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  1. We were horrendously poor last season, despite the lack of knowledge induced happy clapping.


    We’re looking at a 2 year rebuild. Minimum.


    We must allow Ange this season. He and we will know before the season end whether the team is on the right path.


    I worry about off the pitch. Whilst Ange does his day job at Lennoxtown, who is scouting for our next window? A chartered accountant?


    There is a lot wrong. Can the same board be the solution?

  2. Anything gained in this treason of a season will be a plus for AP. Thank God he’s made of stronger stuff than many on here.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    SIONNAIGH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:24 PM



    He is and that will stand him in good stead to face the crap from the media.



    I have no doubt he will prove himself given time.

  4. Just on half-time, Ajeti pushes Dundee Utd player as ball comes back off bar….. Clancy disallows goal.



    Second half Jota weaves back and forward and chips ball to Abada 3 yards from line , Abada gets pushed in back before ball gets to him, he only gets glancing contact….


    Clancy does not give penalty…




    Not discussed by panel on Sportscene….



    Utd keeper deliberately studded Abada…


    Retrospective Red Card…


    not coming up.



    No discussion , so it didn’t happen.



    The Onlooker



    Looks like the cheapskate mendacious chartered accountant may have handed over that responsibility to an equally cheapskate mendacious corporate attorney. They don’t do any actual scouting anyway. They just look briefly at video highlights ( easy to edit to make manure look terrific ) from favored agents such as Duhan.


    Contrast with Liverpool – they have a constantly maintained and updated world wide data set on 10,000 players. But they are a modern football club.

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 4:56 PM


    Nothing to do with Ange.He can only put out the players he has available.Turnbull,Rogic Ajeti,big re





    asons we are not winning.Weak in the middle,toothless up front.





    Jota outstanding.





    Brian F,just what part of my post is Piss.


    Your second name,I will hazard a guess”Fanny”.


    Now piss off,ya Hun sounding trumpet.

  7. Could not care less if we hit the bar 3 times, dundee united deserved the point gained. For long periods we were completely clueless, it actually looked like the players had no idea what they were doing.



    Hart – little to do. had no chance for goal.



    Ralston – lost runner and tackle that led to their goal. Loves winning a corner cause he cant cross the ball evidently.



    CCV had a decent game.



    Starfelt – I just dont see what he adds to the team.



    Juranivic – left back he is not.



    McCarthy- completely isolated with no support from the fullbacks or other midfielders.



    Turnbull – never runs behind, breaks lines and likes to avoid all types of defensive duties.



    Rogic – see above



    jota – best player on the park



    abada – dangerous whenever he gets the ball, follows the ball into the box and wipes in some great crosses at time, but inconsistent



    Adjita – I moved more than him on my seat



    Montgomery- poorest game in celtic top



    Soro – who knows



    Keep going like this and it will be lights out by end of october.



    Shocking stuff

  8. By the way Clancy was a disgrace today as well.



    They should have been down to 9 men (their keeper kicked out, fuchs done McAtrthy) and Clancy let Pawlett dive all day as well, clancy lets teams waste time constantly against us an utter cheat of a ref.



    D :)

  9. cracker radio doc on jimmy greaves by danny kelly.



    que suprise for a spurs version of “grand old team to play for” after a cup final win.

  10. SIONNAIGH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:24 PM


    Anything gained in this treason of a season will be a plus for AP. Thank God he’s made of stronger stuff than many on here.






    I dont share your optimism. Funnily enough however, I dont blame Ange for what is unfolding on the pitch, that lies squarely at the foot of the board that took months to appoint him and took to long to sign players having sold our best players. Problem is none of those cunts will be shown the door. Ange is their scapegoat






    Can’t really argue with any of that.



    What would really have topped it all off today, would’ve been Bitton coming on.

  12. Grim,



    Board and Lawwell are creators of this mess and they are not capable of fixing it.



    Need a proper manager with his own staff. Ange needs to go now as we should be winning these games against ordinary SPFL teams.



    Ange totally out of his depth and the pressure will ruin him. They should do the decent thing and pay him rather than hang him out to dry. Lawwell will make it excruciating as possible for a decent man to save a few shekels.



    As predicted Ange wouldn’t last long ; Celtic are a shambles from top to bottom.



    All thanks to the tax dodger.

  13. Since Brendan Rodgers left, is Dom McKay the only one to have made a largish mistake?



    Seems far fetched

  14. Jackiemac…obsessed by Huns scores, reporting every goal they score, and never a positive word to say about Celtic. Had your number a while ago, get back to FF

  15. GeeBee



    Total value of today’s team (assuming reported fees are accurate):



    Starting 11 – £20.25m:


    Hart – £1m (well spent in my opinion);


    Ralston – Academy


    CCV – Loan (unsure if we paid a loan fee)


    Starfelt – £4.5m


    Juranovic – £2.5m


    McCarthy – free


    Turnbull – £2.75m


    Rogic – £400k


    Abada – £3.6m


    Jota – loan (unsure if we paid a loan fee)


    Ajeti – £5.5m



    Subs – £3.4m:


    Bain – free


    Scales – £600k


    Bitton – £800k


    Soro – £2m


    Montgomery – Academy


    Welsh – Academy


    Moffat – Academy



    The fees spent on our squad would keep Dundee United running for 3 1/2 years.

  16. JACKIEMAC on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:01 PM


    we’re going to stuff them



    forstergrant – scroll by – I get nervous during the game and post like fugg; often nonsense

  17. The energy of fans and team aligned has deserted us for sure.



    3 clear chances and hitting the bar 4 times.



    2 of our players blatantly assaulted and no red cards.



    7 or 8 players out with injuries ( 2 new ones today ).



    The crowd just want to howl at Montgomery or Ralston or Starfelt or anyone else. Much better than really get behind your team.



    Oh and a half empty stadium with 5 minutes to go really shows what the fans care about. Sunday dinner vs grabbing 3 points.



    Faithful though and through CSC.

  18. The level of entitlement on here matches the level of hunfiltrating scum who have been frequenting earlier.



    Yes we did not dominate as we have.



    Yes our rivals got so lucky yesterday.



    Yes we can take our frustrations in life out by blaming ex employees.



    At some point we need to accept we are where we are and simply turning up and moaning for 90 mins or whinging on a blog won’t really help.



    Kinda glad after Thursday I will not be attending Celtic Park for a few months. Not sure I will miss it too much after today.



    My Welsh guest was astonished at the level of negativity bouncing around the stadium after 30 mins or so. Despite us hitting bar 4 times and missing 3 great chances created. Not sure he will be rushing back or telling anyone about the great Celtic support.

  19. I noticed that afore the game today Laverkusen were 23/20 for the game on Thursday, now they are either evens or 20/21, tells a story so it does, different sites may differ of course, this was bet365.

  20. BURNLEY78 on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:17 PM



    Left 5 minutes after uutime whistle, could have been there to next week and no winner. Supporters pay a fortune, players earn a fortune. Why should supporters accept such meek performances, not just this week but just about every game.



    Something tells me most of those players will be out in the pub, club etc tonight having a lovely time on the wages they did not earn directly from our pockets.



    Everything about celtic is toxic right now and it needs sorted.




  21. There’s a real chance we’ll be going into the international break in the bottom half of the table.



    For all the injuries and hard luck stories that’s not acceptable and Ange should understand that.



    I don’t think he’s a good manager but he’ll be given more time by this board because they can’t admit their mistake and don’t have a plan b.



    The league could be done for us by the end of October.



    If that’s the case then we should do what we didn’t do last season. Call it quits and get a new manager in to bed in his ideas and let him build towards next season.



    We’re hanging on now by our fingertips and with Ange’s post match comments, I fear he doesn’t understand that.

  22. BURNLEY78 on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:23 PM



    To be honest who gives a flying f about how your welsh friend feels about the celtic supporters. I know I dont. It’s kinda like hearing that those great players love coming to celtic park to play, aye great but I would rather they hated it cause our team smashed them.




  23. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Just like last season, the fans are to blame. Not those that make the decisions.



    The same fans that have dug deep to keep the show on the road.






    That’s real entitlement right there.

  24. Burnley



    Massively inappropriate to blame the Celtic support. Throughout last season, we read about how non attendance had impacted us more than any other club.


    Equally, the figures recently released indicate where the financial support is really coming from. Hint, its not the board.


    I’m not sure of your relationship with those involved in Celtic. Not that it matters.


    How date you blame a support that watched us meekly surrender last season, finishing 25 points behind.


    Really poor post, in my opinion

  25. If we weren’t playing well and we were struggling through things then by all means I’d be looking at things a lot differently.



    But with the efforts we’re putting in at the moment, the football we’re playing, the chances we’re creating and what we’ve got to come back into the team, I just see it totally differently.




    Oh, aye.



    What a lot of shite!



    What did we expect from that board of charlatans?

  26. @ BURNLEY78 on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:23 PM



    So it is all the fans’ fault?



    You seem to confuse dismay regarding the mismanagement of the club with entitlement. The most entitled individuals at Celtic park are the board.



    Zero accountability for those that got us in this mess, including the ex-employee (who is still a director of Celtic FC btw).