish tabloids that the Glasgow Corporation is minded to allow full houses at both Celtic Park and Ayebroke for their respective European games next week. This, apparently without either Celtic FC or the resident club over there having actually having made the request. Much mention too of a full hoose at the upcoming ‘Old Firm’ encounter, good news if true for the bean counters on the respective boards. Wonder if we’ll get 800 tickets this time around, if so lets make sure we’ve got Fairhurst Consultants on speed dial for our home version later in the season.


    Elsewhere apparently there really will be 50,000 at something called the TRNSMT festival, which if I remember rightly used to be called ‘Tennents in the Park’ a proper name for a fest. Or am a getting ma drug an alcohol fuelled music bashes mixed up? I think I should be told.




  4. SFTB,



    I thought your post about player signings the other night was first class. Plenty of detail and plenty of names we had conveniently forgotten about.



    However, the definition of ” project” from a football perspective should be straightforward.



    If we sign players with the intent to play immediately, then they are not projects.



    If we sign players who we do not expect to play immediately, then they are projects.



    Simples. HH.

  5. glendalystonsils on




    A good definition .Agreed it is not to do with age , some players will never grow out of the ‘project’ status .


    Nor , as you point out , is it to do with experience . It’s down to how they progress when they cross the CP threshold .

  6. JMcC — the one that got away.


    Even worse than the JMcG farrago of 2018.


    Or the SF slip up of Jan 2009.



    PL doing his usual lowball act to try and save some money.


    What a shambles that was — one of far too many.



    JMcC was a huge talent and it was a no brainer to get him in.


    He wanted to come and he had the quality to make a difference to the squad.



    However PL knew better and the rest they say is tragedy.



    Sliding doors moment — JMcC and VW would have been some foundation to build on.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    MADMITCH on 4TH AUGUST 2021 4:39 PM


    JMcC — the one that got away.



    A big talent indeed . Had we signed him back then and had he displayed that talent , how long would he have graced CP before PL cashed in on him a la KT?

  8. A 4 year deal for James Mccarthy is long term.



    Callum McGregor club captain


    James McCarthy team captain.




  9. GDT @ 4.39



    JMcC would have lasted 2 possibly 4 years longer than SB in the team.


    Difficult to work out exact timings from that — SB is an outlier.


    A certain level of talent — £4.4mill @ 22 — who stayed with us long term.


    Was that loyalty / paucity of ambition / lack of suitable offers — who knows?



    JMcC to us — £1mill + @ 18 — would have been very interesting.


    I think that by 2011 JMcC would have become the more accomplished player in our team.


    And probably worth more in the grand scheme of things



    EPL experience — he was worth £13/14mill in 2013 — Everton paid it so it was real.


    SPL experience only — he would have been lucky to make £10mill.


    Although we did manage to punt VW for £12mill plus that summer.



    When you see how much we paid for SB the cheapskate attitude regarding JMcC is all the more shocking.

  10. Paul The Spark on

    Read a couple of Spurs fans websites and they said Hart was well liked in the dressing room and a good influence. I think he could be good for some of our younger players. You can’t have enough good personalities in your team.

  11. When we were offered James McCarthy and put our bid in I recall discussing him with fellow Celts and the main concern was where would we play him, I believe in the Mark Wilson article Murdo McLeod, May 2009, alludes tae that.



    On July 9 that year we signed costa fortune for 3.8m, one week later Wigan had a bid of 1.2m for James, he wanted tae come tae us so back came the acccies tae see if we would match it.



    Response was the till was empty, nae sense blaming Lenny or PL, it was that big useless fckr “take it on the chin” that should never have been given the job in the first place, he also cost us plenty when we had tae buy out his contract out fae WBA and hire his backroom staff.



    Only got it as he allegedly started the Huddle and this would appease the “Strachan Strachan GTF” mob.

  12. Plus you have another couple of elements in the great CFC MF puzzle of 2009..



    LNG — 1 year loan / freebie to sweeten the MAF transfer and who got games.


    KSY — who we paid £2mill + for and who arrived in Jan 2010 and had a slow start.



    Consequently there was space for JMcC in team in 2009/10.

  13. Greenpinata on 4th August 2021 4:51 pm



    A 4 year deal for James Mccarthy is long term.



    Callum McGregor club captain


    James McCarthy team captain.




    I don’t think that will work when Callum will most likely play 100% of the games this season, while James 25% going by his previous seasons.

  14. TT @ 5.04



    Answered some of your issues / questions above.



    MMcL was just pot stirring with his comments about JMcC and his place in the team.


    Gun for hire bumping his gums to order — it would have helped to pay his mortgage.


    We were not exactly overflowing with talent — SN was out the door that summer as well.



    We knock back JMcC.


    We get a freebie in the form of LNG — agent doing us a favour / not !!!


    We then fish in the Far East to the tune of £2.1mill.


    The story doesn’t stack up.



    We let a huge talent go and we were the losers.


    Big boy business means that you have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.


    PL just kept on choking when put in that position.

  15. Tontine………I agree with most of what you say but I had occasion to be in the company of some of JMcC’s rellies in The Noughton’s pub in Galway a few years back, he was mad to come to us apparently but the general consensus was that we were difficult to deal with……..and so we missed out.



    I didn’t like hearing that and I don’t like retelling it but thats the way it was told to me. The family were scunnered.

  16. The Huddle,



    I take your point. But a 4 year deal suggests he passed his medical with flying colours.



    Callum McGregor is only captain virtue of last man standing. I do not detect any leadership qualities and I have doubt whether he will grow into the role.



    Callum may even be happy to accommodate club captain role and leave someone else to concentrate on team issues while he gets on with his game.




  17. At no stage of his career was James McCarthy a better footballer than Scott Brown.



    SB – 757 career games with 66 goals. 129 games in European competition and 55 Scotland Caps.



    23 trophies, and 2 Players Player of the year , 10 years apart.



    Scott played 203 games in the last 4 seasons, anytime he was injured no one who came in to the team was as effective as him.



    James has played 59 games in 4 season.



    Its a tough gig for our incoming bhoy, he has a legendary act to follow.





    dont be suprised if Broon has a great season with Aberdeen, I though he looked composed, in control and dictating play in the 3 competative games.

  18. Stx2 @ 5.23



    Sweeping statement — 6 years difference in age — care to elaborate.



    SB was a Bronski — Hame’ll dae me.


    JMcC took on different challenges with different results.


    I think he has been a better player than SB for the majority of his career.



    JMcC became the player that SB was at Hibs but never quite made it with us.


    Much more creative / forward movement / goal threat.



    SB / this season — part of a team where the MF wants to win.


    SB / last season — played with two petted lips and a guy in a huff.


    Not quite the same.

  19. Peter Lawells and the boards Ones that got away or never came because …………………. traditional 11.



    1. Shay Given (before his time, but his fault anyways)


    2. Frimpong, (he should not be allowed just to walk out the door like that)


    3. Andy Robertson (compounded by keeping the dud Tierney)


    4. Boyata (shambolic dealings cost us a fortune)


    5. Benkovic.


    6. James McCarthy (celtic daft)


    7. John McGinn ( a celtic granda could even get him in the door)


    8. James McArthur (should have bought the 2 james’s but PL wanted both for the price of 1)


    9. Robert Snodgrass (he was on the Gallowgate telling everyone he would walk to Celtic park which is pretty easy from there)


    10. Stephen Fletcher


    11. Barry Bannon (celtic dafter as well)

  20. BTM seemingly had a £5mill transfer budget that summer.


    He spent £3.75mill of it on MAF — no value in that transaction for us at all.


    It was so bad that the agent threw in LNG in the form of a 12 month loan for free.



    JMcC @ £1.2mill — we should have mortgaged DD’s moustache to get him in.


    Pennywise pound foolish — the story of PL’s business career / bonus excepted.

  21. I read somewhere after the news broke about Midgey Land, that UEFA could possibly advance both Celtic and Jablonec to the group stages and designate the midges for the conference league. Seems like an easy one to me






  22. Stx2 @ 5.39



    Why do you repeatedly die in a ditch to save PL’s reputation?



    Is he extended family to you?


    Part of the CA mafia?


    Drinking buddy?

  23. For the 19th Million time.



    I dont know Peter Lawwell. Never met him, never been at the same table or function as him, nor does my business have any business with him or any other director or board member.



    I understand he lied to the RES12 guys, who I have met, and who I do trust, and that he has misled Celtic fans in general by not being open enough about thems.



    I do however reserve the right to opinion on things that others speak as gospel truths, Peter Lawwell bought a,b and c, and didnt buy d e and f, because it affected his bonus. He thinks he is the Director of Football and Interferes, and we know that for a fact, because a scrap of paper was found in a bin at lennoxtown with the next 5 years strategy plan.



    Glorified Bean Counter. Did you mention you worked with him sometime back in the day when you counted beans together ? He must look back in life at his sad and miserable career, lack of trophies and a shite retirement plan and think if only I had done what Mad Mitch said.





    he was always overpaid as a CEO of a less than £100m turnover company.



    As probably Dom is as well now.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Uefa confirm Midtjylland star Juninho WAS eligible to face Celtic in Champions League qualifier


    From The Hun

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