Whitewashing in the age of Judicial Reviews, fans united, we’re gonna do it anyway


Mike Ashley’s petition for a Judicial Review of the processes the SFA followed when finding Dave King fit and proper to run a football club is a lightbulb moment. The decision, taken by the SFA board, was not unanimous. I am sure some pointed to King’s enormously controversial past and alerted supportive voices of the potential for trouble ahead.

The dissenting voices were voted down, but just like Heidi Poon, their unwelcome guidance will ultimately be found to be assured.

What Ashley has demonstrated is that anyone can ask for a Judicial Review. CQN’ers could ask for one into the scope, probity and remit of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, for example. I discussed this some time back with an advocate who suggested we hold tight.

The SFA and SPFL must tread carefully, they are no longer in control of events. It would be wise for them to wait until the Supreme Court appeal notification deadline passes before choosing any path.

In the meantime, whoever decided to fan the flames by launching the “no appetite” blocking strategy should calm the waters. There is enormous appetite to look into what many within and outside of Scotland are calling the biggest cheating scam in British sport.

People are angry right now, not at the cheating they have suspected for years, but at the authorities attempt at whitewashing.

There are demonstrations and boycotts being discussed. Millions of words have been written.

Groups of Celtic and Hearts fans are becoming unnervingly cooperative, good grief! See what you’ve done, Mr “No Appetite” man? Supportive understanding is NOT how I usually relate to Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, United or Dundee fans. Even Motherwell fans!

Before we get Labi Siffre records back in the charts…

Before the PPI industry start sending “Is there a Judicial Review you’d like to instruct” recorded messages to our phones….

A calming word from the SPFL, in the first instance, should be issued. All it needs to do is acknowledge the Court of Session verdict, and that the notification deadline for a subsequent appeal has not passed. This would commit to nothing, but it would also supersede the earlier attempt to whitewash, and perhaps allow some to get back to doing their day jobs.

For the record, a whitewash will simply not be possible. The fan-mechanisms, honed in 2012, are fired-up. We’re gonna do it anyway.

On Ashley, I’ve said this before about him, our enemy’s enemy is not our friend. Ashley has good reason to raise legal actions against those who subverted his interests at Newco, but he is not someone you or I would want associated with our football club. Those who campaign to remove his influence from their clubs (including Newcastle) do so with sound reason. Even if their tactics harm their club far more than Ashley.

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  1. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    TURKEYBHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 10:51 AM



    Absolutely ….. The supporters of all other Scottish Clubs will not allow the hunapologists to get away with any ‘nonsense’, as was the case when the SFA tried to parachute them into the SPL ……..Sporting Integrity is alive and well outwith ibrox and the SFA / (Scottish Football) meeja

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I could have been a contender but got sidetracked with one of those trending articles.



    Wonder if I’ll ever get a free iPhone6

  3. Totally agree on Big Mike.



    I like PhilMac’s blog but always find it unnerving how much he talks up Sports Direct.

  4. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Sorry, but I don’t agree with you on Michael ……he entered into a business contract with the then sevco Board …… all above board and perfectly legitimate …….. and, the typically Hun arrogant ming thought he could ‘ walk all over him’ ….fortunately, ming’s ego was to the fore, while his brain was away for a wee holiday back in a South African court…… all power to Michael in HIS pursuit of ‘contractual’ justice……!!!!!!!!

  5. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    TIMALOY29 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 11:42 AM



    Big Mike is going to do what the SFA / meeja are afraid to do ….. This should all have been done and dusted in 2012, with rangers RC consigned to oblivion …… I’ll whisper thi ….SEVERAL OTHER SCOTTISH CLUBS HAVE BEEN LIQUIDATED, BUT THE PROCEDURE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN TAMPERED WITH FOR DERHUN……

  6. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    RC !!!!!!!! ????…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. 67Heaven



    If Big Mike had the keys to Ibrox you better bet they would be the same Rangers with all the history



    He wants King out to protect his investment. His endgame is a new board with two of his guys on there. Not sporting integrity.

  8. Couple of interesting articles sent to me this morning.


    First one is about Eddie Thompson’s daughter at Dundee United. Heart breaking and inspiring tale of her life since her father died.






    Next story is a more sinister tale regarding the Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill.






    Both interesting reads for anyone interested in the wider game in Scotland.




  9. HamiltonTim. Just discovered I cannot make the AGM on 20th. Am I too late to send you my voting card? Do not want to send it for the Chair to vote on my behalf.


    Can you reply to my email address which you have? I appear to have lost your addresses, surface and email. Getting old that is the problem. But not too old to continue to rally to the Celtic cause.

  10. On the athletics scandal I think the cold warmongers are attempting to hi-jack it.


    Daleys documentry led to the finger of suspicion being pointed at athletes from lots of different countries.


    Some iconic UK and American stars being amonst them. The governing body was corrupt too so it a bit rich to blame everything on the currant world scapegoat ,Russia.

  11. Funny enough STV Grant said they didn’t break the rules, I asked him does he think we should revisit the LNS case he said no.



    I sent him the LNS duped article last night, woke up this morning and surprise, surprise he has blocked me.



    Stay focused they are trying to sweep the biggest scandal under the carpet it is not on and I hope we are ready to do battle like 2012 :)

  12. First up guys, thanks for all your kind words on last night’s piece.






    I’m particularly interested in STV Grant and his insistence that they didn’t break any rules. I take it he subscribes to the bizarre Sandy Bryson Theory then? That no actual wrong-doing was doing because we didn’t know wrong doing was being done?



    I’d like someone to point out which part of the SFA constitution reads that none of the regulations and rules set down in it wiill be deemed valid if breaches of them are discovered after the fact.



    To me, irrespective of the tax case verdict, that’s the bit that truly reeks, and gives you the best indication of what the governing bodies think of us. And you know what else? They think the same of the media, because you would only offer an excuse like that up if you knew the hacks were too gutless to challenge it … as appears to be the case.



    Not one article that I’ve read since that ridiculous assertion was offered up has criticised it. Not one journalsit has gone on the record to say “Hey WTF! Are these people serious, or what?”



    We have the most spineless reporterss in Europe save for a precious few, like Mark Daly. He knows what real journalism is, and what its purpose is.



    The rest? They besmirch the whole concept.

  13. The SFA doesn’t do retrospective punishments? So how come players can get banned on video evidence when incidents weren’t dealt with by the officials at the time they happened?



    And how come clubs have been punished for fielding ineligible players in individual games when it only cam to light after the fact?



    All this bs is simply trying to cover up the unwritten law that seems to trump all others . The asterisk that should sit at the top of every set of rules and regulations with a link to a phrase that says “Does not necessarily apply to any club with the word Rangers in its name.”

  14. A glance at my Twitter timeline at any time of day confirms that fans of many clubs are simply not prepared to let this cheating go. I hope everyone sticks to their guns on this because it has a long way to run.



    Meanwhile, here is the latest blog. About the ‘suffering’ we are all apparently experiencing!






    And here is an earlier message for those Sevco fans who feel hard done by…




  15. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    TIMALOY29 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 11:58 AM



    That is a possibility I considered, but Michael was going about his business quietly, and it’s not ming’s intervention which has upset him, and resulted in his ‘visible’ action ….. He is trying to recoup his £5m….!!!! …. He can see what is happening here, and wants his money back before it all goes t*** up for sevco and his plans…..

  16. James Forrest on 11th November 2015 12:18 pm



    James, I logged onto my other account on twitter and I could retweet or favourite his tweets, I then sent a message to all to ignore the media the LNS duped article is the real story, I went back 10 minutes after and he blocked me without reply to that LNS piece.



    I think this is the road we need to go down all fans should demand we revisit the LNS sham.

  17. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    James Forrest …. Some MHAN …..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. James, I’m getting on a bit :-) but I have a memory of STV and Rangers entering into a pact, is this pact still extant I’m wondering?

  19. Bamboo @12.05 hrs.



    I agree that the latest athletics scandal could be politically motivated.



    For example twice suspended US athlete Justin Gatling competed in the 2012 Olympics getting a bronze. But it is his other times that are unbelievable for a man in his thirties.


    Some medical and scientific experts recon that the benefits of previous cheating could potentially last for decades.


    By picking Gatling could the U.S. Olympic committee be endorsing cheating and actually be benefiting from it.? It seems as a minimum they are condoning it.



    It seems that it is not just in Scottish football that the benefits of cheating can last decades. Some may say that both governing bodies have a case to answer.




  20. Regards Mike Ashley, ‘the enemy of our emenies is not our friend…’: I’m afraid, P67, I’d be delighted to buy him a pint and heartily encourage him maintain his present course.

  21. James Forrest on 11th November 2015 12:18 pm



    ‘We have the most spineless reporterss in Europe save for a precious few, like Mark Daly. He knows what real journalism is, and what its purpose is.’






    I once asked him, at a public meeting, why there had been no media comment about the FTT sitting in private.



    He airily dismissed my concerns and assured me that such a practice was commonplace.



    His response showed me 1. that he had no idea what he was talking about and 2. he was a bullshitter.



    I spoke to him after the meeting and correct his understanding of how the tribunal system worked. He then claimed that if the media had been aware of the situation at the time they would have been all over it.



    I wasn’t convinced.

  22. I wish there was a live TV debate on this matter, Question time style, with Auldheid, James Forrest, BRTH and our Clumpany friends going toe to toe with any 4 journalists put up against them. In fact, I’d be happy to pay £50 pay per view just to witness it live.


    Add DJ to the ‘opposition’ benches and I’ll pay double that amount! ….. and I ain’t joking.

  23. Kenny shiels appointed new Derry City manager



    Was on radio today and asked about his time at Kilmarnock , didn’t want to comment too much but did say the Scottish media can do a lot of damage if they want to , he referenced Neil Lennon as someone who was also on the receiving end from them.







    Link to interview if anyone is interested

  24. easyJambo 11th November 2015 at 11:56 am # The current schedule of court cases for your diaries:



    •Charles Green v RIFC – 12/13 November @ Court of Session – re legal costs


    •HMA v Whyte, Withey, Grier, Whitehouse, Clark, Green, (maybe Ahmad?) – 7-11 December @ High Court – further preliminary hearings


    •Sports Direct v Dave King – 9 December @ Chancery Court, London – Contempt of court re disclosure of contract details.


    •MASH Holdings v SFA – 4 February 2016 @ Court of Session – Request for judicial review of the SFA’s FPP decision on Dave King.

  25. Personally, I think that the Guardian are the best bet for honest reporting on this.



    They have made absolutely no reference to the decision on their site. I am hoping that they are waiting for the 2nd of December.



    I think I will contact the sports desk, David Conn, Owen Gibson and Rob Greenslade.

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