Celtic train rolls on as January signings shine again


The Celtic train rolled on against Hibernian last night.  Only a reckless late lunge on Emilio Izaguirre caused Brendan Rodgers any concern.  The prospects of Jonny Hayes at left back against Valencia one week today, or worse, a midfield without Callum McGregor, who is drafted into defence, are not inspiring.

Two of the three teams below dropped points.  Kilmarnock and Aberdeen now have 11 points to make up, while Newco have six.  When league duties resume in 10 days we return to Rugby Park, scene of Kilmarnock’s late win over the champions earlier this season.  Europe distracted Celtic on that occasion.  The next Killie game is sandwiched between matches against Valencia.  I could make the case that the visit to Ayrshire is more important than the trip to Spain.

I liked Jeremy Toljan.  He adds a speed of thought to our forward play that was missing on the right.  Much of the good passing broke down at the edge of the box, no doubt a consequence of having new faces in the striker role(s).  The impact last month’s additions are having are pronounced; still more will come.

You should only question the commitment of professionals with good evidence, but last night’s Hibs team were not sufficiently attentive looking.  They turned up for the physical challenge, but were passed through regularly.  It looks like the renascence, when they could boss any team in the league, is over.


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  1. CFC,


    John Cooney scored the Ireland try at the end of game v England. He is John Cooney’s son, brother of Paul Cooney.



    Very happy with last night;s performance.







  2. Melbourne Mick on




    You’re correct about the peerless Bobby Murdoch, it took big


    Jock to find his correct position before some of our support


    accepted him, and i must say a few of the other Lions.


    H.H Mick

  3. Paul67 blogged months ago when the Newco went for Collum and the SFA that such behaviour would see Scottish football turn it’s back on them and that Clubs should not play to the galleries. What has transpired since is the Huns on the rampage doing what they want whilst referees are falling over themselves to assist. Collum on the other hand has not been anywhere near them. The message has been sent out loud and clear.



    Behind the scenes at Celtic Park






    quite brilliant. know what comes across the most to me, the shear professionalism of everything that happens at celtic park. all those people making it a wonderful place to be a footballer. our youth system is delivering international level footballers, our manager is world class, our captain is a leader, our lustig is his back up, calum is a succesor in waiting, and our loan players for sure “get it”.



    even thunderstruck was great.



    i still aint attending, and havnt seen the light show, so that was a good angle.



    next up to that was brendan on celtic tv, with his ultimate celtic xi, with only 1 lion allowed, its a great insight, i had not seen it before, you could argue with his choices, a bit irish partisany, what you cant argue with is his knowledge of the club, a celtic fan , a supporter, one of us for sure, he aint going anywhere else.



    watch this and wonder. some of the clips had me all sentimental and tingly. a wee spoiler, when he says “tommy – tb2, his sharp intake of breath bearly had me greetin.



    Celtic FC – #UltimateCelticXI with Brendan Rodgers




  5. How much longer will clubs accept this refereeing/ compliance bias


    Watched the lifetime ban goalie tackle earlier


    Once again, how on earth is this not being brought to the attention of FtSFA – his 4th assault as witnessed, and still nothing ?



    How much longer will fans accept this from FtSFA ???



    Really really getting to a stage were serious questions need asked and answered by our us fans

  6. D17


    Granted it was on Celtic TV


    There looked very little in the Simonuvic tackle, which he has been sighted for

  7. SAINT STIVS-the disco lights where fantastic.


    Hopefully they take requests ??


    Billy Joel and piano man?

  8. glendalystonsils on




    The stamp on Ajer set the tone , although I seem to recall a deliberate him coming down full force with an elbow into the back of a Motherwell player the week before . No other keeper in the league does this so it can’t be confused with an accident or with the keeper protecting himself . We are talking about multiple unprovoked attacks , with no action taken.

  9. Glendalystonsils


    There was also an incident with him in a game with the Edinburgh mob as well

  10. McGregor used to deliberately stand on the strikers foot at corners. Watched it in about 2008 under Mowbray. Scott McDonald got booked for pushing him

  11. The answer to stop the cheating is simple, if you stop giving them money they will die, then they won’t be able to cheat you, given that you know they are cheating you, if you give them money, you have no right to complain when they do cheat you cos you know that’s what they will do.

  12. The sevco keeper is a Hun Rat.


    One of the dirtiest most cowardly footballers I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.



    Nothing will happen to him and the other horrible chewing a wasp faced ugly Columbian Hun rat will also escape punishment.



    It irks me that we are not calling out the cheating or many, many, many, many honest mistakes which favour any team bar Celtic and the constant thuggery toward our players.



    Get this league wrapped up and it will be the sweetest of the 8.



    D. :)

  13. NORRIEM on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:40 PM




    It looked to me like he lead with his arm. Had it been the other way round i would have been calling for a card.

  14. TET-it’s not that easy mate,you want to tell ma dad we’re no going Sunday ??


    Big cuddles for you and your better half ?

  15. FB


    Now where the feck did I say stop giving Celtic money, tho I think you should as it would spur them into doing something, the last time they did anything was when the balance sheet took a pounding so they employed Brendan to top it up again ;-)



  16. Imagine we bought Morelos. Would we defend his actions? I say no; remember we did not defend the diving Dutch fella, the allegedly racist fella, the eh eh .. no-one else



    We tend to recruit good guys



    My mam always said ‘ why do the Celtic guys look so happy when they score (mcgarvey, Nicholas, Burns etc) and the Rangers guys so angry?(McDonald, mccoist, durrant etc)

  17. TET-when my dad says enough is enough,then we will stop


    He’s finding it harder walking up to stadium/seat so it might be sooner than I want.


    Bedtime this time ?

  18. Delighted Bain has been given an extended run in the team. His comfort on the ball and His quickness of thought when releasing the ball makes it so much easier for our backline and midfield. The occasional misplaced pass is far removed from the punts and slowness witnessed just a few weeks ago.



    The rightback looked good and should get better with games.



    Izzy does not trust His pace anymore and to often opted for the easy ball even when it open up for him.



    Boyato done well.



    Sumunivic could be a very good defender if he could retain His focus. He is still young enough to improve and is way ahead of were Boyato was At the same age.



    Brown was back to the player of last season.



    Calmac has got better every year and christie is looking like he might just follow calmac’s example.



    weah had flashes of good play.



    Sinclair was simliar ti weah but with move shots on goal.



    Burke done well up top but think we would get move out of him out wide.



    If we manage to get our injured player back BR’S with had an almighty headache, a very nice one mind you




  19. Morelos will get off as it helps the huns and mssm continue the narrative of being victims.


    Sevco fans still publish the fact that his red card against Aberdeen was rescinded proving he was an innocent victim of the authorities.


    The fact that he was let off by a corrupt sfa decision is ignored by them.


    Likewise when Jack had his red rescinded also.


    On one of their sites a hun has a table of decisions for and those against sevco which is laughable


    as he often cites non existent fouls as refs decisions against and even suggests Beaton was guilty of such at Ibrox and again uses no punishment for Morelos as vindication.


    Victimhood to cover up cheating is their well worked strategy.

  20. hey Delanys it is was an uplifting moment when Donald Tusk opened his heart…






    as he said in Westminster there is no more collective for remain….the creatures are salivating ….it seems as predicted on “braw posts” that Labour will cling to Tory power……Labrotorys…..



    smiley ….aye I will always have a smiley thing …it is the smile that will burn them thing









    Saor Alba

  21. Amazing to see a current Celtic player being mentioned in the same breath as Bobby Murdoch. But I think it is not too much of an exaggeration to say, as Jock Stein said of Bobby, “when Calum McGregor plays, Celtic play”.

  22. Fool Time Whistle on

    Meant to say a big thanks to whoever recommended “Sunderland ‘Til I Die” on Netflix.



    Excellent stuff all round.



    Beautifully shot & great editing/directing.



    Story line doesn’t lose anything even though you know the targic outcome.



    Love the song over the opening credits – no idea who it is.




  23. I wis thinking about how Calum runs …he is deceptively fleet…he is not unlike those blind samurais from the early 70.s …..Zatoichi..ne Nakamura



    smiley and the bad booboos lost a lot of blood thing …




  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on





    Me and the wee fella think ye’ cannae whack thae Samurai movies.



    Toranaga San – hai !!






  25. a hope the wee man is making you as proud as all of us auld fence posters on here are of him…



    smiley the hard left side thing



    Saor Alba

  26. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    There are no words to express how much I love and treasure the wee man.



    I wish some of you could have saw us on Saturday just past.



    Me and him went into Glasgow on the train – both dressed to the 9’s in 3-piece suits, shirt & tie and flat caps. Him with his guitar.


    We went into the new big Irish bar in Candleriggs – Grace’s. There was a singer on – very good the boy was too.



    During the break I asked the barman if the wee man could play some tunes on his guitar – he gave us the nod.



    Wee man broke out the guitar and we burst into a good few tunes – Star of the County Down, Galway Shawl, etc. Went down a storm – had a right good number of folks joining in, and met up with the Ballieston Battalion young team.



    Great day!!! Wish you were there.






  27. BGFC……we were there ….



    smiley may your footsteps be many and blessed thing




  28. Parkheadcumsalford



    Welcome back. I agree with Cal Mac comparison with Bobby Murdoch. Different times, different players, but operate to same effect.


    When Bobby played inside right, he was an ordinary player, but Jock moved him to right half, similar to Brendan with Calmac. Only difference Calmac scores with low shots on ground (different ball) . Bobby’s were screamers.



    I think I was in the North Enclosure with you at Hampden at Celtic v Rangers when we thought Ferguson put the head on Bobby M. i asked Bobby many years later, both him and Jimmy came over to Dublin every year for our event. Bobby said, he didn’t put the head on him??? I have to add, I have went full circle re. Alex Ferguson and in particular his wife Kathy for all they have done for Celtic players, like Joe McBride etc ( Alex guest speaker).



    Sixteyseven Good to see you posting again. Hope all is well in Gay Paris.



    TONTINE TIM What a talent among our Celtic CQN, and may I add MckayJ and Calammar, glad I never met him in Dubai.







  29. Fool Time Whistle on

    Youv’e got to love the Interweb.



    5 mins & I found out who does the theme song for Sunderland Til I Die.



    They’re called The Lake Poets & the song is Shipyards.



    Here’s a wee link with the opening credits etc



    I’m thinking of my Dad who worked in Fairfields, Stephens & Ailsa yard in Troon.



    Enjoy & HH




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