Celtic player luxury not afforded to Maribor


While Ronny Deila rested 10 players ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League play-off decider, Maribor changed only four players for their 3-0 win over Zavrc, who were three points ahead of them on the Slovenian league.  Wednesday’s goalscorer, Bohar, was replaced midway through the second half, while Tavares came on for the last 10 minutes.

Whatever regrets Ronny has over yesterday’s defeat he’ll get over it when he sees a dressing-room full of players who have rested and trained appropriately all week.

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  1. malorbhoy



    14:04 on 24 August, 2014



    At parklea playing fields with annan under fifteens in port glasgow and standing next to me is one of the easdale brothers


    Will l or won’t l naw a better no



    Watch yer pockets…..:)

  2. Was talking to a guy who’s pal’s boy knows Robertson who went to Hull from DU a few weeks ago.33k a week.

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Bada bing



    Watching the young lad right now ….he’s doing well



    £33k per week ….utter madness








    Blinkin’ flip.



    Good luck to him,a coupla years on that rate and he and his family are made for life.



    It also makes it even more difficult for us to tempt Scottish-based players when they-and their agents-hear about that.



    A thoroughly astonishing amount of money,if I’m honest.

  5. Goldstar 10



    It is a very surprising development that a Hungarian ref has been appointed. Whilst there are some precedent it is far from common.



    Worrying actually. Hopefully he knows the history of our previous support for Hungary and Czech when drawn to play Ferencvaros back in 68.





    Hindsight’s a wonderful thing. On the back of a defeat,Ronny made a howler.



    In the face of a hugely important match,Tuesday,he made a judgement call.



    Saturday is irrelevant. Tuesday isn’t.

  7. Interesting that the realities of the cost of trading for average players is coming to folks consciousness on the blog.



    The market is mad. Signing a second rate Spanish Clubs 2nd choice striker is still a package of over £6m of OUR money !!!



    But still many seem to advocate such dealings. As they can blame someone for the lunacy when it goes wrong.

  8. auldheid



    13:41 on 24 August, 2014 from previous



    Lennon’s Passion 11.51



    Funnily enough I was just talking to a neighbour who drives a supporters bus and was at Inverness.



    He made the same complaint re not getting value for his money in terms of time and cost v performance.



    He understood why but it still rankled and I can well understand as more of a non match attending spectator, why that should be so and why those who do go feel more passionately about such matters than those who do not attend.



    For me it is that passion that fires the engine that provides the vehicle that we all like to watch and be part of.



    What I think you might be raising is the imbalance of the cost of supporting.



    My mantra has been spread the load so that those who, for many reasons, do not attend ( one of them being their passion for Celtic is in a different form from those who do) can contribute more to the financial cost of supporting and reduce the cost to those who do go.



    At this point I’ll make a comment that those who do go, do not do so in order that non attendees can watch from a distance, they go for themselves because they love the experience. Meeting friends, having a pint, having the arguments watching the game, with or without singing and dancing according to their personality.



    But regardless of differing motives (none bad, just different) what cannot be denied is that just as football is interdependent by nature as a business, so too is supporting Celtic an interdependent matter.



    My view in terms of spreading the load has taken a small and early form in the Overseas Season Ticket which Celtic are looking at making more attractive, but I think that what needs to be changed is the whole match attending dependence model.



    In that respect I think a Membership Scheme with various levels which suit individual circumstances is the way forward for Celtic because there will not be a return to the two club business model that has all but killed our game because it is hate based. Other clubs will not allow it now they see the benefits to them of its absence.



    I was delighted to see on a Celtic survey I completed yesterday that there were questions on a Membership Scheme, what it might offer and if folk would pay for it.



    So the idea has taken root but until such time as it flowers, we have to appreciate how dependent on each other we are as a support in order to have a club to support, which requires a bit of personal sacrifice all round, if we are to reach the ideal which Celtic represents to us all, but which we have all still got a lot of work to do to achieve





    So what do you suggest?



    Not signing anyone?



    Playing our squad to the full?



    Maybe paying players a fraction of what they can achieve elsewhere cos it worked during the glory years. I dunno the answer,but bankrupting our bank accounts or bankrupting our squad quality seem to be the options offered.



    And neither of them will work.

  10. Burnley78


    14:53 on


    24 August, 2014


    Goldstar 10



    It is a very surprising development that a Hungarian ref has been appointed. Whilst there are some precedent it is far from common.



    Worrying actually. Hopefully he knows the history of our previous support for Hungary and Czech when drawn to play Ferencvaros back in 68.






    aye liek that slovak referee in seville. he was gonny be ok cos of dr joe and lubo connection.



    that workedout well.

  11. Re Robertsons wage.it makes you think what multiple Fraser Foster got on his transfer to Southampton.

  12. bournesouprecipe on




    A good few players failed to step up for RD yesterday, they let him down.



    We don’t need to name names, and even a 0-0 would have been a result, IMHO.

  13. Saint Stivs



    I think we’ve crossed swords with him again since Seville. Possibly in the C.L.

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Homemade Baileys



    Try this:



    300ml cheapest own brand whisky



    180ml Double cream



    120ml Condensed milk



    1 heaped teaspoon instant coffe granules (we use the ‘ground coffee’ type of instant)



    1 teaspoon vanilla essence.



    Put in ‘used’ Red Label bottle, shake well until coffee dissolves. Keep in fridge…drink at will.



    Approximate cost per bottle is £5.

  15. Afternoon all.



    I expected Ronny to make changes yesterday though I was surprised at just how many.



    What it shows, in my opinion anyway, is that we don’t have the depth that many of us thought or hoped we had.



    Only read a couple of pages from the previous article and noticed some discussion about attending away games and yesterday especially.



    Around me there were a lot of angry guys. Firstly about the team selection and secondly about the performance. Most were older than me and I’d say were in the 50-70 age bracket.



    Personally, Tuesday is far more important than yesterday I’m just hoping that Ronny called it right with his team selection.



    Lennon’s Passion



    I disagree with you mate. Yes it’s a huge expense watching Celtic away from home and the bizarre KO times can play havoc with family life but we do it through personal choice, nobody is forcing us to do it.

  16. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    The lunacy is selling Wanyama and Forster for excellent profit …then replacing them with Balde, Boeriggter, Pukki, Bangura, Lassad, Miku etc …thereby exhausting all profit



    We are using the very few diamonds we unearth to pay for the otherwise atrocious signing policy



    This is not good business ….but lucky …good luck doesn’t persist



    Meanwhile the crowds are dwindling and the quality of the squad diminishing with every transfer window



    CFC should be more than accountancy …..and certainly more than accountancy that relies so heavily on good fortune

  17. bournesouprecipe on




    You do a Tea Biscuit guide, takes ages, and the article gets changed….arrrrggggghhh.

  18. well ronny not many people get a second chance in the CL so don’t blow it


    Otherwise it could be along hard season for us all.


    good luck and remember,


    Maribor are no mugs!



  19. Bourne



    It was as poor a domestic performance as I can remember for a few years anyway.



    We all know why Ronny made the changes, let’s keep our fingers crossed it was the right decision.

  20. lennon's passion on




    15:18 on 24 August, 2014



    My point is getting lost in all this. Yes we do it through personal choice. Yes everyone has a choice to go or not. Yes RD was correct to concentrate on Tuesday.


    My point is the team effort yesterday was very poor and the flippant remarks on here about the game meaning nothing over the bigger picture is poor.


    The troops that traveled up deserve the team on the park to put a shift in. Yesterday performance was lacking in so many departments.

  21. Awalkacrosstherooftops



    I saw your post. Glad I was able to help and it was a pleasure to meet you.

  22. Ht


    howye doin bud ?;)



    If RD was to give the team out the night before our important games and did the same again , decimating the first team line-up , how many fans do you think would not go ?

  23. lennon’s passion



    Apologies mate but I hadn’t read back much more than a couple of pages.



    There’s nothing in your post that I’d disagree with, yesterday was extremely poor.

  24. The reality is that if you are shopping for forwards in the 1 or 2 million bracket, your chances of picking up dross are high. Getting Loanees on an option to buy is one way of reducing risk but not everyone is happy with that policy either. We have picked up some deadwood OK and we need to cut our losses on these. Still talking about Miku Lassadd & Bangura is pointless, one of them was a loanee anyway. What’s done is done, we have a new man on the helm so lets see how we do under his stewardship.

  25. blantyretim.



    Sorry about disappearing from the Blane Valley on Friday, A few drinks and I’m game for anything, when Kitalba asked if I’d like to go to Inverness for the game the following day,,after saying that I hadn’t any medicine with me and they volunteered to take me home to it pick it up, My decision was made in about 5 seconds. And again sorry..



    An Tearmann.



    Read above.






    Likewise, as above.

  26. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on



    Those of us in the 50-70 age bracket always want to see Celtic win as we are mostly of the opinion that it may be our last chance :-)



  27. marspapa



    15:29 on 24 August, 2014



    I’d imagine that the majority would still go though I’ve no way of supporting that.



    What I will say is that I’ve never seen so many empty seats in the Celtic sections of the stadium at Inverness and I’ve never seen so many spare tickets being sold outside.



    I heard yesterday that we didn’t sell our entire allocation.

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