Uefa, CAS, Brazil FA, Mitdjylland, Here we go again


We do love discovering an illegible player in a team that has ‘eliminated’ us from Europe.  Before we get too carried away, the rules were clear on Sion and on Legia Warsaw, but both matters came down to legal arguments carrying the room.  Uefa and CAS had the ability to find in favour of both of our opponents.

Mitdjylland’s fielding of Juninho, who still has a suspension to serve from his time in Brazil, is different in two respects.  Most importantly, it appears curious that a ban from a national association (Brazil) is applicable for games controlled by the regional union (in this case, Uefa).

The ban is referred to as “global” but that term is not particularly clear.  If the SFA ban a player, the ban is global in the respect that he cannot move territory and play without consequence.  Under normal circumstances, however, he can play in the next Uefa game despite still being subject to a global ban on playing in national tournaments.

It is more than possible that the message communicated by Uefa to Mitdjylland prior to their game against PSV last night was incorrect.  Mitdjylland and Uefa will doubtlessly be in touch with the Brazilian FA when they open this morning.  If, however, the ban extended to all games, Celtic were not eliminated from the Champions League.  That is our position.  Uefa, and if necessary CAS, will be asked to confirm this and make whatever arrangements necessary.  The awkwardness of Mitdjylland now having played one more round has no legal standing.

Delighted we signed a goalkeeper and a central midfielder.  James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.  This was a spectacular oversight.  James has played very little football for five years.  He is an undoubted talent, if he remains fit, he will have a significant impact on our season.

Joe Hart is experienced enough to resolve many of the defensive problems we experienced last season and this.  He has something to prove; winning the league with Celtic is the perfect challenge.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Jock Stein left 16-year old Derek Johnstone’s house in Dundee with a verbal agreement that he would be at Celtic Park the following day to sign for Celtic.



    Next morning Rangers came calling and offered his mother £100 to sign for Rangers. DJ’s mother phoned Celtic and asked for £150 to sign. Celtic refused. “It’s not the way this club operates,” she was told.



    See what we missed?

  2. Dessybhoy



    It does seem to be the Sandy Bryson excuse again:-



    “A Uefa spokesperson said: “With regard to your inquiry, we would, first of all, like to inform you that in accordance with Article 66 of the Fifa Disciplinary Code (2019 edition), any decision related to the extension of sanctions to have worldwide effect falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Fifa disciplinary bodies.



    “We can confirm that Uefa was made aware by Fifa on 2 August of its decision taken on the same day regarding this case, i.e. after the Uefa Champions League second qualifying round tie between FC Midtjylland and Celtic FC.”

  3. Midjtyland muddying the water too:-



    “Midtjylland got word it was a global ban just hours before playing PSV – sparking claims he shouldn’t have faced Celtic in the second leg.



    But Midtjylland sporting director Graversen insists the Danes were well within their rights to field Juninho.



    He said: “Of course he was eligible.”



    “It has been confirmed that it will apply from now on and for the next six matches.



    “We have known about it. This is not a surprise to us.



    “We are sorry about the outcome and that it comes at this time. We have to look into that and see if we can appeal this decision.”



    In response to SunSport, Uefa have also now confirmed that Juninho’s ban would apply from August 2 onwards.”

  4. So he shouldnt have played is the correct as he was banned but as a game has passed it doesnt matter, doubt they would try this with an EPL Spanish German or Italian club

  5. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH AUGUST 2021 5:59 PM



    Fine . Overall , we did not deserve to win that tie . Let’s get into the EL by winning fitba matches .



    Anyway , there have been much worse rules transgressions right on our doorstep .

  6. Good article in The Guardian today, it’s on their website too – ‘The single player each English Premier League needs to sign’, meaning one player that would improve the respective squads.



    No one single mention of Odsonne Edouard, even in the narrative considering options for each club.

  7. CaddingtonCommon on

    We should have matched sevco’s offer for BFDJ £100 the rest in pies ?


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  8. SFtBs @ 3:21 PM,



    We weren’t discussing projects per~se regarding Ajer. It was Celtic’s moneyball strategy.



    My feeling is, a project is player who is relatively unknown yet has shown the potential to grow and develop into a first class player.



    If you don’t have “an eye” for this type of player and don’t have the commitment and skill set to develop these players then it becomes a gamble.



    Kissing frogs as CQN puts it.



    Obviously it means in general terms they are young players, though I accept that this is not a mutually exclusive tag…



    When discussing signings I used to think of prospects or players (as well as projects).



    A prospect is a player who has been identified as being on the way to being a quality often described as a “wonder kid” in Scotland.



    Then players to my way of thinking were first team squad ready footballers, who with a little settling in should be in and around the first team.



    My feeling is we should be sticking to players and prospects, as there is more certainty involved and we have not shown to any great degree our ability to identify, sign and develop projects.



    Now there maybe blurred lines around the edges of those definitions but proven club and international players are Joe Hart most certainly not projects – Joe Hart and James McCarthy may not in their peak condition that’s for sure and how much of a contribution waits to be seen but they have very successful careers and it’s insulting to call them projects.






    On another I note we have schroeder’s global ban – it’s not a global ban until Uefa looks at it.



    Hail Hail

  9. Edouard will not sign for anyone, His mate N’tcham has showed him the way. He will sit on his arse in the stand and leave on a Bosman. He has little interest in playing for us and it shows, If he was interested in a transfer then he would have burst into a sprint at some time in the last few games, He will continue to play to this standard till eventually Ange has the balls to drop him. He may even end up “injured” like his buddy Julien.



    He was our record signing and he will bring us in nothing

  10. Bigbhoy, you don’t think Jullien is injured? You didn’t hear the post/knee collision?

  11. that was a good interview with Joe Hart,



    researched what he is getting in to, talked to Forster about Stevie Woods, who is a top class coach.



    Stan filled him in on the club.



    Robbie Keane reached out and gave him some info.



    all in, great opportunity and very happy to be here.



    avoid the bloggers Josie, its a shambolic house of cards, that hasnt stopped falling yet.

  12. meanwhile,



    Andy Halliday on clyde, who is suprisingly fair and open by the way, was asked about playing against Eddie.



    Hardest player to play against in the league because of incredible skill level. Three chances on saturday set up by him, and lack of service, cos we worked on it, was why he didnt get any chances.



    Backed by Caldwell.

  13. Julien wasnt injured, the back problem was a sicknote, and the French doctor back home took a bribe to keep it quiet.



    I never saw him hobbling about Bishopton either, he was out pushing the wean in wan of those show off jogging buggy things. Looked fine to me.

  14. the strangest thing for me on Celtic’s careful approach to spending on players (looking at a general trend)is when it suddenly changes.






    the splurge which Lennon had in 2019 and 2020 where previously Rodgers spent very little (he has never been scared to send, so i assume he was not given the budget). This included 7m for Julien which i still can’t understand why we payed so much. Good player but not 7m; same for Boli, Taylor etc



    The post Wanyama etc spend when Lennon brought in Pukki, Beorrigter, Balde etc. Too much money spent again



    Even in the dark days of the early 90s we went crazy sometimes ; Hayes, Gillespie , Mowbray. While we got Collins for a bargain!



    I think when we get a big sale we lose the plot. Best book balancing was probably the McGeady money to fund Lennon’s first spell and the 87/88 spend after we lost McClair, Johnsto, McLeod , McInally and brought in McAvennie, Miller, Stark, Walker, Morris

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Uninformed speculation presented as fact – yawn



    The ones that got away – yawn.



    FWIW – if our “dithering” had resulted in us missing out on world class talent like Nakamura, Van Dijk or Dembele is probably be scunnered.



    That our “dithering” meant we missed out on Fletcher, McCarthy and McGinn?



    I can live with that.



    Transfers are fraught.



    Sometimes turkeys bought dear.



    Sometimes gems sold cheap.



    Sometimes superstars snatched or missed.



    Ditto guys going through purple patches.

  16. Didn’t know Christopher Jullien had a back problem.


    I thought it was a knee injury he sustained last December.



    Maybe an update from our medical team wouldn’t go amiss.




  17. MADMITCH on 4TH AUGUST 2021 5:35 PM


    Stx2 @ 5.23



    Sweeping statement — 6 years difference in age — care to elaborate.



    I will, in following both bhoys careers, there is no high point where I thought, that James is a better player than Scott Brown.



    SB was a Bronski — Hame’ll dae me.



    Not quite –



    On 31 January 2007, Brown announced that he was retracting his transfer request and was now happy to remain with Hibernian for the duration of his contract, which was due to end in mid-2009. Despite this, media rumours continued to suggest that he would move.[25][28] Kevin Thomson, who had signed for Rangers in January 2007, claimed to have spoken with Brown about joining him at Rangers.[28] Premier League club Reading confirmed that they reached agreement with Hibernian to sign Brown, but the player refused the move, saying:



    If I had chosen Reading I would probably be fighting a relegation battle next season and then maybe disappearing into the Championship. In two years’ time people would have been saying, ‘Remember that lad Scott Brown – whatever happened to him?'[29]



    Reading were indeed relegated at the end of the 2007–08 season. Despite intense speculation that he would move to Rangers, with Rangers fans taunting Hibs fans that Brown would sign for them,[30] Brown agreed a move to Celtic.[31][32] Willie McKay commented that Brown was excited about playing for such a successful club and the chance to play in the UEFA Champions League.[33] Brown was transferred for £4.4 million, the largest transfer fee exchanged between two Scottish clubs.[34] The previous record was the £4 million transfer of Duncan Ferguson from Dundee United to Rangers.[35] Brown scored in his final appearance for Hibs, against Celtic, for whom he had agreed to sign the previous week. During the game he was cheered by both sets of supporters.[36]

  18. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 4TH AUGUST 2021 6:15 PM









    Brilliant retort. Right between the eyes.















  19. CONEYBHOY @ 7:33 PM,



    Well although it was relatively strange it was part of a, strategy that is highlighted in this CQN lead.






    It was a rare guest article and was a well thought out piece. However it did get two things wrong.



    Rangers risking all, throwing money they didn’t have at winning domestically and in Europe looks less of extreme rashness and more like a winning strategy.



    While Celtic’s belief that their financial clout would always trump Rangers. When the Board perceived that throwing money at the problem was the way to go, not only was it too little, too late – they had no scouting network worthy of the name and Peter Lawwell, Nick Hammond and Neil Lennon were not the greatest of talent spotters.



    You could say Lenny had a track record but he would have had little time to devote to such a time consuming task as identifying the type of quality Celtic needed at that time.



    If Brendan Rodgers and Lee Congerton had been backed to the same degree in the summer of 2018, we would have had a first rate Celtic team, a £150 Million worth of talent.



    Hail Hail

  20. At the start of the 2011–12 season, Newcastle United were linked with a £6 million bid for Brown, as a replacement for their outgoing captain Kevin Nolan. Brown stated that he did not want to leave Celtic and that he felt privileged to be the captain. He also said that he wanted to sign a new contract as his current deal was to expire at the end of the season.[89] Internazionale and Juventus were also reportedly looking to sign him on a free transfer if he did not sign a new contract.[90] After protracted talks, Brown announced on 29 August that he was to sign a new contract in the next few weeks.

  21. come all you dreamers.






    There’s an easy place down Gallowgate to the East End of Glasgow


    It’s a ballroom of remembrance and a disco


    Where the shooting stars light up the fresco


    Where the last ones and the lovers go … to carry on



    We sang about the Nicky Tams in the back room of the Scotia


    We drank sweet wines and called for neon pints of Fidel Castro


    Till it was time to fly to dreamland


    Out of Bairds, up the stairs to hell or to heaven we’d go



    Come all you dreamers hear the sound of the Barrows humming


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    Hear Mags McIvor and the ghost of the GayBirds calling


    Come all you dreamers to Barrowland



    The Lassies of the Broomielaw in their Cuban Heels are dancing


    Here comes Our Lady of the Clyde and there goes Jinky Johnston


    They’ve come back to rock and roll in the church of ceili


    To waltz beneath the carousel of healing


    To jitterbug and boogie the night away



    Come all you dreamers……….

  22. Stx2 @ 8.08



    SB — 4 years in the team and his value has seemingly gone up by 40% to £6mill.


    He came us at 22 and here he is at 26 / prime years and this is all he was then worth.


    August 29th and he signs a new contract — what was the choice sign or be sold?



    In another universe far far away — JMcC @ 22 in 2013 gets sold for £13/14mill.


    I think the market has spoken and the answer is JMcC had more value at that time.


    One further data point that would suggest that he was the better player in this timeframe.



    However all of that is in the past — what about the future?


    Who will be the better player in season 21/22?



    Is it SB @ 36?


    Or is it JMcC @ 30?



    My vote is for the guy in green and white — fancy a bet?


    Not sure about the determining criteria but I’m sure we can sort it out.


    Points taken off TFOD2.1?

  23. So no European reprieve. It would have been totally undeserved and jammy. Unfortunately I think we will struggle to even make the EL and this conference league it may have to be.

  24. One for the review — getting the Colts team onto the telly.


    Home match tonight — in Airdrie — and it would have generated an audience if the club had streamed the game.


    The more people who watch the stream the more will go in person once the start to take an interest.



    We need our own wee stadium in the East End.


    The Ladies team / the U18’s / the Colts — all could make use of it and generate some visibility.



    No big bucks required — just ambition and some forward thinking.


    The biggie would be a double header at home.


    A game at 12 noon followed by the first team at 3pm.



    The Colts isn’t about selling tickets it is about growing the brand and developing talent.


    Consequently it would be the first step on a post PL “Growth Agenda”.

  25. PS …



    End of the first half and we are winning 2 – 0 against Berwick Rangers.


    Not sure if their GK has managerial ambitions.


    Always one to watch.



    Folk of a certain vintage plus 10 will understand.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on

    I’m not going to provide a link to the rag but Dundee manager and ex-Ger Charlie Adam has come up with a possible solution to Rangers’ dispute with the SPFL over the Cinch sponsorship deal.



    He is saying maybe Rangers and Celtic should be given a bigger share of the pot.



    Not only has he misrepresented the reason behind the dispute, he is trying to drag Celtic into it, the implication being that both clubs are ubhappy with the sponsorship deal.




  27. James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.



    Fanboys latest contribution on what has become CelticFakeNews.



    Celtic bid for JMcC when he was a Hamilton player.

  28. glendalystonsils on




    Don’t worry Tom , when it comes to commenting on Celtic , Adam has about as much credibility as Kris Boyd .

  29. Coneybhoy,


    Brendan was given over 30 million to spend.


    Check it out.Its all there.

  30. Where else in the football world, would a club, any club, pay £25-30 mill for a 29 year old injury prone Danny Ings?


    And yet that is just what Aston Villa have just done.

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