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  1. skyisalandfill on

    We are all still go to sleep as Celts and wake up the same, no matter how our opinions differ.



    HH fellow tims

  2. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    I don’t blame Ronny. Nice guy knows the game like a sports reporter


    No experience in Europe


    Had one good year in 5 as a boss



    Our poor performing CEO who has no clue about football selected him to do a role that was clearly outside his experience or remit



    A clearly sackable offence

  3. This is the last time I will address the BS that says that Ronny has had every non-performing player foisted upon him by Peter Lawwell.



    If that were the case and he has accepted that he has no input whatsoever in recruiting players for HIS squad – then he does not deserve to be a Celtic manager.



    Of course it is all BS from the Lawwell/Board- haters – who obviously can’t read simple accounts and could not run a whelk stall.



    Celtic’s wage bill is greater than all the other clubs in the Premiership added together – that’s not a board starving a manager of cash – seems to me that many on here regularly derided ‘Super Salary’ and called him a ‘dud’. me included, when he stumbled around the lower leagues with a wage bill dwarfing all other clubs, yet still couldn’t put a proper team on the park.



    The resources are there, unfortunately at this moment they are not matched by progress in the football department – Ronny has had TWENTY months and has brought in TWENTY-THREE players – yet we appear to be going backwards – losing this league title by default is NOT an option.



    MR PASTRY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2016 10:49 PM



    I think you are absolutely right.


    Nevertheless the Board must take responsibility for this debacle of an appointment.



    And for their failure to take decisive action to correct the mistake when it has been obvious to many of us for quite some time that this appointment WAS a mistake.



    There can be no other conclusion.



    How much longer?





    There are two kinds of responsibility:



    * Direct Responsibility – this is the kind that Ronny and his staff have over all football matters, including current players, new signings, training, tactics and team selection.



    * Absolute Responsibility – this is what the board have over all matters pertaining to the general well-being, professionalism, probity and fiscal and regulatory conformance of the club – they also have to answer to shareholders who invest in the club.



    I am sure there would have bee an outcry, if any decision had been taken to sack Ronny over the past few months, when we could have been on course for a domestic treble.



    He has been given twenty months and four transfer windows, which is reasonable – things are not gelling – therefore I believe that now is the RIGHT and proper time for the board to step in and make a change.



    I don’t think the appointment was a “debacle”, quite the opposite – it was imaginative, a bold move, however not all bold moves work – there is no shame in trying something different.



    What would be a “debacle” is the board not now recognising that we are not progressing and doing something about it.



    I like Ronny, I was on the fringe of a company that he took time to talk to way back when he first started – we were all impressed, and if anyone can give me a solid reason why we should keep him in place, I would certainly consider it.



    I haven’t the foggiest who we would bring in, other than a request to Gordon Strachan to ‘baby-sit’ for the rest of the season – if he could do it alongside Ronny, who knows it may be the answer – I doubt however that Ronny’s pride would allow it.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Mr Pastry,


    how the hell does this back up your argument that the manager chooses his own incoming signings,



    “Celtic’s wage bill is greater than all the other clubs in the Premiership added together – that’s not a board starving a manager of cash”



    Its another argument completely, and only an idiot would try and use it to claim it is evidence that money spent has anything to do with what the manager wanted.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 4th February 2016 4:27 am





    You are being obtuse and twisting my words – suggest that you read it again!!!

  7. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Mr pasty. What has premiership wages for to do with it


    We can’t compete with Maribor , Malmo , Molde, legia , Ross county , Aberdeen Teams on far far less wages than us


    It’s nothing about economics, it’s how we spend our money


    Obsessed with projects to sell to EPL and eye off the ball in riches of CL


    Corporate failure

  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Morning Timland.



    Our manager needs to be removed today.



    It’s time for a quick fix,we need to get over the line


    in the league.



    It’s a bit like when some club down south who are flirting


    with relegation sack their manger bring someone new in


    and get a dead cat bounce.



    Some will say short termism,of course it is,but at this time


    I believe that’s what’s required if we are going to hang on


    to our title.



    Have a great day cqn,will lurk when I can,hoping for


    big news about our club.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “Now if I asked those questions and they asked me why they should answer them”



    I’d sack them, because its their responsibility to keep the shareholders informed, because they are on the board, does not raise them above the shareholders, they in fact are employees of the shareholders and should remember that fact.



    Also I don’t accept your claim that the swissrambler’s musings are in any way the only way to run the business, that you accept that is the only way to run the club does not make it fact, just an opinion so berating other people for not agreeing with you or the swissramblers “opinion” does not make a good argument. If you go through swissramblers article it is full of references to the boards propaganda and statements that appear to be fact but are in essence only opinions/excuses of why they are not doing a better job.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Mr Pastry,


    In fact I am being neither, I have reread it and it is a poor argument to prop up a poorer claim.


    maybe you should read it again, or better still, write it again, this time remove the ambiguities you use to tie up inconsistent logic and tenuous links.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Mr Pastry on 4th February 2016 4:08



    I don’t think the appointment was a “debacle”, quite the opposite – it was imaginative, a bold move, however not all bold moves work – there is no shame in trying something different.






    Agreed. However it turned into a debacle.


    Very much from the off.



    I`m afraid that,for me,there is only one goal in Scottish football. And that is access to the C.L.


    The rest pales into insignificance.


    Unimportant.Irrelevant.Apart from bragging rights which are nice,but only really matter if you have any respect for Scottish footballing institutions.


    I don`t.


    I do understand that others feel differently about the “cups.”


    That`s O.K.



    Ronny has failed.Who could possibly deny that?


    The Board must act. Even at this belated juncture.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Now looking at RD’s previous form, his last team did not start to perform until year 3, so, with that in mind are we shooting ourselves in the foot by ditching him now before his form history kicks in, was he hired on the basis that it will take him three years to change the club culture to his vision.




    Should we expect we can provide a better class of player and the turnaround should be much quicker as a result of better quality than his last club ?

  13. leigh griffiths magic wand on

    I was hoping we could scrape a draw considering how bad we are and having that dob refereeing the game. Something needs done about our defence. It’s been dreadful most of the season. They look badly coached as if they have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. Every time a corner or free kick comes in I’m thinking it might be a goal for the opposition. If John Kennedy is supposed to be in charge of this part of the team then he needs replaced as it’s a mess. If our Manager can’t see this he needs replaced also. When you listen to Manager talk it sounds good but I rarely see what he’s describing transformed on to the field. Its really hit or miss if we will win, lose or draw. Also, our tactics and approaches to certain games are a joke. You’d think he would set out to win the midfield in certain games but he keeps putting out lightweight midfields no matter what. We have a midfield full of non tacklers apart from Scott Brown and he’s not really a defensive midfielder to start with. It’s got to the point of being beyond a joke. Any half decent manager would at least make us better organized and better defensively. People are deluded if they think we’ll do well in Europe next year with the same manager or same person in charge of our defenders and how we defend. Any half decent team could take 3-5 goals off us every game the way we are playing. I see no improvement from when he took over and we seem to be going backwards. We need to bring in at least someone new to work with defense and our shape and how we defend set pieces and track runners from midfield and block crosses. Basically everything. I’m just getting tired of it all and seeing nothing change. Also it would be nice if we ever lodged official complaints about some of the ridiculous refereeing decisions that go against us that are so blatant. Almost every other team in the world would say something yet we do nothing year after year and just bend over for more of the same in the next important match. It’s about time some people at our club grew some balls.


    A lot of us on here and elsewhere have long questioned ‘The Strategy’,suggesting it is flawed.



    I think we now know that ‘The Strategy’ is more than flawed,it is a total failure. The board as a whole must shoulder the blame for not checking the ambitions and flights of fancy of the one man who has made all of this possible.



    Short-term,we need a Director of Football with the balls to tell people to stop meddling off the park,and stop fannying around on it. He’ll need to have the total trust and backing of Dermot Desmond too.



    Since none of that is gonna happen,we’ll just have to get used to more of the same on the park,and more of the same on here.



    The Plc is supposed to provide the funds to operate the FC. For some time now,it has been the other way round.



    Celtic Plc is now a carcrash,a litany of diminishing returns. And it has dragged Celtic FC down with it.

  15. Disappointing result last night but Aberdeen are our nearest rivals in the League so it was always going to be tough up there.



    I did not see the match and had to rely on CQN match commentary – a big thanks to everyone.



    Well, it’s definitely going to be an exciting run in and may go to the final match day.

  16. It’s a blowy, drissly cold start the day here in very very dark EK. Of course it’s always darkest just before the dawn…….

  17. If you needed further proof that RD and his management team are clueless look at the substitutions and the desperate re-orgamisation of the defence last night.



    If Strachan or Lennon has served up what Deila is hitting us with they would have been hounded.



    Once again the desperate line manager, promoted way beyond his capabilities, is talking shite and begging to keep his job (why wouldn’t he?).



    A Celtic manager begging to keep his job! FFS!



    And, btw, this isn’t the start of his tenure. He been here since May 2014.



    Where is the plan? Where is the system? Where is the progress?



    If anyone can answer those questions I’ll be very impressed.

  18. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Any news yet ?



    1 sacking/ 2 sackings/ dividend increase.



    The problem with last night was you now generally feel we could lose the league. Any call for calm heads and strategy and look to long term means nothing with a squad full of pussies

  19. Tough game last night as I expected it would be, Aberdeen where in a must win situation and got the result they where looking for, but still top of the league, Erik looked good,for a new arrival he has hit the ground running, Richards showed good touches and desire, the midfield looked lightweight, Armstrong just doesent seem as if to know his job? Bitton doesent do his defensive duties, McGregor and GM Stevens are wingers in my opinion and look out of place in midfield, so basically Brown had to do all the grafting, a couple of nips and tucks should sort that out, Aberdeen player wise I’d say Logan, McClean, McGinn, played well, and they’r first goal was a belter, the big guy from Wimbledon up front Church is a lump off wood, I’m disappointed obviously, but that’s football, and that’s Celtic, all is not lost we will get better. I’m posting early today before the guys who do the SMSM job for them come in.

  20. Haven’t seen a game in weeks but seems to be the usual ., sadly ronnie doesn’t seem to cut it.



    Neither does those who appointed him , scout for him and share the dug out with him.



    Can’t believe we have taken another risk in this Richards player..



    Read ronnie has spent 12m.. Wish the board would actually back a manager with this kind of cash at the start instead of drip feeding it .



    Give me Mick McCarthy, he will sort the boys from the men and make us hard to beat. That’s what we need it seems in the spl.

  21. Good morning CQN



    nice man that Gary Neville………………………..but as BBC millionaire salaried Gary lineker says



    just saw that Barca beat Valencia 7-0 its so much easier on the telly






    Gary Neville says watching his Valencia side get demolished 7-0 by Barcelona at the Nou Camp was one of his “worst experiences” in football.



    Wednesday’s loss in the Copa del Rey semi-final first leg has increased the pressure on Neville, who is without a league win in eight matches.

  22. archdeaconsbench on

    Just catching up with some of last night’s posts. I love it when the hard of thinking on here, try to berate anyone who calls it as they see it, on the shambles that is the Celtic management team.



    As someone mentioned last night, some amount of board plants on here. Either that or it is actual huns havin a laugh. That would at least make sense…..

  23. I suppose on the plus side, prior to Sunday and more than half way through the season, we had the chance of a treble and the possibility of going 9 points clear in the title race over our nearest rivals.



    In the space of 4 days there has been a minor collapse.



    There’s a huge battle ahead for Ronny and this Celtic side and today many of us will be hurt and angry but it’s worth remembering the position they had us in before Hampden on Sunday.

  24. Another hater telling the truth






    When Waddell came on the line I sat alone – never more alone – in the studio. I explained that I was ‘doing some research’ and would welcome his thoughts. He was incredibly abusive, and if the call had been broadcast, it would have been highly revealing of the reality behind the public facade. But about five minutes into the tirade, Waddell paused, drew breath, and declared in his belligerent tone: ‘Wait a minute. Ye’re…ye’re…ye’re bloody well recording this, aren’t ye?’ Donald made a gesture signalling that I should tough it out. But my heart was no longer in the subterfuge.


    ‘I’ll hiv ye’, he ranted. ‘I’ll give this tae the papers. I’ll file an official complaint to yer management. Ye hear me?’


    Hear him? Only too clearly.

  25. Well, well…..well!


    Fingers being pointed at the manager ?….Players ?….PL ?….DD ?….The board ?….The PLC set up ?


    Dear, dear,……dear!


    Why don’t you all….stand in front of a mirror, ask the person looking back at you….”Why am I so stupid ?….WHY ?”


    You were told that the club was downsizing the quality of the product on the pitch. You still turned up….paying top dollar.


    Are you a fool ?


    The folk who took yer money….certainly think that you are.


    I know that the ‘majority’ of Celts on here don’t read my posts….that’s your look out.


    It’s like this…..


    The product in the directors box = P#SH!


    The product in the dug out = P#SH!


    The product on the pitch = P#SH!


    ….and yet,….there you are….queuing-up for more ?


    I’d say that, that….constitutes a fool.


    The formula to save Celtic…..fans have to wake up.


    Or,…..I’m afraid….the died(LOL) huns will be back to give you all a rude awakening.


    Now….surely nobody will be foolish enough to want that ?


    Guid luck.



  26. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    On the basis of last night I find myself for the first time accepting that the league is not a given. I’m doubtful a 3 point cushion is suffice at this stage.



    Celtic had the better quality on the ball but zero purpose. 20 passes in the last third then no shot. Aberdeen took about 2 passes in the same situation then fired a shot in.



    I worry about this team’s ability to get us over the line. If Griffiths gets injured we are sunk imo

  27. Celtic had better quality? Where? Not in goals. not in defence, not in attack not in midfield/

  28. we have not one midfielder who can tackle, including SB. No defenders who can out muscle a big CF. no CF who can upset a defence. no wingers who can get to the bye line (doesn’t help playing them on wrong side and they cut in)

  29. No drive, no commitmentA maevery game watching a team go through the motions.. When Commons took the huff that should have been the end of the manager. KC was right.. he hasn’t a clue.. Says the same thiong after every game but plays the same formation next game.. Any team that is organised can win.. onl have to attack us once to score.. I include EK in that..

  30. Manger should go, PL should go, DD should go… and the ‘scouts’, who singned bangura, blade Cifti etc should be shot!

  31. Well The old cliche, there are no certaintys in life comes to mind, but I’d rathe be three points ahead of Aberdeen with them having to come to Celtic park, and if the keep with us and both of us keep winning then it’ll be a great game, I don’t worry about Celtic winning the league I just support them hoping it helps them win the league, Aberdeen are underdogs and underdogs have there day, and let’s hope they don’t, but to still be in the national cup, ahead by three points in the league, I don’t get the panic, well I get the agendas behind it we all know what that is, sack the coaching staff, and get rid of PL and the board, and put a supporter of the splinter groups choice on it, awe aye that’s a great idea.

  32. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Celtic fc have had two Goal scorers in 7 years. Two. Poor investing Awful scouting poor planning



    Why oh why do the fans allow Lawell to continue


    Boycott stores. I stopped years ago. Won’t buy until he has gone


    Starve funds bhoys and things will change. Definitely

  33. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    By better quality I’m talking about players who can retain the ball and pass under pressure. I agree tho they lacked purpose with the exception of Tierney, Griffiths and Erik.



    My brother is a life long Celtic fan – last night at Pittodries when we were 2-0 down deep in to second half showing no sign of a comeback he said to me..’might be a good thing if Aberdeen rattle in a couple more.. That might help get shot of Deila quicker’


    2-1 does not reflect what happened last night. Ronnie is a busted flush. His jam tomorrow patter is now sounding ludicrous.


    Lest we forget we spend 6 times what Aberdeen spend.


    I’d take Neilson, McInnes, Hughes, Stubbs, Jim Mac over Deila and thatsonly from within Scotland. Deila was clueless last night.

  34. Maradominic


    Shooting them is a bit harsh. A good kick up the Arse and a Chinese burn would suffice:-)


    I’m now living in hope rather than expectation that we will get over the line. Broony gonna have to get the players together and motivate them to pull together and get the job done.


    What’s going to happen with Ronnie will happen, but regardless of whether he stays or goes, it’s critical the players get on that pitch in the right frame of mind.


    The support need to get behind every player in a hooped jersey regardless of whether they rate them or not. Fan pressure on the players will achieve nothing.