Winning Scottish Cup would devastate chasing pack


I know Neil Lennon will have only one thought on his mind this week: Thursday’s Europa League second leg against Copenhagen.  Pushing deeper into this tournament is where the money is for Celtic and delivers prestige on the international stage.  But, I could argue that Sunday’s Scottish Cup quarter final is more important.

With the rest of the league now realising Celtic are on their way to nine-in-a-row, the Scottish Cup has taken on enormous importance.  Reaching the quarter finals of the Europa League will put a few million in the bank and earn more coefficient points, but it changes little from a strategic point of view.  Conversely, winning the Scottish Cup for a record fourth successive season would devastate those hoping that the millions spent trying to catch Celtic was not a waste of money.

Trying to catch Celtic is the most expensive indulgence in football, a point we will explore in more detail tomorrow.

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  1. T29



    He was a mercenary who was paid well for his service and adored at the time. That’s enough.



    We knew this from day 1.


    When he left I was glad we filled in quickly and carried on and the pressure of adapting and completing our third treble.made it all the more sweeter.


    Alas it appears some need a bogey man,br or le merde,to me it’s a tsubo our meeja are only to willing to exploit like Tom English on twatter.stoking it up til they get their Celtic boo story.




  2. Emeraldbee



    Yes looking very likely now – wonder what the new BB’s will be look – thankfully the winning habit hasn’t changed 😀

  3. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Just watched the highlights of the Celtic reserve match…………Soro didn’t put a foot wrong,in fact he didn’t put a foot anywhere.



    highhopes csc

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rock Tree Bhoy – cheers.



    Absolutely hilarious.



    “PR Chief”?



    Here was me thinking he was a sub-contractor.



    Another classic sign of a dysfunctional organisation.



    People writing their own job specs and job titles.



    Rumours that historians have recently discovered that Napoleon had a Jim Traynor complex are unconfirmed.

  5. Ryan Kent + Joe Aribo + Sheyi Ojo + Jordan Jones + Greg Stewart + Brandon Barker = 36 goal contributions across all competitions



    James Forrest = 37 goal contributions in all competitions.

  6. Guys,



    We need to be realistic here. At some point we will be not win every domestic trophy on offer.


    We have just won a historic treble treble, and have made history.



    I have fond memories of the Seville season. Imagine a repeat of that only we win the league cup and the league.



    In a “poorer” football environment European advancement is massive. It keeps our club relevant to a massive audience, it defines our spending budget and it attracts players.



    Let’s be honest here, there is no better night in football than a massive European night at Paradise. It’s where memories are made and legends are born.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  7. Paul67 et al



    If we do manage to progress to the last 16 of the EL, and in theto draw on Friday,

  8. ……then we might just look forward to the Scottish Cup match on Sunday. All the moreso in fact.

  9. Right. This isn’t related to the article but I thought it’d mention it anyway. I was rewatching the Fury fight today and I spotted something which to the best of knowledge NO ONE in the whole planet (or at least the internet) has spotted. After the second round Tyson is sat in his corner and there is a huge glob of vaseline on his chin. During the third round (and just before the knock down) the vaseline is passed onto Wilder’s beard… and then it falls to the ground. Two seconds later Wilder is knocked down and his feet fly from under him (look at it again, it’s a definite slip). He SLIPPED on the vaseline (not that it would have made a huge difference to the fight as Fury was battering him). And I am the only person to have noticed.



    As you were.

  10. Good essay on lenny-br-lenny again









    Good luck to David Turnbull,hope things work out for him tonight.on bench tonight after the transfer injury discovery.



  11. AT- it proved that the medical advice at the time was correct, and a good decision by the Club,good luck to him.

  12. CELTIC40ME on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:44 PM



    I kid you not.


    I would not be surprised if they wait for some kind of world event [a pandemic perhaps?]


    And then sneak the accounts out.


    I am pretty sure somebody performed this kind of action the day after ‘9/11’


    ‘A good day to bury bad news’ was the phrase used.

  13. Bada Bing – thanks for the link to yesterday’s reserve game. Enjoyed watching the brief highlights.

  14. CELTIC40ME on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:08 PM






    That will be every time he opens up a new packet of chocolate biscuits on the sevco house bond expenses..

  15. Adi Dassler ; just back on line reading the comments.


    I see someone else had clarified that it was to avoid the Thurs clash.


    Sorry if I confused you.






    The Onlooker



    !!BADA BING!! on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:42 PM





    Back to- Jabba, the Weinstein of Scottish football…







    Excellent, Bada! What an image.



    Not demeaning anyone that controlling monster assaulted,but the same type of animal

  17. Park Road 67



    Yeah, the BBC released a statement earlier saying Michael Stewart was back ‘available’ for selection (or something along those lines) do to programmes and broadcasts

  18. Oh and we should limit Sky’s air time with our players in Celtic park or anywhere for that matter.



    They are rotten to the core.



    D. :)

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