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  1. Now, don’t know how to put this…………..


    but, did wee Nasty finish the game?






    IcingOnTheCake CSC

  2. ‘There’s still two O£& F1£m games to go, the Tim’s will drop points’



    Aye, coz we are definitely going to lose two more times in the league to that shower of dog sh1t3 ……..




  3. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Rangers poor in the last 10 mins, then implode. Moreloss could have had a goal but he had put hands on the defender. McGregor loses it at the end and gets yellow carded. Rage all you want stevie g but the team just haven’t been great lately – got out o f jail against Hibs but not tonight. No better sight than Huns leaving before the final whistle.




    They thought they won it that day. Lenny and the bhoys knew better

  5. expat_celt


    a long and winding road,


    but they were very good.


    Same goes for Aberdeen TV

  6. I literally just put hesgoal on as Brophy hit the back of the net. I thought it was a replay of the equaliser until they panned round the deflated fizzers of Kent and the diving Colombian …… absolute artwork

  7. Magnificentseven on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 12th February 2020 9:38 pm


    After Dec. 29 , one word.





    Relief .



    No, quality….. HH

  8. We had tenner on the draw,and a tenner on Killie win.I did say this was my banker for the scum to drop points.


    A win at Aberdeen to round off a great week.

  9. 10 points and a goal difference of 18, wee Brophy is a good player , finished them off tonight caused us issues playing in the channel when he came back from injury.

  10. Why do Celtic Supporters go over to Follow Follow sites,talk about complacency and gloating well this is one supporter who won’t, to many bad memories for me ,I will wait till the league is won then I’ll celebrate.

  11. PHILBHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:41 PM



    Don’t write Killie of yet!





    I posted that at half time.




  12. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Excellent, just bloody marvellous!! In this week where I have had to endure the English national anthem, anti irish bullsh!t & general sniping… at work!!! I finally get a brimming smile on my face. Tomorrow I will be dawning a yellow vest with the words “HERE WE GO, 9IAR!” This is 1 hell of a fking GIRFUY to the fascist dinosaurs that still linger here in the North of Ireland.


    GG.thanks again for updates.



    I think huns could easily pull stumps and go into admin.take the hit get rid of big earners and start again.



    SEVCO 5089

  14. It’s ot of their hands now. Even giving them a win for game in hand 7 back plus 18 or 19 goals.


    However no complacency. Be relentless Celtic. Keep winning & let’s sicken them.


    Oh my Days,

  15. Make no mistake, if we win this league, it won’t be because of what Sevco did or didn’t do, it’ll be because of what we have done. We’ve been unstoppable since Dubai, and nothing they could have done would have changed that. They simply couldn’t live with us. All credit to Neil and his team.

  16. Their whole club is in a tailspin now. Cant see an inexperienced manager and a lunatic in charge of their PR pulling them out of it

  17. Jobo-Didn’t see the game tonight , just following on this Dear Green Place, but here’s my votes:


    1: Brophy


    2: O’Donnell


    3: Beaton (now,there’s a first)

  18. Well done Celltic



    Well done Neil Lennon






    Oh… Well done Kilmarnock




  19. Derek Ferguson admitting he’s a rangers fan and says the league’s over.



    He also stated that questions have to be asked about Gerrard.



    There’s trouble at mill

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Fat Traynor will have to dream up some whoppers to deflect from this . It’s not squirrels he’ll need , it’s kangaroos!