40 years since an iconic striker youth graduate


Notwithstanding we had four strikers isolating and that under most circumstances, four strikers would be sufficient, the games against Hibs and Livingston highlighted a long-term problem.  Celtic have been able to produce wingers, defenders and midfielders who have become first choice starters in the first team, but we are unable to produce a striker.

In the last 20 years, Craig Beattie is arguably our most successful striker-graduate from the youth system (gulp), and he moved on having scored 13 goals for the club, the kind of return Leigh Griffiths may have hoped for in a month, a few years back.

Gerry Creaney made his debut 31 years ago and spent a couple of seasons as a regular starter, before eventually playing Premier League football for Manchester City (it was a different world back then, kids), but Gerry was nowhere near a top performer at the club.

It is now over 40 years since the last iconic striker, Charlie Nicholas, came through the youth system to electrify Celtic Park for three seasons.  He returned for a five-year spell later, when he largely stood on the same spot every 90 minutes, before working out some deep therapeutic issues as a media pundit in later years.

40 years and we were unable to produce a striker with the talent of Leigh Griffiths, despite many changes in coaches, systems and first team budgets?  This sounds unlikely.  I suspect the opportunities afforded to the young Leigh at Livingston were denied to hundreds of Celtic youth strikers.


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  1. Big Wavy,


    Nice of you to own up your stupidity..Your ludicrous “Racist”remark,only compounds it.You really are an arrogant arse,skin off it or not.

  2. Exhibit A Racist.



    ‘TURKEYBHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:34 PM



    Big Wavy,



    What shame.I made a right few Bob selling Bananas outside the Jungle that day.



    Enterprise it was called,enterprise.’

  3. SAINT STIVS on 18TH JANUARY 2021 8:08 PM






    The comment from Neil, “what has andy every done for celtic”, I am sure Lenny knows he was top scorer in centenary season, and that will hurt his ego big style.



    *he lived aff of Macca.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    I also think we’ll be contractually obligated to provide someone to Sky, even a talking parrot with a scarf😱

  5. WOW! ‘Operation Hide Lennon’s Press Conference’ is in full flow I think!… 🤔🤨



    I have only been able to find ~4 minutes of footage so far, even using different browsers and YouTube! I also have seen plenty of ‘Celtic’ (sic) sites espousing their negative views on Neil Lennon’s Press Conference. I stopped viewing the first one after ~10 seconds of negative rhetoric, and ~2 seconds from the second one who didn’t say anything but opened with a laugh. I also haven’t seen any full links on here either… (Apologies if I missed it or the Admins removed it.)



    Now here’s the thing;… I can think for myself and would like to form my own opinion based on the full conference, but so far it is not available to me.






    WHY is the media, or establishment, or Government, (or God forbid, Celtic PLC), restricting my view on the full conference, yet allowing easy access to anything that will encourage me to form a negative opinion of Neil Lennon and Celtic? 🤔



    I am forced to come to the opinion that there is some form of Censorship or Media Manipulation going on here… That is NOT in the true best interests of any of the genuine Celtic Supporters who frequent this site! (The others can all go and… Well, you know the rest! 😊)



    What I will say is that regardless of our results, I am full-square behind Neil Lennon for his controlled anger in hitting back at the SMSM and the Scottish Government! 🤬😊.



    It is a crying shame that our board have not Had the balls (or the will?) to tackle issues like Res12, 5WA, LNS and clear and continuing refereeing bias, in the manner that Neil Lennon has given the SMSM and Scottish Government this wonderful and fully-deserved broadside!






    Neil Lennon Unlikely you will read this, but wherever this crazy Celtic journey takes you, you will always be a Celtic Hero to me, and may God Bless you in all that you do! 😊



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail,



    Yours in Celtic, 😊 🧣 🍀



    TB&F. 😊




  6. spikeysauldman on

    David 66



    From a dark and wet up the other end of Royston Road



    Has anyone ,who has defended Lennie’s right to call out the msm or gov, said we should stick by Lennie as manager (even until the end of the season) ??



    Its the hypocrisy and bias thats pissin some folk off. Not neccessarily defending the trip itself.



    I doubt that there is concerted effort at deflection. Nothing deflects from the obvious on the park.

  7. stpatricksbhoy on

    Well said Neil ,the PLC board don’t have the guts to call out the MSM or the bigots in Holyrood who detest us and anything that has Catholic or Irish connections. PL hang your head in shame. Hail Hail.

  8. Just watched the Lennon interview. He is absolutely spot on – Its an absolute disgrace the way celtic have been used as a scapegoat for incompetent government, football associations and media idiots.



    If we are really concerned about outbreaks – stop all travel and stop all sports until the trend in under control .

  9. The last ban on Sky was really good…..Fat Jabba getting hunted….he didn’t work for Sky

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    I actually agree with most of what Neil Lennon said today.


    I cannot defend the Dubai trip as I think it was wrong.


    However if we have proof of SG complicity and sleeketness then Neil should not have had to face the press alone. A club legal adviser should have been sat beside him.



    The genie is out the bottle on this one.




  11. Was thinking about Ajer, a la, a converted midfielder to centre back. Many clubs over the years have converted players from other positions to centre back.




    McGuire…….Man Yoo









  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I agree with Lenny 100% just not his delivery ..



    I’ve always wanted Celtic to call them out , they made a half hearted attempt after the handball in Scottish cup semi but with their behaviour re 5wa , res12 , fans personal data during offensive behaviour debacle and general double standards the timing is all wrong .


    Lenny not going down in the media without a fight

  13. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 18TH JANUARY 2021 8:30 PM






    And if we have been misled or lied to by Scottish Government as we are suggesting then let’s have the proof.



    Why is PL not coming out defending us?



    Oh, …..

  14. Celtic board MUST back Neil in the next 24hrs with clear evidence of what he has stated


    Bankier is a qualified lawyer- surely he can open his bunker gub to defend Celtic for once, instead of denegrating the fans of Celtic

  15. Ajer can play right back for the next 10 years for Celtic if he will stay, Captain material as well, pacy tall decent on the ball, by necessity we have found his position, the problem will be getting him to stay.

  16. ST TAMS on 18TH JANUARY 2021 7:21 PM



    I have seen 3 different clips.


    I agree with the majority of what he said. But most of this should have been said by the CEO and weeks ago .



    St Tams, I agree with what you say up to the timeline…..we should have called all this out many, many years ago and certainly in the last number of years during our period of dominance. There was no need to say it every week but a message relayed at regular intervals eventually hits the spot.

  17. Right or wrong, A Celtic man through & through, he may not be good enough to manage us, but one of us he certainly is. GBNFL.

  18. Gerry Creaney from Coatbridge was a very stylish player, not an out and out number 9 like Beattie but a brilliant finisher with a lot of flair. Did well at Portsmouth but big money move to Man City didn’t work out. He is a real Celtic supporter and would never have left the club but was played out of position so the crowd got on his back and he was forced out . Never mind on the board, let’s get some more fans on the pitch.