Artur, Fraser, Craig and Wee Woodsy


I watched Fraser Forster (29) deny Liverpool on Sunday with a series of impressive saves, one of which from the penalty spot. The big keeper improved enormously in his four years at Celtic. Another FA Premier League ‘keeper, Artur Boruc (37), spent five years at Celtic, a period which was marked with some vagaries in form.

Boruc arrived as the best keeper we had seen in decades, but two seasons in a mooted moved to Bayern Munich (who travelled to Glasgow to see him) were off the agenda. Boruc’s form had dived and he was no longer considered in the elite category.

Craig Gordon (34) was an excellent keeper under Ronny Deila but when Brendan Rodgers arrived a weakness became evident in Craig’s game: he wasn’t comfortable with Brendan’s passing game, which required keepers to be good with their feet.

Craig was dropped and didn’t make the start of the Champions League campaign, but eight months on he looks like he was born to play this way. The transformation in form has been remarkable.

Stevie Woods worked with all three keepers. He was the formative influence on Fraser, he rescued Artur from ignominious decline and with Craig Gordon he took a senior keeper and transformed his game.

We’ll talk later about Brendan Rodger’s striking ability to improve players, but there can scarcely be a goalkeeper coach in Britain with a more impressive track record in this regard than “Wee Woodsy”.




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  1. Saint Stivs on

    this is funny, captain blu on rangurs meeja.







    Rangers have been given 3.785 coefficient points for next season, being Scotland’s basic seeding figure.



    Although it has still to be confirmed, it looks likely that the club will be seeded in QR1, but unseeded in QR2.



    It is likely that the first round opponents will come from northern Europe, e.g. the Baltics, Iceland, Wales or Ireland. Thereafter the standard will rise and second round opponents could come from higher ranked countries like the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Greece etc., so the route to the groups will be pretty difficult.



    It’s worth keeping an eye on Bert Kassies site as it is updated with teams as they qualify over the next two or three weeks..





    The first round draw is on 19 June, with the ties played on 29 June and 6 July.












    First Team




    2,287 posts



    Crazy to think we’ve been to a European final in the last 10 years but only getting the basic seeding points.







    hahahahhahahham naw yeese wurny. your a new club thats never been in european competition,

  2. Cant stand the team,but Juventus have a terrific team here.Should be a bit of a game against Ronaldo in the final.


    Their stadium is stunning.Reading Phils latest,Celtic Park would look very similar.

  3. Saint Stivs on

    something called glasgow rangers were on the uefa clubs ranking list at 279 place for 2016.



    then not on the list in 2017 (the 5 year history points).



    next season something called glasgow rangers appears with the bare “scotland” points.



    ergo new club.

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Evening All.



    Just been caught in the pouring rain in Lisbon so totally soaked to the skin.



    Lisbon update coming later but the absolute last day for ordering seats for the Lisbon dinner in the Casa do Alentejo on the 24th of May will be 5pm tomorrow so if you haven’t booked by then you will have missed it.



    Due to the demand the second dining room has been opened up and so we can add to the existing numbers — over 330 have already confirmed their coming and there are another 20 or so looking to confirm later tonight.



    If you have e-mailed me about the dinner today check your inbox.



    Very positive and very interesting meeting today with the stadium manager and everything possible will be done to welcome the Celtic fans on 25th May between 3pm and 5pm.



    There are a lot of things for the stadium management to consider but more of that later.



    I am away to get something to eat.




  5. SAINT STIVS on 9TH MAY 2017 9:11 PM


    this is funny, captain blu on rangurs meeja.,



    Yep,read that post.One other numpty said”Probably because we have not played in Europe for 5 years”.I love it when they are mumping about the state they are in now,and you always get”Think back 5 years to the bad old days when we were in Administration”.


    Stupidest,I wont go into my usual tirade.

  6. rpmcelticfan on

    Evening all , a quick post to say thanks to BMCWP Bateen Bhoy and VFR , for the welcome . im going to repost my singalong choons on fri pre game for a laugh and err a singalong…. And no Vfr im not a hun , or indeed Bateen Bhoy a antipodean ……:)

  7. thetimreaper on

    I would welcome investment from the UAE, these guys have money to burn and it’s not to be sniffed at. Phil’s article could be pie in the sky but with the hotel/museum project in progress, I get the feeling something is brewing. Maybe we are sewing the seeds for our exit from this country.

  8. Bateen Bhoy on

    RPMCeltic fan, my sincere apologies for mistakenly mistaking you for an Antipodean.


    Somewhere west of Ayr then, or just another Insomniac would be my next best guess. ;-)

  9. Bateen Bhoy on



    Should’ve paid more attention to my weather forecast then, shouldn’t you :-)))

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I remember when a new club applied to join the then SFL after being rejected by the then SPL.


    I remember when Auchenhowie was called Murray Park


    I think I remember when we were at war with Eastasia


    Were we once at war with Eurasia? Or has it always been Eastasia?



    Orwellian CSC

  11. Gareth Bale. Better watch his back against these guys. Let’s. Hope he is fit.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Cannon Fodderingham said Sevco put a statement out condemning the racists, re Scott Sinclair……have i missed something here ?

  13. rpmcelticfan on

    Bateen Bhoy a Whiteinch Insomniac , no need to apologise mate thanks for the welcome.

  14. Saint Stivs on

    the phil mac speculation of a bew south stand, increasing capacity to 70-75,000. only reason to do it is participation in another league.



    my only disappointment this season is the missing 5,000 attendees from the martin era.



    sorry and another reason to spend £30m + on the stand is to shut up moany dip timbhoy 3,

  15. St Stivs


    Rouge Leader popped up the other week and said something similar re another league, I have always believed that we were looking for an out, an out with the huns if needs be, but as they seem to have killed themselfs again it’s looking like they are arse oot the windae on a cold and frosty night for thems.


    No way would we even be thinking along these lines unless there were fingers in pies, no way, the sooner the better imo and let the huns steep in their sectarian pish.



  16. juve need to cheat because its in their make up just like sevco pure cheating scum just like the whole corrupt champions league.

  17. BRTH @ 9:30


    Brilliant news (not the rain) and what a wonderful job you’re doing. Excitement and anticipation going through the roof now (maybe need to install some nets) . Off to Krakow at the crack of tomorrow morning – the spiritual home of Ex_Pat Celt, if memory serves me well. Wonderful city, a favourite of Mrs Scaniel – always try to get there at least once a year in memory of her wonderful father. A wee treat for number one daughter’s imminent graduation. Taking grandson, the original Scaniel, with us. His first trip to Poland. First of many, I hope.

  18. Margaret McGill on

    I think the useless twits were led to the ticketus trough via a Murray proxy. I suspect Grier. When is he up?

  19. RPMCelticfan: Fàilte.



    Re possible new investment. Will it include a fan’s café beside the Superstore?

  20. Margaret McGill on

    Didnt even watch the CL. Last year i said to myself embdy but the Madrids or Juventus.

  21. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    Correct me if I am wrong, but was Billy Gilmour not a Rangers Youth Development Company player and therefore any money received for his registration transfer goes to them, where it is then shared between investors and the RYDC itself, which then re-invests the money back into youth development?

  22. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Paul 67



    Phil Mac mentions there have been talks behind the scenes at Celtic Park about the main stand being redeveloped,do you know if there is any truth in this?




  23. rpmcelticfan on

    Almore , Park Road 67 Thanks for the welcome Bhoys , though I wont consider myself a real CQN’r till I’ve had an argument and a flounce :)

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    A site called fotball insider has an article or click bait saying sevco should sign Man City’s Iheanacho to solve their goal scoring issues.



    Best laugh I have had today . No doubt the sev fans will believe they can get him.



    Man City are one of what was Rangers creditors to the tune of , £300 grand . I believe its the loan fee for that wee nyaff , Weiss.

  25. rpmcelticfan on

    Re the upgrading of the stand , surely if you were considering work to the front of the stadium , you wouldn’t be planning to built a hotel in front of it beforehand .

  26. RPM: Disgusted you haven’t supported my campaign for a fan’s café beside the Superstore:-)

  27. rpmcelticfan on

    Almore If I was in charge mate , the first thing I would build is a car park , then you could have a wee packed lunch or a big tailgage party . If there was a café I couldn’t afford to but a Teacake .