We hired a builder


When looking for a new manager, Celtic usually try to fix the biggest shortcoming the previous guy had.  In May 2019, Neil Lennon’s biggest asset was his “eye for a player”.  There were other attributes. he twice got Celtic into the Champions League group stage where he delivered some of the most memorable nights in our European history, but Celtic’s decline started with his predecessor’s inability to sign quality players after the arrival of Scott Sinclair.

When it fall apart last season, Neil seemed unable to imagine how to organise a squad that was performing significantly below the sum of its individual parts.  Apparently simple tasks, like how to organise at defensive set pieces.  The answer to that particular question was Eddie Howe.

Howe took a team of lowly £17m misfits and marshalled them into a very solid unit.  He also had other attributes, but that ability to defend a corner kick was very convincing.

I spoke to Peter Lawwell soon after Brendan Rodgers left and again after Neil Lennon’s departure.  Neither Neil nor Eddie fitted the bill he was initially looking at.  On this occasion, Ange Postecoglou fits perfectly.  Technically proficient, capable of withstanding the intensity of our game, with an ability to make us a far better team three years out than we were when he took over.

It’s that last attribute we recruited yesterday.  Neil and Brendan both left teams that were poorer than two years previous.  We hired a builder.

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  1. Watching Italy V Turkey. Quick question, did Giorgio Chiellini not make his debut for Italy V Brazil in 1970?

  2. CELTIC40ME on 11TH JUNE 2021 4:57 PM



    A good post.



    imo we need to be more democratic,more open and better at shareholding housekeeping.With approxiamately 20% shares not updated we need our registars tidied up.




  3. celtic40me on 11th June 2021 4:57 pm





    Excellent post.

  4. Scullybhoy – I was actually wondering if Chiellini played for Juventus against us in 2001.

  5. SonsOfErin on 11th June 2021 8:28 pm



    Scullybhoy – I was actually wondering if Chiellini played for Juventus against us in 2001.





    Honestly, cannot say. But, a true story. I flew over for the game. When I got home 4 lads who should have been on our flight – drank a bit too much in advance of going to the airport – turned up and told too late so booed a flight to Aberdeen. Got to Aberdeen and got a taxi to Glasgow! Got in after half-time. I think that story is true. At least it used to be.

  6. Have a losing season is not the end of the world – it is sport and there will be ups and downs.



    What is important is how you react and come back!!!



    We have appointed a new manager. We will rid ourselves of some players. We will bring in new players.



    The club deserves the chance to regroup & rebuild. It will get that chance by all but the very few.

  7. JHB on 11TH JUNE 2021 6:06 PM



    Thank fuck your not the manager, first day on job youd be telling the players to not bother turning up, so transparen it’s funny.



    Realism is the clubs with the biggest budgets can buy the best players in their respective leagues. Celtic have the most money and the biggest wages available in scotland, as such it’s not unreasonable to think we can mount a serious league challenge. In fact I would be disappointed if we dont.



    I can beleive Arge is shite based on negative stereotypes about Asian football from people who have never saw his skills at work (us) or I can look to those who actually know something about the man and are more informed than us. He is clearly held in high regard by many successful football people.




  8. Unfortunately, forced to watch Italy game on BBC. Half-time – hate criticizing ex=footballers, but Alan Shearer? – what a ~~~~~. Remember how he kicked NFL in the face? What a dumb person! Oh, well – brilliant striker – but still a p####.

  9. Italy v Turkey gemme is poor entertainment so far but the English commentary team are dire. I presume these characters are supposed to be broadcasting to all BBC TV areas but all they can talk about is England and the EPL. Pathetic.

  10. PARKHEADCUMSALFORD, I agree, lasted 20 minutes on BBC1, then switched to my German cable TV feed.


    To be fair the German commentary team also regularly mentions Germany and the Bundesliga but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to bother me as much.

  11. Jinkyredstar on

    Looked like the only way Italy would score – lot of nice football with not a lot close in (like some of our games last season)


    Should get at least one more against the Turks, but there is always one chance fir the underdogs!

  12. How many commentating cliches can Jermaine Jenas fit into a single game. He’s going for a personal best tonight.

  13. Celtic Mac on 11th June 2021 9:30 pm



    Italy 2-0





    Funny, we had a guy with the same name last season










    Just one?

  14. See that bit in walk on when us the fans start singing and you get that lump in your throat when the applause goes up after the first verse? I you tubed a few of such occasions to remind myself , I recommend we all do the same and stop the moaning and whining. GB and some other Celtic supporters! brilliant backing of the team when watching and winning 👏 absolute disdain when things go rough. Maybe just maybe they would have appreciated the support during the shitshow of the last year., might not have won the league but I doubt it would have been such a margin in favour of der Hun. I beleive all connected to Celtic including the fans have to take some responsibility. HH

  15. Hi Bhoys



    Just watching the news and the queen meets the g7 leaders report shows a clip with her saying to the press “are we supposed to look as though we are enjoying it”.



    I wonder if the people on benefits with not enough money to feed their kids are enjoying it,.



    These people just have no idea. I can’t type what I want or I’ll get a red card.




  16. jackiemac on 11th June 2021 10:21 pm



    never scullybhoy














    nigh night y’all







    Teaching the world how to break free – rebels at heart.



    JHBandErnietheegoslavestotheunionjack CSC

  17. MARTIM1980 on 11TH JUNE 2021 7:56 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 11TH JUNE 2021 7:45 PM




    You could argue the courts have been a riot for them🤣





    and costly for us all to keep sir hunner of pences name out.The compensation will be a lot more.Did you see the figures suggested in compensation to ahmed etc? some still think it can un-happen.it cant.






  18. St Stivs



    Did they not trash Chesterfield too? texaco cup, 70s again.





  19. What a truly awful lead article and one that ignores the actuality of managing Celtic with PL in the big chair.


    Blaming our regression on BR is hilarious- I’ll alway be angry how/when he left but it’s clear he was undermined almost from the beginning and it is unarguable that he brought a set up and professionalism to the place we hadn’t seen for some years and that has been pissed up against the wall since he left.


    So the wonder manager/builder we have just announced is so brilliant that we spend 2 months or so getting a quote from someone else – and if it takes home 3 yrs to build a team why did we not hire home 2 yrs ago – he would have the basis of a strong fit team and the time to build it better.


    A truly awful article that lacks credibility and show the author ina poor light in my view – it’s a bit like listening to McCoist or Durham Talksport – there are so blinkered and so one sided that there view has no value – sadly the author of that piece may be going the same way.

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