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  1. JHB on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:38 AM






    This is a football blog …



    Please refrain from cut and paste political clap trap

  2. JHB



    So now you attack supporters who predict decent Celtic victories before the game.



    Yesterday about midday I predicted 4-0 Celtic. Good god I even put a couple of sovs on it.



    According to you, I and people like me are to blame because Celtic didn’t win.



    Typical nonsense from you.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Talking to my 78 year old father yesterday about how his dad missed my mum’s first visit to their slum house in Dalmarnock because he was following Celtic away to Aberdeen. That would’ve been 1965 and he would have been 60. Worked 50 years in the Cambuslang steel works and left with a pension of tuppence ha’ penny. Was a truly lovely man whose life was his family and Celtic. What little leisure time and money he had he spent on them. Hard times on and off the park, but he was always there.



    People like him, born in 1905, just 17 years after the birth of the club built the soul and tradition of Celtic. Now being hollowed out by emotionally detached capitalists like Desmond, Lawwell, Bankier et al who interpret our inherited emotional attachment as just a banker source of corporate profit.



    Never fall for crap from fat cats like Burnley who try to tell you the ordinary Joe fan is the problem. Celtic were on the cusp of greatness in 1965, but had been red rotten for years. Yet my old grandpa used the little time and money he had to follow them to Aberdeen. We won the cup, but finished about 8th in the league, losing 6-2 to Falkirk along the way. That’s commitment. Not some tosser worried about some corporate ‘guest’s’ “shock” at your average Joe’s reaction to being taken for a ride by the fat cats once again.

  4. JHB on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:38 AM



    Where did that come from?



    You are not even hiding it now.



    You are not only a hun, you are an attention seeking troll.

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Meant to add, he endured a life of bigotry not privilege, unlike many of the Board’s privately educated attack dogs on here. Remember that when same tell you you’re the problem.

  6. Lionroars @ 8:06



    I think *this* is a key point – and very worrying



    “The lack of a discernible structure to the football dept is killing the club”




    So what was your fellow Red Tory’s contribution at 8:28 in response to?



    Take your time now.





    Good morning.



    I was wondering if you have revised your opinion on how the transfer window went?

  9. I am still intrigued by Paul 67’s assertion that Dominic McKay made a ” big” mistake.



    I wonder what ? Will Paul 67 elaborate?

  10. Somebody suggested Dom got the sack because he gave a 4-year contract to James McCarthy but I think that’s unlikely. The most likely culprit is DD and you can’t sack him. It’s part of his Irish nostalgia thing. Now I mean you wouldn’t normally offer a 30 year old with his record of injuries a 4-year deal would you? 2-years at a stretch. So James must have being playing hardball and DD just wanted to show he could bring a big man in damn the consequences. Liam Scales was another DD selection. I hope both go on to do well but it just shows what Ange is up against. Ange was on a hiding to nothing. He had to announce his arrival in style to get the fans excited and give hope. Remember how excited we all were? Tuchel didn’t really have to do this, he was already famous and successful and big enough to excite the fans and he had a pretty good squad. Everything has been stacked against Ange. Does anyone really expect him to throw everything out the window now? If you think changing his style will get us to winning ways in the long term you are seriously wrong and if you think changing the manager is the solution you are even more deluded. It will only set us back years and anyway who would you get? This kind of talk only let’s the board off the hook for its lack of succession planning, lack of good coaches, scouting system and all the rest.





    With reference to the adequacy thereof, both in terms of quality and quantity of players.



    I opined at the team that the post window squad left us short. You thought there was a sufficient number of players, specifically strikers.



    Is that still your opinion?

  12. GREENPINATA on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:56 AM



    It’s just the usual TGD/PL playbook stuff about bad mouthing anyone and everyone who leaves.



    Entirely predictable, and no one who matters believes it anymore, if they ever did.



    The trouble is that it makes recruitment of key personnel more difficult, because, well why would anyone you’d want to recruit want to come into a setup like that?



    The whole thing is dysfunctional and will remain so until there is a change of ownership.



    It’s grim.

  13. itscalledthemalvinas on

    On a lighter note. . .


    Tom McLaughlin


    Got the bus yesterday at the correct time and place .


    Liked it that much I’m going back on Thursday. HH




    Good to hear. Much better and surely cheaper than the train.



    I’m just hoping I am fit to play…sorry…attend on Thursday after missing last 3 games through illness. Nothing serious. Just a bad chest cold.



    Fingers crossed.




  15. We were told that the club was in the process of modernising and restructuring.



    The only thing that’s changed , is a new manager.


    Still the no head of recruitment, same coaching staff and a patsy as acting CEO.


    Lost 8 first team regulars and replaced them with dross.



    That guy lying on the beach has still got an influence.




    If my memory serves me well, someone, maybe you, said Celtic had sold Edouard without replacing him. I responded by pointing out that on the same day Edouard left, Celtic signed Giakoumakis, a striker.



    In fact, over the window, we sold one striker and bought two. Yes, we let Griffiths out on loan for his final season but that was effectively thanks and cheerio.



    We still have 4 strikers with 1 on the periphery of the first team squad.



    However, unfortunately I am unable to look into the future and could not foresee injuries.

  17. JHB,,



    Why do you bother?.Especially on the back of another two points dropped.Do you honestly think anyone is interested in this crap today.No wonder you get such a hard time on here.


    By the way,why don’t you comment on how well everything is going in England at the moment.That would make your point better.

  18. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:39 AM



    ‘However, unfortunately I am unable to look into the future and could not foresee injuries.’






    So, knowing that you could not look into the future, you assumed there would be no injuries.



    And here we are.

  19. I’ve no doubt our form will improve when all the players are fit….but even then ….questions will be ….who is left back?…juranovic more a winger than full back….will starfelt still play ?….will ajeti still be here ?…..


    Our forward line should be ok…..Forrest, Kyoko…Jota…Abada..and Giomacus … should be capable…….misgivings about back 4 and midfield…….we need someone to take control ….


    Asset management….. Mccarthy 4 year deal ??…incredible

  20. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:06 AM



    So as of today is there a sufficient number of players available for each position if there is to be a realistic chance of winning the league this season?



    If not, how could this have been avoided?

  21. Vincent….



    I would have high(ish) hopes for McCarthy……….


    but that contract did strike me as largish………………………….




  22. VINNIETHEDOG on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:52 AM


    I’ve no doubt our form will improve when all the players are fit….but even then ….questions will be ….who is left back?…




    I’m hoping it’s Scales. Wee Greg Taylor has endless energy but should never be our first choice. Similarly, Ralston has brilliant commitment but should never be our first choice.

  23. BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:11 AM




    Presumably a shorter contract would have meant a higher annual wage, so maybe it was the price that had to be paid to get him to sign.

  24. Latchford



    I won’t lower myself to pathetic personal abuse and ask 2 simple questions :



    Do you think Celtic support has ever helped a mediocre / poor Celtic team achieve a positive result in your experience or indeed your fathers lifetime as a Celtic fan ?



    Do you think the current engagement between the customers who pay to attend Celtic park and the team is a positive one ?



    Answer these 2 questions without resorting to abuse and you hopefully will get my point.



    At no time did I say the team played well yesterday, all I did was state facts. We had plenty chances to win. We should have been playing v 9 men by end of the game.

  25. Ernesto………….


    I wouldn’t claim to know anything about how these things work


    but if there’s a pejorative angle to be found on the situation


    then todays the day it’s probably gonna get mooted.

  26. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Comments on Talk Sport from Ivan Toney are interesting


    In the Summer of 2020 Celtic would not pay £5m for him (suggested add ons of another £5m – no idea what that would be for)


    So a similar price to Edouard


    I think we paid £5m for Ajeti (no idea if any add ons involved)



    So this for me is the big issue at Celtic and one I would love Pau67 to cover



    Who makes the decision that Ajeti is worth £5m yet Ivan Toney is not (I accept add on could vary the comparison)



    I am not involved in professional Football but surely Toney was a better option than Ajeti


    And its not hindsight – its just simply by watching on the telly



    The enormity of whoever made that decision could have cost us 10 IaR and potentially millions in CL revenue



    I cant believe no one at Celtic has the job description of buying footballers



    Until we solve that issue – get used to losing 1 nil at Livingston and dropping 2 points at home



    it’s a huge issue but never touched by any journalist – usually because it’s not the story Celtic want to talk about







    JHB…you are a loner, a weird lonely person in your strange lonely world.







    Maybe he should join a cult.

  28. @BURNLEY78 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:31 AM



    Do you think the primary issue at Celtic presently is the relationship between fans and the team?