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  1. 22 players signed and 8 loans in 18 months



    we dont have a working midfield or defence


    let alone know what his best one from each is.



    and if our 1 goalscorer gets injured we are in the doodoo.



    now that is hopeless.



    every important/must win game ends up a defeat.



    im old school…if a few of those fandancing cowardly players came back into that dressing room after last nights


    and the weekends performance they would have needed Bobo in


    there to keep me off smashing a couple of heads into locker doors.



    ronny is a lovely guy but totally inept for managing our great club.



    not knee jerk, but required.


    i wanted shot after legia..its gone on too long now.

  2. BlantyreKev @ 9:49 am,



    Good post, as usual you make well presented thoughtful points, with this statement though I think you get to the crux of the matter…



    ” It can be difficult to not to undermine confidence or indeed ego but if it can be done I’d like to see a consultant/mentor work with Ronny, and a wiser more respected number 2.



    Now I love great Football Managers mainly of yesteryear, almost as much as I love great Footballers.



    I’ve thought many a time – what makes a great Manager? – now without going to deep into that at this stage, something they seem to have is a great intuitive understanding of the game and it’s “players” also a strong personality. Now can this be learned.



    Well from my perspective, yes and no.



    No because these fellas all have one thing in common, they’re unique.



    But, if we take say Paisley, Clough, Ferguson… We can see something in their players that went onto Coaching, not all by any means went on to be great Managers but relatively speaking a large percentage went on to be good Managers.



    Now that suggests that at least parts of the craft of the good Manager can be mentored and can be learned.



    Ronny is not, I believe a great intuitive reader of the game, nor did he have that great mentor to learn off.



    This is my main issue with Ronny, I thought how does he get this insight?



    It became clear when OGS gave RD his dinner that Ole had learned the craft from a master, Malmo were way cuter than us.



    So again, where does Ronny learn this? By osmosis you think? No neither


    do I.



    Your suggestion of having an experienced No 2 I believe is the most constructive idea I’ve seen, but still I believe as you allude to yourself, in practical terms it’s a difficult fit, also from where we are now it looks to be too little, too late.



    I believe we have good No2 in Ronny, ‘fraid what I think we need is a wiser more respected No 1.



    Hail Hail

  3. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on



    Please explain.



    I was excited at his introduction and paid particular attention to him while he was on.



    He doesn’t make any sense to me. A desperation panic buy if ever there was one.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I originally wanted your local team to escape with a creditable defeat or even a replay.



    Now I am looking for a record score – not sure what the record in a Scottish cup match it but i expect double figures

  5. If we bring in someone now, we bring them in with a real chance of a league and cup double i.e. in a winable position, with HIGH expectations.



    If we wait and things get worse, we may then be recruiting from a losing position, with excuses already inbuilt should they ultimately fail.



    After what has happened in ALL our must win games/ties under Ronny over the last nine months – how on earth can their be confidence in him to deliver over the next four months?



    Those saying don’t worry we will win the title anyway, Aberdeen will drop points, are not using any evidence- based information, rather they are hooked on blind faith…and as we know, there are none so blind than those who will not see….the bleeding obvious – Ronny has ‘shot his bolt’ – he has given it his ‘best shot’, and after twenty months, four transfer windows and TWENTY THREE signings, there is no evidence of progress.



    The players look to only be ‘going through the motions’ – if it works, like against a bad Hamilton, OK – if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.



    Ronny is a nice enough guy and so I will ‘go easy’ – but really his utterances get more illogical, desperate and self-serving, by the day/week/month.



    I fully expect a decision to be made today, or, tomorrow – that decision will be to sack Ronny.



    I am really sorry it did not work out.

  6. Ronny Deila is an idealist, a theorist who has wonderful ideas of how the game should be played and when talking about his ideals he sounds totally convincing. The reality is he doesn’t have the players to turn his theories into reality at Celtic and he doesn’t have the managerial ability to be able to improve them.


    He fits square pegs into round holes and can’t adapt to situations as they develop.


    I also think there’s a certain amount of arrogance (not always a bad thing if channeled correctly) that he, and his team, are so much better than the rest in Scotland and against the so called lesser sides we meet in Europe. That has came back to bite us regularly in Europe over the last two seasons.

  7. Ever wonder where our sports media digs up some of its stories? How does crap like the “Giggs rumour” ever get an audience? I think both of those questions have the same answer.



    Meet “Simon Rowntree” … an interesting guy, to say the least, and one who has inspired more than one “rumour” that’s somehow made its way into our mainstream press.



    Shine a light in dark corners, and who knows what you’ll find?









    Please explain.



    I was excited at his introduction and paid particular attention to him while he was on.



    He doesn’t make any sense to me. A desperation panic buy if ever there was one.






    Stamp aside, he played well when he came on.



    He worked, he made runs and he won his headers.



    TWICE he was in a good position and the cross was bad. Lustig skied his into the stand and Sviatchenko hit his across the face of the goal rather than a cut back.



    The strikers didn’t get much service and he was faced with a packed defence (they eventually went 5-4-1)

  9. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    EK game must be the perfect opportunity to give some new guys a chance. Scott Alan , Christie etc.



    Difficult to gauge how good they are against EK but we already know how good the regular guys are. Which is not very good.

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Some sanctimonious guff on here. You’d think the Board and Celtic are one and the same. They’re not. Their interests are at odds (exhibit 1 – there is an inverse relationship established over a decade between Lawwell’s remuneration and Celtic’s performance on the field).



    That disloyalty to the Board equals disloyalty to Celtic is a false premise. They’re letting us down and they are being given license to do so. Deila’s crap, but he’s just the latest lightening rod for Lawwell and Desmond. Wake up to the evidence, it’s all around you if you’re willing to see. There is no plan, there is no strategy, there is only chaos and malaise.

  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Reality is Ronny us with us until the end of the season


    The club have 2 choices


    Stick with Ronny – so he is here to the end of the season


    Or change him – as we have not changed him suggests the man they want we cannot get until the summer (after the Euros – Michael O’Neil as an example)


    Either way Ronny is our man until the end of the season at least


    Meaning the challenge of winning the league is in Ronny’s hands


    I think Lawwell must be a very nervous man




  12. Gary 67


    I agree ,the same happened to Brazil when playing Germany in the World Cup at home, they went out to play their way and got destroyed because the Germans were ready for the way they would play and came up with their plan to overcome it, they seemed to hardly break sweat to do it.


    RD was asked if he had watched back the video of the Molde away game he said no as he didnt need to , complacent arrogant that got us beat home and away , where is he learning and who is holding him to account?

  13. Gary67




    “That has come back to bite us regulary in Europe over the past two seasons”




    Agree – and what’s to stop it now also “biting” us domestically? – nothing!!!!!

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on 4th February 2016 10:52 am



    Ronny will be manager until the summer, at least, but if they wanted Michael O’Neill as manager, and there’s no reason to think they do, I don’t think the Euros would make any difference if they wanted him now. Teams don’t meet up until late May and other than a couple of friendlies in March there’s nothing else.


    Someone could do a club job and still take a team to the Euros.

  15. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Agree to differ ..



    Time will tell. I reckon he is another in a long line of non scoring striker. Griffiths rolled one in for him- had he a true strikers instinct he would have anticipated it. Griffiths looked at him as if to say Wtf?

  16. DESSYBHOY on 4TH FEBRUARY 2016 10:54 AM



    Germany also won because they are a much better team.



    A Brazilian side without Thiago Silva and Neymar is pretty guff

  17. So we got beat by Aberdeen ,so what,I remember in the mid 80s being hammered 4-1 ,Frank McDougall scored all four,we still went back the next game to support the manager and the team.


    I still support Ronny I like his ideas and he will bring sucess unless Lawell and his sidekick Park decided to get rid of him to cover their own a—s.


    How many players have been given to Ronny that he did not want,COLE for one?if he does go I hope he refuses to sign one of these confidentially clauses,out with the truth and shame them


    I like the look of the new defender but he is too small for a centre half but IMO would make a good defensive midfield player,he is a good footballer with a quick brain.


    Ok guys you may not agree with me but support your team and manager.HH

  18. Peterlatchfordsbelly



    The point is we should be one and the same but it’s BOTH parties that don’t want to dance not just the one.



    The trick is to end hostilities. Posts like yours suggests it’s a mountain to climb.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Some great posts this morning. Thoughtful, passionate CQNers doing what comes naturally.



    Thank you all.

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I have various reasons why I don’t think Rinny is up to it and have voiced them on here for over a year


    Here is another one


    2nd have we switched from the 4-2-3-1 formation for the first time I can remember under RD to 4-4-2.


    I applaud changing the system from time to time – but as we have not played it for the last 18 months is poor management


    We should have switched to 4-4-2 when we were 2 or 3 nil up to allow the team yo get used to it


    But to switch last night was nothing short of panicking




  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    The challenge is for “US” to win the League, its not just down to Ronny.



    Cant fathom were all this self entitlement comes from, too many hun like qualities in the support.



    Ask yourself what can you do to make sure we win this league and possibly the Scottish cup, let me guess most of you will sit on your arse, portraying the tactical nous of bottom feeders and telling all and sundry “i told you so”.



    RD will be gone in the summer, of that im confident (not solely for lack of progress (perhaps someone can tell me what the progress scale looks like and more importantly what is RD’s remit regarding progress (you can be certain not one trumpet on here will know) but to protect Bonus/returns on investment)



    RD cant take the first team further forward as he’s lost a lot of the players. RD’s plan is a good one, but thats all it is, when you have a player revolt over the hard pressing game then he should have known “games a bogey” .



    A lot more people involved in Celtic should look in the mirror about their contribution. RD’s failings apart how many players recently have looked up for it, and very few managers can succeed when players dont have the heart.



    So if you’re a Celtic supporter get out and support the team, circle the wagons and attack outside forces who’s sole remit is to undermine us. tbf they’ve done a grand job so far.

  22. How many millions of pounds would it take to buy all of Dermot Desmonds shares,Since he has been at the helm of our club,its been nothing but a disaster,

  23. Go tell the Spartim on 4th February 2016 11:05 am



    And what do we do about the enemy within?


    Within the CP Boardroom.

  24. As Joe Fillipi points out the media have their knives out for Ronny and sucking many of our support into the same thinking. Two examples :-



    (1) RD’s managerial position is in jeopardy if Celtic don’t win the treble……eh ?? How many trebles have been won by any team and especially during the now-deceased huns cheating run of 9 in a row. Anyway, one cheating MIB will soon ruin any such aspirations.



    (2) We have 6 x the resources of our closest challengers. Cant recall that being an issue in the past and it doesn’t guarantee success anyway…see Chelsea, Man Utd and Leicester for a comparative examp

  25. 67 European Cup Winners on





    I used O’Neil as an example – but to answer your question I woul swap him today




  26. It is said ” adversity is the first path to truth”



    On reflection I think Ronny should remain in place until at least the end of the season. But many truths and choices will have to be faced for the future.




  27. By the way, Ronny needs to think about set pieces. If he can’t get it sorted then they need to bring in a specialist who can.



    Aberdeen vandalized their own pitch (they have two away games after this) and probably worked on set pieces all week



    You could see it was all done one the training ground

  28. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’ll maybe write up a pre-match piece ahead of the East Kilbride match on Sunday. It’s a match in which I am perfectly conflicted, having kids I coached over the years playing in the the EKFC team, versus Celtic, my Celtic.



    If I’m perfectly conflicted, Paddybhoy will be completely contorted, with his bhoy playing in goal for Kilby.



    Dunno what the best outcome is. A narrow win, with Kilby taking the plucky plaudits and earning respect? A humping, with Celtic asserting the natural order? A replay to further boost the club’s funds?



    I don’t think there’s an outcome that does Ronny Deila any good. He’s on a hiding to nothing: Celtic win comfortably – what did you expect? Anything other than a comfortable win and Ronny’s getting Billy Ogilvie’s taxi number on speed dial.

  29. Is there ONE shred of hard evidence, not opinionated bile, to support the BS theory that Ronny has players he doesn’t want foisted upon him?



    ONE shred – can any of our ‘ROWNTREES’ produce???????