Warning from 2012


A whole lot of hard work in this season’s title race was done since last we gathered at Celtic Park.  Six goals scored, two each by Mooy, Maeda and Kyogo, and two conceded were enough collect four points and maintain our 9-point lead at the top of the table.  Even more impressive is that this was achieved with the fog of illness hanging over the squad.

Kilmarnock at home has been a banker for generations of Celtic fans.  In 82 home meetings since a loss in 1955, Kilmarnock have gone home with a win only once.  That defeat came when Celtic were on a multi-season high, just a few days after a 2-1 defeat in Barcelona and 10 days before winning the return leg by the same margin in the 2012-13 Champions League.

The SFA’s current Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan, was ref that day, awarded the visitors a penalty and ruled out a Celtic goal.  Them’s the breaks, I suppose.

Players are not machines and there will be an inevitable drop in adrenaline since the festive results.  I have no doubt the same happened in games around our Champions League matches in 2012, opening the door for an historic Kilmarnock win.

Kilmarnock’s recent form is matched or bettered only by the top three in the table and, interestingly, Dundee United.  Derek McInnes has done well to gain promotion and slowly build results in the Premiership.  He has been to Celtic Park many times and knows how to win there.  There are reasons for us to be concerned.

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  1. Kiss of death perhaps but not too worried about Kilmarnock. Got beat 4-0 at Tannadice recently.


    They are dangerous on plastic but only have 2 or 3 points on grass

  2. He has been to Celtic Park many times and knows how to win there.






    I can only recall once as a manager, and I might have that wrong.



    Last game of the season when we were lifting the trophy. The true dead rubber game.




    Good afternoon all from the Shipbank.






    enjoy yourselfs and raise a toast for Frank McGarvey.

  4. Paul67



    I remember similar articles before the 2012 loss and ones like this since. Statistically we are big odds on to win tomorrow.



    Did someone give you a rotten Killie Pie when you were young?😁



    McInnes is not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Have you been drinking my rid biddy Paul 67


    What a load of codswallop.


    Don’t actually know what codswallop is, but c’mon


    Paul ? I know there’s raising interest in a blog, that


    was bad.


    Maybe try the bug thing again.


    Cicadasareus CSC


    H H. Mick

  6. Aleksandar Tonev was branded ‘controversial’ by the SMSM, after largely unproven allegations of an on field remark.


    I can only imagine the prefix they will have ready for big bigot Lafferty

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Kilmarnock are absolute garbage.



    Not saying we should underestimate them but we should be looking to further add to the gaol difference.



    Watch out for our dodgy penalty when we are three up……

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Title race” – oh dear!


    Why not go all in and call it an old firm title race…….


    I think we have moved on a bit from 2012,Paul. If we are worrying about facing Kilmarnock at home under Ange Postecoglou then there must be something going on I don’t know about!

  9. Do we know the bug that infected Lennoxtown?


    Have players got it out of their system?


    Did it also effect the B team players?


    Any more oriental signings?

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you for that , actually I have fish every day of the week.




    Sad old Aussie joke, Big Jimmy style.


    H H. Mick

  11. Malachy Duffin on

    I realised that there is always a bug in or around the Celtic team when they drop points to Newco, strangely enough these bugs manifest around matches, where if Celtic won the title race would effectively be over.



    I’m going to refer to it as the “Lets continue to keep the title race interesting bug”

  12. onenightinlisbon on






    You might be right, let’s have a head count in the morn.




    We should not even contemplate dropping points at home to such dross.



    McInness is a one trick pony of a manager as well…

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    Got wee Grace all next week down at Mornington beach, what


    a handful, right papa, do this, you’ve had a rest now papa, get


    the surfboard, right papa let’s go.


    For goodness sake Grace, can gran no dae sumthin ?


    She’s sunbathing papa.


    Women rule ok.


    H H Mick

  14. I have grand kids over from England for a wee break.


    One being a West Ham and the other a Manure fan.


    Consequently, I’ve seen a few EPL games recently.


    Yesterday I saw Man City struggle against a weakened Chelsea side.


    Unimpressed, although I’ve admired City’s play in the past. De Bruyne is arguably the best midfielder in the UK atm, and Haaland is everything we would like in Giakomakis.


    West Ham seem to be floundering under the management of Moyes. Some talented players but poorly organized and certainly poorly motivated.


    Anyway. To the point.


    With our resources, support, worldwide appeal and organization we would at least hold our own in the top half of the EPL.


    Never mind the HunVAR application debate, let’s get the hell out of this bigoted football backwater, run by biased officials.

  15. Just thinking !!!!!


    With a load of EPL managers jackets on a shoogly nail, is it not time Celtic upped Ange’s contract BEFORE, they come calling????


    No point in waiting for him to be approached before offering more is there. If that were to happen Ange would just ask, why did you not offer me more before EPL Clubs forced your hand.


    I’ve said before, Ange is a very , very ambitious man, so we should be meeting him with the same ambition methinks




  16. Both Celtic and Sevco are likely to drop points to a surprising appointment sometime between here and May. It is statistically an outlier when these clubs drop points only to each other.



    There is no particular reason to expect that it will be Killie at CP when we drop points.



    But equally, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be them.



    Whenever it happens, we need to be resilient and go on another winning run.



    P.S.- I think we’ll safely gub them but I have been wrong many times

  17. Prestonpans bhoys on

    McInness knows home to win at CP? I’ll take your word on that, I assume we are talking about a single victory 🧐



    Anyway I will not lose sleep tonight, a few pints tomorrow and enjoy an expected victory. If it doesn’t happen then that’s football…..

  18. If anyone has caught the Alistair Johnston interviews recently you should be impressed by his demeanor, positive attitude and obvious delight at being at CP.


    Let’s hope he continues as he has started.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Ok bhoys time for some sleep, still wondering who’s


    dancin with my old partner in the Shippy.


    BIG JIMMY 2 to 1 on.. BRRB if sober 5 to 4 BELMONT BRIAN 7 to 1


    the rest, non runners or nae chance 🤪


    H H. Mick

  20. KingLubo



    It is hard to escape the notion that the most valuable asset we have in our squad is Ange himself and increased pay is fully deserved but….



    If he goes to the EPL or anywhere else, it won’t be for financial gain IMO. He has been given a chance late in life to prove himself in a 2nd tier league having been dismissed, with typical condescension, as a backwater coach in Japan and Oz.



    He has a small window in his life to test himself to see what he can do with a serious challenging squad. For that reason, I think he will only leave us for two scenarios.



    1) A top 6 club in one of the bigger leagues with serious CL potential, or



    2) A club in Greece to honour his father.



    I cannot see him being tempted by a perennial mid-table or bottom dwelling outfit, just for the money.



    So, while Celtic should reward him, we can never pay him enough or as much as the cash rich clubs are.



    The question we will have to face is how do we move on from Ange when he does go. Where is the next Ange/Howe/Rodgers/Potter type. to carry on this work?

  21. Paul; these ‘banana skin’ articles are becoming your editorial ‘stock-in-trade’ or pre-matchday mantra.



    If our richly assembled squad and Antipodean game plan can’t beat Killie at home, we’re on the wrong path. Barring bugs, we should win by 2 clear IMO [note; I said the same about the currants game too].





    ‘The question we will have to face is how do we move on from Ange when he does go. Where is the next Ange/Howe/Rodgers/Potter type. to carry on this work?’




    Isn’t that what Mr Kewell was brought here for. The Aussie version of Steevie G; a one-man succession plan.




    Finally sat down to watch Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ tonite; lasted 52mins but, shee, so far it’s kinda like a v-e-r-y slow advertorial for Van the Man’s jaunty back catalog!!

  22. It’s worth bearing in mind that better Celtic sides than the current one have been beaten by poorer sides than the current Kilmarnock one.



    Best not to get complacent.

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