Blinkered Views risky punt against St Mirren


In his Bookies Corner article for the current issue of CQN Magazine, columnist, Blinkered Views, suggested St Mirren offered good value for a punt on relegation.  I spoke to him when he submitted the article and suggested, “Surely Dunfermline?”  He agreed Dunfermline were most likely for the drop but they offered no value.  St Mirren, on the other hand, were 9/1 for the drop and he made a good case why this was worth a bet.

St Mirren promptly spoiled Christmas for thousands (not your or me) by coming from behind to beat Rangers but that has been their only win in 8 league games.  We also don’t need to be reminded that when visiting St Mirren Park, form is a poor guide.  Celtic exited the Scottish Cup there a week after beating Saints 7-0 at Celtic Park.  They are a team who can raise their game for the big occasion and the visit of Celtic, live on TV, is as big as it gets around Paisley.

Paddy McCourt has enjoyed his visits there and has been key to Celtic collecting the points a couple of times.  Don’t be surprised if he makes a match winning appearance from the bench.

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  1. Token tim


    If you still about hows the twins? They must be 2 now



    Anynews on the experienced striker yet ?

  2. Margaret McGill on

    Scientists who created a more deadly strain of bird flu have temporarily stopped


    their research amid fears it could be used by bioterrorists like the American and British Governments….just keeping ye informed like….

  3. sannabhoy 00:41



    here’s one for ye, re pele



    just received john cairney’s book on jimmy mcgrory, heroes are forever, the life and times of celtic legend jimmy mcgrory



    starts off with…



    pele scored 1281 goals in 1363 games in ALL categories



    this includes tours, friendlies etc






    in competitive matches….



    pele scored 541 goals in 560 games which is just under 1 goal per game



    but jimmy ?






    jimmy scored 550 goals in 547 first class games which is just OVER 1 goal per game !!



    oh yes !!



    “The Human Torpedo”…



    Jimmy McGrory, fae the Garngad

  4. TopCorner ,



    simples . Put Jimmy into a Brasil team. what would happen?



    PS. Proud to say , I live next to , and one of JMcG’s relatives is involved in The Kano Foundation !!







  5. TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:01



    I’ll sign up for twitter later on today (after the Celts game) and see if I can Move a mountain?.



    I maintain that Prayer and Genuine Fear of God is Always the best policy.



    I have been online since the start and had broadband installed within 10 days of it hitting Glasgow. This massive profiling really bothers me but I will do it for this cause.



    I’ve went through all the earlier networking communications like ICQ, MSN, Bebo etc but the stuff now is frightening to me and although I do my own little silent protest I know it doesn’t really make much impact. hehe.

  6. TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:15







    back up again, cos the wind is blowing my tiles like mad, might as well finsish the wine.



    The Jimmy McGrory book is one i get out the hall cupboard over and over (see whit i did there) again.



    Read his season by season record.


    Read his 7 i think caps for Scotland


    Read him allowed to depart the Cruise Liner returning from America to get married in Moville.



    His story , in my humble opinion, is one not told enough, and should be more at Celtic Park.

  7. Margaret McGill says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:12






    PS . Trying to replace the eponymous LOL so have come up with TAL (Tims Are Laughing) which works on a couple of levels . If you like , please adopt.




  8. TopCorner ,



    i’m struggling to free the time at the mo (pathetic , i know) but i suggest that you



    1. compose a “business case”


    2. post it to a couple of the regular degenerates (in their absence i’d suggest TTT , Petec and Sannabhoy)


    3. request names for involvement


    4. assign a letter (or part) to each volunteer


    5. give them a standard spiel to send out


    6. sit back and wait for phase 2



    PS. Phase 2 involves celebs with 50K +

  9. TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:15




    also if i may,



    i used to read a lot of celtic books, not soo much nowadays , but really recommend



    * Patsy Gallacher.


    * Jimmy Quinn




    * Charlie Tully



    excellent all 3 books, find them and enjoy.

  10. TAL



    Tims are Laughin, should be adopted with









    see that James Forrest RGT he posted a belter that goat on tae the RTC, and pure destroyed them man, the huns were posting all sorts of stuff,


    but then awe naw came along as a captain boaby hun, and well (TAL) he pure took the , och cannae type for TAL

  11. Margaret McGill says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:12



    What is your take on it Margaret?



    BTW, I went and seen Warhorse tonight, excellent film and it epitomised the Human spirit if its up against things. It did not say a lot for those who are silver spooned.



    To go off on a tangent. I play Fifa 12 Ultimate Team on the PS3, I was rubbish at it at the start because I was always used to playing Pro Evolution soccer since even before the ps and its conception on the Greatest of all games consoles the Snes and in its International Superstar Soccer franchise.



    I took many batterings 9-0 10-0, even higher against really good players as I got used to this new game. The way I figured I was learning.



    Now that I am ok at this game, most people disconnect after I go 3 goals up or even 2.



    The Greatest games I have ever played have been where I have been 4 goals behind and coming back to win and draw, so many just chuck it now without giving themselves the chance to experience that feeling of overcoming a difficult hurdle.

  12. petec, Saint Stivs and sannabhoy



    thanks for all yer replies



    my brain is a bit fuzzy at the mo



    will ponder and see what happens



    thanks for all yer comments



    YEEZ are swell, real swell !!






    under 10hrs til KO



    night folks

  13. TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:53



    nn m8




    Was Good to see Dede and James Forrest named by Fifa. Too late to buy Dede now, unfortuntately.

  14. Morning Celts, there’s a wind blowing and it’s raining on the NW coast of engerlund, on a brighter note the Celtic are playing in about 7hrs and I fully expect a focussed performance with the bhoys going 5 points clear, how’s that feel coisty :>)



    Celts 3-0






  15. SydneyTim says:


    21 January, 2012 at 02:11


    Token tim


    If you still about hows the twins? They must be 2 now




    I’m guessing nearer 3/4 yrs now ST.



    How old are they Token?



  16. Man o the match today will be……. Either…



    Victor Wan-ya-ma, Victor Wanyama,


    Victor Wanyama


    Wanyama, Wanyama oh oh, oh oh!



    Victor Wan-ya-ma, Victor Wanyama,


    Victor Wanyama


    Wanyama, Wanyama oh oh, oh oh!




  17. he plays left mid,


    And he plays left back,


    He’s a centre half,


    And he does not slack,


    He’s our prodigal son and he hates the Huns,


    He’s Charlie mulgrew,


    He’s Charlie mulgrew,


    Ooohhhhh, Ooohhhh.




  18. Vhman. TT twins were born just after wee Sydney tim was born


    Could not remember if TT were Jan or Feb



    Waiting on mrs Sydney tim coming home from dinner and I am on train to Celtic CSC



    Mon the hoops




  19. Summi. Aye left facebook about 1 year ago , too many bampots from past life


    Or maybe I was a bampot to meet them



    You off to the punt tonite?

  20. Sannabhoy I noticed yir TAL post and think it’s the future, never quite liked lol



    Also, unfortunately I can’t make the KF do as I’m oot the country!




    it’ll be a great do.




  21. .






    Re; FB.. I actually Use it Now.. Even Use My Real Name Ha..



    Great to Keep Up with Family & Freinds..but Know what You Mean Aboot the Nougats.. Ha..



    No PoP for me Tonight been/Am a Wee Bitte Sick..




  22. sannabhoy says:



    21 January, 2012 at 02:27



    PS . Trying to replace the eponymous LOL so have come up with TAL (Tims Are Laughing) which works on a couple of levels . If you like , please adopt.








    TGIF – Thank God I’m Fenian

  23. Good morning Bhoys and Ghirls:



    Up with the lark as the Bhoys are playing early today, chores to be done, Bookies to visit and picked up at 10:30 to go to the game. Anyway, anybody wishing to have a punt on the CQN Coupon:



    TTT – Barnsley


    Lennybhoy – Swindon


    Estadio Nacional – West Ham Utd.


    Blantyretim – Gillingham


    PFayr – Sheffield Wednesday


    Jobo – Dundee Utd.


    AWATR – Charlton



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  24. Morning All,



    Any win will do today but would love to be 2 at least two goals clear in the last few minutes to ease my nerves for once! Can’t see Aberdeen doing us any favours today and wouldn’t rule out 2x penalties and a red card.



    That said as long as we keep winning it matters not a jot….




  25. Top of the morning to you all from a windy but dry and mild Fife.



    Like the style of Glen Gibbons’ writing in the Scotsman:



    “By offering the compromise of a cut-price deal in exchange for immediate settlement, the Tynecastle hierarchy have, in effect, revealed their own unawareness that Rangers are as impoverished as themselves; approaching Ibrox with a view to conducting negotiations summons an image of two vagrants playing poker with spent matches.”



    Schadenfreude at the plight of the bigot brothers doesn’t give as much pleasure as Celtic winning, but it comes close.

  26. blantyretim says:


    20 January, 2012 at 22:13


    mini BT 1st birthday when TJ scored that goal, pay per view with wee giggsybhoy in my home….



    what a first birthday Blantyre Monica had…






    A Facebook message pointed out this wee gem to me from last night – in reference to Tommy Johnson scoring the only goal in Martin O’Neill’s first season title-clincher against St. Mirren. A fantastic day had by all – simply marvellous…