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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Burnley is just Bankier without the charisma or respect for the average Celtic fan.



    Who takes ‘guests’ to the game other than the fat cats?



    Stick to the rugger. Your Welsh chum would doubtless find the crowd much more amenable.

  2. I’d be confident that every supporter in that stadium today has put more money into Celtic than any board member in the last 12 months.



    The support keep this Club alive and we’re being failed by incompetent idiots making the wrong appointments and wasting millions on pish players.



    I mean seriously, Ajeti and Barkas will enter folklore.



    If you demand Celtic still be in title race after Halloween then you’re apparently expecting too much this season ?!



    If you expect us to strengthen in January then be warned, asset management will be the name of the game.



    I’m genuinely interested to see if we as a support put up with this nonsense.

  3. None of the happy clappers for Ange have a reasonable argument. There is no evidence that he is capable of managing celtic. He has been totally out manoeuvred by very cheap managers who have very cheap teams. Holt destroyed celtic midfield last week. This is last year all over. I’m a celtic fan since 1974. Open your eyes and ignore the excuses. He has no tactics or clue. Only excuses. OK, I’ll keep it very simple. No soccer physio, none, would have agreed with the brilliant tactician who sent mj on as sub to the worst pitch in the league. A simple argument. Please feel free to rebut. He’s a dud. Talks too much.

  4. OK – I think I’ve now calmed down, after another poor performance and result. Its a funny old game – as the recently departed Greavsy used to say to Ian St John.



    It certainly is.



    If Ajeti doesn’t shoot over from two yards. If Ralston doesn’t fire a missile at Ajeti’s head. If the 3 shots hit the woodwork and go in instead of out.



    On another day its 6-1.



    I get all the gloom and doom. We’re in must win territory now at Aberdeen.



    Or is it?



    The hun are pretty pish too – and with a far more settled squad. They lost at Dundee Utd. They “scored” against Motherwell with the most disgraceful ignoring of an offside player I have ever witnessed. That would have been another defeat. Yesterday our exiled striker had twice the efforts on target against them (4) in his 39 minutes than they managed in 90. And then there’s the fact that they might have been down to ten men after 59 minutes.



    As someone pointed out in midweek the fixtures are wickedly skewed against us. We have ALL the top teams away in the first quarter whereas they have them all at home. This, of course, then happens again in the third quarter. So much so that it will take us till game 22 – when we host Sevco on Jan2 – before the fixtures we’ve played will be equal.



    So, perhaps we all need to calm down a wee bit? lets see where we are when we get our EIGHT injured players back.

  5. There was no winning mentality in that team today. Did anyone who watched that today believe that we would score in the final minutes and take the points like the 9 IAR champions of pre – 2020/21 would do regularly?


    As regards Mr Burnley, I made a 400 mile round trip and took 12 hours out of my day to watch that gash today. I happened to stay to the end but if I had decided to leave early then that is my prerogative. There are many others who travelled that distance today and farther. Not everybody has the chance to disappear into the Club lounges after the game to allow the crowds to dissipate.


    Our recent record is LLWLLWD – that is not progress in my book, I hate to say.

  6. Oktoberfest would have started on 18/09 and would have finished on 04/10.


    Since then we have lost against Livi, beat Raith Rovers, drawn against the Arabs and have Leverkusen (h) and Aberdeen (a) to play. If we don’t get at least a point against Leverkusen and 3pts against the sheep then the game’s a bogey.

  7. The game’s a bogey? Billy Connolly was right about assimilated tims, they get weaker with every passing generation.

  8. “B———-O———-B———–B————Y———- E———V———A———-N————-S!”

  9. So going by the response on this blog the Celtic customers who buy season tickets seem to think shouting abuse and moaning through 94 minutes ( or on many cases 80 minutes then going home early ) will actually improve the chances of the team winning.



    No one can say Celtic played exceptionally well today. No one can honestly say we were not by far the better team and created far better chances. ( except the bbc ). No one can say Dundee utd did not benefit from 2 players being allowed to remain on the park who should not have. No one can say that fans encouraging and backing poor performing teams in th roast did not help them to win games they were not looking like winning.



    No problem with your caring if anyone new to Celtic park enjoys it or not as a fan. I personally always used to enjoy sharing my passion. Over the past 6 or 7 years it has been less so as we have seen a level of ‘entitlement’ envelope our customers. Maybe that is because our custodians treat the customers as such rather than fans. I have no idea. I do know the engagement between players and fans when the going gets tough simply doesn’t exist in any positive sense.

  10. Uncle Jimmy



    No relationships with anyone at Celtic these days.



    Just a fan who won’t be going to try to encourage my team after this Thursday for a few months.



    Won’t miss much though other than the miserable shower around me who seem to like to moan at every misplaced pass and complain at every slightly over hit cross or shot more than actually encouraging the 11 representing an iconic club and people.



    Incredible to say that there was more genuine support for Edinburgh rugby players from 5000 fans on Saturday night at mini Murrayfield than we heard today at Celtic for our weakened and transitioning team.

  11. Billybhoy67



    Don’t be so ridiculous.



    We are rubbish. Totally hopeless. All these armchair quarterbacks are on there early keen to earn the stripes that saying ‘we told you so’ gives them. Becaus they were right one year in the past ten last season thry are on a roll now.



    Wallowing in Celtic misery perversely seems to make folk feel clever. Please don’t encourage positivity. Heaven forbid you will be talking of staying in the stadium beyond 80 minutes to try to encourage the team to victory next.

  12. An Dun



    Plenty of games in 97/8 where the fans played a part.



    Reiper was one of course at Easter rd.



    The old firm ( remember that construct ? ) at New Year 98.



    Pierre v Airdrie.

  13. sceptical citizen on

    We often used to pride ourselves as being a move in front of those who would do us down.


    But that thinking or mindset, seems to have been allowed to become less sharp, less bright, less attuned to the vibe or undercurrent, or less likely to see the heading off at the pass, of any would be Celtic assailant.


    In effect we have become lazy and expectant, surely these are hun attributes? Especially since 2012 events.


    We got power by getting the old board out, but then we soon realised that we’d been fooled by the new board.


    And we’ve been out ever since. What happened to us? We were smart, sharp as a tack, then….out?


    So how do we get back in? Ordinary fans don’t have the means to buy out the board. So how do we do it?


    Ange is just another pawn in the new board game, nothing personal against Ange, if it wasn’t Ange who was fulfilling the pawn role, it would be someone with a different name, or his name might be Ange as well, it can be quite tedious trying to keep track of the manoeuvres at times.


    Basically the club needs to be freshened, but is that not what Dom was about?


    As I say its tiresome at times.


    Good news last week about the legal moves that were passed for major clubs in the EPL to remove seating from stadiums, and I think all English leagues can do so. Hopefully Scottish leagues as well.


    The installation of seats in football grounds has removed the game from the working class supporters who provided a night and day of a difference in atmosphere.


    That was Fergus McCann’s first proposal to the old board in 1988, to invest £5 million into Celtic to be allowed to build a seated area above the old jungle, and progress to carrying out the same work behind the goals by bringing both the Celtic and Rangers ends close to the goals, bottom half terraced, top half seated.


    I don’t know what Fergus had planned for the Main stand, no doubt he would’ve had something up his sleeve.


    The old board saw the Fergus McCann plan as, an attempted take over of the club. In 1988????


    Supporters are neutered the minute that they pay for a season book.


    Is it the case that Celtic on the pitch will have to endure a series of dreadful seasons before fans oust the present board?


    I don’t think its about endless recruitment of players, plenty of money has been spent over recent years.


    I think its about having a club stamp on the shape of the team, no matter who the manager is, Celtic FC play in a particular way, no matter the players they’ll play in the shape of “Celtic”, none of this changing styles of play every 2-3 years, imho the Celtic way would be a mix of MON & Jack Charlton methods, Celtic players would be demanded to be big hulking brutes, not hun brute attributes, but “Celtic/big Jack” type attributes, with exceptions for, Larsson types, etc, etc. Why not? Bullied by no one types!


    Maybe I’m talking utter baloney, but can direct football not be more exciting than crab movements up the left, if it doesn’t work then its crab movements back to the start, then crab movements up the right, and on, and on, if it doesn’t work then crab movements back to start, then booed off at half time, then booed off at full time as well.


    Surely we need a “new” Celtic way of playing, trying to emulate the Stein era will only lead to disappointment.


    Mr Stein had a one off type of player God’s even that we won’t see again.


    I know the Jack Charlton/MON era’s were one off’s as well. And they were later described as “dinosaurs” by those types of fans who’ve been lulled by “crab football” but the Celtic hulking brutes provide the first crucial requirement.


    A security at the back with roles filled in with Celtic type hulking brutes. No lightweights or tippy tappy in your own box type of characters that we now have in abundance.


    If you played tippy tappy in your own box when big Jock, or MON, were our gaffers you’d be likely to get a clout on the ear!


    We need to be smart and direct.


    Ismalla Sorro is not my favourite player, but when he’s appeared as sub in recent games, strangely he was the first midfield player to run forward with the ball. Not crab style passing to the side.


    Two season’s in a row we’ve lost a “direct long ball goal” away to Livingston. Whilst we played the crab style.


    Rubber stamp a playing style which is not crab style, or a poor man’s effort at the “Celtic way” style.


    Further more, I would look at the pebbles on the beach of “junior” football rather than, the drain on resources projects from European reserve teams.


    What the hell do I know?



    The times they are testing.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Booing the team at full time because they’ve drawn at home.



    That’s entitlement (IMHO).



    You may disagree. Fine.



    But if we remove Celtic and our emotional attachment for a moment …..



    ….. can anyone provide any tangible examples of sportsmen becoming more effective as a result of being booed by their own?

  15. Would that be the Billy Connolly who used to claim he was a Partick Thistle fan.


    As regards generations I’ve been around long enough to see 2 x 9 IAR and a European cup win as well as witnessing years of hun cheating. I also travelled and will travel extensively to see Celtic.

  16. BURNLEY78



    Never seen so many bad passes in years and left DU loads of room thank god they don’t know the way to the net.


    The board is to blame for this shambles(not injuries) but the it’s Celtic.

  17. Maybe Dom’s “largish mistake” as defined by the Board was uplifting fans’ expectations? Can’t have the hoi polloi getting too ambitious. No, that would never do. Next thing, the riff raff will start feeling entitled. Or even presuming the hallowed Board are doing their utmost to win the title. Dom’s had 10 weeks – if he doesn’t get it the underlying strategy ( what’s really in the Company’s best interests – ssshhhh, don’t tell the fans, whatever you do ) by now, he’ll just have to go.

  18. Deep breath



    I knew it’ was going to be a rollercoaster season .



    Although Utd were a shade fortunate with us bashing the bar a few times … unfortunately from my vantage point they’d worked out generally how to nullify us …



    Very worryingly our 2 centre backs use of the ball was sloppy and shocking all day long and for me this seemed to breed a general nervousness throughout the team … we were nearly good every where but disjointed… at no point in the second half did I feel we were going to score



    You can get a few games like that year but I’m afraid head is now ruling heart and with the continued churn in the first 11 taking the pitch …. It’s gone for us this year simple as … our first team are dropping like flies which suggests a whole bunch of other stuff ain’t right either ….



    Professional football is tricky to call nowadays but for me fancy attacking football options inverted full backs and all that malarkey is very easily countered by a midfield that just hangs back and post one winger wide on the weakest full back



    Sorry to say it’s a slow car crash and I’m revising up to 3 years to turn the mess around… happy to be completely wrong but a rough watch at the moment




  19. Vale boy, unfortunately your on the money m8 , we lost out on Eddie Howe , right or wrong the guy was assassinated, did his budget terms conditions get altered, who knows, Anyway Ange was drafted in and sold as the messiah, time will tell, but think we have been sold a pup

  20. Anyone dismissing the manager at this stage are a disgrace. Question his choices in a respectful way by all means. Dismiss the board and DD by all means because they are largely responsible for our current predicament and Covid amplified everything negative:


    (i) Ange was hired too late in the year giving him very little time to prepare – we can see that a number of players were not his choice, same old coaches, and we are struggling to play the way he wants


    (ii) Players came in too late and not in good shape as they had not played a lot previously although some are a mystery like the big Greek guy who was top scorer in Dutch league and had been playing regularly and surely Scales is fit enough to play.


    (iii) we still have players left over from previous managers who still haven’t proved themselves or made a case for their continued association with Celtic – Ajeti for sure, and the fact that we gave Griffiths a new contract tells you all you need to know about our lack of succession planning


    (iv) the fact that the board “forced” D Mc Kay out shows you the depth of their stubbornness and incompetence



    I’ve heard people say even with all the injuries we should be able to beat teams like Livi and DU but that is simply the words of those who have few analytical powers. We might have some better individuals or more expensive individuals but if opposition teams play well and especially defend well as a unit then it evens things up a lot. They concede possession to us but make goal scoring opportunities rare and get us on the counter. And by the way there is not a lot in it between a player who costs a couple of million and an opposition player that costs far less. Performance doesn’t depend on price, it depends on a whole range of factors especially fitness and ability to play as a unit and especially having a striker or strikers to take the chances created. We have been playing with an unreliable striker for most of the season (just like last season, a major failure of the board). We have been playing with a very weak midfield for far too long: McCarthy, Turnbull and Rogic. McCarthy is not fit and hasn’t adapted yet and Rogic and Turnbull are inconsistent, and can’t do the hard work of keeping the opposition in its place. I hope McCarthy comes good but we all know how unreliable or inconsistent Rogic and Turnbull are, it’s not just this season. I wouldn’t play both together unless no other choice.



    SO we have to be patient. Things will get better for sure when our injured best are back, when we get a settled backline, when we get new coaches , scouting team and for the long term when we get a DoF to make sure that everything is in sync with the way the first team will play: B team adopt same style, players scouted for their ability to play the current system and match ready.



    If you’re frustrated and angry take it out on the board, refuse to buy merchandise. Let them know their failings and your feelings about them in every way possible: banners, posters a la Green Brigade. They were the first to spot and express our present scenario and they deserve credit and support.

  21. Reading posts that variously insist our problems are the fault of the Board, the manager, the MIBs or injured and misfiring players.


    Sometimes, it’s a toxic mix of all of them.


    Though I was a cheerleader for Ange way before he was linked with us, the fact simply is that this squad is – monetarily esp – a higher quality than any club in this league. Why is AP struggling to get a tune out of them?


    Talk about missing players don’t wash; even our 2nd string cost more than almost any other team in SPFL.


    Talk that Kyogo will save the season is off too;. He’s good but he’s not our Messi-ah. The team needs to gel.


    Other managers with lesser quality squads are doing us over: By effort, by game plan/smarts or just pure luck?



    We’re not out of the league yet. Neither are we firmly in the running though.


    The players need to take the season by scruff of neck and fuggin get onto it.



    For Leverkusen, sit Bitton is deep mid role, bring Calum in to rove and bring on Tommy Rog as an impact sub.