Billy Dodds nails Rangers on tax


Billy Dodds, who was named by the BBC as a beneficiary of Rangers Employee Benefit Trust, wrote in today’s Sunday Herald on the subject.  He alleges Rangers paid him money, which should have been taxed as income, through an EBT.

Dodds wrote, “David Murray came to me and asked if I would receive a payment that was due to me, after tax, through the EBT trust.   And I said that I would.   It was money that was owing to me when I had six months left on my contract and I moved to Dundee United. After the tax was deducted, that money was put in the trust fund.”

What happened to the “tax… deducted” is the crucial question.  Dodds is clear.  This was money due to him through his contract of employment which should have been taxed.  The seriousness of the allegations against Rangers just cranked up a notch – and from a surprising source.

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  1. No doubt posted already today…. how does this tally with the latest “utterances” ?






    My paranoia knows no bounds with the Scottish “governing” bodies, but it does sound like Uefa a) know whats going on, and b) wouldnt be impressed with No Licence



    I live in hope

  2. the long wait is over,



    SPL Rules state that a share is always transferred for £1.



    But the proposals in the Cheats’ Charter (which will be voted on by clubs on Wednesday) would set what amount to entry conditions for a Newco.



    My preferred route is simple – a Newco is a new club and cannot join the SPL.

  3. Hate does not burn hotter in my heart than hope.



    Out of the night that covers me,


    Black as the pit from pole to pole,


    I thank whatever gods may be


    For my unconquerable soul.



    In the fell clutch of circumstance


    I have not winced nor cried aloud.


    Under the bludgeonings of chance


    My head is bloody, but unbowed.



    Beyond this place of wrath and tears


    Looms but the Horror of the shade,


    And yet the menace of the years


    Finds and shall find me unafraid.



    It matters not how strait the gate,


    How charged with punishments the scroll,


    I am the master of my fate:


    I am the captain of my soul.

  4. Half Time Tombola on

    miki67 hahaha – isn’t Murray Park on a flood plain too?



    They’ll have no place to stay!




  5. tomthelennytim on

    James Forrest – I share your unease. There has been a lot of talk/innuendo about what celtic MAY know and MIGHT be doing in the background. Similarly the post from RTC (Barcabhoy) hints at nuclear revelations to come. All the time rules are being ignored or bent to suit newhuns parachuting into the SPL with little or no punishment. Certainly not just punishment.


    I wish someone would, if they have the ammunition, start firing soon because I have a season ticket I would like to renew but I would like to be able to watch the games without being gnawed at by the knowledge that the game is definitely and openly bent.


    My mood swings from hope to despair in hours and I’m fecking sick of it.

  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Gordon J…


    and when they renage on that agreement, what next

  7. garcia lorca on

    HBOS did not hoodwink anyone. Lloyd’s were offered HBOS on a plate ( they were hours from going bust ) by Darling/Brown and Lloyd’s own hubris intervened with a masters of the universe view.


    They believed that they were helping out whilst leapfrogging all competition with political support.


    They conducted by their own admission light due diligence.


    In the end they found the sales culture started. By James Crosby and developed by Andy Hornby toxic. Of course in Scotland the BoS commercial wing handed Murray/Rangers their hearts desire.


    As a friend of mine and close confidant of Fred Goodwin observed going to Ibrox on match day was watching corporate Scotland at sport.


    That was/is partly what Celtic has battled over many years.


    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Stay calm fellow CGN’s our day will come.

  8. Larrybhoy on 28 May, 2012 at 11:49 said:




    Aye…and isn’t it amazing that the sfa needs to have the rules of the game explained to it by uefa?!


    HH !


    : )

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    garcis l…,


    my own memory of the takeover was brown threatening lloyds with sanctions if they did not bail out BoS

  10. Gotta go and have lunch with the mother & father-in-law. I shall bend their ears with all the latest news re. Thug F.C.


    It’s the least I can do…….


    ; )))

  11. Kitalba


    Survive yes!……as their bigots would just find another place to poison.


    It could take decades for them to be financially solvent – and in that time could experience life from a point of ridicule.


    I would like that.



  12. As a few have said including steinreignedsupreme, Celtic will never win the PR war.



    At the moment the MSM are unable to even ‘spin’ what Celtic are saying because they have nothing to use against us.



    Steady as you are…….

  13. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on





    It strikes me, given the lengths that SPL have gone to retain RFC.. They have played right in to Lawwell’s hands. Celtic can make any protest they like,safe in the knowledge they will not be kicked out as a consequence- So important is the OF brand to SPL?



    So if RFC secure SPL place with a substantially weakened team as is highly possible, Celtic could refuse to play them… Safe in the knowledge no remedial action will be taken against them. It is unlikely to affect SPL title race either..



    That’s why CFC can wait…all options remain at their disposal.



    The SPL are IMO making a rope for their own necks….

  14. the long wait is over on 28 May, 2012 at 11:47 said:



    The only way any saction can be imposed on a newco, either by the SFA or the SPL, is if the newco accepts such a sanction as a condition of registration or membership.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Police have turned up at Italy’s Euro 2012 training camp and took the Zenit St Petersburg defender — Domenico Criscito , to a police station, to be interviewed re match fixing and betting irregularities.



    Meanwhile – Italian transfer rumor mongers go into overdrive re the number of Italian clubs interested in ” Greece’s playmaking star Giorgos Samaras.”

  16. Can anyone be kind enough to (cut & paste or) put up a link to ‘Barcabhoy’s’ post on RTC hinting at nuclear revelations … ?




  17. spikeysauldman on




    what are you waiting for ?


    we’ve been up against it for years.


    its always been the same.


    suerly you didn wait till mandella got out of jail before realising that South Africa had been a wee bit bad for a wee while.



    renew your ticket – boycott the rest

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I want them removed for one reason only.


    The scottish establishment would no longer have the smoke and mirrors to allow sectarian scotland to continue to tell the world its just a football thing.


    People have been murdered and its been put down to “footbal rivalry” when in fact we know the motives are far more sinister.


    With no hun, any such violence will properly be categorised as sectarian racism.

  19. Celtic can’t say anything just now, at least nothing that would allow the MSM to attach blame for Rangers failure to execute a CVA or reform as a Newco



    Remember the lies told by the record over Celtic’s actions regarding Rangers paying in advance for tickets . The best policy is say nothing just now that in any way could be used against us

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on 28 May, 2012 at 11:22 said:



    You are so correct, but the next few days are crucial, and will give us a better insight as to what direction all this is taking……. Once something actually happens, that is when action is required……… I am becoming very impatient, but cannot believe that SFA / SPL will flaunt the rules….a very perilous road to go down…..

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Barcabhoy…..12.10 ……..absolutely SPOT ON


    MIKI67 1150



    Bob is my all-time music hero,but Led Zep did a better version.