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  1. Poor performance tonight but still job done.



    Well done Celtic. Sometimes it only takes playing for a few minutes.



    Even when we are pish we are more than good enough.




    Hail! Hail!




  2. FT – such a poor performance despite the 3 goals.



    Hopefully a rope a dope for the cup final

  3. Aberdeen at their best get beat 3-1 at home against the Champions.


    That is the reality

  4. 100 Points (Record 103), 99 goals (Record 105) unbeaten, 2 games to go plus a visit to Hampden.

  5. cathedral view on

    FT 1-3



    Celtic took 10 mins to settle this nothing game and despite all their huffing and puffing Aberdeen couldn’t score more than one.



    They can count themselves lucky we didn’t bring out A game.



    Looking forward to the cup final now as we will score at least five against this mob

  6. Nice touch from Brendan and team at end.



    Looking forward to McInnes talking pish. If his team gave that kind of effort against Stupid FC. But I suppose it’s difficult to motivate your team against the team your heart desires.




  7. glendalystonsils on

    Players throwing their taps into the crowd. Thought for a minute Brendan was gonny throw his fancy shiny jaikit in as well!

  8. bigbhoy on 12th May 2017 9:40 pm



    Special wee cuddle for Hayes from Brendan. can we read anything into it?




    Aye – Really sorry for telling you not to join Celtic – too late now

  9. great to see players over with the fans, good stuff, some happy wee bhoys and ghirls.

  10. Hey did Derek Mcinnes & The Bottlemerchants really just “take the game to us” in the second half and not make Craig Gordon make a save???

  11. thetimreaper on

    Job done. Broonie missed. Shite performance but it doesn’t matter. Remember that time Aberdeen got stuck into the Huns like that…



    Aye, never.

  12. We missed Captin Courageous tonight.


    I hope he is well rested and ready for the next three games.

  13. That was one of the strangest games I have ever seen from Celtic. The second half was probably the poorest we have played domestically this season.



    Bitton was a good calming influence on the midfield when he came on.



    I can’t believe I was worried after being up 3-0 in 10 minutes… flash back to the sieve

  14. My main concern tonight was to keep our unbeaten record. When we went 3-0 up I reckoned we could trash the sheep. Fair play to them, they have given us food for thought for the cup final.



    One of my huge disappointments this season is how the sheep and mini huns capitulated to Soft Loans Co.



    Well done to TBIG.



    Roll on to Invincible Sunday in Paradise

  15. Starry


    Aye, it sort of does that to you :-)


    Fair play to the hun McGinness tho, he set them up to give us problems tonight, just goes to show how easy it is esp in scotland and when the hun officials are onside it makes it all the easier.


    When you think about our achievements in the last 50 years it’s astonishing.



  16. glendalystonsils on

    SOUTHSIDE on 12TH MAY 2017 9:42 PM


    Celtic players throwing shirts into crowd, are they all leaving?



    AYe……..if you believe the crap you read in the SMSM-))

  17. I think it’s a bonus for us that BROONIE didn’t play tonight …



    Think what them Aberdeen players are thinking now ..



    3-1 defeat without the captain ..



    Up the hoops

  18. We’ll slaughter Aberdeen at Hampden, that was their best tonight one shot at goal in the whole second half..



    They’re pish, their manager is clueless, without McLean managing the 20 mins for them they wouldn’t have laid a glove on us..



    Big hump up the park hoping for knockdowns now qualifies as Aberdeen taking the game to us..



    Jeez oh gimme strength..