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  1. Hi Lads,



    With a view to making an event happen in Dublin 2016, I would need a few volunteers to help me.



    To be honest I have no experience of this kind of a thing, but judging by my phone today it will be huge.



    I will put up an e mail address tomorrow.



    Depending on price I was thinking maybe Croke Park.



    Let me know what you think.

  2. Craigellachie10 on

    world peace is none of your business



    23:13 on 15 March, 2015



    I was thinking something similar earlier as well. The good thing also for Scottish football is that we have a cohort of SFPL managers with Celtic experience who look to play football the right way. Guys like Jackie M, Paul Hartley, John Hughes, Alan Stubbs.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    what is the stars



    23:10 on 15 March, 2015



    You would be guest of honour because my family & friends are big followers of the nags but I am afraid the security won’t let you across the door because of your anti-Ronny views, think a few are coming over from Milford, maybe near Letterkenny, not sure about my Geography, I have cousins going I have never met so batter in if you fancy a trip over the pond

  4. All msm in Scotland will be hurtin!. Big John was good today. You could see the contempt he had for Nevin the non-intellectual intellectual.

  5. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers




    A proper music show. This group Hozier are excellent. I like this kind of music.



    Amy was at ease, because that’s how things are done here as you know.



    As Brendan Behan said



    “It’s not that the Irish are cynical, but rather that they have a wonderful lack of respect for everything and everyone.”



    Árd Macha

  6. What is the Stars on

    Clogher celt


    I think it could be done but maybe not at easter


    Just think the easter weekend will be too busy and hotels/ flights will be full or rip off prices. Any other weekend would make more sense

  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    I enjoyed the game today and the result. Thought the big pitch was ideal for Forrest to start, and was disappointed that he didn’t and Stokes did. But Stokes proved me wrong, and James looked good when he came on as well. His pen was still rubbish though.







  8. Recent mention has been made of the Celtic penalty claim that wasn’t awarded, when Griffiths appeared to have been taken out when about to shoot. The result was the ball going up in the air as opposed to going towards the goals.



    I note the announced departure of Alfred Noakes from the blog. Seems a strange time to depart. I felt he made a number of good observations, but would exclude those made on departure. This is not a sectarian blog and it says little for the individual to claim so in such a petulant manner. Beannachd leibh

  9. glendalystonsils on



    23:07 on


    15 March, 2015





    22:59 on 15 March, 2015



    You’re not paranoid mate.It’s not like it’s a one-off. Sleep well, dream of trebles!

  10. Supercell,



    Good to see you back posting.






    Great post earlier this evening.



    Oiche mhaith achan duine.



    Árd Macha





    Wee Jamesie, just needs a little time. He was poor, understandably, in his first game back; felt he improved last Sunday; and today he did really well, with the added bonus of the goal.



    Wish some of the guys would get off the players backs.



    Even today, the same wearisome guff was getting spouted. HT referenced his experiences. One numpty behind me was mouthing off at Stokes first half, when Jason Denayer was the actual “miscreant”.

  12. Some days this blog surpasses itself(i know we won) ,todays comment have been grand, Tom McLaughlin & OldTima special thought for you both,



    Turkeybhoy i will get Lennybhoy onto 24th May CQN in the Brig in the morning,look forward to meeting you,



    some were quick to comment on J Guidetti as he left the park, I thought Broonie should have stepped in ,we surley have an alloted penalty taker.


    Good night my Celtic family


    Today was a good day

  13. “To be perfectly honest”…………….



    has been replaced by…………….



    “naturally disappointed!”



    Nice of the BBC to stick on YouTube cartoon clips at the end of the programme.

  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    McCall is like the wee mason jakey I know who looks stupit in a suit when he is at court. White socks, brown brogues, brothers tin flute.

  15. Sipsini, the quilt and pillow on the settee on my arrival home …haha..ah well I don’t get out much ( drinking )



    Delaney’s Dunky , it seems a long time ago , I posted first thing saturday morning I was dissapointed you and leftclictic did’nt manage to CQN11 , My wife was so looking forward to meeting you(s))




    i’m glad you made use of the tickets , we’ll probably be back next week :-)



    Catch you at the coarner …. Ps if lefty does’nt use our spare i’ll give you a call

  16. What’s In The Stars,



    Yep I know about prices… I was thinking about another weekend.



    On another note thanks for the tips at Cheltenham on the 11th of March. It was my wive’s birthday on the 12th of March and we had a lovely meal thanks to you.



    If you think it is a runner for bringing the lads over next year let me know.