Celtic and the burnout issue


Delighted for Leigh Griffiths (penalty), Callum McGregor (penalty and assist) and Ryan Christie (goal) who, after a difficult few months domestically, got any reassurance necessary from a Scotland performance and result that they can compete and win on the European stage.  McGregor’s reverse pass for the goal was a thing of beauty.

The caveat is that our players will compete for four domestic trophies this season, head to the Euros with Scotland, then go straight into Celtic’s European qualifiers without as much as a long weekend down the Clyde.  To paraphrase Roy Scheider, you’re gonna need a bigger squad.

Footballers are not machines.  They have peaks and troughs of form, fitness and focus.  How many mountains can Callum McGregor climb?  We have to hope Steve Clarke cuts the Celtic players some slack in the spring internationals, while Neil Lennon should have a good hard look at the remaining three Europa League games before risking his most precious assets.

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  1. Some unfair comparisons re Christie IMO,the enormity of the game,and the expectations on their backs, give the Bhoy a break.

  2. Just saw “The Ibrox Legend” article.



    Why the **** do we entertain these people?



    The are vile and anti Catholic and oh so anti Celtic.



    Very disappointed with CQN today.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:07 PM



    Totally agree. Ryan appears to be the new scapegoat now that Jamesie is injured.

  4. Bada


    I would expect England to go into their tier 3 for at least a week after lockdown ends. Not sure about Christmas but there will be enormous pressure to go to tier 1.

  5. Christie is a good player,and let’s be honest he will like Tierney be away next summer,I would say his transfer value will be around 20/25 Million if Celtic can get more then take it,same as Edouard,Ajer,Nitcham a combination of about 35+Million- I don’t know if Christie is a Celtic Supporter ,but like Tierney ,McGinn money talks,and if Clarke was appointed as the next Celtic manager ,because I’m sure Lennon won’t be ,then I’m sure it would be a good appointment.

  6. I would be all for Steve Clarke becoming manager but he seems to have ruled himself of being our manager, at the time he was being abused for being a fenian by the bigoted hordes from Govan.

  7. The hand of God on

    I think posters who are claiming that Ryan Christie shows no or little passion whilst playing for Celtic as opposed to Scotland are quite frankly talking pish.Last night Scotland qualified for a major tournament for the first time since 1998 for the players this was a huge event and isnt comparable to scoring a late goal against St.Johnstone .Can Celtic fans not be pleased for our players achieving on the international stage not to mention the fact that almost all the starting team were at sometime on Celtic’s books.I personally was born in Scotland with Irish parentage I’ve had an Irish passport way before the brexit nonsense,Scotland is my country and I’m quick to let knobends who suggest I go “home” know it.

  8. Ryan Christie has all the attributes that EPL teams seek in a player.


    Box to box, fit, clever feet, scores goals, good passer, steady/good lifestyle, no off field shenanigans.


    He will also get a level of protection in that league that’s denied him in Scotland.


    Higher wages might be an attraction too :o)


    He will go soon enough & Celtic SHOULD get a decent wedge for him.



    The concern for me is why so many players appear to want a move away from Celtic at the same time.


    Like others I’ve noticed a very low key celebration when Celtic goals are scored – as compared to previous seasons & even to competitors this season. Again, others have compared last night’s highly emotional responses with how our team celebrated goals against Motherwell on Sunday. I know that much was at stake last night – like a cup final – but still…



    Ryan Christie has stalled on signing a new contract – is what I understand.



    Perhaps my grandson has an insight I lack.


    In November 2017 for his birthday he wanted & received a Celtic top with Armstrong’s name on the back. At the end of that season Celtic sold the player to Southampton.


    Earlier this week for his birthday, we bought him another Celtic kit – this time he wanted Ryan Christie’s name on the back…



    Just saying.

  9. EmeraldBee from last thread – the Czech game in ‘73 is etched in my memory, I was at Celtic v Leeds and that was incredible but in 73 I was fifteen and it was the first time I had a can of beer with the big boys – wasn’t lucky enough to fall on a Kerry oot right enough😀

  10. If we want to attract and keep players we need to start winning in Europe – getting at least to the CL group stages or last 8 in the EL.


    The fact we’ve won 9 IAR tells players there’s a lack of competition in our league.

  11. BIGBHOY on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:52 PM




    ‘Ryan Christies emotions last night would never have happened in a Celtic shirt. ‘



    agreed.one is for his country the other is for his employer Celtic.I hope it gets Ryan going for remaindee of season.




  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Agree that burnout is inevitable unless we have a more coherent approach to squad management.



    As for Scotland resting our players? Can’t see it.



    Am still hacked off at Craig Brown taking Jackie Mc to France 98 when he needed knee surgery.



    Jackie remained a decent player after he recovered but the whippet we signed was gone at 24 years old.



    Quite like Steve Clarke although he projects poorly and delivers improvement rather than achievement.



    I think he would be an excellent assistant manager to a strong leader at Celtic.



    Finally, hopefully last night further dispelled the “John McGinn is the Messiah” line.



    Decent player but not in Calum or Ryan’s class.



    To be fair he’s lots better than Jack, Dykes and a few other bang average types on show last night.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. ST TAMS on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:44 PM


    £20m for Christie. I think we would be doing well to get double figures.





    Possibly but I think Southampton consider they robbed us by only giving us 7 million for Armstrong.


    I suspect they’ll sell him on for a profit if he keeps playing the way he’s started this season.



    It seems to me that Celtic have a rash of unsettled players – for as yet unknown reasons – in the very season when they wanted a united squad focused on making history (the management’s angle I suspect). Instead, we have some listless players looking like they’re only going the motions in an underperforming team.


    As I understand it, Armstrong signed a one year extension at Celtic in May 2017 – on the basis that he could get his move at the end of the season. As Paul was want to say often enough, that seemed like good asset management to me.



    I don’t see that this season & if we’re not careful we might end up falling between several stools.


    Players not re-signing – even for a year – playing in a team lacking morale, a team that’s underachieving, where these same players come under criticism for poor results which in turn affects their performances & lowers their value to any clubs sniffing round.



    On an international stage, against players from some of the top clubs in Europe, Ryan Christie will have caught the eye of quite a few clubs. He looked as good if not better than many of them & enhanced his reputation. According to what I read his 3 year contract signed in 2018 expires at the end of this season.




  14. “And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay” Jimmy should have got more caps for Scotland but Paul is one of Scotland’s most capped players. Tom Boyd is not that far behind and John Collins could take a penalty under pressure as well. Tommy Docherty was captain and manager of Scotland, enticed to Man U by another scot, Matt Busby. We all know who Dalglish first played for and that Bobby Evans won nearly 50 caps. Bobby Collins, John Thomson, Danny McGrain, Jackie MacNamara, The Lisbon Lions.. I could go on and on. In more recent times Shaun Maloney was the Celtic spirit permeating the Scotland team. Aiden McGeady was the one who got away, look what he achieved for Ireland. As other posters have said there was a large Celtic contingent among the players last night as well. Really pleased for Leigh Griffiths, stepping up to take the first spot kick and blasting it in. Some left pin on the bhoy!

  15. Back to Basics


    Appreciate your opinion, but in my view McGinn had a tremendous game last night, and should not have been substituted.



  16. FD- I thought McGinn was having a shocker,but was a bit more like it in the 10 minutes before he went off,all about opinions HH I would have kept him and Christie on BTW

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    Good chance of Tier 4 in central belt from next week.




    nicola and boris have made it clear by their actions that they arent particularly fussed about the spiralling infection and death rates



    they will just keep putting us into lockdowns and destroying freedoms, lives and jobs until the vaccine eradicates it which could be a long way off



    all that so they dont close schools and colleges because a few kids might get a bit squiffy cos they arent at school



    even though those establishments must be by far the biggest spreaders



    they should have a word with Melbourne Mick who can tell them how his city has got rid of the virus properly



    i doubt theres a massive increase in kids with mental health issues there



    and im sure childrens mental health would be far worse if family members died because they brought the virus back from school



    schools and colleges get tons of time off a year and it doesnt seem to do them any harm



    politicians playing politics with our lives

  18. Success makes you a sought after “modern” manager.



    Perceived failure makes you a dinosaur.



    Last night a manager waited until the 83rd minute before making a suband was castigated for doing so because the players taken off were better than their replacements. Neil Lennon gets grief if he has not snubbed our first time scapegoat before the half-time oranges are dished out.



    Last night’s manager played a strategy of Lump it up to Dykes and chase after the knockdowns. It was 80s Wimbledon Version 2.0 but he gained a win on pens AET and is deemed a mastermind, whereas our own manager, with a much better winning record in the game, is denounced as a dinosaur.



    I don’t accept Big Wavy’s suggestion that I advocate that the “result is all that counts” but I would suggest that the result is all important in determining who we consider to be a good coach. I have never seen us aud the coach of a team that lost to us and I have never seen us fail to berate our manager whenever we fail to win.



    I was very pleased with a deserved win for Scotland last night but there’s been a lot of Monday Morning Quarteback thinking base on us being the last team to win a place at Euro 2020 (now 2021).



    If the Occupied 6 had beaten Slovakia we cou; have seen the finl 3 qualifiers as North Macedonia, Northern Ireland and what the Nats refer to as North Britain



    Mon the Norsemen





    Do you have school age children/grandchildren?

  20. Celts v The HoopsFour leaf clover


    4:57 PM · Nov 10, 2020·Twitter Web App










    Jack Maguire






    Nov 10


    Replying to




    Bobby Collins no less ! Four leaf clover


    JIm Campbell






    Nov 10


    I thought i recognised those size 4 boots!


    george docherty






    Nov 10


    Replying to




    That no.8 looks like Bobby Collins










    It is. He joined Morton for a couple of seasons towards the end of his career.


    Brian Welsh






    Nov 10


    Replying to




    One of my late dads favourite players Bobby Collins, he tells the story of the Rangers player terrifying a Celtic player wee Bobby got the ball and ran towards the fullback stopped and put his foot on the ball, and invited the man forward it never happened.








    Nov 10


    Replying to




    Thought it was morton


    Eddie Higgins






    Nov 10


    Replying to




    The wee Barra: Bobby Collins.




  21. OK a thread from sentinel celts what is a hun well my best pal in glenboig was a rangers supporter billy hendry he used to tell me tales about wullie henderson and jim baxter billy had never been to ibrokes but he supported rangers because he went to the local protestant school billy was never a hun but unfortunately living in our village he was called one he moved to australia in 1974 and had invited me to his 21st birthday party unfotunately i could not attend BILLY if you are reading this now not all tims hate you god bless pal.

  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    Surely more pupils will fall behind their peers as a result of repeated self isolation when everyone else is at school than would fall behind their peers if all the schools were closed at the same time?

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