Consequences of Crawford Allan re-refereeing Celtic games


You can set your watch by it.  On Saturday, when discussing the reaction to Celtic’s goal against Hearts, I wrote, “Celtic will face the consequences of Thursday’s decision.”  And how.  They faced a litany of incorrectly flagged offsides at Tannadice yesterday.  The appropriately named Calum Butcher’s studs-first assault on David Turnbull did not received the red card it clearly deserved.  Referees have clearly been cowed by the coordinated reaction since Thursday evening.

Despite one over-eager pundit on Sky Sports, TV pictures of the goal on Thursday were inconclusive.  Celtic were denied a good goal when they met Hearts earlier in the season in a game they would go on to lose.  Clearly wrong decisions happen every week, commonly at some grounds.

However, the outrage over this particular incident tells you all you need to know about how Scotland works.  The assistant referee who judged the goal good has had his religion and heritage explored online, the media have had a feeding frenzy and SFA Head of Referee Operations (HoRO), Crawford Allan, chose to depart from protocol to say that in his opinion, Celtic were advantaged.

Allan’s intervention in this incident is without precedent.  He was not running the line, nor on the Review Panel, therefore he is not competent to comment on the incident.  When asked, a passive response is all that he is entitled to give.

Instead, he ramped up the pressure on his officials when refereeing Celtic, permitting the officiating we witnessed at Tannadice yesterday.  Perceived injustice rattling about a media echo chamber that drew in the SFA HoRO created a false impression that Celtic unfairly benefit from referee mistakes.

Crawford Allan’s job is not to re-referee Celtic games.  His position gives him a responsibility to comment on specifics with propriety.  I have no prior beef with him, he may otherwise be an excellent HoRO, but you knew, and I knew, there would be severe consequences for Celtic for some in the media deciding they ‘got away with one’.  He should have known the result of stepping outside this remit to pour some petrol on the flames.

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  1. Dear Sir,



    I think you wil find that a succesful defense of trees planted, grown, and never have been subjected to attendance at mass, has been falsely reported as a large catholic mass.

  2. them bliddy political parties in parliament, doing that block voting thing, whits that all about.



    political parties.



    get them.








    Smiling face with sunglasses








    Get this cunt so far tae fuck, it’s beyond a joke that the Celtic board are even thinking about appointing him


    Quote Tweet






    · 4h


    Video 2 tells of a supporter who was arrested then visited by police officers who attempted to recruit him as an informant. Bernard Higgins defended this practice on Sky News, putting football fans in the same category as organised criminals and terrorists in his response No entry signMan, bald

  4. prestonpans bhoys on




    First time , well apart from being at the game, have I seen that. Game set and match, what would our double surnamed SFA officials say😱

  5. The unionist arse licking George gallloway cult has many monikers on many now just how brown?



    The most opined yet inactive in our club.




    George galloway ffs,geez yir lou macari shoite.its laughably sad you spend time making it up.



    Refugees are most welcome.from them Celtic grew.

  6. SS- it absolutely sickens me that our Club, facilitated these animals in uniform, to use our support for target practice, truly disgusted.

  7. Bada.


    There was a good hour on acsom charity thingy with fac chap and celtic fan groups.laid out the story.a good hour.



  8. Quelle surprise! Dave King sticking up for Chris Sutton, free speech & the right to express contrary opinions……thought provoking!!!!

  9. Unsuprising right wing vermin note what right wingers do.


    Who gives a shite what either say in the click bait battle


    I suppose it keeps you from having an existential crisis and vomiting your ff paedo shite


    Run along many monikers today tam?


    Unionist vermin.

  10. Good morning all from a dark and cold Springburn.



    Dave King is a walloper and a liar to boot.



    Probably be on our board soon



    D :)

  11. I hope Celtic don’t overreact over the plastic bottle incident. There was no danger of serious injury to the player. and arguably snowballs are more dangerous.



    Calls for a life ban is totally inappropriate. Any sentence with a ” life” tarrif must be reserved for the most henious and violent acts.



    Perspective and education is the only antidote.



    Imo, our ” new” songbook is more detrimental to our club, team and brand than an isolated plastic container incident.



    The supporter will be punished enough by the impending court case.



    HH to all.

  12. Good morning from a wet and windy North Staffs.


    Red weather warning in some parts of the Emerald Isle – so take care.

  13. Why does CQN promote articles such as this:




  14. HOT SMOKED on 6TH DECEMBER 2021 8:29 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH DECEMBER 2021 6:54 PM







    “Higgins was enforcing SNP legislation introduced to even up the score against Celtic fans.”







    I wholly accept your statement above. What I think you are missing, though —and it is very important — is HOW that legislation was enforced by some of Higgins` officers.







    Higgins was doing exactly what the SNP government wanted him to do.



    Not one SNP politician or official has criticised or queried how the legislation was being enforced, or the legislation itself.



    Higgins treatment of Celtic fans was well know when the SNP were desperately trying to retain the legislation. Every single SNP MSP voted to retain the Act. They would reintroduce it tomorrow if they could.



    It’s the height of hypocrisy for posters on here who propagandise for the SNP to seek to align themselves with the campaign against Higgins. They’re utterly shameless and dishonest.

  15. AN TEARMANN on 7TH DECEMBER 2021 7:51 AM


    Morning David.



    Hope all good in the garden o god :-)







    AT – It is sir apart from this working for a living…boooo



    Hope you are well to.



    D :)

  16. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH DECEMBER 2021 8:48 AM.



    Completely agree.



    In fact how about a campaign to ban all these ” political pygmies” who blindly followed orders from Parkhead.


    Higgens for all his faults was not the organ grinder.

  17. As expected the “debate” about biased refereeing is becoming one about standards



    We complain about decisions against us



    Sevco complain about decisions against them



    Everyone else complains about decisions the old firm get



    Celtic complain the loudest and are cast in the role of aggressor, and get punished appropriately

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    Green Pinata, re bottle thrown at a nonentity who once played for Sevco …



    agree with you on education stance.



    But, IMHO, lines need drawn on certain behaviours carried out by stupid individuals.



    Life bans for coming on to pitch or throwing hard objects at opposition players.



    I know how I feel when Celtic players are targeted.



    Similar to these silly life sentences where someone spends eight years in jail ….



    … if club want to revisit the ban with the individual after, say, 5 years, out with the glare? Fine by me.



    Going back to the education bit, first subject on the learning agenda would be?



    “Barry McKay?



    You’re actually worked up by the presence on the field of Barry McKay?



    Sight of him should prompt a response akin to the old laughing policeman at Blackpool



    Get a life”

  19. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH DECEMBER 2021 8:48 AM



    Just to be clear,I wouldn`t dream of voting SNP but I can see why people who do wouldn`t agree with EVERY policy of their party of choice .



    PS Sorry to those who feel CQN should be exclusively about matters football but I would say, with the possible appointment of Higgins, this IS about to Celtic.

  20. GENE on 7TH DECEMBER 2021 8:37 AM



    Makes you think



    I’m not sure how happy the owners will be with Benitez, talking about getting more control

  21. Hot Smoked,



    CQN has always been more than a football blog. I have learned much from very astute posters about Celtic and beyond.



    However, CQN’s primary rationale is Celtic and all things associated.


    In that context it is perfectly understandable to criticise those who blindly vote to ” even up the score”




  22. Team for Thursday (rest and compete)






    Juranovic, Welsh, Starfelt, Taylor



    McCarthy Bitton Rogic



    Forrest Ajeti Johnston



    Well-earned rest for Hart, CCV, McGregor, Turnbull and Kyogo.




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