Billy and Davie on Caesar and the Assassin


Billy McNeill and Davie Hay met the press at Celtic Park yesterday, along with Alex Gordon, who authored their time as managers of Celtic.  It didn’t disappoint……

Billy was self-effacing as ever.  For all purposes, today he is an ordinary Celtic fan, so much so you need to remind yourself that there is nothing in the club game he hasn’t done.  Yesterday was about his days as Celtic manager but he made the point that Davie Hay was a profound influence on him as a team-mate.

The take-away thought I had on Davie Hay was about his range of knowledge and experience.  He has done so much in the game which still pulses in his veins.  Does Scotland still produce men of his calibre?  If so, why are we not giving them a platform to flourish?

There is tons of great stuff in the book from both men:

“We were already a goal down nine minutes into the second-half when Johnny Doyle was ordered off.  As he came off, I remember telling him he would be in serious trouble if we lost.

“I was furious, especially as we were in such a desperate situation at the time.

“Afterwards in the foyer, Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Murdoch, Mike Jackson, Paul Wilson, Pat McCluskey, Benny Rooney and a whole host of former players were dancing around in amazement.

“Jinky was as happy as I’ve seen him. That win meant so much to anyone with an affiliation with Celtic.”

– Billy McNeill on winning the league against Rangers in 1979.

“I arranged for someone to cut out the stories and pin them to the walls of our dressing room at Love Street.

“I said nothing, but I could see the players reading the clippings. It was having the desired effect. It’s never clever to dismiss Celtic.

“It’s history now that we won 5-0 and Hearts lost 2-0.

“I think I still owe [Albert Kidd] a pint!”

-Davie Hay on winning the league at Love St in 1986.

The book’s great, reading the step-by-step accounts of what happened from the managers’ view, you’ll love it.  I know I’m biased but it’s the best thing CQN has done, a wee bit of our history set down on record.

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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bobby Murdoch C U W. Is it not Swansea that are supposed to be interested in him and not Cardiff ? The club doesnt concern me im just interested what other Celtic supporters though of the valuation of the player ? H.H.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Having read the club’s notice re tickets for the semi final, it being a Glasgow derby at Hampden, am I right to assume we’re playing Queens Park?

  3. joe filippis haircut



    12:59 on 9 December, 2014





    Never saw that.. I reckon in todays prices and tonys record then least 2m celtic should be offering.



    What we need to think about is can we replace him with a better player for the same money we get… 1.5m . I dont think so. 1.5m just gets u a gamble these days.



    Id rather keep him than get less than 2m

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Corporate greed shown at its best Tesco are likely only to make 1.4 Billion profit this year,While people have to go cap in hand to foodbanks. H.H.

  5. Scottish Cup replays tonight.Stranraer equalised in injury time v Dunfermline causing everyone ‘s favourite, Neil McCann to lose the plot. Dunfermline are 8/11 and look good. In 20 visits to East End Park, Stranraer have lost 19 and drawn one.


    Albion at home to Berwick


    Rovers very steady with best defence in the League. Used to have poor record v Berwick, but this has improved. Might go to extra time.



  6. RD has now won 9 in row (not league titles, but scottish domestic games) and apparently he is now back to being the genius that he was before we actually seen him. Our Euro record this season is


    4 x wins


    4 x defeats


    3 x draws


    Now a record like that would be fine if we were playing in the CL group stages, but it’s a lot less impressive when we look at the quality of some of the opposition.



    This season In Europe we haven’t pit our wits against any of the big guns. We haven’t even met any of the lesser group stage teams like the Benficas or the Basles of this world.



    Rekjavik 0 Celtic 1 (w)


    Celtic 4 Rekjavik 0 (w)


    Legia 4 Celtic 1 (L)


    Celtic 0 Legia 2(L)


    Maribor 1 Celtic 1 (D)


    Celtic 0 Maribor 1 (L)


    Salzburg 2 Celtic 2 (D)


    Celtic 1 Zagreb 0(w)


    Celtic 2 FC Astra 1(w)


    FC Astra 1 Celtic 1(D)


    Celtic 1 Salzburg 3(L)



    I agre that the visionary inherited a team who were a million miles away from the Lisbon Lions and even the Seville squad, but two recent CL group stage qualifications make me feel that he certainly didn’t inherit a team of dummies either. I therefore dont agree with the assertion that he had to “turn things around” too much



    Considering Celtic resources compared to the rest of the SPFL, it’s a one horse race. (Even if you can’t see it yourself, 20 or 30,000 empty seats tell ye that) In my opinion, Big Tony Mowbray, Lou Macari, Dr Jo and John Barnes (and half the mugs in the street tae) could manage Celtic to a league title win if Rangers weren’t playing in it. One horse race.



    If RD goes onto do something better in Europe this season, then I might think differently, (and as a fitba fan it’s my right to change my mind) however so far he has done nothing to convince me that he has any particular vision or style of play or brand that is any better than any of the four bosses previously mentioned above. I laugh out loud at suggestions that he has something special, because so far he hasn’t shown it.

  7. joe filippis haircut



    12:51 on 9 December, 2014



    If Lewis ‘messi’ McLeod is worth £1.5m( no sniggering) then getting the same for tony stokes is day light robbery :-) HH

  8. It’s ok Bhoys…got an email from Paul telling me everythign had been ordered.



    Cheers CQN!





    I’m mystified by Tony’s current berth in the team. He has neither pace or a trick to beat a full back and invariably his role involves combination play to try and get Emilio in behind. Stokes has one attribute, his ability to strike the ball.





    Seems so,apols.



    I was sure that someone posted a link overnight to an article in The Daily Mail saying Cardiff were after him.



    I like a dayoooot in Cardiff. You don’t wanna get those two teams mixed up when on the lash!

  11. tamrabam



    13:13 on 9 December, 2014



    If your going on about facts get it correct, you’ll find the Legia home game as a 3-0 victory FACT, if you don’t believe me look it up. HH





    13:15 on 9 December, 2014







    I’m mystified by Tony’s current berth in the team. He has neither pace or a trick to beat a full back and invariably his role involves combination play to try and get Emilio in behind. Stokes has one attribute, his ability to strike the ball.





    It is clear to me that Ronny uses an iPad to type up the team sheet. Every time he types in Tonev the autocorrect changes it to Tony, and Ronny is just too embarrassed to admit that he keeps on making the same mistake.



    In fairness I think Stokes has got better as the season has went on, but I feel other players will perhaps bring more dynamism to the left side.

  13. So Lewis MacLeod the new scottish footballing sensation (copyright SMSM) is worth £1.5m-£2m?


  says his market value is currently £308k, which is the same as Ian Black and slightly less than Nicky Law, which I would say was probably about right.



    Now tell me again, where does the valuation of £1.5m-£2m come from?

  14. big-cup-winners



    13:15 on 9 December, 2014





    Tony has surprised me this year.. I think he has shown great attitude despite being played out of position and has scored a few goals.. more than good enough for the weekly spl grind.



    Will never make a difference in europe but even thou he is out of position I think he is better than tonev, derk or berget .



    Hopefully we sign better quality left midfielder and stoksey can go back up front.



    Its over to mr lawell thou to sort that. Dont get too excited.

  15. The football Celtic played for most of Saturday’s match and particularly in the opening half was a joy to watch and indeed was reminiscent of the halcyon days of Billy and David Hay when they togged out in one of the beat teams in Europe, that slick interpassing and cheeky backheeling stuff, great to watch.. what a pitty Guidetti’s goal was wrongly flagged it could well have featured in the goals of the season. for me, Guidetti puts himself about more than Gary Hooper, energetic and always in the right place to sniff a score.



    Ronny’s Christmas school report for me reads pass marks and after the Legia debacle and loss to Maribor at Celtic Park he has steadied the ship. Maybe the season in Scotland needs to be tweeked to give teams a better chance of progress in those early rounds in Europeean competitions.



    Ronny can be pleased that the team is still in Europe and has nosed into top of the SPL and still involved in all domestic competitions and we now have the prospect of signing a decent striker, hopefully.

  16. A nice wee tale of Davie Hay giving up some time to speak to fhans. I would like to tell you all about one Saturday Morning when I was watching a Saturday morning league game in the shadow of Celtic Park. I had the absolute privilege to meet Bobby Murdoch and he chatted about all things Celtic. (I think Bobbys son played for one of the Saturday morning league teams)



    Anyway this was at the time when the 3 amigos were twisting Fergus McCanns arm over wages and big Pierre was complaining that 7000 quid a week was for the homeless. I asked him what he thought of players of that era who had won relatively little while playing for Celtic but who were also being paid so handsomely (compared to the Lions era)



    Bobby replied that he didn’t care about the money, because he had all the medals.


    Truly a lump in the throat moment for a lifelong fan, like me to hear a legend like Bobby Murdoch say something like that.



    Truly a privilege

  17. rock tree bhoy,



    Please excuse my ignorance as I live across the pond and am not usually subjected to the drivel the homebhoys are but, this McMurdo character’s first name wouldn’t happen to be “Dick” by any chance would it?






  18. jamiebaby



    13:19 on 9 December, 2014


    has anyone any word on how the liquidation meeting went this morning ??????




    Not a thing on any websites so far, and don’t hold your breath either, this story will be well avoided me thinks.





    Bobby,and many like him,knew what the jersey meant,and what it represented.



    As such,they will always be legends.



    Many others who have earned more money from us have earned nowhere near as much respect and affection.



    Hail hail every one of our heroes.

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    “Bobby Murdoch is my complete footballer.”



    Helenio Herrera Inter Milan Manager in the aftermath of Lisbon 1967




  21. Tamrabam


    13:13 on


    9 December, 2014



    NLs record in his first 2 season in Europe was 3 wins 5 defeats and 4 draws. He failed to get past the qualification stages of either European tournament in season 1 and had the rule book to thank for getting into EL in season two.



    Looking back in season 1, his team was possibly on a par with the current one, perhaps worse. By season 2 it was probably better than our current European team but the results were not.

  22. jamiebaby



    13:38 on 9 December, 2014


    thanks TD67 I know it will run for a while yet ,,but just love the laugh it brings




    Actually I’m REALY intrigued as to what is said and how it is worded in Scottish Law, I would like to see the written results of it, as it would finalise a few myths, should be interesting, that’s IF we get to see it of course.

  23. davidopoulos



    With your daily goals slot you are becoming Jobo-esque.


    I have no higher acclaim to offer you.



    HH jamesgang

  24. Is it today that Dundee United boys case comes up who played for thems, and thems want compensation for 5 years, and United are saying they only a new club, an offered thems £100,000 ?

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