Whitewashing in the age of Judicial Reviews, fans united, we’re gonna do it anyway


Mike Ashley’s petition for a Judicial Review of the processes the SFA followed when finding Dave King fit and proper to run a football club is a lightbulb moment. The decision, taken by the SFA board, was not unanimous. I am sure some pointed to King’s enormously controversial past and alerted supportive voices of the potential for trouble ahead.

The dissenting voices were voted down, but just like Heidi Poon, their unwelcome guidance will ultimately be found to be assured.

What Ashley has demonstrated is that anyone can ask for a Judicial Review. CQN’ers could ask for one into the scope, probity and remit of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, for example. I discussed this some time back with an advocate who suggested we hold tight.

The SFA and SPFL must tread carefully, they are no longer in control of events. It would be wise for them to wait until the Supreme Court appeal notification deadline passes before choosing any path.

In the meantime, whoever decided to fan the flames by launching the “no appetite” blocking strategy should calm the waters. There is enormous appetite to look into what many within and outside of Scotland are calling the biggest cheating scam in British sport.

People are angry right now, not at the cheating they have suspected for years, but at the authorities attempt at whitewashing.

There are demonstrations and boycotts being discussed. Millions of words have been written.

Groups of Celtic and Hearts fans are becoming unnervingly cooperative, good grief! See what you’ve done, Mr “No Appetite” man? Supportive understanding is NOT how I usually relate to Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, United or Dundee fans. Even Motherwell fans!

Before we get Labi Siffre records back in the charts…

Before the PPI industry start sending “Is there a Judicial Review you’d like to instruct” recorded messages to our phones….

A calming word from the SPFL, in the first instance, should be issued. All it needs to do is acknowledge the Court of Session verdict, and that the notification deadline for a subsequent appeal has not passed. This would commit to nothing, but it would also supersede the earlier attempt to whitewash, and perhaps allow some to get back to doing their day jobs.

For the record, a whitewash will simply not be possible. The fan-mechanisms, honed in 2012, are fired-up. We’re gonna do it anyway.

On Ashley, I’ve said this before about him, our enemy’s enemy is not our friend. Ashley has good reason to raise legal actions against those who subverted his interests at Newco, but he is not someone you or I would want associated with our football club. Those who campaign to remove his influence from their clubs (including Newcastle) do so with sound reason. Even if their tactics harm their club far more than Ashley.

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  1. VESPACIDE on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 3:20 PM


    RWE re John James,



    Looks like JJ has discovered their cunning plan. Have the SFA and the SPFL ever done anything good for the game itself. I cant think of one damn thing.






    Twenty years and counting in the international wilderness tells its own story. Parasites and not fit for purpose.

  2. MICKBHOY1888 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 2:54 PM


    Maybe someone could also e-mail big Peter and ask him to switch off the digital advertising hoardings which have Radio Clydes logo emblazoned on them at every home game





    Funnily enough I cannot remember any digital advertising during the Molde game. And because of the ridiculous KO time I was unfortunately stone cold sober.




  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    UEFA sponsors different from club matches therefore no Snyde

  4. TIMALOY29 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 1:12 PM



    Personally, I think that the Guardian are the best bet for honest reporting on this.









    They have made absolutely no reference to the decision on their site. I am hoping that they are waiting for the 2nd of December.









    I think I will contact the sports desk, David Conn, Owen Gibson and Rob Greenslade.





    The Guardian are already very well informed but other approaches might just give it an extra push.

  5. Anyone surprised that BFDJ thinks Deadco are winning the tax case 2-1. It sums them up, typical cheating huns. Just like their esteemed glib leader they have no respect for due process and for the rule of law, or for any rules whatsoever.

  6. BT,



    Cheers, but cannot remember any digital advertising at all. Only still boarding adverts which I remember thinking this was unusual.



    Then again, I may be wrong and hallucinating.




  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The ole Sevconian death throes are fillin’ the pockets of the ole Scottish legal profession.



    I expect some of them will be orderin’ TV sets that are even nicerer than ole Philbhoy’s

  8. Auldheid



    Owen Gibon’s response was “Yes. I hope so.” when I asked about them covering it



    So I believe it’s probably on the agenda. To be fair, the FIFA and Athletics scandals have given them plenty to be busy with.

  9. I’m also starting to wonder…how the feck sevco can stagger on, shipping money like it was confetti..


    Huge financial problems, yet here they are, still making grand plans to rule the football world, it is totally bizarre.


    Unless….there are people so warped, as to believe the death of sevco , would be a final victory for Catholicism in Scotland


    Now…I know it sounds mad……..but think about that for a moment.


    What is plain….is the religious zealotry at work….right out of the sermons of John Knox.







  10. I would say that the bloggers are way ahead of the SMSM and the SFA/SPFL on the situations over at Narnia, they are in a stall position, where as the bloggers and Internet bam pots are on code red, and seem to have more answers and logical results, where as thems…..?

  11. Mr D.Murray- was not fit and proper,the former club had already been advised to settle the wee tax case



    he was the one who rolled it out as the former clubs finance policy,he took over £6,000,000 from the former club,he also charged the former club admin fees for setting up the tax evasion schemes.How sweet is that?


    he is not fit and proper though.I mean why would his director Martin Bain(surely not the only one) be shredding documents if this scheme was above board




    interesting the fog generated by reporters eh



    As Russian cheating gets pelters our own wee deviousness and homely meeja bend and buckle so much heads are locked up bums



    it is truly breakdown stuff.



    The new club pending issue a statement regarding the former clubs trophies and we are all meant to move on-my arse.no corporate sponsor will touch this game while this fraud and criminality hangs over our game imo.



    The media themselves have to look at themselves and stop attempting to mould stories and tell us what is going on.Maybe they dont know how?


    i mean not one dissenting reporter during the whole Dave Murray tenure who dissented(ok soz Alf young)


    all lovingly trained and honed to spread the minty good news whilst he was horsing football as a sport in our country.


    little wonder they are squirming,looking to any ex player to justify why they did not write about cheating during Murrays Tenure.They have to explain as a profession what the f… they were doing?


    no wonder there is a clamour for the status quo,everbody is tired of Ebts what its done to rangers international.












  12. I think I’ll go on a shoplifting spree and if I get caught on CCTV I’ll use the hun argument that when I left the shop nobody thought I’d done anything wrong and because I wasn’t apprehended at the actual time of the crime technically I’m innocent!

  13. If JJ is TRFC man with contacts at SFA he might well have the insider track on SFA and he tells a persuasive tale.



    However LNS revisit or a new investigation is not an SFA matter and at the SPFL the club’s are a lot nearer to individual support pressure than the SFA.



    Of course the SFA won’t want another look into how LNS was commissioned or impact of HMRC win but unless that happens clubs are going to feel the heat. Is there anything to stop them bypassing SFA making their own investigation and applying appropriate sanctions thereafter?



    It’s SPFL titles that might form part of a final sanction so it’s SPFL’S choice.



    A wee bit of wishful thinking by JJ or by me?

  14. Yeah…a few at the SFA got questions to answer over their glowing recommendation of the glib and shameless one.


    Cant wait to hear the justifications.


    Total scandal.


    If we let them sweep this under the carpet….we deserved to get shafted.







  15. Mr Regan, did you know that Mr King was described as a man



    “..who will not hesitate to lie if it serves his best interests and should not be believed on any matter unless supported by objective evidence.”



    This is a direct quote from the findings of the South African judge on the infamous SARS case.



    (We always focus on the phrase before that about him being a glib and shameless liar.)



    He tried to claim legal aid in SA for his costs in this case, claiming he was just a golf caddy. Now that must be true, surely?



    From golf caddy to Rangers Chairman – In his own words.



    With sincere apologies to all golf caddies.

  16. Greenpinta



    I appreciate you may not get to Celtic Park as often as you like but digital advertising is not a recent innovation there. Maybe the lack of drink was making you hallucinate or is our attention diverted elsewhere in the stadium.



    Enjoy the adverts




  17. Anybody else cynical about Sepp’s collapse?



    Is he going to avoid trial by claiming he’s too ill?

  18. TIMALOY29



    Sepp wont see a jail…..he will just pay somebody, and it wont happen.


    That’s how these things usually go.


    Too easy.


    So many people love to look the other way.


    That’s how it is.





  19. “…Lance is the inevitable product of our celebrity-worshipping culture and the whole money-mad world of sports gone amok. This is the Golden Age of fraud, an era of general willingness to ignore and justify the wrongdoings of the rich and powerful, which makes every lie bigger and widens its destructive path.”



    Reed Albergotti, Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever –



    The only thing more shocking than the truth are the lies people tell to cover it up…



    The Internet & its Bampots have dragged cosy long standing power structures kicking and screaming into the 21st century.



    When this ridiculously drawn out debacle reaches its final conclusion, will the current structures have any legitimacy in the eyes of the paying customers? I seriously doubt it. So many high profile figures in the game and the media are tainted, more so with each passing week…. What would clear the decks?



    A Truth & Reconciliation Commission?



    Big Changes needed to establish integrity in the Scottish game.


    The sooner the better.

  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta


    GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAtaGreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAtaGreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAtaGreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta GreenpinAta.


    NOT Greenpinta. OK ?




  21. THE GREEN MAN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 4:37 PM









    Sepp wont see a jail…..he will just pay somebody, and it wont happen.





    That’s how these things usually go.





    Too easy.





    So many people love to look the other way.




    That’s how it is.




    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/whitewashing-in-the-age-of-judicial-reviews-fans-united-were-gonna-do-it-anyway/comment-page-4/#comment-2716888








    And Jack Warner will relocate across the short stretch of water to Venezuela (where their is no extradition treaty with US).

  22. So who is this Robertson guy who does the books over at The Rangers? Seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands doesn’t he? Odd when he has a loss making club to look after.



    Still I guess that’s the level of financial scrutiny they are used to

  23. Just got a response from David Conn at the Guardian. Considering he has dealt with many of the “big” issues in football I suggested it would be right up his street.



    His response was, “I agree it is; I have just been too busy to do it properly.”



    What’s encouraging is that there seems to be an understanding that this story is substantial, complicated and can have a hell of an impact. It needs to be done “properly” and not just quickly.

  24. Greenpinata



    That is so funny. :o)))))



    Trying to make an ass out of a name….



    You can call me REW



    Paul Simon CSC

  25. Someone put up a petition for the titles to be stripped.



    Of course I signed it.



    However, the names of everyone who signed are there for all to see.



    Jock Stein signed it a number of times along with a pile of film stars, politicians, cartoon characters and ,imo, a fair few made up names. Oh and Ally McCoist has also signed it.



    Does or will anyone take this petition seriously when presented to them?



    It must be awe they ranjurs fans takin’ the mick.



    Aye thats wit it is.

  26. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    What is fascinating is how the football industry seems to have been completely cocooned since the credit crunch. Ironically especially in Scotland.



    The industry is populated by a litany of con men, scam artists, swindlers . The further up you go the worse it gets. And all subsidiary industies associated with it. TV, media, Agents, Bookies,



    Scottish fans need to get themselves organsied (NOT in an Anti hun witch hunt) but to clean the game and they need to take it internationally. Using the EBT scandal as the platform, basis and inspiration. Nobody out with Scotland gives a monkeys about the huns. Everbody cheats




  27. archdeaconsbench on

    itscalledthemalvinas on 11th November 2015 2:44 pm



    I attended Our Ladys High in Motherwell, Vincent Lunny was 3 or 4 years above me but I know the family well…. Very same as yer man Mitchell. I was astounded of forehead when he got that gig at the SFA.


    Nice enough guy, apparently knows his onions with regards to the law. But fitba fan??

  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Having met greenpinata and him being a cqn regular I’m sure he knows about my excellent spelling

  29. Timaloy29



    Conn is the right guy and he had the story in detail in July but it wasn’t football season – all tennis.



    Had it again in September but Hillsborough came up. The angle in beginning was that Celtic shareholders were trying to make SFA accountable (Res12) and that interested him.



    He/Guardian also got the LNS duping which is now very topical and the sports editor was interested when he got it and the consequences of the HMRC win have made it very topical.



    They are very aware. Trust me.

  30. Tell you what….some young daring apprentice type, could make a fortune over at the circus of horrors.


    Id be willing to bet, that if you took a 100 Litre bucket, and taped the word ‘BIGOTRY’ on to it, it would be full in an hour.






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