12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. Got a great feeling about it. Hopefully we get the biggest names. 2 cleen sheet wins in 2 important away games in europe, mature performances by a young team and a dedicated manager. And to be honest, at the end of the day, Wembley would suit our team perfectly next year.



    I just can´t enough, Hail Hail

  2. The Token Tim



    Many thanks. I was wondering how far our coeffiicient had fallen from some of our heady days.


    Anyway pot 4 will do just fine and hopefully the heady days are set to return.

  3. my ratings, what the hell



    Forster – 8


    Matthews – 7


    Wilson – 9


    Mulgrew – 8


    Izzy – 7


    Forrest – 7


    Brown – 6


    Wanyama – 8


    Commons – 7


    Sammi – 8


    Hooper – 7



    Watt – 8


    Lustig – 6 (little time but did no wrong)


    Paddy – 4 (same as lustig with even less time)

  4. Green Lantern



    Love talking about that match – even ‘though it was 42 years ago!



    Some ‘peepul’ might accuse me of being a ‘pub bore’ – but ‘what the h€ll do we care now!’



    …what they think?!



    Wee Bertie – what a player! Skill in abundance, and what a dig!



    Bobby Murdoch ‘masterclass’ indeed! Was at the QF against Fiorentina the month before – in the jungle- we won 3-0, you were probably there as well! Always remember the Fiorentina coach saying that the main mhan in the Celtic team was the sadly departed Bobby! ‘Il pappa’ he called him – ‘the daddy!’




  5. Headtheball,



    according to Bert Kassies we were indeed Pot 2 for season 2006/07 but I think the highest our co-efficient has been was actually the season earlier when of course we had our disastrous Artmedia exit. Co-efficient was over 63 that season as opposed to just over 60 in 2006/07






  6. think del piero would be a fantastic addition. apart from the fact that the lads still got it and is probably fitter than tony stokes, can you imagine how young gary hooper and tony watt would benefit from training every day with such a great player!

  7. Still think Del Piero will join Sion.



    Probably won’t even have to buy a house there (if he hasn’t got one already!) – it’s just a short(ish) hop over the border.




  8. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Tallybhoy. I was in my usual place in the Celtic end that night.



    Interesting comment from the Fiorentina coach. Bobby certainly didn’t get the recognition he deserved in his own country.

  9. Dealt with my post-match euphoria hangover by watching RM v Barca this morning. After last night,it was….yawn.


    I actually heard Crocker on Sky last night say that The Champions League was better for having Celtic in it. And you know what?…..he’s right!


    Some great nights ahead.



  10. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I think signing Del Piero would not be a good thing for the club. He’s 37 and I think the high wage that he would command could be spent more profitably on a younger striker from whom the club could expect longer service and if we had to, could sell on eventually for profit.



    I would like to congratulate Lenny and the team for last night’s victory and for CL qualification. I’m still hoarse and shattered from all the jumping about.



    A big shout to Kelvin Wilson whom I thought was very composed and comfortable throughout the game – I’ve criticised him in the past and I’m hopeful that Kelvin will settle into the club and become a great Celt. Georgios – what a turnaround in a player! Excellent game last night. He ran the legs of the Swedes.



    Bring on the draw! It’s funny, in the past when we qualified I was always apprehensive about the draw and rarely expected us to qualify but this team we have now have some very skilful players and have a number of goal threats in the team. They are a slow burn and developing nicely. I don’t think many of the higher seeded teams will want Celtic in their group.



    Hail! Hail!

  11. Hareide said: “Celtic deserved to go through. The first goal tonight was at least a yard offside. The best teams in Europe are better than Celtic but Celtic will get better.”



    Willie Golum would say a yard is as good as a mile. All the teams in Europe are the best simply because they are better than Celtic. Sounds like it’s one against the rest then. We’ll be fine as long as we can use our own jaykits for goals. I like the odds already!



    H H

  12. ASonOfDan



    If Del Piero has indeed rejected Sion’s offer it is, quite possibly, because he attended a training session and saw Gattuso and Laugherty displaying their silky skills!




  13. my tuppence worth on del piero is I think it would be a brilliant singing for us



    I think just having him train with us would bring on players like Tony watt, Hooper and Stokes but more so kris commons, Dylan MCgeough and even paddy mccourt!!



    The last 3 are our most ‘creative’ players at the minute and to have a master like del piero to learn from could be invaluable to them, granted paddy is not exactly young but i am sure he would still learn from training with such a talent.



    Of course the reservations would be the wages and whether it would hold back players like Tony watt and Dylan McGeough (when fit) but i am sure Lenny is too astute to allow that to happen.



    Anyway we shall see

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    A RANGERS supporter who shouted sectarian slogans at the club’s first match since liquidation has escaped a ban from football matches.



    David Boyd, 25, was fined £500 after he admitted singing sectarian slurs at Rangers’ Ramsdens Cup


    tie against Brechin at Glebe Park on July 29.



    Forfar Sheriff Court heard how construction salesman Boyd was caught by a police officer filming the crowd.



    Sheriff Peter Anderson fined Boyd, of Aberdeen, but said he would not impose a football banning order.



    He added: “It has been said on your behalf that you are deeply ashamed of what you did and so you should be.”



    Boyd was one of six fans who appeared in court over alleged disorder at the Brechin match.



    Billy Brawley, 28, of Glasgow, Andrew Callaghan, 28, of Blantyre, Gordon McKillop, 28, of Largs, and Derek McCreadie, 22, of Wigton, denied offensive behaviour charges.



    Gordon McLean, 31, of Glasgow, denied a charge of being in possession of a lit smoke canister.



    They were banned from attending matches ahead of the trials.

  15. godblesstommyburns on

    if we do sign Del Pierro can we also please sign alex clelland to have him fall on his arse as DP turns him inside out as half time entertainment?

  16. KDC happy enough with most of your ratings but brown was def worth a 7 while izzy was def our weak link last night. He looked very nervous and hasn’t got back to the form he showed 2 seasons ago. Brown was very sharp in the tackle early in the game and helped us get a foothold when we started quite nervously.

  17. theweegreenman


    12:57 on


    30 August, 2012


    If McMoist is to receive a punishment from the SFA, what will it be??



    Do they send him to the bus stop at away grounds? What?




    Section 7 para 8 of SFA rules state that managers given a touchline ban in Div 3 are to watch from outside the perimeter wall.


    S 7 para 9. (b) states that in certain circumstances an organge box can be used for the short of arse.

  18. Sir Paul…



    Whit Ah am aboot tae Write.. is Maist Cogent.. and Apropos..in light o’


    Celtic’s Superb Defensive Record… which hiz bin . well.. Recorded…


    in the recently completed..


    FOUR.. Euro League Qualifiers..




    There is a Insidious Tactic…that kin be employed.. and it…. is.. Boy!.. it sure IS~…


    and it is .. This..



    Tell a Lie.. Over and Over,again.. Well.. Over and Over.. Again!..



    and .. The Peneral Gublic.. wull ..



    No only Come tae Believe it..






    If They Be Celtic Supporters..



    They wull be convinced that they ur NO hearing a Lie..



    Fur.. they wull be naively Convinced that they hid though o’ it,Awe By Themselves



    But, of Course..



    You and I know that They DIDNAE!



    Ah suppose,roon aboot noo..ye wull be waaantin’ an example.. o’ wanna these ..”Lies”??









    Here it is..



    “Celtic, need a Commanding.. C.B… they ur in dire need o’ a “Presence”.. in their


    Defense. Their Present Complement o’ Center Backs are woefully Suspect, when pit tae the test.”



    In Ma .. Not sae humble opinion..



    This is a Damn Lie…



    Oan the Contrary… Celtic..



    DON’T NEED ANITHER .. Mair Commanding C.B. .. at awe..



    They are weel.. Set . in that Capacity.. Already..



    Am Ah makin’ masel .. Clear, oan this??



    Fuggettaboooit.. this Cockamamie .. Propaganda…and that,really is awe that we are


    being bombarded wi’



    We are Fine.. regarding oor Present Cadre of C.B.s



    Wilson, is a very Handy Fill- In.. Rogne,is a Wonderful Prospect.. Charlie is..well..


    A Darlin’ Bhoy!



    Sure, we kin alwiz use Anither.. C.B.



    But.. as faur as needing..






    Well, let me Mak Masel’ plain.. oan this..



    Wan o’ They ThingamyBobs….is Not Required oan.. This Voyage.



    Aboard the Guid Ship Celtica!



    And ye Kin



    Quote Me..oan that.. as long as ye spell Ma Name right





    Still , Laughin’

  19. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I am pretty sure we have never made it to Pot 2 in the actual CL draw.



    I seem to recall much wailing from Paul67 the year of the Artmedia debacle as we were guaranteed Pot 2 that season if we had made it through the qualifier ???

  20. The lineup for the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League group stage is complete and will feature an impressive 12 previous winners of Europe’s premier club competition as well as three teams making their debut in this phase.



    Eleven of the past champions were among the 22 automatic entrants, a number subsequently swelled by the progress of Celtic FC through one of this week’s ten play-offs



    From the UEFA website no less

  21. Godblesstommyburns




    Now that was funny- so funny Only An Excuse done a sketch with Del Piero leading Chick Young a merry dance during a spoof interview-“where’d he go ?”

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Mulgrew as a centre back. NO in fact NEVER



    Wilson was very good last night but he needs carefully managed due to shin splits.



    Hail Hail

  23. Green Lantern



    Bobby was voted the Football Writers’ player of the year in 1969, and he was the 3rd Celtic player to win it after Caesar (1965) and Ronnie Simpson (1967). The only Lisbon Lions to have won it! A scandal! Jinky, Bertie, Bobby Lennox…never won it!



    Bobby won, if I remember correctly, all of 12 caps for Scotland! Of course, at the time, there were far better players playing for a now defunct club!



    Always remember Pat Crerand saying once (he was still at Celtic at the time), how a Scotland squad was announced which included 12 players from thon deid club! He did wonder what the point was, because only 11 could have played!




  24. Not so sure about the idea of Del Piero, except that he could be a really useful coach/mentor, as we’ve never really had anybody that has been an attacker at the highest level to pass on their knowledge.



    I’d rather we stuck with the model we’ve adopted, although I think it would be nice to see him play in The Hoops.

  25. Congratulations to Neil, the coaches and the team! It really is brilliant being back in the Champions League, getting excited looking at the different teams in each pot, wondering who we will get, missed all that….. Personally I hope we get a ‘Battle of Britain’ so any English team from pot 1 for me. Sure, it will be difficult on their ground, but so would any of the other pot 1 teams, and I would fancy taking points of any of them at our home, with our amazing fans behind the team! The hype could even be matched by the game itself. Then I would hope for Braga or Schalke from pot 2, (away draw a real possibility as well as the home win) and Anderlecht, Lille or Olympiakos from pot 3, Would really fancy the home win against any of those 3. Whatever the draw though,its great to be there, and the money from that plus the 6M for squad player Ki, should mean we only sell players who want to move, and can keep whoever wants to stay. Long term vision is the key here, not short term gain. Its a good day today!

  26. Last night’s performance gets better in the memory as each hour passes but there were times when we seemed to be slipshod with passes and losing out to them in 50/50 balls.


    However, I can tell you don’t want me being an ole misery guts so second half was comfortable and we could have scored a couple more.



    I don’t mind particularly who we get though I’d prefer not to see “Battle of Britain” headlines..at least not until the quarter finals (assuming one of the teams from Foreign gets through).






    there is a poster on the Guardian’s report of last night’s game called Alky71 (quite possibly it’s Alka) who finishes his/her/its post with “thumbsup”



    Is there something you are not telling us? If not, perhaps you should be offering him/her/it a square go on the grounds of copyright infringement. Are you up to the virtual physicality of it all?

  27. My Dear,dear,dear,friend.. AikiBhoy



    Hiya, pally?



    It’s Great tae Greet and Meet, ye~



    Wonderful Observo.. Pal..



    Yep.. Tony, is like a Breath o’ Air Freshener.. in a Smoke filled Room~



    He.. Is a Splendid Prospect..



    And he is Mair that ready fur First Team Duty..



    And… check that..



    Ah Shoulda said..









    Fuggetaboot.. this..



    Dundee United Kid..



    He is Not required…



    Besides, we hiv Bettah Young Prospects than He is.. coming thru oor ranks..






    Denny Johnstone, for instance..



    Yep.. Pal.. You are so right..



    Tony Watt, sure made a Very Inspiring and Valuable addition tae oor


    Strike Team in his First?? European Confronto..




    Ah Luv Tony.





    Yer pal..who likes ye , already



    Still, Laughin’…of course.

  28. Anyone else think the whole seedings process looks strange when the champions of the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga could all be in the same group?



    Sure they won’t end up together but it seems to defeat UEFA’s object somewhat.



    Hope Celtic get RM, Schalke and Olympiacos…

  29. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    The Token Tim,



    Then I am sure that you are indeed correct – Bert Kassie mistakes are about as rare as Rangers FC (defeased) tax payments…