Celtic and the burnout issue


Delighted for Leigh Griffiths (penalty), Callum McGregor (penalty and assist) and Ryan Christie (goal) who, after a difficult few months domestically, got any reassurance necessary from a Scotland performance and result that they can compete and win on the European stage.  McGregor’s reverse pass for the goal was a thing of beauty.

The caveat is that our players will compete for four domestic trophies this season, head to the Euros with Scotland, then go straight into Celtic’s European qualifiers without as much as a long weekend down the Clyde.  To paraphrase Roy Scheider, you’re gonna need a bigger squad.

Footballers are not machines.  They have peaks and troughs of form, fitness and focus.  How many mountains can Callum McGregor climb?  We have to hope Steve Clarke cuts the Celtic players some slack in the spring internationals, while Neil Lennon should have a good hard look at the remaining three Europa League games before risking his most precious assets.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    Is everyone having trouble signing in







    works perfectly every time for the rest of us



    diagnosis – user error






    Is everyone having trouble signing in





    Yes periodically…


    No problems today so far but yesterday was challenging.

  3. Hot Smoked 9.04


    My Uncle Hughie and Auntie Mary lived in Keel Achill island and all of my cousins there also my next door neighbour in Muthill here was from Achill and next door to her the son of the house lives there now. Beautiful place on a nice day, My cousin had a fishing boat and made his living doing that from there.HH

  4. Clunks 11.16


    Eddie McSheffrie was a great guy , he was the manager of the George Hotel in Crieff for a couple of years, and a number of supporters buses from Glasgow would stop entourage to Perth and Dundee games and Eddie would have food and music organised for them . Also had themed weekends (ie country music or Elvis) reasonably priced he new everybody and if you were looking for a ticket for some away game Eddie was your man. I think he may have passed earlier this year (RIP) he was a great friend of our local bus co owner.HH



    Yes my cousin Michael Connaghan (fisherman) and his family still there and still a few friends McNamara,s and Kilcoynes , my neighbour was a Masterson and her cousins were Cooneys.HH

  6. PAPAJOE55,



    I know Michael & his family. There are many McNamaras, Kilcoynes and Mastersons. I probably know most of them too. There are Cooneys in Keel and in Tonragee.


    It’s a small world.






    Michael sister Mary is Married to Manus Kilcoyne and think they lived in Belmullet his other two sisters live in Shannon. My Auntie Mary was a Carr. Unfortunately I’ve only been there once. My Dad,s family from Arranmore and my mum,s from Burtonport so these were the preferred Holiday destinations.HH

  8. Sad to hear of Eddies passing, If it’s the same guy I remember him running a bus from a crazy pub in the town facing Mollys that was only for those who liked real hard core rebel music.

  9. YOGI HUGHES, well he was my grandads idol, many a row took place on a sunday morning after mass, my uncle packy saying what a useless c—-t, and my grandfather nearly having a heart attack defending him, my granda was a big albion rovers fan but obviously celtic was his first team, BTW john hughes used to drive past us bhoys in glenboig fairly regular in his mark1 cortina which was a supa dupa car in those days, his accountant was a ghuy called con mcaffee ,and his dad MR mcaffee was our school teacher, at our lady and st josephs.👍



    Yes that was Eddie he was the most likeable character , he ran buses to various part,s of Ireland driven by my pal Tommy from Muthill for a weeks tour all accommodation organised, he was a good pal of my Glasgow O’Donnell cousins as well they used to visit him when he was in Crieff.HH

  11. lets all do the huddle on





    these are the folk being sacrificed so that nicola and boris can keep schools and colleges open



    400 dead and 30000 infected in the uk in the last 24 hours



    all to stop some kids feeling a bit off for a few weeks if their school or college is shut



    luckily im not personally affected by having kids at school or having family members who have died or been infected by covid



    so those who are in either bracket can make their own mind up as to whether the strategy is right



    you pay your money you make your choice



    i just hope parents of school kids are grateful for the sacrifice those 400 made in the last 24 hours just to keep your kids schools open



    Melbourne Mick was on here the other day explaining how Melbourne done it properly



    a real life scenario with real life results



    beggers belief why we arent following a similar path

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    to put it in hypothetical football terms on a football blog –



    celtic lost 50 goals last season from conceding penalties



    and lost 1 goal from corners



    so the celtic manager nicola boris concentrated all the efforts in pre season to make sure we stop conceding corners



    meanwhile in australia, Melbourne Celtic had a very similar record at conceding goals



    however the Melbourne Celtic manager (his name is Mick) spent pre season teaching his team how to stop conceding penalties



    guess which of the 2 strategies is having the best results?



    real life nicola sturgeons best efforts at stopping the spread of the virus is to force Mrs Miggins pie shop to shut at 6 oclock



    no shock we are in the state we are

  13. VP


    It doesn’t matter what governments do if the population doesn’t support it.


    Hands, face, space – some find it impossible just to follow that.


    I know for a lot of people not seeing their loved ones is heartbreaking – I’m in that category so I know

  14. Bada


    Your Covid list there


    Bannockburn at No2, absolutely rife through here, including the Eastern villages, which includes Cowie



    I put up a comment last week Sunday, of my best friends Dad, who passed away on Saturday.


    The nursing home he was in in Bannockburn, as of last week, had 29 patients confirmed with Covid, and 19 staff


    A fellow Bhoy from here is closer to this at minute, as his Mum is in same nursing home.



    Which brings me to papajoe55, or Hot Smoked 😂


    Again my big mhates dad and family have a huge connection with both Achill & Keel, and from one of the family names mentioned.


    PapaJoe, another friend of mine, whom I think you also know, (Akela construction) family, are also from Achill


    Incidentally I also have good family friends living on Arranmore, right now, 😂

  15. Saturday quiz time.



    No cheating :O)






    Who’s the legendary boss??

  16. just seen the news there, the scenes of trump supporters a;omg with far-right militia groups on the streets are disgraceful,



    Must catch up in the flesh at some point when this awful virus is passed , very worried about my family in Cowie , my son a plumber going in to houses to heating breakdowns etc. He wears a mask and gloves and uses hand sanitiser but you never know. My daughter in law and 2 grandkids at school and nursery in St Margarets. My other 2 daughters are in Braehead just below Bannockburn and the eldest with her new baby.HH

  18. PapaJoe


    My own daughter returns to teaching in January at St Margaret’s, ( end of her maternity) she has started doing 1 day a week (started 2 weeks ago) to get ready for full return


    Covid is rife in the village as well


    Church had shutdown for 2 weeks, (re- opened start of Nov) one of the congregation, was a confirmed case – kids at St Margaret’s

  19. cornelius



    From the wee wee hours….


    Not sure if Teenage Fan Club were ever influenced by Steely Dan…


    Desperate Dan, now yer tawking


    More the Byrds, Flaming Groovies I would think but


    Aint That Enough…



    I’m sure your daughter will have noticed such a difference at the school since her maternity break, my wife ( Granny) takes my Grandson to Nursery on a Wednesday afternoon and they all have to social distance outside till the kids are called in 1 at a time . It must be so stressful for the teachers and staff . We can only hope this vaccine will be successful.HH

  21. Adi- seen an official looking document, Central Belt lockdown announced on Tuesday, starts on Friday for 2 weeks, I think more likely to be 4 weeks.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    !!BADA BING!! on 14TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:50 PM



    Depends on their definition of what is central belt cause it’s rather perplexing for the folk of East Lothian to be considered as. With R rate 53 per 100k put us in a lockdown would cause a bloody riot😈😈

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