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  1. I had to leave immediately after the game and couldn’t share in the celebrations here.


    However when I was driving I phoned an octogenarian dyed in the wool Tim the scores.


    It made an old man, well two old men including myself, extremely happy and very loud.


    I must admit the news that an O’Donnel and a Brophy had sunk the Huns brought the biggest roar of laughter.

  2. Just in from the jigging / game.



    Picking 3 for Jobo’s wee tournament is often difficult. And tonight more so because every player was excellent, though paradoxically, none excelled above all others. Perhaps the very definition of a team performance.



    I’ll cast my votes and be back to read the in game commentary and others thoughts.

  3. One of those nights , when I really wish I was working tomorrow. HH


    Taylor was magnificent again tonight, him and Mcgregor link up really well.

  4. I have been going to celtic games for 50 years now,



    as a young bhoy, 1970-75 ish, i have one clear thing drummed in to me,



    you cant win the league for ever, and when the league is tight, there will be one pivotal moment when the whole thing changes on its axis, and well , everything is turned upside .



    it happened in 75.



    9 in a row, never became 10.



    well tonight,



    that pivitol moment,



    on the cusp of history, we blow it again,






    a disgrace, complacency, a lack of planning, fail to plan, plan to fail.



    you appoint lennon, what could possibly happen, picks favourites , and old tactics, and a board lackey, well it all comes home to roost tonight.



    we struugle at home, lucky goals, forrest invisiblle (first 2 goals they went down the left at breakneck speed so they didnt need to pass to him) the corner goaol, l griiff straight dierect cross to simo, jamesie no where to be seen hiding, waste of a jersey.



    tonight was so bad, we relied on midfielders to score, didnt happen in the lions days, lennon take a good look at yourself, dont get me started on kennedy, a clean sheet ? so what, it doesnt win us leagues.



    meanwhile the rangers go to rugby park, dominate the game, close the point gaps and the goal differnece on us, on a plastic pitch that we cant win on.



    pivotal day,



    mark it in the calender,



    the day celtic lost lost 9 in a row,

  5. I’m back. Whilst penning my email to Jobo I had one player who didn’t make my top three, yet I thought him worthy of praise.



    He had many chances but didn’t score. But he was immense especially in the last 30 minutes of the game.



    James Forrest, the invisible man, did so many good things that had he put away just one of those chances he would be my Motm.

  6. I’ve been trying to work out the Morelos angle since the madness started a few weeks ago as none of it really makes any sense



    By all accounts, he hasn’t been ‘himself’ since the start of January and, according to the pundits, has been somewhat out of sorts



    Could it be he was promised a move in January and, because a move failed to materialise, he has taken the huff and totally down tools?



    With Defoe injured they have no choice but to play him despite his state of mind



    Maybe that or he’s just sh*te…




  7. prestonpans bhoys on



    Yip those are the days when you feel, ‘we have won the league’ walking down the stairs when the roar goes up, is that a second? Is the question behind me, yes indeed as I checked my phone. 2:1 Killie, then we dance down the stairs👍👏👏👏






    your mixed up bud, that was rangers in the blue winning 2-1 at kilmarnock with all the help of the ref.



    we just need to accept, we lost the league and only the really deluded will go to the rest of our meaningless fixtures to the end of the season.




  9. A wee slow paced ditty for all lurkers.






    Keep smiling Celts :-)



    Pog Stevie couldn’t mention us



    Macjay- relief-


    nope,it’s called being dynamic and learning from our mistakes.we did that as a team since then.we work at it and nothing will be taken for granted..The fruits of that work will hopefully take us to 9.



    Keep smiling(big eddi grins here)




  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    They have a game in hand and two ‘old firm’ games which current form suggests they will win. Down to a point



    Ibroxnoise.rfc😂😁😂😁 pmsl.com

  11. Griff has been great since the break – his dead ball delivery alone has added a new weapon upfront.



    That said, I’d be very tempted to revert back to 4-2-3-1 at Pittodrie. More cover at the back and Elyounoussi down the left wing. We blew them away a couple of months back with that system and I’d go for it again.










    They have a game in hand and two ‘old firm’ games which current form suggests they will win. Down to a point






    i did actually do a mutley snigger there,



    i think under hastly rushed forward new rules a game in hand win is worth 12 points, just to make up for not being able to fulfil the fixture first time round,







    Ibroxnoise.rfc😂😁😂😁 pmsl.com

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well done bhoys. Great game tonight.



    2020 league form – Celtic. Played 6. Won 6.



    Goals for – against 22-2.



    Points per game 3.0



    Sevco. Played 6. Won 3, lost 2, drawn 1.



    Goals for – against 7-5



    PPG – 1.67



    Staggering difference in outcomes.



    Broken crest levels of crisis over there.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. just for some perspective, and just to show that even now and again someone on the other side might have a sense of humour …………



    a thread on rangers media



    dave king robbed at gunpoint in south africa, says he is going to bring the family back to scotland,



    “aye well people from castlemilk are still emigratin to south africa”

  15. SAINT STIVS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:58 PM


    dave king robbed at gunpoint in south africa, says he is going to bring the family back to scotland,




    Police are looking for a 12 year old with a Glasgow accent.😉

  16. !!BADA BING!! @ 11:56 PM



    Hate saying it but that interview may be up there with the highlights of our game. 



    Just made my good American lady watch it and she said “he’s not a coach!” 

  17. Didn’t see the red card at work, just saw for first time.



    He meant that, horrible tackle meant to hurt. Incredible restraint from Broony.

  18. GG thanks for the goals and updates. Loving all the comments. What a night. Canny stop laughin!!


    These are great days 😂

  19. Goooooooood Moooooooorning CQN from a still happy Garngad



    Has anyone checked on Slippy G overnight, God forbid the man was a wreck when I seen him on TV last night.😂😂😂



    What a result last night for the bhoys. I cannot believe we scored from corners.👍



    With players coming back, hopefully it gives Lenny a good problem to have, probably Sunday 23 at home for El Hamed and young Frimpors. But last night was excellent.



    We now move onto Pittodrie and the wee Rat McInnes, 3 points is all that matters, but another 3,4 or 5 would be great😂 I know I’m a greedy bar steward.



    In the meantime let’s bask in Sevco’s latest addition to the Banter years, there will be squirrels everywhere in the coming days. Nevertheless let’s take 1 game at a time, still a long way to go starting with the sheep.






    D. :)

  20. A lot of the huns wondering why Kent is playing so badly but still getting a game – here’s the news, you spent 7 million on a guy who, like many others, only raises his game against us. But that 7 million investment cannot be allowed to sit on the fence, what would that say about SG’s judgement?



    They played us off the park on the 29th and then switched off. That was their cup final. Cup team mentality, wee teams can sometimes win it. They can raise their game to beat better teams who might be having an off day.



    Well done Neil for keeping your eye on the prize, for not allowing the team to be diverted from their quest.


    Something inside so strong.

  21. Oh what a beautiful morning


    Up early with the lark


    Everyone’s feeling happy


    Over at Celtic Park.

  22. Deniabhoy- like everyone I was gutted with the result on the 29th, when I came home from the game (well day or 2 later as I was pished at game) I looked at the stats and surprisingly we had more chance and more possession than Sevco, I think if we score that Penalty the game would have swung. I know stats don’t win games it’s the ball in the back of the net that does that. I think they were a bit lucky to be honest. What I did not like about the game was us setting up to let Sevco run at us, I think Lenny could have set our team up better and that’s why I was gutted, because we definetly have better players all over the park than them, anyway Lenny was probably hindered by injury’s again. That said the next time we play them I think we will cuff them.






    D. :)