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  1. Estadio Nacional on




    Hows that ‘recession will end in the last quarter of 2010’ thing coming on?





  2. It is difficult to evaluate how we , as Celtic suppoerters, judge one another.



    I can accept most opinions which are honestly held.



    I draw the line at being complicit with posters who have suggested that………




    ‘Bigger & better bombs’ are the solution to the world’s ‘over-population’.



    ‘ Those who cannot compete in our greedy, dog eat dog society should ‘ do us all a favour & end their own miserable existences’.



    ‘ We should not cross ‘Thoroughbreds with plough horses’.



    ‘ Palestinians bring their humiliation & abuse on themselves.’ ( Like NFL.)



    I hope I never live long enough to accept such thoughts on a Celtic site.

  3. Jude@23.38


    To paraphrase:



    ” Neill should have psycho-analysed the mentality of all eleven players on the pitch at the 55 minute mark and made changes. A change at 50 or 63 minutes with disregard to Jungian thought would have been ludicrous “.



    Are you taking criticism too far ?

  4. Mincelt..



    It pleases me..tae See that You of awe People..



    Agree wi’ me.. aboot.. Efe’s.. Dilatory Short Comings.




    He is Soitenly no the Man.. tae Hiv the responsibility o’


    Guarding the Chicken Coop.. fae the Hungry Fox.



    And that is Whit Neil Did . The Night..



    Efe,diz hiv a Future wi’ us.. Absolutely he diz..






    It wullnae be. as wan o’ oor C.B.s



    Ah am assuming,here..by the way..



    the Neil..is



    At last.. Convinced ..that Efe, is No the Answer tae wan of Oor C.B. positions..






    Ah Think.. Think.. mind ye.. Think..,






    Rami, Just well…. Mighty Be.






    Nice chatting Pally.

  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Stringer – that night at home to PSG really was a footballing lesson and we applauded them off the park. Tonight, as you say wasn’t the same, but it was a harsh lesson for our young management team and first team squad. Hopefully, they will all continue with the excellent progress shown over the last 18 months and continue to enhance our reputation around Europe.



    Doc – mate, we really need these Euro regional league ideas to turn into something concrete. The benefits for us are “off the radar”!






  6. Italiabhoy,



    In highlighting the corruption in Italian football, spearheaded by Juve, it is no more a reflection on the Italian people than the corruption in Scottish football, which is exclusively for the benefit of one club.



    In my, slowly dawning opinion, football, as a sport, has gone the way of cycling and other contaminated sports.



    My only consolation is that I lived through an era of blissful ignorance whenI thought that sport was a true reflection of youthful excellence.



    Damn you, Murdoch et al.

  7. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    O.g. @ 00.18



    As long as the goats ok, I’m happy



    If it breaks on valentine’s day, then this wee poems fur you.



    O.G. O.G. do yer duty


    Spill the beans


    Ya feckin beauty

  8. This is a football team. Make no mistake. Celtic are a handful for whomever they come up against. NL and the rest do their homework. Juventus,however, have a pedigree in Europe that Celtic have not had since the early 70s. Did the team play well tonight?–You betcha!! It’s a learning curve. You can say with confidence that NL and the rest will learn.

  9. We did well to get this far but the basic mistakes for the goals were sieve-like.



    Hindsight aside, what were the reasons for playing Efe? He is not one of our stars and we had other options.

  10. Despite what Italiabhoy tries to say Italian football has been proven to be the most corrupt over the years. Jeezo I can go back to Rossi in 1980’s as an example. What we witnessed tonight was, yes poor defending by Ambrose, but Italian football corruption at its best.

  11. Pompey Bhoy



    Again apologies for not believing you/not looking that far down the page. I was telling the chaps i was watching with that i wanted mattews on for forrest at halftime cos i was worried forrest might be sent off for an over exuberant late tackle




  12. Heck the Depression is over..



    We are in the Recovery..phase.



    It jist takes time.. Pal..



    Yep.. the Depression ended.. Three years Ago….



    Next year…



    We wull be well oan the way tae Prosperity.



    well.. check that…



    Some of us..



    No all of us..



    some Folk.. are jist no cut oot Fur the rat race..that is Capitalism.



    Luckily.. Ah am.. of course..




  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    We tried to win the game tonight – naive – as a golfer the saying goes – you can’t win a tournament on a Thursday or Friday but you can lose it. Same tonight you can’t qualify in the first leg – but you can lose it. We got mugged. On a positive note we gave everything and had a go. But we have a mountain to climb now. 67ECW

  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Just arrived back from the game and while feeling a bit flat I,m proud of the effort we put in against a streetwise european outfit. The less said about the ref the better. Maybe we should learn to cheat cute and play right on the edge of the rules.



    Still great to be a tim. Bring on dundee utd.



    Hail Hail.

  15. Was at the game with my son who was really looking forward to seeing the great Pirlo play.


    An hour into the game he turned to me and said”Da.Pirlo’s no done a thing tonight’.


    At eleven years old,he did’nt realise just how well we played him and the rest of his team.


    Juve, however,have reminded me of all that’s ugly with Italian football.


    We have played far better teams and lost by less.


    Aided by a shocking display of refereeing,the scoreline truly flatters.

  16. I give a lift home to a steward after most midweek matches.



    Tonight he was asked to move to the directors box , because the directors were being abused by fans.



    I find this appalling.



    Our directors are doing a magnificent job.



    Well done to everyone at Celtic for a terrific champions league experience.




  17. At the game tonight thought Neil slipped up playing Effe (mentally tired)and Forrest (not match fit) and although I love Neil to bits he does have his favourites but at the sharp end of the game he needs to be ruthless as that’s where you,re found out. I am sure he will learn from this as will the players so onwards and upwards keep the faith HH