Alert on the left, the gravy in Ronny’s pie


I’m largely ignoring the defensive lapses of last night. There will be at least two changes for the Champions League, and everyone will be far more attentive. It was, though, a concern that both Kilmarnock goals came as a result of Celtic’s left-hand-side being breached.

Malmo’s Age Hareide will have noted this, and whatever attacking resources he deploys next week are likely to try to exploit a perceived weakness. Ronny will have a choice: Izzie or Charlie? My money’s on the latter.

Tom Rogic didn’t have the perfect game but it was good to see him take so much responsibility. He’s looked like the office junior of the Celtic midfield on previous outings, as did Nir Bitton for most of his early games. If Rogic has genuine talent, we need to let him find his feet in games like these.

Ronny Deila answered all questions after the game but gave little away. I hope his dismissal of injury worries was accurate. Kris Commons is the gravy in his pie. We are capable of beating anyone without Kris, but we need him doing his thing if we are to take a comfortable victory to Sweden.

Yesterday I was looking over Celtic’s form in November 2006 after doing an interview for a French magazine, who are writing a piece on Shunsuke Nakamura. That was the month Naka scored the goal which sent us top of the group and into the knock-out rounds of the Champions League for the first time – with a game to spare, no less.

It’s less well remembered that earlier that month we went out of the League Cup after losing at home to Falkirk on penalties, or that we couldn’t win at Easter Road immediately after the Champions League win.

Indifferent performances and results surround some of our greatest European performances. Getting it right when it counts is what matters.

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  1. as soon as killie equalised as soon as killie equalised my betting slip was binned …my betting slip was binned …

  2. Anytime I’ve seen Scott Allan play, either on tv or in the flesh, I’ve been impressed. Firstly as a youngsters with DU, then on loan at Portsmouth or last season at Championship level. I don’t see him as a first pick right away but he gives us something different. I’d say he’s a better option as backup to the current squad players like Rogic or McGregor.





    Jee-zoh,man. Weeminger has just pointed out that you steer clear of politics,and you lead wi



    Alert on the left



    I give up…


    Aw naw,BOGNORBHOY has mastered the new site.



    Wish I could!!

  5. Even if Hibs accept a bid from us for Allan, I don’t think he would sign for us, he will wait and sign a pre-contract with the huns IMO.Ryan Gauld might be a better option for that position.

  6. Oh feck, here we go now….Scott Allen is fabulous eh.


    Was he fabulous when he was out partying with his hun pals, while his team were due to play them in a vital game.


    Get him to feck to ipox.


    He will not get my backing




  7. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH AUGUST 2015 12:07 PM


    I DO think that Scott Allan is a talent.Wether he is a hun or not is immaterial.Playing with sharper ,better players,could possibly bring the boy on a ton.He has,what we are screaming out for,aka,last night,an eye for the “Killer pass”He supplied the 4 passes in the Hibs demolition of the Huns at Easter Rd,and his pass into the penalty spot from the touchline,at Ibrox,for another Hibs goal,was out of this world.





    I personally dont believe the story,but I refuse to run down a player just for the reason he was brought up to support another team.How did that work out with Dalgleish?.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/kilmarnock-2-2-celtic/comment-page-8/#comment-2652278

  8. MR PASTRY on 13TH AUGUST 2015 12:07 PM


    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 13th August 2015 11:59 am






    You state “the bleeding obvious” but don’t answer ANY of the salient points that I raise – just like the SNP – ask them anything on proper political matters e.g. any policies/any proposals/ oil revenue/corroboration/policing/death of couple in Stirling/Bank of England/EU membership/Shipbuilding/Scottish Financial Sector/loss of 240k FE places/mismanagement of NHS/Police with guns…etc..etc…etc



    All you will get in reply is “SCAREMONGERING” LOL





    Enjoy your trip home,mate. Good timing,weather here sucks.



    I’m away oot for a wee paddle round Wiltshire.

  10. Insightful stuff from Paul on the surrounding circumstances in 2006 – however I predict all hell will be let loose, if we go out to Malmo – hope to God all hell is NOT let loose.

  11. THE GREEN MAN on 13TH AUGUST 2015 12:10 PM


    Oh feck, here we go now….Scott Allen is fabulous



    Where has anyone said he’s fabulous

  12. mullet and co 2 on

    Another article featuring Commons. Does Kris have a clause in his contract to reach legend status via CQN articles?



    Not that bothered about dropping two points last night. It makes the Eberdeens of this world think we are there to be got at. We finished the season double digits clear of our nearest rivals. I expect the same again this year.



    Not bothered by apparent Scott Allen interest. If he signs I am sure he will fill a place in the squad that allows us to ship someone else for the same outlay. He sounds as though he is technically better than some of our midfield squad players. We need extra options across the front 4.



    We still need a striker worthy of the name. Leigh is good in an Andy Walker, Tommy Coyne way but not hasn’t got the strength guile or ingenuity. Ciftci is a squad filler.





    The only’salient point’ you made was to accuse Mr Spence of trying to curry favour with Celtic-supporting Dundonians.



    You wouldn’t know a salient point if it got printed out and stuck on your mirror,your only approach is to attack the SNP for being the SNP,and calling people morons for voting for them.



    I’ve said this to you before,insulting people is not the best way to convince them that you are right. Your hero Blair is following that route in his attacks on Corbyn. It’s really working,innit?




    Scott Allen is a talent…..really.


    I think that he is mince, and that’s putting it nicely.


    Should not be anywhere near Celtic Park….or a Celtic jersey.


    He is dross….that is why he is playing for Hibs in the Scottish Championship.


    Some people will accept anything…but I wont, so you carry on extolling the virtues of a very, very average player….and not one id trust, that’s for certain.


    We don’t need hm.

  15. Why are we after another midfielder? Is someone leaving? A striker with a bit of presence is a priority.

  16. THE GREEN MAN on 13TH AUGUST 2015 12:10 PM


    Oh feck, here we go now….Scott Allen is fabulous eh.





    Was he fabulous when he was out partying with his hun pals, while his team were due to play them in a vital game.





    Get him to feck to ipox.





    He will not get my backing



    Exactly,”Oh F— here we go”.Heard all this before.If it was left up to a great deal of CQN posters we should never have attempted to sign Craig Gordon.He was a “Hun”.Remember he had the cheek to come up for a corner against us.Get him tae Fek.


    How has that worked out for us?.


    As I asked before also,how did Kenny Dalglish,hun supporter since a kid work out for us.









    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/alert-on-the-left-the-gravy-in-ronnys-pie/#comment-2652285

  17. I heard he was dead on

    Inside The SPFL ‏@AgentScotland now10 seconds ago


    Hibs approached Celtic, they want McGeouch permanently & Callum McGregor on loan, they’re offering Scott Allan, turning tables on the player



    It might explain why.



    How man matches will Commons play this year?

  18. time for change on

    Not read back on the previous blog so don’t know if anyone feels the same as me re the referees performance last night, it’s almost as if we play on a handicap system, as long as it’s one nil or level only every third foul is given for us (last night the fouls were even more blatent) even the Malmo manager was shaking his head at some of the decisions.



    Disappointed in the score, mainly becoause of the lack of chance conversions.




  19. just posted this from last blog,I’ll never learn.



    I remember watching Celtic in 67 when they were at their extreme best and invincible in most games but were still beaten by Dundee Utd the only team to beat them that season, 2-3 and it happened twice, I don’t think there was as much of a rumpus then as there is now for drawing away from home to Kilmarnock.



    Celtic aren’t invincible, there will always be a few glitches that happen every season, get over it, but to get personal with players and all the grandees above them it’s a sad day for me to read all the claptrap that’s been written since last night makes me think that there are a lot of guys on here that need to stop supporting Celtic or you will be having heart problems or the like.you know the old saying, it’s only a game.



    I never slagged of any player that played last night,I’ve got over it,so should you.


    Allan would be totally and utterly illogical.



    We must have some sort of record for midfield baggage

  21. mullet and co 2 on

    Don’t want to get overly focussed on the Hibs boy but interesting that Rotheram were credited with a bid… Considering they are part of the Ashley stable.


    Two level 5 friendly media outlets going with us talking to Hibs.



    So far VvD hasn’t emerged from his ‘talks’ with Southampton. Meanwhile the same team have bid for another player from Napoli.



    I’ll make something up right on the spot. VvD will go after our qualifier in Malmo for over 10 million.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I heard he was dead. That would make sense Hibernian know Allan wont sign another contract with them and they will not sell to the Rangers.So it makes sense to offer him to Celtic in a player swap deal wither the player is good enough to earn a place in the Celtic midfield I am not sure but if he joins us he will get my support just like any other player who wears the hoops.H.H.

  23. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Richard Wilson .. BBC Sports reporter .. Just clarified that Celtic have started negotiations with Hibs for Allen ..



    I don’t believeeeeee it!!






    Wrap KC up in cotton wool for Europe.

  24. BMCUW, ha! I suspect Corbyn will get my vote, although it’s more ‘pick your favourite loser



    Mr Pastry, I agree.



    Mullet & Co, Kris Commons’ CQN contract details remain confidential.

  25. Never saw the whole game last night. Saw up until Kilmarnocks equaliser then the last five minutes after landing.



    We were sloppy in defence before their equaliser but should have had the game dead and buried before then.



    James Forrest was outstanding from what I saw. GMS yet again anonymous according to my mates watching on TV I’d have James in the team every week in front of GMS or Armstrong who have both flattered to deceive.

  26. Why would we swap Dylan for Scott Allen…considering Dylan is a superior player, what would Celtic gain from such a deal?


    Somebody explain the logic to me.





  27. If, and it is still a huge if, Scott Allan signs for us he will join the long line who have been slagged/written off by the keyboard Mourinhos on here. Gordon, Armstrong, Griffiths, GMS, Ciftci (see a pattern here?) and that’s only the current squad.


    Only one opinion matters and if he wants him I’d back his judgement.

  28. .



    Ronny being Coy with the Malmo Manager in Attendance is a Good Idea in Theory..



    Maybe he will Name his team against Malmo Hours early with Efe as Center-Half then Substitute him after 1 Minute..Now that would be Coy..Big..



    If it Fails..He will be Swedish Meatballs for Lunch..



    Summa of SvenskaBalonsCSC

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